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Iran Wants War
They will have it whether we want it or not
by J. R. Dieckmann - Editor
June 3, 2007

Iran wants war. They are kidnapping visiting American citizens and holding them hostage in Iran. They are fighting a proxy war against the U.S. in Iraq. They are using their nuclear program to provoke the west into attacking them. They are thumbing their nose at U.N. sanctions and they are resisting all international demands designed to pressure them into compliance, just as Saddam Hussein did.

They know that any attack on their country by America would be limited only to certain targets while doing little damage to their country or infrastructure. But an attack by America would give the mullahs an excuse to attack Israel, Europe and American interests wherever Iranís weapons could reach them. It's all part of the plan to usher in the 12th Imam, according to the Islamic prophecy. Ahmadinejad believes himself to be the one chosen to actualize the prophecy. He has stated that a sizeable loss of the Iranian civilian population would be acceptable and that the end would justify the means.

Almost every day we see news reports of al Qaeda bombing attacks in Iraq. So why do Democrats still keep calling it a "civil war"? Al Qaeda terrorists are not Iraqis fighting a "civil war.Ē It has been reported that Iran is responsible for 80% of American deaths in Iraq, either by Iranian fighters, or by Iranian weapons and bombs provided to insurgents and al Qaeda. Neither the American government nor the press is exploiting Iranís responsibility for these deadly attacks, which are Iranian acts of war against America and must be considered as such. This alone should provide justification for an attack on Iran.

"We believe they pretty much have the knowledge about how to enrich. From now on, it is simply a question of perfecting that knowledge. People will not like to hear it, but that's a fact," says Mohammed El Baradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency who believes that Iran will soon have nukes.

The IAEA found traces of highly enriched uranium during their last inspections in Iran shortly before they were kicked out of the country. Iran has received nuclear technology from Russia, Germany and France, as well as from A. Q. Kahn of Pakistan. They have received long-range missile technology from North Korea. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a number of Iranian mullahs have repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel and the United States. In spite of Ahmadinejad's insistence that his nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes, the evidence shows just the opposite.

But what if we're wrong? What if Iran is telling the truth when they say the only want to enrich uranium for electrical energy? The case was made that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the western world but now many believe that it was all a mistake based on faulty intelligence. The last thing we need is a repeat of this in Iran. So far we have suspicion and some evidence, but no proof of their real intentions. We will need proof before many of the American people and Congress will support any action against Iran.

If we fail to act, there is little doubt that Iran will have nukes within the next few years. The Bush Administration has rightly stated, "This cannot be allowed to happen." Ahmadinejad will not back down and will have his way one way or the other. That is; - he will force America and/or Israel to attack his country, or he will have his nukes and the will to use them with only the slightest provocation. He must have his war to fulfill his role in the prophecies as stage setter for the arrival of the 12th Imam.

It is clear that if we do nothing, a nuclear holocaust from Iran will eventually materialize. If we attack Iran's nuclear installations, the holocaust may be delayed for a few years but those years will be filled with world war as Iran retaliates with global terrorism. It seems we're damned if we do and we're damned if we don't, but there is a third option and the only one that will assure the survival of a peaceful west.

We must attack Iran with everything we have. It should not be a limited attack on the nuclear installations alone, but an all out attack to destroy not only those installations but the Iranian military, theocracy and entire government of Iran. It all has to go at once and without any warning that would give the ruling hierarchy time to hide themselves in safe locations. And the only way to do that is a planned strategic and timed nuclear attack on Tehran at a time when the major political players are all present and accounted for. The last thing America needs now is another endless and unnecessary ground war in Iran.

Yes, there will be collateral damage and civilian casualties, but that is exactly what we face here in our country if we fail to act. Better them than us. We have to stop worrying so much about civilian casualties and focus instead on the objective as the top priority. The objective is to stop Iran, not merely threaten them or try to scare them with empty rhetoric, political pandering, or limited attacks to spare civilians as we've done in Iraq. That is no way to fight a war. War is about massive death and destruction that leaves little doubt as to who has won. That is exactly what we did the last time we won a war in 1945 and that is what we must learn to do again if America is to survive this century.

Civilian casualties have always been a part of any successful war. We have tried to make war too clean by separating civilians from enemy fighters. With that attitude, wars will continue forever and never be won or lost. Wars only end when one side is utterly defeated both militarily and psychologically. Simple spankings will not work with Islamics. We're going to have to kill the kid. We should not repeat the mistake that we made in Iraq by expecting a defeated enemy suddenly to like us and become our friends. But have our leaders learned that lesson yet? I don't think so.

Our attack on Iran must be complete and thorough. It must completely eliminate their will and ability to retaliate. No one must be left alive who can order a global jihad by terrorist cells around the world. Only a nuclear attack can do that - Tehran must be destroyed.

Subsequently, we must send a message to the rest of the Islamic world that Mecca and Medina are next if the terrorism doesn't stop now. The alternative is a long and dirty war that will last for decades. Is that what we want to live with when we have the ability to avoid it? Nuclear devastation worked with Japan. It will work with Islam. All we need is the courage and the will to stand up and again be the strong country that we once were.

We didn't get to where we are today by bowing to the will of weak foreign powers and worrying about what they think of us.

If we don't assert our position as the world's only superpower and put our foot down on jihad, telling the world that we have had enough of it, Islam and the rest of the world will continue to see us as a weak paper tiger and continue their attacks with both violence and media propaganda. Countries around the world will continue to lose respect for America. Our allies will desert us, and we will be left isolated, alone, and demoralized with our national pride in the toilet. The time has come to stand up, America!

Islam will never learn respect for America as long as we continue to show weakness and compassion for the enemy. The only thing Islam respects is brutality and overwhelming force. It's how they've lived for over a thousand years. That is why Saddam Hussein and other Islamic dictators were successful for so many years. Islamic despots know what it takes to bring Middle Eastern Islamics under control.

Diplomacy is seen as weakness and a fear of fighting. They have no respect for, or understanding of western diplomacy and a desire for peaceful solutions. Their religion forbids compromise with the west. For them, and now for us as well, it's either kill or be killed. If we don't start playing by their rules, we're going to lose big. We cannot win this war with Western morality as the prime factor. The first priority must be winning. Everything else is secondary. It may not be the way we would like to fight a war, but it is the only way to fight this particular war.

It would be nice to have international consensus on attacking Iran, but that will never happen unless we can provoke Iran into launching an attack first. Perhaps what we need to do is to play Iran's game for a while. Provoke Iran to come out of the closet and attack openly for the world to see instead of using their terrorist surrogates. We need a better media propaganda program to expose all of Iran's terrorist activities in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and wherever they are involved around the world. We are not using the tool of propaganda properly in this war and we must start to do so. It is the very tool that the enemy is using to defeat us, and it's working on the ignorant and the gullible - both in Europe, in our own country and in our Congress.

We could try one last attempt to settle this peacefully by giving Iran a limited time to verifiably destroy their nuclear programs and publicly denounce jihad along with their anti-Israeli, anti-American rhetoric. Give them one last chance to come over to our side and join the modern world. Give them a deadline to comply or face total destruction. If our European so called "allies" don't like it, tell them to call France next time they need defending from another Hitler.

There is no doubt that peace socialists of the world will react with more hate for America but they're already doing that and we've done nothing to deserve it - yet. The only way they are going to like us is if we surrender to jihad and become as weak as they are. We have to stop worrying about what other people in other countries think of us and do what is right for the survival of America. That has to be our first priority.

The more we worry about what others think of us, the weaker and more vulnerable we become. We cannot depend on European pansies to come to our defense when we are under attack. We have seen that in the UN and the Middle East. It's high time that we reestablish American strength and pride in our country, which has been taken away in recent years by whining liberal socialists who would rather switch than fight. Our very survival as a nation depends on it.  America will never be truly safe until the head of the global terrorist snake is completely severed."