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Forget the Illegals, Get the Cops
By G. Robert Dieckmann - Editor

May 1, 2007 again saw the outrageous protest demonstrations by and for illegal aliens in many American cities this year. It isn't enough that they disrespected our laws by breaking into our country, they then insist on using our own constitutional rights to protest against enforcement of our laws which should have been enforced at the border in the first place. To add insult to injury, and with the help of the liberal media and lawyers, they are now suing the police and the City of Los Angeles for the way they were treated. We're supposed to feel sorry for them and outraged at the police?

The trouble started when Hispanics began throwing rocks and bottles at the police from outside the park where the demonstration was being held. Protest organizers were granted a permit to demonstrate inside the park, not in the streets. The police attempted to force the offenders back into the park while being pelted with debris. One officer was knocked off his motorcycle by the protesters and 7 officers were injured. Who was the genius who granted a permit for illegal aliens to protest in our country anyway? Something just doesn't seem right here.

The media, and in particular KABC, KCBS, and KCAL, reported the demonstration as peaceful until the police began moving in. They never mentioned the 50 to 100 Hispanic agitators who began the attack on the cops. They were more interested in showing video of the police pushing and striking at media reporters and cameramen who disobeyed orders to move out.

They had a field day showing video of a Mexican protester with marks on his body from rubber bullets, and a camera-woman falling down after getting into the cops' faces and refusing to move as ordered. She is now filing a lawsuit claiming severe injuries and unable to work as a result of police brutality. In the fall, she claims to have sprained her ankle and fractured her wrist. It's interesting to note, however, that in the video shown on tv of her adventure and shot by another cameraman, she was able to get up and pick up the heavy camera with the very arm she claims to have fractured. She showed up later for the media wearing a sling and a lawyer.

From what I have observed in the abundant videos of the violence shown on the local stations, I see nothing wrong with the way the police acted. They were being provoked, not only by Hispanics but by media cameramen as well. The crowd had moved along as ordered but a few stayed behind to provoke the police and taunt them with debris throwing and charging at the police lines. Reporters and cameramen who stayed behind and refused to cooperate with police were forced to move, by force. That's what the police do, that's why they're there.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa returned early to Los Angeles from a trip to El Salvador to make a public statement to the media. In that statement, he asked for anyone involved in the skirmish to come forward with their complaints against the police whether they are in the country legally or not. He accused the police of using excessive force and promised a full investigation, then said "We will not rush to judgment".

Democrat State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who represents the park district, said police deliberately led troublemakers back to the peaceful demonstrators before beginning their assault. "The only logical conclusion I can come to is that somebody wanted it to bleed into the march so that they can do some target practice on some of the immigrants that were marching," Nunez said. It sounds like Nunez has already made up his mind, no need for an investigation. He also needs to learn the difference between "immigrants" and "illegal aliens". Obviously, he didn't notice that no one was "marching" until the police ordered them to.

"The events of yesterday, with all that we do, should not have occurred," said Police Chief William J. Bratton. "We should not be engaged in attacks on the media." "The individuals were there to provoke police. Unfortunately, they got what they came for", Bratton added.

John Mack, president of the five-member Police Commission, which sets policy for the Police Department, said he was "deeply disturbed and very disappointed" by the images. "This was not a pretty picture. This incident raises serious concern regarding the use of force by some individual officers," said Mack, who is one of Bratton's bosses.

KTTV reporter Christina Gonzales claims to have suffered a separated shoulder, while camerawoman Patti Ballaz claims a broken wrist and possibly a broken hand.

KPCC radio reporter Patricia Nazario said she was hit in the back and ribs with a baton, then hit her head and twisted her ankle while falling from a blow.

One thing all these delicate and breakable little ladies have in common is Hispanic last names, and all seem to be extremely clumsy and susceptible to injury from falling on the grass.

There were a number of reporters and cameramen from Spanish speaking Los Angeles radio and tv stations involved in provoking the police as well. Without stirring up some action, their stories would have hardly made the news. What we have here is another case of reporters creating the news instead of reporting it.

KCAL-TV cameraman Carl Stein said that his camera was tossed and that he was thrown to the ground. "I'm sore, and I'm sore about what happened," Stein told viewers. "It was like open season - take a whack, have at it."

Well, that's not exactly true. I saw video of his encounter with the cops. He was violently arguing with them and refused to obey their orders. He got pushed when he refused to move and fell, dropping his camera.

The cops have already been convicted in the media of wrong-doing. Not only have they been convicted by the media, but also by their superiors and politicians. The real problem here is that these convictions are all based on edited video clips released by the media that, as usual, don't show the other side of the story.

This whole thing is about drawing attention to the police and away from just one more problem being caused by illegal aliens.  If our federal government would do their job, these police officers would never have had to deal with this.  

This is the same tactic the Left always uses to promote their point of view. They tell a lie, promote that lie over and over again in the media, then take a poll and announce that "most Americans" agree with their lie. Well of course they do because that is all they ever see in the media.

I saw all of the video clips from the immigration rally in Los Angeles and wondered what the news anchors were talking about at the time. I didn't see the police using any unnecessary brutality or force that wasn't called for, and they didn't start the trouble to begin with.

Later, when I saw Police Chief William Bratton stating "this was wrong, it shouldn't have happened", I thought he was talking about a park full of illegal aliens protesting against American immigration enforcement. I agreed with him that it was wrong for them to be in the country, to be protesting against our laws, and to be allowed to simply walk home instead of being arrested and deported.

Then I realized he was talking about the police and realized also what political correctness has done to this man.

Remember Rodney King? Remember how the video showed all the "excessive police brutality" used on him? Do you also remember that it wasn't until much later that we learned the whole story and saw the video from the beginning, instead of just the part the media released? That was why the officers were not convicted in a court of law. Their actions were justified.

Remember that every time you see the cops being convicted in the media based on video released by the media. It's the same way they report on Iraq, and that is why the mainstream media is no longer trusted by a growing number of Americans.