Enraged Press Corp Goes On Feeding Frenzy

Techniguy 02-13-2006

A Whitehouse press conference was held this morning with the first topic of interest being the hunting accident involving Vice President Dick Cheney. Yes, believe it or not, this was foremost on the media’s minds even more than the escalating situation in Iran. The feeding frenzy was not about fact finding regarding the incident, but more about media indignation over being scooped on the story by a local Texas Newspaper. It was quite clear that the line of questioning was “all about me” for the reporters, rather than about the shooting incident. They were outraged that their lust for embarrassing gossip on Dick Cheney went unsatisfied until 20 hours after the shooting.

The simple facts are that while out hunting with friends including Vice President Cheney, Harry Whittington had separated from the group. It was reported that he failed to inform the group that he was returning and as he was approaching about 30 yards behind them, Cheney spotted a bird taking flight. He swung around tracking the bird with the sun in his eyes and fired. Unfortunately, he did not see Whittington as the bird crossed his path and Whittington was peppered with shot from Cheney’s 28 gauge shotgun.

For those of you who do not know much about shotguns, (and I’m one, but did a little research on it), The 28 gauge shotgun is the smallest of the 3 most popular shotguns and used only for target and skeet shooting, and bird hunting. You might say the 28 gauge shotgun compares to the 12 gauge shotgun like the 22 cal. handgun compares to the 45 cal. handgun.  It contains only ¾ ounce of shot compared to the 1 1/8 ounce of the 12 gauge. Also, the buckshot is very small grain, so small that it takes between 260 and 350 pellets to fill the shell. Ok for bringing down a bird, but not very effective on humans. No doubt it was painful for Whittington, but far from lethal, and especially over a distance of 30 yards where the shot has lost much of it‘s energy. Whittington is awake and alert and recovering from the accident, even joking about it.

In this morning’s press conference, reporters were more concerned with why they hadn’t been briefed sooner, than they were about what actually happened. Hardly a question was asked about Whittington’s condition and no one even asked if Cheney got the bird. Their main concern was why did it take 20 hours for them to be notified about the accident. Why wasn’t a press release sent out immediately from the range, by carrier pigeon if necessary, to inform them of this earth shaking breaking news that all Americans need to know about immediately? Why wasn’t the Vice President as anxious to embarrass himself as we are to embarrass him? Shouldn’t we have been informed even before Whittington was taken to the hospital for medial treatment? One reporter even suggested that Cheney should resign over this incident. Press Secretary Scott McClellan said that was a ridiculous question and went on to the next one.  McClellan tried to explain that the Vice President and his group were more concerned with Whittington and getting him the medial attention he needed, than they were about briefing the press and satisfying their lust for gossip. Well, of course Scott didn’t use those exact words but maybe he should have.

Don’t think the gossip oriented, mainstream media will let this blow over lightly. They are outraged and highly offended over being scooped by a local Texas newspaper and their articles reporting on the incident will no doubt reflect their discontent with the Administration. I have no doubt that the media is going to blow this story all out of proportion and wouldn’t be at all surprised if the left wing blogs not only again demand Cheney’s resignation, but also insist that he be charged with attempted murder. Oh yes, the conspiracy theory advocates will be out there too making up stories about how the Vice President actually intended to kill his friend for some corrupt financial reason and we‘ll likely hear about it from the lips of Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy on the floor of the Senate. This would be typical of the way the left handles these kind of situations, filling the stories with exaggerations and distortions. It’s what they were taught in their lessons in Marxism.

After discussing the incident with the owner of the ranch where the accident occurred, Cheney, asked her to contact the press and explain what had happened since she was an eye witness to the event. She called a reporter from her local paper and the story ran that morning. Oh, the insult to the Whitehouse Press Corp that they did not get the scoop on this major Earth shaking story! Why it’s just an outrage that they could not be the ones to first embarrass the Vice President. Their pompous arrogance and self importance was more than obvious in this morning’s press conference, at least among those who report for the liberal side of the media. Maybe this should be a lesson to them. Their continual contempt and disrespect for the President and Vice President does not set well with the Whitehouse and perhaps they should be a little more respectful if they want to be first in the loop from now on. The Whitehouse does not share their enthusiasm for slander and embarrassment aimed at the Administration. When will these pompous jackasses ever learn their lesson? 

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