by Techniguy | Jan. 6, 2007

California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't know it, but in his Inaugural Address this past week, he exemplified perfectly what is wrong with today's Republican Party.  In his address, Schwarzenegger stated:

"There are growing numbers of independent voters in this state. In fact, if the current trend continues, they will outnumber each of the major parties in 20 years from now. They like some of the Republican ideas. But they also like some of the Democratic ideas..."

"At one time, the greatest public policy innovations came from the liberals, such as during the New Deal. Then the most innovative ideas came from the conservatives, such as Ronald Reagan. It is time we that combined the best of both ideologies into a new creative center. But this is a dynamic center that is not held captive by either the left or the right or the past.

Centrist does not mean weak. It does not mean watered down or warmed over. It means well-balanced and well-grounded. The American people are instinctively centrist…so should be our government. America ’s political parties should return to the center. They should return to the center where the people are."

Arnold couldn't be more wrong. Today the people of this country are more divided than ever between Conservatives and Liberals.  The fact that many are registered as "Independents" does not mean they are "Centrist", it generally means that they are disgusted with both Democrat and Republican leadership and no longer want to be associated with either.  

We have Conservatives who want to preserve the constitutional principles and ideals of capitalism, individual freedom and responsibility, and minimal government interference, that our country was founded on.  Then there's the Liberals who always want to change it into a more socialist touchy-feely state of government rule and dependency - a "nanny state" not unlike that of Communism where the government takes responsibility for (and consequently control of) everyone.  "American citizens aren't smart enough to run their own lives, we need government to do that for them".  

Many Conservatives feel they are no longer represented by the Republican party and moderate Democrats feel they are no longer represented by the Democratic Party, both of which have been moving to the left.  As a result, many former Republicans and Democrats have registered as independents.  That does not mean that they have become "Centrists" as Arnold suggests.  It's not the people's values, but their parties that have changed.  Arnold is pandering to moderate Democrats and just like the US Congress did, is ignoring the Conservatives. 

For the past 50 years, and particularly over the past 30 years, our government has been moving to the left and away from our founding principles mainly due to a Democrat controlled congress (except for the past decade) and that Democrat Congress has allowed a leftward trend to be set and permitted unconstitutional corruption in Congress to become acceptable practice which even the Republican Congress of the past decade continued with.  Congress has gone way beyond what the Constitution authorizes them to do and taxpayer money it authorizes them to spend.  This recent "Republican Congress" was a real disappointment to Conservatives.

The perception that Conservatives want to move the country to the right is just plain false. If there is any desire to move it to the right, it is only to correct and compensate for the reckless and destructive moves to the left over recent decades. Conservatives only want to restore the country to where it belongs and preserve American ideology and legacy.  Conservatives want keep America as the unique beacon of freedom in the world that it used to be.  They don't believe that European type socialism is the right direction for America to move in.  Conservatives don't want to change America as the liberals do, they want to preserve it as it was intended to be. 

When Arnold says: "Centrist does not mean weak. It does not mean watered down or warmed over. It means well-balanced and well-grounded", all he's really saying is that we should continue to move even further to the left and to continue to compromise with those who want to change the country further away from it's founding principles. In other words, we should strike a happy medium between American principles and those of Marxism. 

If that isn't a weak and watered down approach for a Republican to take, I don't know what is.  Schwarzenegger went to Sacramento to fight the "gurley-men" but turned into a wimp when they insisted on getting their way with compromises.  On the other hand, in Arnold's case there is little else he can do other than to veto all legislation from the liberal California Legislature and get nothing done.  Republicans in Congress don't have that excuse.  But it's an insult to Conservatives for Arnold to now shove this Centrist idea in our faces when he was the only hope Republicans had for California.   

Arnold went on to say:

"No one ideology can solve prison reform or immigration reform or any other of the challenges facing us. It will take the best ideas of everybody, everyone. It will take creative thinking. It will take negotiations. And it will take letting go of the past".

These reforms he's talking about wouldn't be necessary if the Left hadn't tampered with those systems and fouled them up in the first place.  They used to work just fine until the Left decided they were too harsh and strict and felt we should have more compassion for criminals and trespassers/invaders into our country. 

What was wrong with the ideology that criminals should be punished and immigration laws should be enforced?  How do you bring together those who believe in that ideology and those who want to do away with it?  We compromise by saying we'll punish criminals - but only a little, and we'll protect the borders - but only a little.  In the end, nothing is accomplished but they did their job and passed legislation.  Now it's off to the local bar to celebrate.  Tomorrow they'll come back to solve another important issue for the little people who depend on their wisdom and guidance to get through life.

We used to enforce immigration laws - not any more. We used to have great schools for our children - not any more. We used to have a prison system that was a deterrent to crime - not any more. We used to have free enterprise without excessive government regulations - not any more. We used to have a strong national defense and pride in our country - not any more. These are just a few examples of the failures that moving to the left has brought upon our country.

I have one answer for Gov. Schwarzenegger and like minded "Republicans" who think compromising with the left is the answer to all our problems. We have beer drinkers and we have wine drinkers. Let's merge the beer industry with the wine industry to create a 50/50 beverage we can call "Brine" and offer it in place of both beer and wine. That way we'll have a consensus drink that nobody likes. It will be just like the legislation we're getting out of our governments.

Let's say you and your spouse own a car that needs a paint job.  You want to paint it blue and your spouse wants to paint it red.  Do you compromise and both agree to a purple paint job?  More likely, you will discuss it, maybe even fight over it, but eventually one of you will win and the car will be painted either red or blue.  Today's Republican "leadership" is afraid to fight for us and find it easier to just compromise with purple colored legislation. 

A caller to a morning radio talk show the other day said it best:  "We did not elect Republicans so that they could compromise with Democrats.  We elected them to represent us and our values."  That is something the late Republican Congress never understood and now it cost them the control of Congress.  Will they learn anything from this?  Or will they just continue to blame their loss on the war in Iraq so that they never have to be seen at fault? 

Newt Gingrich had the right idea with his "Contract with America", and because of that, he was smeared by the Left and driven out of office.  But for 8 years, that Republican controlled congress followed his recommendations and balanced the budget, even leaving a budget surplus in spite of having to work with President Clinton.  They stuck to their conservative principles.

Then came the 2000 elections with President Bush taking the Whitehouse.  Congressional Republicans figured now they could get away with anything they wanted and began adopting many of the corrupt policies practiced by the Democrats in previous decades.  They abandoned the "Contract with America" and began not only compromising with the Dems, but actually acting like them.  It took them only 6 years to loose the support of their Conservative base and get voted out of power. 

Unfortunately, this never happens to Democrats.  Their base has no moral problems with corruption in government or counter-American and constitutionally questionable legislation.  As long as Democrats offer them "free stuff" from the taxpayers, they're happy and continue to vote for Democrats.  And to keep the Democrat base loyal to them, they have divided the country into minority groups and promoted their diversity and victimism to keep them convinced that they need Democrats to fight for them and protect them from the evil Republicans who would not respect their minority group status and try to unit them as simply "Americans". 

So when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's going to unit the Right and the Left in a "Centrist" group, that's like driving down the road with two people in your car.  You come to a fork in the road and ask "should we go left or right"?  One says go left and the other says go right, but you say "no, we'll compromise and go straight".  You car goes off the road, crashes into a gully and everyone is killed, but at least you worked together and stayed to the center before you died.

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