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Leaders Who Follow
by G. Robert Dieckmann
Editor, GreatAmericanJournal.com
May 5, 2007

Today on CNN, Chris Dodd said; "We have to follow the wishes of the American People" while commenting on the war in Iraq. Now there's a real statement of leadership for you. Of course he's referring to the American People on the Left but regardless, an elected leader of the people is supposed to lead, not follow.

Realizing that President Bush is not going to sign any bill that sets a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, Hillary Clinton and Robert Byrd are now drafting a bill that would cause the 2003 Iraq Authorization for War to expire. Surely they know that President Bush is not about to sign that bill either but still they have to try to appease their antiwar left, socialist voters.

This morning, Chuck Schumer and John Edwards both again reiterated the big lie - that we are involved in a "civil war" in Iraq, in order to justify their appeasement of the antiwar left. And it just goes on and on and on.

What we have in Congress now are two opposing views that can never be reconciled. There can be no compromise between right and wrong and the Republicans know that. So why do the Democrats keep insisting on doing the wrong thing? It's because of one major difference between Congressional Republicans and Democrats.

Simply put, most of the Republicans are trying to do the right thing for the future of the country without regard for whether it's the popular thing or not - they are leading. The Democrats are trying to do the thing that will insure their own reelection by supporting what they perceive as the popular thing - they are following.

Antiwar lies and propaganda have been spread through the liberal media where a majority of Americans get their news. Some of us have to go beyond the mainstream media to find the truth. Democrat politicians well know that a majority of their base voters are ignorant and uninformed on foreign policy and see only the surface of the issues. They see Iraq as nothing more than Bush's war of choice and unnecessary. "It's all about oil", "it's a civil war that cannot be won", and so on.

Instead of educating and informing those on the left, who know more about Paris Hilton and American Idol than they do about the Middle East, Democrat politicians choose to agree with them and reinforce their misconceptions in hopes of gaining their votes. And in doing so, are attempting to lead this country down a path of destruction for their own political gain.

These people donít care about right from wrong. They donít have a viable plan for the country or a clue of how to lead. They put their finger up to see which way the wind is blowing then fall in line with it. Thatís what the Democratic party is all about, socialist democracy.

But America is not a democracy, itís a democratic republic. That means that we use the democratic process to elect leaders, not followers. Where are the leaders in the Democrat Party? Even the ones in leadership positions are nothing but followers.

We need leaders in our government who have the courage and patriotism to lead the masses, not elected officials who follow the ignorant for votes. We depend on our Congress to be informed and to know right from wrong, and to do the right thing. We expect them to inform their constituents truthfully on the important issues, not follow an uninformed public on something as important as war.

As Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of them on the left keep saying; "We have to follow the will of the people". So if a majority of people have been led to believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5, then congress should support that and pass a new law mandating that 2 plus 2 now equals 5. That's the Democratic way. It may cause some problems for mathematicians and computer programmers, but it will assure the reelection of Democrats.