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Techniguy | Aug. 18, 2006    
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What have we learned from Israel's battle with Hezbollah? Or have we learned anything at all? Israel went into this war with the intent to disarm or destroy Hezbollah, neither of those things happened. Instead, Israel received a black eye and a heavy enough dose of propaganda to make them look like the bad guy in a B movie. While Israel surrenders to a UN ceasefire, western democracies surrender to the jihad going on inside the UN? It has become painfully clear that we cannot leave the war against Islamo-fascists in the hands of UN diplomats if we stand any chance of winning. The UN is not interested in defeating terrorism and only serves as an obstruction in that process.

Nasrallah, as expected, has claimed victory in his war against Israel. He claims Hezbollah fighters have defeated the Israeli Army and have "defended Lebanon" against Israeli aggression. Further, he claims Hezbollah must remain armed "to defend Lebanon against future attacks by Israel". He is in essence, telling the people of Lebanon and the world that Israel preemptively attacked Lebanon, and Hezbollah came to the defense of the country and drove them out. Nothing could be further from the truth as we all know. Still, the propaganda spin prevails in Lebanon and other parts of the world. Hezbollah will not be disarmed, UN Resolution 1559 will not be enforced, nor will Resolution 1701. In effect, Hezbollah has won in the war of propaganda even though they were loosing on the battlefield. Israel is the real looser because they failed to finish the job and surrendered to the terms of the UN.

The United Nations has been treating this war like a boxing match. Go 10 rounds then look to judges to decide the winner or declare a draw. This boxing match didn't even go 10 rounds, it was called off in the first round, because the boxing ring was being torn up. Had this war been fought on Israeli land, I have no doubt it would still be going on without any interference from the UN. Hezbollah had to draw Israel across the border to fight them in Lebanese territory which they have been preparing for the past 6 years. They wouldn't last a week in a real war in Israeli territory without their tunnels, human shields, and civilian houses laden with weapons of war. But this is the kind of war we are fighting now and we better start changing the rules or we don't stand a chance of winning.

There has been no winner, certainly not Israel who did not accomplish it's objectives, it accomplished nothing at all. It damaged it's own reputation by backing down, and now runs the risk of loosing the Sheeba Farms territory and may loose the entire Golan Heights. Hezbollah ensured it's own survival, improve it's reputation with Lebanon, and gained more support for itself and it's anti-Israeli campaign in the region. But even more than that, they took the attention of the world and the media off of Iran's nuclear program which may have been the whole purpose of the war in the first place.

Politicians and diplomats are declaring "diplomacy" is the victor and that seems to be true at this point. Nothing was resolved, but diplomats at the UN were successful in stopping the fight, at least for now. To them, that's all that matters, that is all they cared about, just stopping the fight and declaring a victory for themselves to justify their own existence and prove they can still do something, even if it's the wrong thing. The problem still exists for Israel, nothing has been resolved. Nothing has been won or gained except diplomatic credibility for the UN in the eyes of antiwar liberals who still believe it is a credible organization. To the rest of us, this is just another example of the diplomatic jihad against the western world by the United Nations.

How long is the free world going to wait before confronting Iran and forcing an end to their nuclear program and support for terrorism? Or shall we just continue playing diplomatic games with the UN until it's too late? And it will be too late before we know it if we continue wasting time in the UN which we know is never going to do anything useful about the problem of Iran. Ahmadinejad has given Aug. 22 as the date he will respond to world demands for accountability of his nuclear program. I have long suggested that Iran is not as far away from having a nuclear weapon as we've been led to believe. Expect that to be confirmed on Aug. 22 when Iran responds with an earth-shaking answer. This is not just speculation but also comes from recent intelligence sources who now believe that answer may come in the form of something that goes "boom".

And don't pin your hopes on the resistance movement by moderates in Iran either. They hate us too because of their persecution under the Shaw Palavi who was supported by the U.S. prior to his overthrow in 1978. Palavi and his father were the Iranian version of "Saddam Hussein" for well over half a century. They may not like Ahmadinejad, but they are still Shi'ite Muslims who hate America and Israel even more. There is no reason to think that Iran would join with western democracies were the resistance to gain power, they just don't want to be ruled by Mullahs with an 8th century lifestyle. They don't want to be ruled or influenced by America either.

Had the UN not interfered in Lebanon, eventually Israel would probably have destroyed Hezbollah, but only if Israel was willing to use all force necessary to achieve victory. The prevailing attitude of western culture today does not permit that and expects only "proportional response" to an attack. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was reluctant to do it and therein lies the problem. The ceasefire gave him an excuse to get out of something that he really wasn't prepared for and didn't know how to manage. He, and his cabinet, were inexperienced in war. In the end, he allowed himself to be defeated by "world opinion" instead of standing up for Israel's right to defend herself. Because Israel did not finish the job, the people of Lebanon who would have turned to the Lebanese government for assistance to rebuild, will now accept the help offered by Hezbollah giving more support and political power to the terrorist organization.

Without a clear defeat by one side, there can be no victory for the other side, and without a victory, nothing has been resolved. Perhaps Olmert thought the UN could achieve the objectives that his army was fighting for. That isn't going to happen. Nasrallah has made it clear that he has no intentions of surrendering Hezbollah weapons to anyone and Lebanon's president has made it quite clear that he has no intention of disarming Hezbollah. Israel could have resolved the problem but instead, they allowed the UN to get in the way again and allow Hezbollah the freedom and time to rearm which they are now doing.

What has the UN ever done for Israel since the state was established? The Olmert Administration has made a serious error and will pay for it shortly at the ballot box. Take a lesson from this, America. This is the same ideology we will get from Democrats if they ever regain power in this country. The time for diplomacy has passed, the problem of Islamic terrorism can only be resolved by war and defeat. By withdrawing prematurely, Olmert has made Israel look weak and impotent and Hezbollah look stronger in the Mideast.

Now we are expected to send money to Lebanon to help rebuild the Hezbollah owned structures and infrastructure that Israel destroyed. Don't send money to Lebanon! It will only be used by Hezbollah to continue their Jihad and growing control of Lebanon. It will do us no good whatsoever and in fact, will be used against us. The Shi'ias who were displaced and inconvenienced by the war are not going to become our friends by us giving them money. They aren't even going to know it came from us, they will be told it came from Hezbollah who they support. It's one thing to be giving taxpayers' money away to our friends, it's quite another to be giving it to our enemy. Israel didn't attack Lebanon, they attacked Hezbollah even though the Lebanese government won't admit it. The Lebanese government is now supporting Hezbollah so let them get their money from Iran, who will be credited for it anyway.

Liberals are whining "if we don't give money to Lebanon, how will it look?" "How will it look"? Is that all they ever care about, how things look to people who don't see the world the same way we do? How it will look is, it will look like we refuse to support Hezbollah if we make it clear to the world that we will give no money as long as Hezbollah is operating in Southern Lebanon. When will we ever stand up for what we believe in and stop worrying about "how will it look"? If we do the right thing, that which is in our best interests, then it will look like exactly what it is. The United States finally standing up for it's beliefs and it's values and taking a firm stand against our enemies who want for nothing but to kill us all.

When will we start treating our enemies as though they are our enemies instead of worrying about their welfare and civil rights? If foreign countries want money from the U.S., then let them to join our team before we give it to them. This is another one of our big problems; giving money to countries who do not support us. This policy is not buying us any friends but only making us look foolish and used. We can't even afford our own budget or pay our debts, we don't have money to be giving away to foreign countries who oppose us. This has to stop!

The United Nations, which sees itself as the "world government", has become a major obstacle to the western world and lasting peace, it has the wrong priorities. Their top priority is to stop the fighting but leave the problem, instead of seeing one side finish the job and solve the problem permanently. To assure their own future existence, they have been spreading their lie that war cannot resolve problems, only UN diplomacy can. This couldn't be further from the truth as is evidenced by the fact that nothing has been solved by their interference in Lebanon, the war has only been put on hold, the problem still exists.

Did war not solve the problem of the Nazis? Did war not solve the problem with the Japanese? Did war not solve the problem of Saddam Hussein's aggression and threats to the free world? Did war not solve the problems of our own country during the Civil War? The only times in our history when war did not solve the problem was when antiwar liberals and UN diplomats got involved.

Now politicians, including Bush, are saying that Lebanese troops, enhanced with international troops, will move into So. Lebanon to occupy Hezbollah territory, but that's not true. That's not what the resolution says. It says that they will move into the border regions to form a buffer zone between Hezbollah and the Israeli border. That is quite different from displacing Hezbollah. They have no intention of disarming Hezbollah in accordance with Resolution 1559 and 1701. France was to provide 3000 troops for the international force and Italy was to provide 2000 but even that is doubtful now. No other country has offered to provide troops for this hypothetical UN international force which may not materialize at all. Everything will likely be left just as it is until the war flairs up again.

But now Syria has formed a resistance army with Palestinian recruits for the purpose of taking back the Sheeba Farms and Golan Heights region from Israel. With the confidence gained by Hezbollah in winning the Israeli withdrawal, they will form an alliance with the Syrian resistance group and the war will continue. Only the next battle will be even more difficult for Israel because of their failure to finish the job with Hezbollah. If Israel will not stand up to the UN jihad, then the next time they will be surrendering to Iran and Syria.

President Bush is saying that "Hezbollah has suffered a defeat in this conflict". I suppose he has to say that , just as Nasrallah has to say that Hezbollah won a victory. Neither one is telling the truth, it's nothing but political spin on both sides. The only winner here was the UN, everyone else lost. On Israel's side, Hezbollah was unable to prevent Israel from putting their troops in So. Lebanon and keeping them there so for now, Israel is occupying some of Hezbollah's territory. However, Israel gained nothing in that they don't want to be there, they didn't disarm Hezbollah, and they didn't get their kidnapped soldiers back. All this talk about who won the war is utter nonsense, nobody won and the war is not yet over. It's merely been postponed for a while because the UN did not settle the issue or enforce it's resolutions. Instead, they butted in with a half baked plan to call "time out" and little more.

Diplomats seem to have taken the view now that a war is nothing but a contest. When time runs out you declare a winner. This concept is so absurd that I can't even find the right worlds to describe it. On one hand it's laughable while on the other hand, it's very scary. If we allow world leaders to protect terrorists by playing this game, how will the war on terror ever be won? And don't kid yourself, protecting Islamic terrorist groups is exactly what the UN is doing. They are not on our side in the war on terror. They call themselves "peacekeepers" and that is exactly what the Islamo-fascists are counting on. What they ignore is that you first have to achieve the peace before you can keep it and in this case that peace has to be achieved through war, diplomacy doesn't work with terrorists.

And if you're still not convinced of who's side the UN is on, now Muslim countries have won the backing of at least 10 members of the United Nations Human Rights Council to back a resolution that would condemn Israel for violating human rights of citizens in Lebanon because of "indiscriminate" bombings. No mention is made of intentional Hezbollah terrorist attacks on northern Israel. The new UN Human Rights Council voted on June 30, 2006 to make a review of alleged human rights abuses by Israel a permanent feature of every council session. The Council’s special edict the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is its only mandate with no year of expiry. The resolution, which was sponsored by Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), a block of Muslim countries, was passed by a vote of 29 to 12, with five abstentions. So now it's the OIC that dictates UN policy to some degree. Why do we still legitimize and support the UN?

The pictures coming out of Lebanon during the war, and under the control of Hezbollah, show only alleged civilian buildings and casualties but never show dead Hezbollah fighters or destroyed Hezbollah bunkers which fell victim to Israeli guided munitions and bunker buster bombs. Hezbollah has been very successful in convincing a naive world that Israel has been targeting civilians in Lebanon and the Lebanese government has no problem supporting this lie. If Lebanon wants to join the democratic countries of the world, they are going to have to establish sovereignty and control over their entire country, not just the northern half. At the same time, they are going to have to take responsibility for the entire country and not surrender half of that responsibility to Hezbollah. Until they do that, Lebanon is on the wrong side in this war and cannot be considered friendly to the US or Israel.

It's difficult to put into words my feelings about what appears to be the western world's gradual surrender to Islam. The West just doesn't have the guts for war anymore and we're letting Islam walk all over us. Just look at the mess we have now in Iraq, simply because we were afraid to use enough force to get the job done right the first time. Israel did the same thing in Lebanon. They began with determination but as soon as the propaganda in the media started over civilian casualties, Israel lost it's nerve and backed down. We are allowing ourselves to be defeated by our own respect for human life and desire for peace. We will cheerfully walk ourselves into the disintegration chambers rather than bestow upon our enemies the consequences of a real war. We allow terrorism to spread simply because we are afraid of "world opinion" if we should inadvertently kill a few "not so innocent" civilians while killing the enemy.

Islam has no love for life, they say they love death, yet they show dead bodies to the western media and tell us what a horrible thing Israel has done when they should be celebrating these deaths the same way they do when Israelis die in one of their rocket attacks, or one of their suicide bombers dies. It should be obvious to the entire world that they are playing up to western values for propaganda purposes and not sincere in their staged grief. This is just another one of their tactics to win the war and so far it's working, the world is buying it hook, line, and sinker.

It's time we faced it. The Islamic jihad uses guerilla tactics to fight and that always means hiding behind civilians. If we allow current thinking to prevail, that civilians must be sparred, then there is no way we can win this war. Israel and the US must set an example for the jihadists that this tactic will not succeed. We must also set an example to civilians in a war zone that their lives will be worthless if they allow terrorists to hide among them. They would have three choices: They can leave the area; They can turn in the terrorists to the authorities; they can die. But they cannot stand in the way of defeating the enemy which must be the first priority.

This is the only chance we have of defeating terrorism. You cannot destroy a roach infestation by killing cockroaches one at a time, and we cannot defeat terrorists with our current method of going door to door and shooting around civilians. Civilians need to be held accountable and face the consequences for siding with the terrorists and allowing them in their neighborhoods.

Israel did everything almost right to win against Hezbollah except they didn't use enough firepower and they quit before the job was done. Perhaps they realized the futility of trying to win a terrorist war with today's liberal "world opinion" mindset. We were told we need to think outside the box to protect ourselves from terrorist attacks, we also need to start thinking outside the box in how we fight a terrorist war. If civilians in a war zone aren't helping us, they are helping the terrorists. If Israel had leveled every town and village in South Lebanon, there would be no place for Hezbollah to hide and they would have been defeated along with their propaganda campaign.

I'm just sick and disgusted by what I'm seeing from our leaders today. The strongest country in the world and the only superpower has become a paper tiger and afraid of it's enemies. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of the role America is playing in the world now. Why didn't Bush show more support for our ally, Israel, and stand up to the UN instead of cowing to Kofi Annan's plea for a ceasefire? He seemed to have the right idea at first, offer a deal that nobody would accept. Why didn't he stick to it? Why did he not then insist on a Chapter 7 resolution instead of going along with the useless Chapter 6 resolution 1701? Just like Israel, Bush is giving in to our enemies instead of taking a stand against terrorism as he pledged to do in his first term. Diplomacy has become more important than victory.

Bush has been failing us with the Mexican immigration issue, and now he's failing us again with Hezbollah and his failure to support Israel's military action and confront the real enemy in Iran and Syria. Diplomacy will only prolong the crisis and just keep feeding the flames until the west finally just gives up. Our greatest enemy right now is "diplomacy" from the UN and Bush better wake up and realize that before it's too late. He should never have gone along with them but instead should have given full support and encouragement to Israel to achieve their objectives.

We need to get tough and start using an iron fist with the Mideast. Islam has no respect for compassion, compromise, or diplomacy, that is all seen as weakness by the Islamic mind. The only thing they respect is the fear of overwhelming force. That is how they have always lived their lives, by force. That is how their dictators have always maintained control over their tribes. That is how Saddam Hussein maintained control and kept the peace in Iraq for over 25 years. Islamics have always maintained a militant mindset as they have always been a loose association of warring tribes. The only way to beat them is to learn to think as they do and treat them with the same brutality and lack of civility that they are accustomed to. Niceness and diplomacy are a waste of time and will only be taken advantage of by Islam which sees us as being too kind and gentle to stand up to them. Eventually, we will have to show them that we can be just as brutal as they are, or resign ourselves to defeat.

Eventually, we are going to have to give them an example of the consequences of continuing with their jihad against the west. As distasteful as it may seem to the western world, we are going to have to kill a lot of people swiftly and violently with a major attack in the Mideast if we want to stand any chance at all of winning the war on terror. Hopefully, it will be severe enough so that it won't have to be done again. This non-conventional war cannot be fought by conventional means. The longer it goes on, the more people on both sides will die. One devastating attack by us would kill no more than would be killed in time anyway, but it would be the enemy who would die and it would put an end to their ability to wage war. Only by giving them something to fear will we win their cooperation in peace. A glass parking lot where Tehran used to be would be an excellent example to other terrorist supporting nations of what to expect if they don't call off their jihad against the west.

We can stop it all right now by showing the world that we will no longer tolerate this Islamic jihad against the west, or we can continue to live with it for the rest of our lives and let our children live with it for the rest of their lives too. Our inaction will only show radical Islam and the rest of the world that we are too weak to defend ourselves and they can just take what they want including our lives. Don't look to the UN to take action against the Islamic jihad, they are too busy trying to control and suppress western countries with a diplomatic jihad of their own which they promote in the name of peace. It is that ideology of peace that gives the jihadists the weapon they need for victory. Peace will first have to be won, before it can be maintained.

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