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John Kerry has really put his foot in his mouth this time and exposed himself as the most despicable, arrogant, and egotistical liar that has ever been elected to office.  This time he has really shown everyone exactly who he is and how he thinks. 
On Monday, Kerry said to a group of students at Pasadena City College, just outside of Los Angeles "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."
What he said might have applied during Vietnam when we had a draft, but certainly not now.  Many of the guys in Iraq could put him to shame on intelligence and education.  They are not there because of failing academics as we all know.  There are there out of patriotism, a love for their country, and a will to defend it and freedom everywhere. 
President Bush came out angerly on Tuesday saying Kerry owes all of our brave troops an apology.  I say he owes not only the troops and apology, but the president, the families of our troops, and this entire country. 
In his own defense, Kerry said on Tuesday that he was talking about the President, not the troops calling it "a botched joke about the president and the president's people, not about the troops ... and they know that's what I was talking about." 
He went on to say; "I'm sick and tired of a bunch of despicable Republicans who will not debate real policy, who won't take responsibility for their own mistakes, standing up and trying to make other people the butt of those mistakes," he said. "It disgusts me that a bunch of these Republican hacks who've never worn the uniform of our country are willing to lie about those who did."
A joke?  What is funny about smearing the President of our country and calling his policies "a failure" as Kerry has so often done?  Where is the joke in that?  Is Kerry simply trying to lie his way out of a major political blunder, or is it possible that he really was referring to the President in his convoluted remark?
From Kerry's previous remarks about the military and the troops dating back to his treasonous comments about troops fighting in Vietnam, to his calling of the troops in Iraq "terrorists", there is no question that he loaths the military and has no respect for our men in uniform.  What he said, whether it was taken the way he meant it or not, represents exactly how he feels about our soldiers.  Having said that, let's take a closer look at what he said and his defense of it. 
He was speaking in the context of college students and why they should endeavor to exceed in college.  President Bush is not in college so if Kerry really was referring to the President, then his remark was completely out of context and nothing more than an opportunity to smear the President. 
If he was referring to the President, as he says, then what he was saying was that President Bush was an academic failure and an idiot and that is why our troops are stuck in Iraq.  This is the interpretation Kerry is trying to put on his remark now.  But if that were true, then what does that make Kerry himself?  Bush's grade average in college was higher than Kerry's.  Kerry was talking to college students, about being a student in college.  How in the world does President Bush fit into that context?
Whether Kerry was referring to President Bush or the troops makes little difference now.  The Republicans and the American people heard what they heard and the smear against the troops is now being carved into the campaign stone by Republicans with only a week remaining until the election.  Regardless of what Kerry meant, he is going to be labeled with this smear of the troops and the same tactic Democrats have been using against Republicans when they "misspeak" will be used against him.  It's about time they get a taste of their own medicine.  As Lynn Cheney recently told Wolf Blitzer on CNN; "It's time Republicans stood up and fought back at the Democrats".
Democrat pundits are saying now that it doesn't really matter because Kerry isn't running for office in this election.  At the same time, they have been basing their entire campaign for their candidates on anti-Bush rhetoric, but Bush isn't running for office in this election cycle either, so does that make their entire campaign irrelevant? 
Why it does matter is because Kerry is the leader and the face of today's Democratic Party and that face is going to reflect on all Democrats running for office, just as Dems think that their distorted and misleading depiction of Bush will reflect on all Republican candidates running for office now. 
It's all about Iraq which Democrats believe is an utter failure and we cannot win, thanks to people like John Kerry, John Murtha, Ted Kennedy, and others who have been doing everything they can to undermine the war effort from Washington while hoping they can succeed in causing it's failure by breaking the will of the American people to support the troops and achieve victory. 
Kerry keeps saying the Bush policy on Iraq is a failure, this is the biggest lie of them all.  It is true that there are major problems right now in Iraq, but that is not because of Bush policy or because of Bush.  The problems are a result of the nature of Iraq itself and because the Iraqi government refuses to take a stand against the insurgents.  Malaki insists on allowing his buddy, al Sadr, to run free with his band of killers and is afraid to stop them or just doesn't want to. 
The big headline for the Dems is "This month has been the worst month for American deaths in Iraq since October of 2005".  Gee, what a coincidence!  Imagine, the month of Rhamadan was in the same month last year as this year.  That is what radical Islamists do during Rhamadan, go out and kill as many Americans as possible, the religion demands it.  Because of this, the media has been reporting that "things are getting worse."  Will they be as eager to report that things are getting better next month when the killings go down?  Don't hold your breath.
Consider what Iraq was like before we invaded.  Saddam was in power and kept the peace by torturing and killing anyone who would disturb it.  This is all Iraqis ever knew and when we brought freedom to them, they went freedom crazy and immediately fell into anarchy with their looting of Baghdad and running wild in the streets shooting off guns.  Now it's like corralling a whole country full of wild animals, trying to get them to live together in peace, and no American administration policy would have made any difference except for the same kind of policy that Saddam used.  We didn't go into Iraq to occupy the country and suppress the people, we went there to free them and now they're drunk with their new found freedom. 
There is a power struggle for control of the country in spite of the duly elected government and al Qaeda terrorists are adding fuel to the fire.  The Iraqi police and army are poorly equipped and not yet well enough trained to control the violence, it will take time, more time than it would take to democratize an already civilized nation or nations as happened in WWII.  Democracy is all new to Iraqis and they haven't learned it yet.  They haven't yet learned to love, respect, and defend their own country.  In time, they will with our help.
We went into Iraq to do this job in 2003 because everyone agreed that it had to be done, and that included John Kerry.  Had Kerry won the election in 2004, what would his policy on Iraq be?  What would his plan be?  For that matter, what would any Democrat's plan be?  Who knows?  They never have suggested one other than their usual "cut and run".  In the 2004 campaign, Kerry indicated that his plan would be similar to the Bush plan.  In fact, there was a nearly identical, word for word description of it posted on his website.  Now, suddenly that plan is a failure and it's all Bush's fault?
But what happens if we cut and run?  We all know the answer to that.  The terrorists sympathetic to Osama Bin Ladden will take over the government and the oil.  With the oil money they can easily buy the bomb on the black market.  Terrorists will have a new training ground and state sponsor to help them launch attacks on America and American interests globally.  This would be the result of a Kerry policy today. 
Just who does he think he is to be criticizing President Bush?  I do know one thing, Kerry thinks he is a whole lot smarter than he actually is and he wants everyone else to think that too.  He is an arrogant, selfish, egotistical, communist monster in our midst who belongs in prison for treason in attempting to undermine the national security and the government of our country.  He is not a loyal enough American to be serving in Congress, his loyalties are elsewhere, if he has any at all other than to himself.
Bush will not pull out of Iraq until the Iraqi government has full control over the country and is able to maintain it's security for very good reason.  It is much better for the US to have Iraq as an ally than an enemy in a region of the world that spawns terrorism.  That is why Iraq is such an important battle in the War on Terror whether Democrats want to admit it or not. 
Osama bin Ladden and Ayman al Zawahiri certainly see Iraq as the center of the War on Terror and have often said so.  You would think that if Democrats won't believe President Bush, and oppose him so much on Iraq, that then they would at least believe the people they seem to support in al Qaeda.  At least Bush and al Qaeda agree on one thing, that the center of the terrorist's war against the United States is in Baghdad.
One more thing.  Iraq is not in a civil war.  Sunni, Shia, and al Qaeda gangs are attacking each other in and around Baghdad only, where they can get good press coverage.  The rest of Iraq is peaceful.  This war is all about media coverage and propaganda, something John Kerry uses all the time but still doesn't understand how our enemies use it, and him as a source for it.  That is not what I would call "being smart", a term Kerry often applies to himself. 

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