Illegals Are Not Immigrants
We are loosing our country to Latino invaders.
Techniguy - 04-14-2006

Illegal aliens are not "immigrants" and do not belong here in our country. We did not authorize them to immigrate and therefore they cannot be considered "immigrants". Pro illegal advocates in government and the media have been attempting to cloud the issue by mixing the terms "illegals" with "immigrants". They demand "rights for immigrants", but those rights already exist. They won't say it, but what they really mean is "rights for illegals". This distinction must be maintained and we must not be fooled by those who would call us racists, and promote citizens' rights for people who have entered and are residing in our country illegally. Who are immigration laws to apply to if not to these foreign invaders? A country must be able to manage the incoming flow of immigrants and control it to what the country can assimilate or it loses it's sovereignty and identity. That is why we have immigration laws and borders that must be enforced and obeyed.

We have no problem with legal immigrants, we have a big problem with invaders and trespassers. Someone needs to inform them that if they want to come to America and be Americans, there is a legal way to do it. As illegals, they should have no rights here other than a free ride back home, and anyone in Congress who tries to grant them rights or social services needs to be recalled for failing to respect and obey the Constitution of the United States and our laws. Immigrants learn our language and assimilate into American culture. Illegals come here with the intent of maintaining their native language and culture and changing our laws and customs to accommodate them. They insist that we pay the expenses for their health care, their children's education, and the double costs of printing all documents in their language as well as ours. This is not assimilating, this is invading and conquering, and liberal politicians in Sacramento and Washington D.C. are letting them do it.

Spanish language radio is spreading the motto: "Today we march, tomorrow we vote". So why are protesters saying they just want to work?  That is a lie!  If we give illegals the vote, they will elect people into office who are sympathetic to their cause, like the new Los Angeles Hispanic mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, who comes out of his office to encourage the recent immigration law protesters. Like the mayor of San Francisco who ignored the law and authorized gay marriages, Villaraigosa rejects immigration laws and invites law breakers into the city. Greeting and encouraging protesters during the most recent protest last Monday, Villaraigosa said: "We need to fight for our rights. We clean your toilets, we clean your hotels, we build your houses, we take care of your children. We want you to help us take care of our children as well."

More on this retched excuse for a Mayor HERE and HERE.

Notice how the mayor of Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA aligns himself with the citizens of Mexico and not the U.S. with his use of the words "we" and "your". This reminds me of the old joke where the Lone Ranger says to Tonto "Tonto, we're surrounded by Indians!", and Tonto responds with "What do you mean 'WE', kemosabe?". If you were to proclaim to Mayor "Mecha" Villaraigosa; "Mayor, we're surrounded by Mexican loyalists", he would probably answer; "What do you mean 'WE', Gringo?". 54% of the Los Angeles population is now Hispanic but make up only one fifth of L. A. registered voters. Of course you can't legally register to vote if you are in this country illegally.

The former Mecha leader and protest organizer won the election for two reasons. One was because his opponent, James Hahn, was a corrupt "special interest" Democrat that we wanted to get rid of and who also declared L.A. a "Mexican city." The other was that California Republicans seem to have given up on the political process in the state and don't turn out to vote. At least they didn't in this last election probably because it was 6 of one, and a half dozen of the other. Where was a Republican candidate? I don't know, I didn't see one. No one came forward to spend the next 4 years fighting with the liberals on the L. A. City Council.

Most California conservatives feel they have no representation in state government and they never will have if they don't get active and show up at the polls on election day. Liberals don't turn out in great numbers either and could be defeated if a majority of Republican voters would just show up and vote. I know it can be difficult because most Republicans are working people and don't have much time for things like voting and protesting. California Republicans just don't feel that their vote will make any difference and they may be right. It may very well be too late to save California from the liberal and Mexican destruction.

If nothing is done, the border states will soon be back under the control of the Mexican government but still sucking up money from the U.S. treasury. I suspect it's already too late for California and maybe Texas as well. Mecha and La Raza supporters like Villaraigosa and California State Lieutenant Governor, Cruse Bustamante, have already infiltrated our local and state governments along with numerous other pro-Mexico Latinos, they do not represent the American people. They are Mecha stooges placed into office by Latinos and liberals simply because they ran on the Democratic ticket. They attempt to distort and change our laws to facilitate the easy infiltration of foreign nationals from Mexico and Latin American countries in their effort to return the border states back to the control of Mexico. Their loss of the Mexican/American war 160 years ago has been forgotten and the resulting treaty that established the border between the two countries has no meaning for them. They are once again insisting that our land belongs to them and they have the right to be here and live off of the American entrepreneurs and taxpayers.

Democrats see immigrants both legal and illegal as potential voters and as such are anxious to get them not only into our country, but onto the voter rolls. It is their ambition that within the next few years prior to 2008, all foreigners in our country legally or illegally will have the vote. With no useful agenda for America beyond representing the special interests of minority groups, Democrats see this as their only hope for increasing their voter base and regaining majority power in government. Nothing is more important than that. Not American tradition and culture, not national defense, not truth and honesty, not the good of the real American people.  Political power and only political power is their first and only interest at this time.  This, of course, has been obvious to any of us who have been listening to what they have to say on most any issue.  Obstruction, negativity, personal attacks, and criticism without solution is not much of an agenda for America, they are unable to debate on substance and ideas. 

Over the past few years, we have been hearing outrage by the left over the "outsourcing of jobs by Bush". Where is the outrage over the outsourcing of jobs to illegal aliens from Mexico? Are they not taking jobs away from American citizens every bit as much as jobs being sent overseas? This is just another stunning example of the hypocrisy of the Left, and of our president when he says "They do the jobs that Americans won't do".  Is he really talking about jobs in the construction industry, live-in domestics, gardeners, restaurant workers, and a whole host of other jobs that Americans have always done?

Where would Democrats stand on the illegal alien issue if the immigration bill passed through Congress contained a provision that immigrants could never vote or hold office in America? Do you think they would still be so anxious to grant amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens? To congressional Democrats, this is not about what's best for America, it's all about what's best for the Democratic Party and what will get them more votes and consequently power.

What illegals want in the U.S. is not relevant and should not be considered by Congress, they shouldn't be here. What Americans want should be the first priority of Congress, even ahead of their pet special interest groups and treasury thieves. Compromise with the interests of illegal aliens by Congress is unconstitutional. They were elected to office in America, by American voters, to represent American citizens, not citizens of Mexico. If citizens of Mexico want government representation they need to go back to Mexico and petition their own elected officials, not ours.

Most of you reading this in other parts of the country may not realize the problem we are facing.  Here in California, we are under attack by Latinos, not with weapons, but with language and culture.  The millions who turned out for the recent immigration protest demonstrations in Los Angeles and other cities around the country has emphasized just how far out of control this problem has really become.  We did not see innocent people campaigning for human rights, we saw an army of foreign invaders determined to conquer and change our nation to be more like theirs, or simply to become a part of theirs without borders. 

They have delcared themselves our enemy and intend to take over
through uncontrolled reproduction and immigration that we pay for.

How can a smaller third world country like Mexico conquer the great United States of America you might ask?  Just look around you if you live in a border state with Mexico and you'll see it happening right before your eyes.  It's a slow and long process like weeds growing in a field of crops.  If they are not controlled, eventually you have a field of weeds that have choked off the crops.  California and Texas are now nearly 50% weeds and before too long, there will no longer be viable American crops or people to harvest them.  There will be lots of cheap labor, but no businesses to employ them.  The costs of supporting and catering to all the illegals is simply driving business out of the state or into failure. 

This is not the kind of immigration policy that is good for America and it's time we started considering the good of America ahead of foreign powers and people.  Where did our elected representatives ever get the idea that America can afford to support half of the entire world?  Maybe from the United Nations?Site Meter

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