Mexican Invasion, Can It Be Stopped?

Techniguy - 04-01-06

Last weekend we saw hundreds of thousands of Latinos take to the streets in 3 major US cities to protest against new immigration reform legislation. H.R.4437 was passed by the House on Dec. 16, 2005 and referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Jan. 27, 2006. By March 16, 2006 the Senate Committee on the Judiciary had drafted their own version of the Bill; S.2454 which took all the bite out of the House bill and replaced it with wet kisses to the illegals and put them on the road to amnesty. It was expected that the 6 Democrats on the committee would liberalize the bill, but when Republican Senators Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, Sam Brownback of Kansas and Mike DeWine of Ohio, who is seeking re-election this fall, sided with Democrats against the House version of the bill, they gave Dems the power to craft the bill anyway they wanted to. What they got is a bill with about as much teeth as the recently passed U.N. Security Council resolution against Iran's nuclear enrichment program.

The protests we saw last weekend and on Monday were orchestrated by Spanish language radio stations in Los Angeles, Denver, and Phoenix in response to the House version of the bill passed in December. It's odd that they didn't protest the House bill then, yet take to the streets to protest the watered down, toothless Senate version of the bill. It's obvious that the Hispanic population living in our country intends to obstruct any attempts by the United States to regulate immigration and protect it's borders from illegal crossings. Protesters in Los Angeles have made it quite clear that they consider California their land, we are the invaders, and they have a right to be here any way they can get here.  This issue and article is not about "immigrants", it is about "illegal aliens" trespassing and invading our country.

When President Bush this week asked President Vicente Fox of Mexico to help with border enforcement, his response was "I really can't do that. Our constitution protects the right of our citizens to come and go into and out of our country at will". It's too bad that Fox, who will be leaving office this year, doesn't have the same respect for our constitution and laws.  He's saying that the Mexican Constitution guarantees Mexicans the right to illegally cross the border into our country?  This is outrageous!

In 1990, there were an estimated 3.5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States according to the DHS-CIS website. Over the next 10 years that number grew by 350,000 each year to 7 million in 2000. From 2000 to 2006 that number has been growing by an estimated 750,000 to 800,000 per year to bring us to our current estimated total of nearly 12 million illegal aliens living in the United States. In 1990, 58% or 2.03 million were from Mexico. By 2000, that portion had grown to 69% or 4.83 million of the 7 million estimated in 2000. That represents a growth of over 1% per year for Mexico of the total number of illegal aliens during the 1990s. If we extend that growth to 2006, adding one percent per year, that brings the total of illegal immigrants from Mexico to 75% of the estimated 12 million, or 9 million Mexicans living illegally in the United States.

Of the remaining 3 million are illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, China, and Ecuador. I don't have statistics on the breakdown for those countries but it would be safe to assume that all illegals from these countries except China came across the Mexican/US border. That should leave us with something like 11 million Hispanics from south of our borders are here in our country illegally and the rate of these illegal border crossings has grown to alarming proportion in recent years. And of course these figures don't even consider legal immigrants which number approximately 180,000 from Mexico, and another 80,000 from the other Latin American countries listed above migrating legally each year. While the number of LEGAL immigrants has remained fairly steady over the years, the number of ILLEGAL immigrants crossing the Mexican border has doubled since 2000, as has their population.

We have the right to control our borders and the immigration into our country, but Mexico doesn't see it that way. Mexicans in our country illegally are now openly stating that they believe they have the right to be here, as we've been seeing on our tv screens during the protest demonstrations. Their president, Vicente Fox, also believes they have a right to be here and even has suggested that he should have a say in our immigration policies and procedures. In an interview with Sean Hannity, Vicente Fox insisted that "They are not illegals, they come there to work!".  Well, that's two crimes right there; sneaking across the border and being employed illegally. Even after Hannity nailed him on the illegality of their trespassing, Fox went on a tirade about violating their civil rights when we catch them crossing the border.  In Mexico, illegals caught crossing their southern border or living in their country are charged with a felony, if in fact they are not shot by Mexican border guards. Somehow, President Fox doesn't think the same standard that applies in his country should apply in ours.

I keep thinking back to when American soldiers fought the Japanese in the Pacific during WWII and after a fierce and deadly battle, finally placed our flag on the top of Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima to declare possession of the island. A national flag represents possession and loyalty to one's own country. On Tuesday, I saw Mexican protesters holding up a large Mexican flag at the front of the City Hall building in Culver City, California. They didn't have to fight for that right, we gave it to them with liberal laws, appeasement and acceptance of illegal invaders into our country. Elsewhere in the Los Angeles area, Mexican protesters pulled down our flags and either burned them, or put up the Mexican flag in their place with the US flag hung up side down below it as if to say "we have conquered you and we claim this land".


Not all of the protesters were illegal aliens, some were 2nd generation Mexicans born here to illegal resident parents. One young protester said: "In case you don't know your history, we are in our homeland". Others shouted "Gringos, go back to England", and "We are the owners of this continent, you are the illegals", "you stole our land". We talk about the upbringing and cultural training of radical Muslims to believe the way they do. Have we given any thought to what the young Mexicans in our country are being taught to believe about their history and ours? Have they been taught that Mexico lost the war and signed a treaty with the United States 160 years ago which formed the border between the two countries? That border hasn't changed and neither has the treaty they signed to create it.

They seem to want to fight the Mexican-American War all over again. Their logic is as ridiculous as that of the Blacks who say we should pay them retribution for their ancestors being slaves 200 years ago. Mexicans claim to be the indigenous people of the continent, but they are not. They are the product of Spaniards who invaded and raped the local Indian women in the 15th century but even those Indians came from somewhere else before that. This is the 21st century, not the 15th or the 19th. The world has changed and so have national borders. They are no less valid now than they were when they were created 150 years ago and naive Mexican rhetoric isn't going to change that.

Over the weekend we saw hordes of foreign nationals in the streets carrying Mexican flags and anti-American signs, and having their say on national tv. "This is not about legislation any more," said Jorge Medina, an immigrant from Honduras, "This is about feelings now. We are Americans, too. We are not from Mars, and we are not from the moon." Some signs read "This is our land, not yours", while others pictured President Bush and Gov. Arnold Schwartzenager in Nazi uniforms. I have news for Mr. Medina and his invader friends, this is not about your feelings, it's about our laws. This weekend it's happening all over again in New York as protesters cross the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan where they will no doubt generate more hate and anger toward their cause by parading thier foreign flag, blocking the streets, and interfering with commerce.

I keep hearing all about what illegal aliens want and this is supposed to be all about what they want. What about what the American people want? Shouldn't that be the priority to lawmakers? What about the laws that provide a process for legal immigration and state that Americans have the right to be secure in our borders from foreign invaders? Who gave these people, who have invaded our country, the right to tell us about their hypothetical rights to be here and how we should control our immigration? They demand US citizen rights, but without any citizen duties, responsibilities, or loyalties. Their loyalty is to their flag that they so proudly shove in our faces, and that is the flag of Mexico. They don't want to immigrate to America, they want to invade and conquer it through population explosion and ultimately dissolve the border between the two countries.

Did I say "invade"?  The dictionary defines "invade" as:

1. To enter by force in order to conquer or pillage.

2. To intrude upon, infringe, encroach on, violate.

3. To overrun as if by invading; infest.

4. To enter and permeate, especially harmfully.

5. To occupy in large numbers or live on a host.

Do any of these definitions not apply to foreigners illegally crossing our borders in huge numbers and infiltrating our cities? The stated goal of these Mexican Nationals is to invade and reclaim the Southwest United States for Mexico, if not by force, then by shear numbers to give them the political power to change our country more to their liking and culture. We are engaged in a culture war against Islamic extremists to preserve our American culture, so why do we allow Mexicans to do what the terrorists can't?  We say we should take seriously what Islamics have stated as their goal.  Shouldn't we also take seriously what Mexicans have stated as their goal?  Islamics want the whole country, Mexicans just want a few of our states for now, but eventually will try to take the whole country through population growth.  When that happens, will Americans then be demanding jobs and welfare from the Mexicans?

With the high Mexican population mixed in with a high liberal population, Los Angeles elected the first Hispanic mayor in over 100 years in 2004. At the height of the recent protests, Antonio Villaraigosa came out of his office and told the crowd of illegals : "I want you to know that there are people right now all across the country that agree with you that we need immigration reform that rewards work, that gives people a pathway to citizenship, that allows families to stay together" .

Hispanics who support open borders and illegal Mexican migration into the US have infiltrated our government from the local mayor's office, all the way to the office of the Governor. Lieutenant Governor, Cruse Bustamante who was defeated by Arnold Schwartzenager for governor of California is among those who share the subversive and destructive views of Villaraigosa, both were/are Mecha activists. I heard talk of initiating a recall of Mayor Villaraigosa on a morning talk show this week. A mayor who has no respect for our laws, our constitution, our borders, and our sovereignty, doesn't belong in City Hall.  He got there because California Republicans didn't bother to show up at the polls on election day, big mistake!  This is the same way Iran's Ahmadenejad and Palestine's Hamas got elected to office, and it's the same way Democrats will get elected to Congress this year if it happens again.  I hope they learn a lesson from this. 

In the House of Representatives, a bill [H.R.4437] was drafted to secure our borders, make illegal immigration and residency a felony, clamp down on employers who employ illegals, and make granting assistance to illegals a felony. It also authorized state and local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration laws, to apprehend illegals and transfer them to federal custody. It also would reimburse private owners along the border for certain property damage, report on Central American gang travel across the U.S.-Mexico border, and deploy radiation portal monitors at U.S. ports of entry to screen inbound cargo for nuclear and radiological material. It would provide mandatory minimum sentences on smuggling convictions, make illegal U.S. presence a crime, increase penalties for improper U.S. entry and for marriage and immigration-related entrepreneurship fraud, provide mandatory minimum sentences for aliens convicted of reentry after removal, impose on smugglers the same sentences that the aliens they have smuggled would receive, and include among smuggling crimes the carrying or use of a firearm during such activity.

I have listed only a few of the provisions of the bill here. You can see a summary of the bill HERE but the entire bill is way too long and complex for the average reader.  It was tough legislation, but it was the tough legislation that we now need to deal with this invasion of our country by Mexico. The only problem I see with it is that by upgrading illegal entry and residency in the US to a felony, our courts and penal system would become overloaded with cases and get bogged down for years. As a misdemeanor, illegals can be immediately deported. But as a felony, they would have to be held for a period of time, then put through an expensive trial. It would be a disaster. The House bill did not contain a guest worker program or amnesty provisions, nor did it offer a road to citizenship.

Currently in the Senate, our elected officials have an opportunity to deal with and solve the illegal alien problem that is plaguing our nation by acting on the bill submitted by the House. We've already seen what happened to that in the Senate Judiciary Committee - they took all the bite out of the House bill and replaced it with wet kisses to the illegals and put them on the road to amnesty. They threw out the felony conditions, they threw out stiff penalties for employers who hire illegals, they threw out enforcement of legal residency, in short, they removed just about everything that made the bill useful and now they want to replace it with a roadmap to amnesty and citizenship by including the McCain-Kennedy Amendment (text not yet available). You can read the summary of the Senate version of the bill HERE

The House of Representatives approved a bill that would require employers to verify potential employees’ legal status. It also subjects employers to criminal penalties and imposes civil fines of up to $50,000 for each illegal hire. It does not include a provision for guest workers. The latest draft of the Senate bill would allow undocumented workers already in the country and a limited number of future illegals to eventually apply for permanent resident status — without having to return to their native country.

A proposal by Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., would also hold employers accountable for verifying the legal status of workers, but increases penalties. Hiring more than 10 illegal workers in one year would bring up to 10 years in prison. The Specter plan expands the guest-worker program, authorizing immigrants to work for three years but requiring them to return home for a year before re-applying.

Sens. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz., have proposed legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to remain for six years under temporary work visas after paying a $1,000 fine and passing background checks. Participants can later apply for permanent residence and citizenship by paying an additional $1,000, all back taxes and prove proficiency in English and civics. It also allows 400,000 new guest workers per year.  The bill will be debated and voted on next week.

The real problem with politicians in Washington is that they don't see this as a foreign invasion, but they don't live in Los Angeles or other Southwestern cities that have already been invaded. They don't have to deal with the difficulties of trying to communicate with people who speak only Spanish. They don't have to put up with all the graffiti, tagging, and crime by Mexican and South American gangs. They sit in their ivory towers and tell us we need them for jobs that "Americans won't do". If I hear that from President Bush or anyone else one more time I'm going to puke. That's a lame excuse for allowing illegal border crossing and residency in our country. Illegal workers have become an accepted part of the population in Texas and essential to their economy. I often wonder how many illegals President Bush employs on his Texas ranch. This illegal activity might be acceptable on Texas ranches and farms but it's now become a nation wide problem for the rest of us and has gone way too far. It's an out of control infestation in all of our major cities and needs a solution from Congress.

We had no problem filling jobs in restaurants and construction with citizens or legal immigrants before the illegals took over. We had no problem finding domestics and Japanese-American gardeners to care for our homes before the illegals took over by working cheaply, but not all of them do. In fact, casual laborers (day labor) make up to $100 a day whether they're here legally or illegally. Most of these people are good, hard workers, but they don't work as cheaply as some would have you think. They all make minimum wage and in many cases, much more than that. What they are doing is taking away jobs from Americans and bringing down wages for lower class American workers. The proponents of open borders say these illegal workers will work for less because they have little education and skills. I say we have plenty of people like that within the American citizenry and don't need to import them from Mexico. Our streets are full of high school dropouts and others with high school diplomas who still can't add 2 and 2. If we weren't so generous with our welfare programs, there would be a lot more of then looking for low paying jobs as well, but it's easier for them to just collect welfare.  Welfare benefits should provide food stamps to feed them, but should not pay their rent and provide a non-working lifestyle for them.  Once in that system they can never get out of it or find an incentive to work.

Then we have the illegal farm workers. This is another hoax perpetrated on us by our government. Most farms can be managed and harvested by a small handful of workers using modern harvesting equipment. Farmers who have invested in this equipment have increased their productivity ten fold and without the use of any illegal workers. Modern harvesters can harvest an entire farm without any help from a single human. Using GPS guidance, these machines guide themselves back and forth across the fields harvesting and processing the crops, they don't even need a driver. They have a variety of attachments available for most any kind of crop. I've learned that just about the only crop these machines cannot harvest is lettuce which must be picked by hand. So how many lettuce farms do we have? Do we really need 12 million lettuce pickers in this country? The Mexican population in Los Angeles is now nearly at 50% but there aren't any farms in Los Angeles, so don't give me this crap about needing 12 million illegal aliens for farm work, that's just an excuse for doing nothing about the problem. In Los Angeles, they are taking way jobs that American always have and will do.

Farmers who break the law by using illegal labor think they're saving money but that may not actually be the case. Their production is much slower and time is money. If we had to, we could easily offer government assistance to farmers in the form of low interest loans and even grants to invest in modern farm equipment. Since we give so much of our tax money to the farm industry in the form of subsidies anyway, why not put it to good use that would also benefit the farm equipment industry? If a farmer is producing a crop where the supply exceeds the demand, then instead of paying him not to produce, have him plant corn or sugar, or another crop that can be turned into ethanol to power cars. Oh, but that's not the way things work. We pay him not to produce a crop then complain about high gas prices. What our government needs is a new Department Of Efficiency!  This problem is largely due to farm lobyests' influence on US Senators who are more concerned with campaign contributions and support than the majority will of the people.

The government issues a work visa – known as H-2B – that allows about 66,000 unskilled workers to enter the country each year for up to 10 months. President Bush’s plan would match foreign workers with employers when Americans cannot be found to fill the jobs and would be open to future immigrants and undocumented workers already in the country. I will concede that Mexico provides a source for cheap labor that is a useful commodity in some American industries.  Though not essential, it helps to keep the cost of some products down.  Is the trade off worth it?  Personally, I would rather pay an additional dollar for a head of lettuce than have to deal with 12 million illegal aliens in our country.

The legislation being proposed requires employers to show that they cannot fill jobs with American workers before they can hire illegals. Okay, so lets do this legally if it must be done. Migrant workers should register with a government database which will then match them to jobs and issue the proper "tamper proof" documents. This is pretty much what the President is proposing. Doing this will allow us to know who these people are and where they are. If they loose their job and are out of work for more than 30 days, then they should revert to illegal status, surrender their worker card, and be deported back to their home country.  Any illegals found in the country without proper documentation should be deported immediately. 

But under no circumstances should documented illegal workers be entitled to any "citizens rights" or government services. They should look to their own country for those things. If the Mexican government wants them here, then let them pay for their citizens healthcare and welfare.  Let Mexico open health clinics here for their people so that they won't be using our emergency rooms as their primary health provider, causing them to eventually shut down as they are doing all over the southwestern states and especially in Southern California.

This still leaves us with 12 million illegal aliens in our country. What can we do about that? Not much. But with policy changes that encourage law enforcement officers to arrest them on immigration charges alone, they will all be put on notice that we are hunting them and deporting them when we find them. An employment verification system is being put into place for employers to verify the legal status of their workers. This must be mandatory and rigorously enforced. Policy changes should be made to involve state and local authorities to actively engage in arresting illegals when they find them and they too should be deported. Last Saturday in Los Angeles, we had a chance to arrest several hundred thousand of them in one place. We can do it again by getting them out to protest our laws, but have the police and immigration authorities ready to arrest and transport them to federal custody for deportation.  "Sting operations" work for other criminals, it will work here too.

Some of these illegal aliens have been living here in the US for many years and have family members born here as citizens. We hate to break up families and we understand their complaints that these people "should not have to live in fear". On the other hand, if I was living illegally in another country I would expect to be living in fear of deportation at any time. If I'm living as a fugitive from the law I don't expect to be forgiven simply because enforcement of the law might hurt my feelings. The time has come to put our foot down and tell them it's been fun, but the game is now over. You've had however many years of enjoying our hospitality in violation of our laws, but now those laws need to be enforced. It's time to pick up your toys and go home. Sure it's going to be very difficult for some of them but that's not our problem, it's theirs. They should never have expected to get away with their illegal residency forever and should have expected that it would only be temporary if they did not go through the legal process. Sorry, but we have to consider American interests first now for the survival of our country and our culture.

The big problem I see with the Senate's approach is their determination to connect a guest worker program with a promise of amnesty and citizenship. These are two entirely different issues and should not be combined in any way. If a "guest worker" wants to go through the immigration process while he works in a guest worker program, that's fine. But it makes no sense to have two parallel programs for citizenship working at the same time. Illegal trespassers in our country should not be rewarded with citizenship. They say they want to come here to work so let them work for a specified period of time then go home. It is just plain wrong to connect a guest worker program with citizenship and legal immigration. Is that supposed to discourage illegal immigration? All it really does is offer a reward for sneaking across the border illegally. We already have a program for immigration, we don't need another one that rewards criminal activity with citizenship or amnesty.  It's time for the Senate to wake up and smell the coffee.  This legislation is about controling the borders and illegal aliens living in our country.  It's not about granting more citizenship to invaders who refuse to respect our laws.

We also need to stop giving citizenship to babies born in our country to illegal resident parents. If neither parent is a legal citizen, then neither should their children be. Some say we are a "nation of immigrants, we all came from somewhere else". Well, I didn't, did you? I was born here as an American to legal American citizen parents. Their parents were also born here to legal citizens as were their parents. I come from a long line of legal American citizens who migrated here well over a century ago and who built this country from nothing into what it is today. Mexicans had nothing to do with building this country. Sneaking across the border, cranking out babies, then demanding citizen's rights is outrageous. Those are the people who came here from somewhere else, broke our laws to get here, and continue to live here against our laws. I resent being considered in the same catagory as them from a citizenship standpoint. These people from Mexico are not immigrants if they did not go through the immigration process, they are invaders, and they need to be stopped and turned back into their own country.  Site Meter

Unfortunately, this has gone on so long now that it may be too late to stop it without drastic legislation.  Isn't that the same thing we fear from the Islamic movement throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world?  They're taking over from behind the shadows and will have control before anyone even knows they're there.  Wake up America, this problem is not unique only to Islam, it's happening here and it's coming from the south. 

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Tell them that you will not tolerate ANY legislation that seeks to reward over 11 million ILLEGAL aliens for breaking our laws by coming into this country illegally. 

Tell them that you expect REAL measures to secure our borders and common-sense immigration reform.

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