Fooling America, They Won

Techniguy - 03-11-2006

One of the greatest hoaxes has just been pulled on the American people and most of us still don’t even realize it. How would you weaken our national security while appearing to be strengthening it in the eyes of the people? One way would be to do what the Democrats just did with the Dubai ports issue. This was either a gift by accident to the Dems, or one of the cleverest scams they have ever produced. By pretending to be on the right side of our national security (something completely out of character for them), they have, in fact, weakened it which may have been their intention all along, and America fell for it.

By leaking Foreign Investment Commission information to the press mixed with a lot of outrageous lies, they got everyone believing that the President was selling our port security to the Arabs almost overnight. While playing on our fear of Arab attacks on the Untied States, they convinced most of the country that we were about to “outsource our port security to the Arabs” and many believed without even questioning it. Now it became the task of the Dubai supporters and advocates of the truth to try to educate the people to the real facts but that effort failed, in part because there was little help from the Whitehouse in defending the Dubai Ports deal. Dems seized on the opportunity to ram the issue through Congress while the President was out of the country and couldn’t respond in time to save it. Now we may see the unfortunate consequences of a Congress misrepresenting a national security issue for political gain.

Since when do we look to the Democrats for a strong national defense and security? Not since World War 2, so why did we do it this time? Didn’t anyone stop to think about the deeper issues involved here or did we just run from it because the company name included the word “Arab”? Most just went with their instinctive anti-Arab reaction and believed the Dems were really interested in the security of our ports and few realized the fact that they were just pulling a fast one on us for the sake of political maneuvering. The end result is that they succeeded in their continuing effort to weaken our country and our national security while convincing people that they were doing just the opposite. Most people never heard, or refused to listen to the truth, and that includes many in Congress itself.

Democrats have caused more harm to our security with this diversion in two major ways. The first, and most obvious is the damage they have done to our foreign relations with Dubai. We slapped them in the face, insulted and offended them, and told them we don’t trust them. Even some Republicans who believe in the Reagan policy of “Trust, but verify”, have disregarded that very policy. They were willing to verify but completely rejected the trust side of the equation and in the end, didn‘t even take the time to verify either.

Any military strategist will tell you that one way to destroy a coalition is to create mistrust and suspicion among its members and that is exactly what the Dems and some foolish Republicans did in looking for dirt on Dubai to justify rejecting the deal. It’s only natural to be skeptical and want the issue investigated, but be honest with the results and if they don’t apply to present day, post 9-11 reality, then don’t use them to distort the issue as some have including Sean Hannity. I heard him just yesterday say the UAE funded 9-11 terrorists - they didn’t. Some terrorist money went through their banks just as it did Swiss and American banks. He claimed they were involved in shipping nuclear materials to Iran. That’s true, they were, but that was before they sided with us in the War on Terror and it was a commercial interest in their shipping business, not a support for terrorism. Other issues have been brought up as well and represented as a UAE support for terrorist which none of them were. The UAE’s interest in these transactions was purely business and commerce. By contrast, Rush Limbaugh has been out in front of this issue from the start and disagrees with Hannity.

The result we now have is that our relationship with our most important alley in the war on terror has been seriously damaged, and to what extent is still unknown. We can only hope that the Emiraties will understand our skepticism and forgive us for our ignorance and mistrust. I personally find this embarrassing and shameful but no doubt the Dems will be throwing a party if the UAE ends its hospitality to our Navy, Air Force, and CIA/NSA. Was this the Dems intention from the start, to destroy our relationship with the UAE? Was this why they originally leaked the deal to the press, then immediately began lying and misrepresenting the facts? We all know how they want us out of the terror war and out of the Middle East. What could be better if they could cause us to loose our base of operation in that region?

The second, and perhaps little known reason that our security has been damaged further by this travesty has to do with the security improvements, not only at the 6 American ports where Dubai was going to operate 8 terminals, but at all of Dubai’s over 70 terminals around the globe. Major security upgrades were to be done at the request of the United States and be paid for by Dubai. They would not only assure upgraded security measures at our ports, but at all of their foreign ports shipping to the United States as well. We’re talking about multi-billion-dollar improvements in our port security that would have been put into place had the deal gone through. That has all now been trashed and it’s our loss. This is supposed to be in our security interests?

In recent years, Dubai Ports World has become the world’s leader in shipping and port security technology. DP World was among the first to implement digitizing and internet technology for managing it’s ports. In 2004 Dubai became the first Middle Eastern port to agree to the CSI (Container Security Initiative), signed formally last March. CSI gives U.S. Customs personnel a foothold in foreign ports and requires that state-of-the-art security systems such as gamma ray, x-ray and radiological detection systems be implemented for cargo inspection.

At the recently opened Pusan Newport in South Korea, DP World and tech partner Samsung of Japan worked with the Korean port authority to build a state-of-the-art security port which included a central security system in which threats are anticipated and met via a network of monitors including advanced CCTV, lasers, radiological, explosives, and other sensors, - and motion-detection fencing of the sort normally found in high-sensitivity military settings. All of this latest technology would have been implemented in those US ports where Dubai would have operated and in all of their foreign ports as well had the deal gone through. But instead, we are now stuck with what one Coast Guard estimate puts at about $7 billion overall, the security shortfall at American ports, and the New York Times has reported that the very terminals DP World would have operated and improved here are among the lacking. Again, this is in our best security interests?

It is true that port management companies, such as DP World, provide their own security department and personnel, but this is for their own internal company security and should not be confused with port security which in our ports, is the responsibility of the Coast Guard and U.S. Customs. Internal company security has nothing to do with cargo handling and security.

In a sense, we have just thrown away the goose that lays the golden eggs for port security upgrades, and with it, the ally who has provided a safe home base for our military in the middle east as well as major intelligence information on terrorists in the region. The UAE has been our primary source of intelligence in the Middle East since 2003 and because of their proximity to terrorists, has also been the leader in port security. Operating ports in the US would have made US port security also a top priority for Dubai Ports World. Our trade with the UAE such as sales of Boeing Aircraft is also now in jeopardy and may go to France’s Airbus instead costing us jobs in Aerospace. Again, the extent of the damage is yet unknown and we can only hope that it will be minimal.

So when you put together the damage done to our coalition with Dubai in the War on Terror, the losses in security improvement in our ports and other ports around the world, and the possible loss of intelligence information, this represents a weakening of our national security, not something that is going to make it stronger to protect us. It appears that the Democrats, while giving the impression that they care about US security, have actually fooled the American people and gotten away with another big step in their agenda to weaken America and make us more vulnerable to attack and less secure. In making us think that the Dubai deal would weaken our security, they have in fact done just that themselves by opposing it.

Democrats are more of a security threat to America than Dubai ever was. This is just the latest example of their agenda to tear down our country and replace it with some European style socialist state. If they can cause us to loose the War on Terror, and block our efforts to secure the country against foreign attacks, then they win. Republicans who have been fooled by this Dubai Ports issue have played right into their hands. The War on Terror is our biggest tool in securing our country against attacks in the future and we need the help of friendly Islamic countries to do that.

How many Americans ever bothered to weigh the speculations of DP World being involved in a terrorist attack on America, against the consequences of what we’ve now done? Is this how we make America safer, by rejecting the hand of friendship extended by any Arab country in spite of all they’ve done to help us? At least Congress could have waited the 45 days for their own investigation and given time for the people, and themselves, to become educated on the issue before rushing to judgment and trashing our most important ally in the War on Terror.

We cannot win this war unless we create more friends and allies in the Middle East who see the world as we do, and that means establishing both diplomatic and commercial relationships with them. Democrats have just thrown a huge wrench into the machinery we have been building in the Islamic region to form new friends and allies since 9-11. If we show that we can’t trust them to do business with us, then how can we expect them to trust and work with us if we‘re going to stab them in the back when they want to do business with us? And this is supposed to be in the best interests of our national security? In a pigs eye it is!Site Meter

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