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Amnesty By Any Other Name Is Still Amnesty
by G. Robert Dieckmann - Editor
May 18, 2007

Congress has reached an agreement on another immigration bill they will be voting on this coming week. It's a disaster. Bill O'Reilly said he will support this bill because it contains "border security", in spite of the fact that it also contains everything Bush and the Democrats want; amnesty, benefits, and a path to citizenship.

Border security? Why should we believe the government will enforce border security with this bill any more than they have with already existing laws? Border agents, now federal prisoners, Ramos and Campion, are living proof that our government doesn't want a secure border with Mexico. Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, says he's "not concerned with stopping landscapers and housekeepers, only drug smugglers and gang bangers." I wonder who gave him those orders. What part of "illegal" and "border security" doesn't he understand?

They insist “this is not amnesty”. Webster defines “amnesty” as “the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals.” It is debatable whether allowing illegals to remain in our country after paying a fine for their crime is “amnesty”. You be the judge. I always thought the penalty for illegally entering our country was deportation, not a fine.

At post time, the language of the "proposal" is still being written, therefore, it is not yet a "bill". The text of the 700 to 1000 pages has not yet been released, but some of what was agreed on (between Ted Kennedy and John McCain) has.

When it becomes a bill and if passed into law, it would create a guest worker program, then require illegal aliens to first register with the government as a guest worker, return to their home country briefly to obtain a visa, pay a fine of up to $5000 over 10 years, learn English, set them on an eight year path toward citizenship, and permit them to bring their families with them. College entitlements for illegals is included and legal immigration is also increased dramatically by this legislation. Just the opposite of what the country needs.

The question is, how many of them would comply with these requirements? Not many I would think. They will just continue staying here and working illegally just as they have been, and why not? The worst that can happen is they will be deported if somehow they get caught but this legislation doesn’t target catching them. They’re supposed to turn themselves in. Good luck!

The bill would also create an employers' verification network for employers to check for legal working status before hiring "immigrants". The problem with that is that most of the illegals in our country are already employed and the employment eligibility check is only for new employees. It won’t do a thing about the millions already employed. The people charged with running the system say neither they or the current system is up to the task and won’t work without years of development.

The bill also reduces the 700 mile border fence already passed into law to 350 miles. The rest would be an electronic "virtual fence" so the government can sit a watch the illegals as they flood across the border to obtain their amnesty. With Ramos and Campion in prison, they won’t likely be stopped by the Border Patrol. How are Chertoff’s border TV watchers going to know the difference between gardeners and housekeepers, and drug smugglers and gang bangers? This is insane.

This bill simply creates a new layer of bureaucracy and does little else other than to offer mass amnesty to illegal aliens while they wait and continue working here for years before complying with immigration laws. How do we explain to those who have already applied for visas and citizenship, and are waiting at home for their number to come up, that we are allowing these illegals to cut in line and take the jobs ahead of them?

How many billions of dollars in pork barrel spending is this bill going to cost us? No one will know until the bill text is released on Monday but you can bet it will be loaded with it. That is why these scams are written in back rooms and out of the public view. That is also another reason why Harry Reid doesn’t want anyone to have time to read it before they vote on it. This is supposed to be the most “ethical Congress in recent history”? This is criminal, and Congress must be held accountable by the people.

Where do politicians get the idea that illegal aliens come here for citizenship? Most don't care a hoot about citizenship, they still retain their Mexican citizenship regardless. What they come here for is whatever they can get from us in the way of jobs, free healthcare, money, benefits and services. They're getting all that now so why would they care about citizenship and paying the costs to register, risk loosing their job, pay a fine, pay taxes, and all the other expenses associated with this proposal? Most won't and the country will still be stuck with millions of illegal aliens and more on the way.

Most want jobs and a better life for themselves and their families, but who doesn't? To get what they want, they are taking jobs away from unskilled Americans and young students looking to work part time. They started out working in the fields and that is how the media still shows them, if you‘ve noticed. If that were the truth, we wouldn't be having a problem with them, but it's not. Many more are working in industry than in the fields but the media doesn’t show us that.

Teens can no longer get jobs working in restaurants or grocery stores or even cutting their neighbor‘s lawns. There is no such thing in America now as a white or Asian gardener or housekeeper, most are now illegals from Mexico. Warehouse and grocery store jobs now belong mostly to Hispanics immigrants.

The black community has been devastated by Hispanics, often illegals, taking unskilled service jobs that blacks have traditionally done. They want those jobs back to get them off the streets. These are not "jobs that Americans won't do", these are jobs that have been taken away from Americans by Mexican nationals.

And the culture problem is not only behind the counter and in the back rooms. Everyday I stop into the local donut shop in the morning for coffee and a bagel. While waiting for my order, I hear nothing but a Spanish buzz going on from the patrons waiting and sitting at the tables. All of the counter workers are Hispanic and even the Cambodians who run the donut shop are now speaking Spanish. I feel like the foreigner in my own home town.

It’s like that all over Los Angeles except in the parts that don’t speak any English at all. My city has been invaded and taken over by Mexicans and other Hispanics. Even our mayor is now a Mexican as is much of the city council. This city no longer belongs to Americans. How many other cities are going through the same transformation? This is not right!

These people are workers in every service industry from landscaping, to flooring, to carpet laying, to construction, and doing the jobs Americans need and want. I encounter them regularly while out on jobs and when I try to speak to them, they usually don't know what I'm saying and have to get their boss to translate into Spanish if he's there. I'm learning sign language. It’s the same when I make a call at a residence and the owner is out. I have to deal with the Mexican housekeeper who may or may not speak English.

I will say though, that these people are good workers as long as they are doing unskilled jobs. They just shouldn't be working here in our country illegally or trying to pass themselves off as skilled workers such as electricians, they don‘t know the code.

If they don't understand English you can pretty much assume that they didn't enter the country legally. Even if they were here legally, there are just too damn many of them for the city to assimilate. It’s nearly become a city of Mexico and in another 10 years it will be. Still our government does nothing but encourage it.

How is rewarding criminals, who have broken into our country, with amnesty and a promise of citizenship going to solve this problem? It's only going to make it worse. Does our president and congress really think that a burglar breaks into your house because he wants to become a member of your family? This is what they are telling us about illegal aliens who break into our country with no intention of assimilating into American culture.

What about enforcement in this legislation? Well, there is one section that would impose a $5000 to $15,000 fine on employers for knowingly hiring an illegal alien. It seems ironic that we have to prosecute American employers for the crimes of aliens, but perhaps that's a step in the right direction. If we could make it impossible for illegals to find jobs here, they would have no reason to come and most of those already here would leave.

There are just a couple of problems with that. False and forged documents are so common among illegal aliens that many employers do not know they are hiring illegals. If they don't know, they can't be fined. The other problem is that there are millions of small business in the country who knowingly hire illegals, or don't ask. Also, nearly every household in America with an income of over $60,000 has an illegal working in the house as a housekeeper and self employed illegals cutting their grass. It would be virtually impossible to find and prosecute them.

If police ask for proof of citizenship from these people, they're accused by the left and the ACLU of racism and using "Gestapo tactics". In sanctuary cities like Los Angeles, they are not even allowed to ask. And now we have these illegals out in the streets and parks protesting again because they feel the new legislation doesn’t do enough for them.

Do enough for them? We owe them nothing. Those on the left keep complaining that we want to break up families. No, we don’t. We want them to take their children back home with them. In any case, it’s not our problem. We didn’t create this problem. They did; and now they should have to live with it. They knew they were breaking the law when they came here and they must accept the consequences for their actions.

What I don't understand is why any Republicans in Congress would vote for this proposal. Most of the 20 to 30 million Mexican immigrants over the next 10 years will be registering as Democrats and voting in our elections. This will assure the defeat of the Republican Party in our government, which is why Ted Kennedy is behind this. The way Republicans have been acting lately, that might not be such a bad thing but unfortunately, it leaves a worse situation - Democrats running the country.

Is this simply how Congress intends to deal with the Social Security problem? Instead of fixing Social Security with private investments, they'll just import millions of young foreigners into the country and grant them amnesty and citizenship to get them on the tax rolls to solve the Social Security crisis?

Harry Reid is trying to push this legislation through the Senate before anyone has had time to read and comprehend it. The text of the legislation will be released to Congress on Monday morning, and Monday afternoon Harry Reid is calling for a cloture vote before anyone has had a chance to review the legislation. If Republicans allow this to happen, those who vote for it are selling us out and stabbing us in the back and must be removed from the Senate. I will certainly publish their names on this website.

If this legislation passes, I won’t blame Democrats, I’ll blame the Republicans and will leave the party to become an independent voter. The Democrats are doing what we expect them to do, what they always do - try to destroy the country. The Republicans are supposed to preserve our country and protect it from the socialist/commie Dems. The question now is - will they?

According to Sean Hannity, congressional aids are reporting to him that Washington is being flooded with phone calls from citizens opposed to this legislation. They seemed shocked that the public does not approve of it. This says a lot about how out of touch Washington is with the country.

This is not yet a done deal so there is still hope that it will never pass into law. Then Congress can get to work on the legislation the people want - border enforcement first, then deal with the rest later. I would support a “limited” guest worker program but it must begin on the other side of the border and be closely monitored and regulated. Granting guest jobs to those who have disrespected our laws and broken into our country is unacceptable.