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Techniguy - 10-08-2005

Democrats are crying foul in the House of Representatives over a vote on a bill (H.R. 3893) to permit the building of additional oil refineries and expansion of existing ones. There was some disagreement over last minute technical amendments to the bill regarding regulations and commerce which required additional voting on the amendments which failed to pass. In the end, the bill was passed by a slim margin of 212 to 210. What is important to notice here is not the procedure that Democrats are now complaining about, but their 30 year old opposition to the development of new energy resources. The passage of this bill in the House is a major step toward America becoming energy independent and another major defeat of Democrats and liberal environmentalists. Hey, when you don't get a lot of political donations from the undereducated, the criminal, and the poor people you claim to represent, you have to depend on money from special interest lobbyists and rich international socialists to finance the party, so you try to block industrial and capitalist legislation to keep them happy. It seems that their 30 year obstruction to American progress is over. Itís just too bad that it took the Destruction of hurricanes Katrina and Rita to get this done.

The Left is complaining about high gas prices but have opposed the building of new refineries for the past 30 years but we know that, as with other commodities, supply and demand determines price. They have prevented the exploration and development of new oil wells in every area of the United States which would be capable of providing enough oil to replace our imports from the middle east. They have accused President Bush of making deals with the Saudis to keep oil prices high for "the profit of his oil buddies", while it was President Clinton who made deals with Saudi Prince Abdullah to block the questioning of terrorists in the Saudiís custody and go easy on terrorism in exchange for million dollar contributions to the Clinton Library. Democrats have never voiced objections to the Communist Chinese donating money to the Clinton election campaigns or Clinton giving American high tech defense technology to both the Chinese and No. Korean communists. Now they want the Clintons back in the Whitehouse again?

I'm just sick to death of the hypocrisies of the Left, and when their policies fail to produce the desired results, then somehow, in every case, it's Bush's fault. They complain that we use too much fossil fuel but oppose the building of nuclear power plants that don't use any at all. They've replaced God and ambition in the education of our young with sex and socialism. They've replaced healthy competition in schools and in society with political correctness and equality of results, even when it means lowering our standards. They've replaced patriotism with public protest and condemnation of traditional American policy and defense. They've replaced respect for our president and elected officials with hatred, slander, false accusations, and trumped up legal charges that don't hold water in court. They've replace legislation by Congress with legislation by nonelected judges who owe their souls to the ACLU.

They've replaced a united America with fragmented diversity and racism when it serves their special interests, but not when it serves the interests of the greater America. On October 6th when a terrorist threat against the New York subways was made public, Mayor Bloomberg made the following statement:

"I wanted to assure New Yorkers that we have done and will continue to do everything we can to protect this city. We will spare no resource. We will spare no expense. We increased our police presence on our subways. Our Hercules teams and critical response vehicles are focused on mass transit. Authorities will continue with random searches of bags as people enter the subway system".

Excuse me? "Random searches"? Would it not be more effective to give special scrutiny to Islamics with bags, packages, and heavy jackets? This is nothing against Mayor Bloomberg, he's simply complying with mandated liberal political correctness in his city that also applies to airlines. It seems when it comes to national security we have to be politically correct and blind to ethnicity, but when it comes to promoting socialism and criticizing the Bush Administration by people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, and other liberal minority groups, then ethnicity and minorities are to be singled out and exploited.

They create false charges against Conservatives, such as Tom Delay, Carl Rove, Scooter Libby, and Dick Cheney, to get revenge for Bill Clintonís legal problems and impeachment. They bring indictments that never result in convictions or substantiation of the charges, but use those exaggerated charges to accuse Republicans of running a "cesspool of corruption" in Washington as though they had been convicted, while ignoring their own corruption. They obviously don't believe in the constitutional practice of "innocent until proven guilty".

Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle has been out to get Tom Delay for two years but has yet to come up with a valid charge against him. First he got a grand jury to indict Delay for violating campaign laws in 2002 but that was dropped when it was discovered that law he referred to wasn't passed until 2003. Then he tried for an indictment on conspiracy charges but made no specifics in the charge. The grand jury laughed him off and refused the case. Now he's returned with still another attempt using the media generated "money laundering" charge which was accepted by the grand jury but will likely go nowhere. How much grand jury shopping is a DA allowed to do before he and his political vendetta is sent packing?

Carl Rove got a phone call from New York Times reporter, Mathew Cooper, who told him he had heard that Joe Wilson's wife worked at the CIA. Rove replied "yes, I've heard that too". Rove didn't even know her name yet somehow he's being accused of leaking Valerie Plameís name to the reporter who called him. Rove is now scheduled to appear before the grand jury for a fourth time in this investigation. To hear it told in the media you would think that Rove has been subpoenaed and may leave the court room in handcuffs. The truth is that he offered to reappear two weeks ago for additional testimony if they wanted him after Judith Miller was released from jail and called to testify. Rove is only too happy to testify and has nothing to hide or fear.

Miller has named her Whitehouse source as Louis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff. Miller never wrote an article naming Valerie Plame as Wilson's wife and so far, has not claimed that Libby ever named her either. But that doesn't matter, Democrats have already convicted Libby in the media of wrong doing and crime. All it takes is for a Bush Administration name to come up in connection with some scandal and all we hear from Democrats is "he's guilty, he's guilty!, the Bush Administration is all corrupt and has turned Washington into a cesspool of evil". Libby has granted Miller permission to reveal their conversation for a second time now and is also only too happy to testify before the grand jury. Anyway, it hasnít even been established that a crime was committed by anyone. Plame was not a covert agent operating in a foreign country, and you canít ďout and agentĒ who was already outed 7 years ago by her own agency. It was no secret in Washington that Valerie Plame worked at the CIA and was married to Joe Wilson. This is just another attempt by Democrats to smear Republicans with trumped up charges that go nowhere.

Isn't this more a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Actually, it's worse than that, it's more like the pot calling the cookie jar black. This is not to say that Republicans are without any wrong doing, what Iím saying is that all of these claims of wrong doing being presented by Democrats in the media are based on empty charges brought by Democrats that have yet to be supported by fact or proven. Shouldnít they wait until something is proven in court before going off in the media with statements that assume guilt as already a fact? They do this to try to influence those who donít know any better that they are in the mainstream with the facts and hope to persuade readers and viewers to join them. But to the rest of us, they just look like fools or liars and that is a view they will never see of themselves from inside their liberal walls. They should be thanking God (if they believed in him) that Republicans are not pursuing the same kind of attacks against them that would undoubtedly produce results ten fold.

It is most amusing to watch Democrat strategists on recent news programs talk with a smirk about how the Republican Party is divided and falling apart over disagreement on the Miers appointment and the administration mired in disagreement of the validity of the New York subway terrorist threat between various intelligence agencies. They portray these issues as proof that the party is in complete chaos and on the verge of collapse, which is certainly not the case, not in the Republican Party anyway. They insist on their right to debate anything and everything with the administration but when it comes to healthy debate within the Republican Party, to them it means the party is as divided and doomed as theirs is. It might be better if they would look into the corruption, hypocrisy, and failures of their own party before pointing a condescending finger at others.

It can no longer be denied that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by fringe, left wing socialists, financed by the likes of George Soros and extreme liberal special interest groups, and subject to their will. Their plan for America is to criticize, slander, degrade, and condemn the Republican Party with a lot of lies and nonsense but without revealing what they really stand for. The whole plan is to try to make everyone else hate conservatives as much as they do so that they will turn to the Democrats for leadership, even without knowing who they really are or realizing the socialism they intend for the country. If you live in poverty, then you may find improvements in your life through socialism which will lift you up some financially while bringing everyone else down. I fail to understand why any responsible working person would support this practice to defeat their own advancement and ambition. This country grew big and strong on capitalism, the very opposite of socialism, which has failed and is still failing throughout the world. Just how far out in left field do you have to be to loose sight of America's home plate?

The term "monkey see, monkey do" comes to mind when I now see Democrats making the claim that the Republican Party has been taken over by right wing extremists. No kidding, I heard that said on a news talk show last night. Isnít this just mirroring what we have been saying about the Democratic Party, that it has been taken over by left wing extremists? In their view, if you are a patriotic conservative, you are out of the mainstream. After the last election they were convinced that it was religion that had won the election for President Bush. Then we started seeing Democrats like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton going public with their imaginary religious beliefs. They think they can be successful by copying the success of conservatives, but with the opposite agenda. If you have only one dollar and both items sell for that, which would you buy, the genuine original or a counterfeit copy?

Last week, Walter Cronkite told the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication ďWe [as a nation] are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leadersĒ. On CNNís ďLarry King LiveĒ he also said Americans are ignorant, and that the majority of the population isnít smart enough to make the proper decisions at election time to vote for president. Of course he wouldnít be saying those things if John Kerry had won the election. That would have been the smart thing for Americans to have done if you can believe Cronkite. If Americans are ignorant and stupid today, isnít that the fault of the Democrat run educational system which fails to teach our kids the important subjects and values? That may be new to Cronkite but itís nothing new to us.

He also said that he fears that the blogosphere could threaten the standing of the mainstream media. Where has Walter been since his retirement? Heís obviously still stuck on stupid. The Blogosphere and the new media has already threatened and seriously weakened the mainstream media and I suspect that it is the reason that George W. Bush is the President today and the reason for the Republican majority in congress. Itís interesting to note that the conservative movement has been growing in direct proportion to the internet which has provided Americans with alternative views to those presented in the msm. The more people who get connected to the internet, the more people end up voting for conservatives. If the Democrat controlled educational system and mainstream media canít give people the information they need to vote intelligently, then we on the internet and the new media will be only too happy to fill in the gaps. A void that desperately has been in need of filling for the past 40 years and especially since the country discovered the liberal bias in Cronkite and the mainstream media.

Finally, as the news has been reporting, there has been a terrible earthquake in Pakistan with many thousands killed. Letís hope one of them was Osama Bin Ladden.



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