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Citizens Against the Government, We Won
by J.R. Dieckmann

When the framers of the Constitution wrote the laws, they used simple and plain English that everyone could understand. In spite of their constant use of ridiculously long run-on sentences, the meaning of every paragraph was clear and easily understood by the general population.  They didn't need a team of lawyers to craft their legislation, just good common sense.

Today, legislators have teams of lawyers to frame legislation in a way that no one can understand except other lawyers. Fortunately, we also have lawyers who blog and write for the internet as well as intelligent talk radio hosts to explain what these bills really say. There is no better example of this than this latest Immigration "Amnesty" Bill that just went down to defeat with only 46 Senators supporting a cloture vote. This 700 page bill could have been condensed down into one paragraph:

Legalize 20 million illegal aliens and allow them to continue living and working in our country. Offer them citizenship, healthcare, college for their kids, welfare, food stamps, and Social Security. Give them documents in their own language and bilingual people to answer their phone calls and do it all at the expense of the American taxpayers.  What a deal!

That is all this bill was really about, the rest was all just smoke and mirrors to hide it's true intention.  The sad part is that the bill would have passed were it not for all of the "get well" cards, letters and phone calls from concerned citizens who helped the Senate regain it's mental health by letting them know that their political careers were about to come to an abrupt end if this bill passed.

We don't need new legislation to secure our borders, defend our American culture, take criminals off our streets, and protect our country's sovereignty.  We already have it, and it's over 200 years old. It's called the Constitution of the United States of America. Too bad Congress, over the years, has forgotten about that original legislation and replaced it with their own.  We see them on the floor of Congress waving their little pocket Constitutions to support their views, while at the same time, they violate the laws in that little book daily.

In spite of their pitiful 24% approval rating, they still feel justified in giving themselves another $3,000 raise this year.  It was just last year that Harry Reid said "We're going to do anything it takes to stop the congressional pay raise this year, and we're not going to settle for this year alone."  I guess old Harry didn't really mean it.  I would like to suggest that Congress be denied any pay raises unless and until their approval rating is above 50%.  Anyone working in the free market with a job approval rating of 24% would be fired, not given a raise. 

When the critics read the bill and began talking about it on radio and the internet, the people of this great country found out what was really in the bill that the Congress would rather we didn't know about. As a result, some in Congress now want to revive the "Fairness Doctrine", but only where it concerns talk radio. There is no interest in applying the "Fairness Doctrine" to newspapers, network TV news, universities, or Hollywood.

Dick Durbin, John Kerry, Diane Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi are leading the charge but not without the support of Republicans Trent Lott, Arlen Specter, Lindsey Graham and one or two others who didn't like talk radio exposing the truth about what they were trying to force down the throats of the American people. "Talk Radio is running America. We're going to have to do something about that," said Lott. It's not just that Congress doesn't want the people knowing what they're doing behind closed doors, they don't want to be challenged on it. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".  Make no mistake about it, corruption is running ramped in all levels of American government today.

"Legal immigration is one of the top concerns of the American people, and Congressí failure to act on it is a disappointment," President Bush stated. "A lot of us worked hard to see if we couldnít find common ground. It didnít work."  What President Bush fails to understand is that more than "legal immigration", illegal immigration is what concerns the American People and his amnesty bill did little to address that issue of concern, other than to just make all illegals legal.  Either Bush and the Democrats fail to grasp what the American people are demanding, or they reject it and put their own personal interests ahead of the national interest.

Our government is absolutely corrupted including the Executive Branch with Bush's push for SPP, One World Government, and the legalization of illegal aliens causing the destruction of American culture and sovereignty.  It was recently revealed that SPP language eliminating restrictions on Mexican truckers traveling within the United States was slipped into the last Emergency War Funding Bill, but few in Congress knew about it. Although the motives of Congress are for the most part, not quite so lofty, their primary motivation is money and power over the people in a socialist environment. We are becoming more and more like the Soviet Union with Congress as the ruling class.  They want government bureaucracies to control everything. That's a far cry from what the founders intended for a free America.

The arrogant attitude these people have taken towards the public was never clearer than it has been during this immigration debate. It has become clear that they no longer see themselves as servants of the people, but rather rulers of the people whom they have been showing little or no respect for.  The condescending manner in which they responded to radio talk show hosts brought out their true feelings about themselves and the people they are supposed to serve.

Because of this bill, our people in Congress have exposed themselves for who they really are, and what they think of us peons. The way they tried to cram this bill down our throats shows that they are clearly motivated by forces other than serving the constituents who elected them. The American people will simply not stand for this any longer. We must take back our government from these corrupt, arrogant elitists and make sure this is the last time they betray the trust of the American people.  The public outrage that crashed the Senate phone bank last week was a good start.  Congress better update their phone equipment soon, they're going to need it.  It's becoming clear now that American citizens are not going to be led around by the nose by these pompous and corrupt dictators.

When did Congress and the President decide to legislate in the best interests of the Mexican people instead of the American people? They support the right of illegals to bring all of their relatives to the US with visas while giving absolutely no thought to cost to the American tax payer, which the Heritage Foundation estimates to be 2.6 TRILLION dollars over the next few generations.  A cost our children will have to pay. 

They talk of all their concern for keeping families together, but that would seem to apply only to Mexican families. Why would Democrats be so concerned with family values where illegal aliens are concerned, when they have absolutely no concern for family values where Americans are concerned? In fact, they have been doing everything they can to destroy family values for decades with their support for feminists, gays, single moms, fatherless children born out of wedlock, and total disregard for the institution of Marriage. Democrats no longer consider family values to be American values, yet they should apply to illegal aliens?  I guess family values are just one more thing we have exported to Mexico.  Or perhaps Bush and the Democrats think raising a family is another job that American won't do.

Congress has avoided the enforcement of immigration law and ignored the invasion problem for so long that now they tell us the problem is too big to fix and the only way it can be dealt with is to legalize all the illegals. They created this problem and now they tell us they can't fix it because they've ignored it for too long? Kennedy, McCain, and the others who have been involved in this pro illegal invasion since 1986 all need to be held accountable and brought up on charges of treason and failing to live up to their oath of office and to the Constitution, to defend the sovereignty and security of this country.  If they had been doing their job, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.

According to DHS Sec. Michael Chertoff, ICE is going to crack down on illegals now since the defeat of this bill. He said raids will be stepped up, and "It isn't going to be pretty".  Has our government finally gotten the message from the American people?  Maybe next time they'll write legislation to mandate border security and enforcement of immigration laws.  We already have that legislation but it will, at least, give them something to do to keep them out of trouble.

J.R. Dieckmann is Editor, Publisher, Writer, and Webmaster of GreatAmericanJournal.com.  He also sometimes works as an electrician in Los Angeles, Ca. His articles also appear on The Conservative Voice, Real Clear Politics, New Media Journal, Mich News, Daley Times-Post, Great Minds Think Right, and other conservative websites.