The purpose of this presentation is not to frighten, but to inform. We are all aware of the devastation that can result from any nuclear detonation, and now we face this threat from Islamic terrorists who reportedly have smuggled atomic weapons into our country and intend to bring in more in an operation they are calling "American Hiroshima". Intelligence information from captured al Qaeda documents, computers, and operatives indicates that al Qaeda has targeted 9 American Cities for nuclear attack to coincide with the August 6, 1945 attack on Hiroshima, Japan. The documents also suggest a September 11th date to coincide with the 911 attacks. They do not specify the year of the intended attacks, but intelligence reports from various sources say al Qaeda already has already smuggled from 7 to 70 nuclear weapons into the country across the Mexican border. American intelligence experts believe the number to be closer to 7 than 70 but admit the threat is very real.

The plan calls for 2 separate waves of attacks timed several days apart with the intent to kill 4 million Americans. They may want to duplicate the 3 day interval between Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It's been reported that during that interval, al Qaeda may call for the surrender of America to Islam by denouncing Christianity and Judaism as well as our Constitution. Al Qaeda has been developing this plan for the past 10 years. The cities targeted are: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston and Washington, D.C. New York and Washington top the preferred target list for al-Qaeda leadership.

Mikeblast3.jpg moth2KT.jpg To the left, you see a picture of what we commonly imagine when we think of a nuclear explosion. On the right is a photo of a nuclear detonation approximately the size of what the al Qaeda terrorists are planning to use on our country. On this page you will find information, pictures and videos of nuclear tests conducted by the United States, but almost all of these tests were at least 10 times larger than the small 2 to 4 Kiloton weapons al Qaeda is smuggling into our country. The reason for this is that no video and few photos are available of any nuclear tests that small. In fact there have been only a post2K.jpg handful of tests done Mikecloud2.jpg that yielded less than 10 Kt., and those tests were done to research battlefield nukes where US troops would be in close proximity to the blast. For the past 40 years, nuclear weapons have generally had yields from 10 to 50 Megatons each. One Megaton is the equivalent of 1000 Kilotons.

The point I want to make is that al Qaeda's "suitcase nukes", are very small nuclear weapons with very small yields under 5Kt, there isn't even much of a "mushroom cloud" which soon blows away. Nuclear weapons by today's standards make these "suitcase nukes" look like "popguns". Not that they won't do a great deal of damage, they will. One could destroy most of Downtown Los Angeles, or a sizeable portion of lower Manhattan, but wouldn't have much effect beyond that area. Additionally, these would likely be "ground blasts" rather than the usual "air blast" which increases the radius of the blast area. Much of a ground blast would be blocked from attaining a wide radius by the buildings and terrain. They will not destroy an entire city as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts did which were roughly 10 times larger and detonated at 1800 feet above ground.

Al-Qaida's U.S. Nuclear Targets
Al-Qaeda’s prime targets for launching nuclear terrorist attacks are the nine U.S. cities with the highest Jewish populations, according to captured leaders and documents. Osama bin Laden is planning what he calls an "American Hiroshima," the ultimate terrorist attack on U.S. cities, using nuclear weapons already smuggled into the country across the Mexican border along with thousands of sleeper agents. (More)

War on Terror/ Barbara Stock
"America's Hiroshima": America's Date with Disaster

Reports are slowly filtering out about a plan by Islamics to detonate several nuclear bombs around the continental United States. Osama bin Laden has named this attack "America's Hiroshima". His logic for giving his plan this name is that the United States is the only world power to use an atomic weapon against an enemy and based on that, it is legal and within Islamic law for him to use such weapons against the American people. (More)


This guide is for families preparing for imminent terrorist or strategic nuclear attacks with expected severe destruction followed by widespread radioactive fallout downwind. In a national crisis of imminent nuclear weapon attacks, read all the way through this guide first,


In the section below is a series of nuclear test with descriptions, pictures, and videos for each item. The description of each blast includes a yield comparison to an al Qaeda suitcase nuke.
Look for the movie camera image above the pictures that indicate a video is available for that item. Click on the camera to view the video. Click on the thumbnail pictures for a larger view.

100 Tons of TNT

100 Tons of TNTAfter seven years of development and uranium enrichment, the first atomic bomb was ready to test. A standard of measure would be needed to measure the blast so the scientists chose TNT (Trinitrotoluene), the most powerful explosive at the time, as the standard. 108 tons of TNT were stacked on a wooden platform threaded with tubes containing 1000 curies of reactor fission products to provide an indication of dispersion of the material and to calibrate their instruments.
100 Ton TNT Blast

100 Ton TNT Blast On May 7, 1945, the 100 Ton Test was held at Alamogordo Test Range, New Mexico. The blast was the largest explosive test ever and created a crater 80 yards across. 100 Tons of TNT is the equivalent of 0.1 Kilotons. For the next few years, atomic blasts would be measured in Kilotons. A one Kiloton atomic bomb would have the blast equivalent of 1000 tons of TNT. This blast was about 1/20 the size of the current terrorist nukes.
Trinity Bomb

Trinity BombThe fist nuclear bomb called "Trinity" was assembled at the base, then raised up to the top of a 100 ft. tower. This was a simple implosion bomb which uses high explosives encircling a semi-critical plutonium core to compress the material into a critical mass causing nuclear fission to occur.
Trinity Detonation

Trinity Detonation On July 16, 1945, Trinity was detonated. The blast was larger than expected and had a yield of approximately 20 Kilotons. It created a crater a half mile across and fused the desert sand into a radioactive glass known as "trinitite". 20 some years later, the trinitite still contained traces of radiation and was plowed under the soil. This explosion was approximately 10 times larger than what we expect from a terrorist nuke today.
Littleboy "Gun Bomb"

Littleboy "Gun Bomb"The Littleboy bomb was developed along with the Trinity bomb but had a different destination and purpose in mind. This one was headed for Hiroshima, Japan. Littleboy was an enriched uranium devise but used a different principle to initiate nuclear fission. Scientists had proven it’s theory mathematically and had no doubts it would work as planned.
Inside Littleboy

Inside Littleboy Littleboy was called a "gun bomb" because of the method used to force the uranium into a critical mass. Instead of one semi-critical uranium core, it had two, shaped to fit together, but kept apart at opposite ends of the weapon. To initiate detonation, a high explosive charge was fired behind the core at one end causing it to shoot down the tube and fuse with the core at the opposite end. By themselves, each core was too small to become critical but together, they achieved critical mass and fission was the result. Later experiments with gun bombs used uranium at one end with plutonium at the other end, but this bomb type was discontinued when it was decided that the gun method did not create as an efficient method of initiating fission as the implosion bomb. Suitcase nukes use this "gun" method for detonation because it makes for a smaller and more compact device but yield is sacraficed.
Hiroshima Blast
Hiroshima BlastLittleboy was detonated at an altitude of 1800 ft. over the city of Hiroshima with a yield of 14 Kilotons. The theory of a high altitude detonation rather than at ground level is for a wider dispersion of the blast. This could be a factor in a terrorist bombing as it is unlikely they would be able to detonate their bomb in the air. It's possible, of course, that it could be placed onboard a private plane but it might be difficult getting it past security, even at a small private airport. Much of the energy of a ground explosion would be absorbed by nearby building and terrain forcing the energy up instead of out. This could conceivably confine the damage to less than a mile in radius.
Hiroshima Aftermath

Hiroshima Aftermath The Littleboy detonation over Hiroshima resulted in 70,000 dead or missing. Of it's 90,000 buildings, over 60,000 were demolished. The effects of radiation were felt for years afterwards. The force of this bomb was 7 times larger than what we expect from a terrorist's "suitcase nuke" and there is no question that it did a lot more damage.
Fatman Implosion Bomb

Fatman Implosion BombFat Man was a 7-foot 8-inch long, five-foot diameter, 10,200 pound weapon which used plutonium instead of uranium. It was an implosion bomb similar to Trinity but had some technical improvements designed to increase the yield. Uranium ore is uranium 238 with a small fraction of uranium 235 contained in it. The enrichment process separates the unstable U235 from the stable element U238, the U235 is used for the bomb. Plutonium is made by bombarding U238 with neutrons causing it to increase it's mass to the unstable form U239, or Plutonium, a heavier and more explosive atom than U235.
Inside Fat Man

Inside Fat Man Implosion_Nuclear_weapon.gif At the center of Fat Man was a neutron initiator, surrounded by a semi-critical sphere of plutonium. This was placed in the center of a hollow sphere of specially placed fast and slow high explosives. Numerous detonators located on the surface of the high explosive were fired simultaneously to produce a powerful inward pressure on the core, squeezing it and increasing its density, resulting in a supercritical condition and a nuclear explosion.
Nagasaki Blast
Nagasaki BlastThree days after Littleboy was detonated over Hiroshima, Fat Man was detonated over Nagasaki, Japan. The bomb had a yield of about 25 kilotons. Due to Nagasaki's hilly terrain and the fact that the bomb exploded behind a hill at the edge of the city, the damage was somewhat less extensive than that in relatively flat Hiroshima. This bomb had a yield of about 12 times greater than a suitcase nuke.
Nagasaki Aftermath

Nagasaki Aftermath An estimated 42,000 people were killed outright by the bombing at Nagasaki, and about 25,000 were injured. Many more thousands would die later from related injuries, poisoning and nuclear fallout/radiation. Fat Man destroyed 39% of the buildings in Nagasaki and ended Japan’s ability to make war.
George 45K blast
George 45K blastLater developments in nuclear technology increased the size of the yield without increasing the size of the bomb. One successful experiment involved using a charge of Tritium at the center of the Plutonium core to further compress the mass for a more efficient detonation. The result was "George", detonated in the Pacific which yielded a blast force of over 45 Kilotons. This is about 22 times greater than a terrorist’s suitcase nuke.
Ivy Mike 10M blast

Ivy Mike 10M blast In the 1950s, the Hydrogen bomb was developed, the first test was known as "Ivy Mike" and was also detonated in the South Pacific. This weapon used the same basic technology as the George test but with one big difference. In the core of the bomb was a capsule of liquid hydrogen. When detonation occurred, not only was the plutonium compressed into critical mass, but hydrogen atoms were fused together releasing their energy as well. This was the first "fusion" bomb and opened the door to the Thermonuclear Age. Ivy Mike produced a yield of 10 Megatons, about 5000 times that of a terrorist’s nuke.