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Techniguy - 12-11-2005

Data provided by Rasmussen Reports 


Sunday December 11, 2005--Forty-five percent (45%) of American adults approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President. Fifty-four percent (54%) disapprove.


Bush earns approval from 49% of white Americans and just 11% of those who are black or African-American. Among all other Americans (mostly Hispanic), the President's Job Approval is at 41%.


Partisan differences continue extend beyond the political world to measures of economic confidence. The Rasmussen Consumer Index is nearly twice as high among Republicans as it is among Democrats.


The President's highest rating of 2005 was 54% on February 4. His lowest rating was 40% on October 28.


In Virginia, Senator George Allen holds huge leads over four potential challengers in his bid for re-election. However, outgoing Governor Mark Warner leads Allen in a 2008 Presidential match-up.


Rasmussen Reports was the nation's most accurate polling firm during the 2004 Presidential election and the only one to project both Bush and Kerry's vote total within half a percentage point of the actual outcome.

Bush Job Approval
Approve Disapprove
Today 45 54
Dec 10 44 55
Dec 9 43 55
Dec 8 44 54
Dec 7 45 53
Dec 6 46 52
Dec 5 48 52
Dec 4 47 52
Dec 3 46 53
Dec 2 46 54
Dec 1 44 56
Dates are release dates. Surveys conducted on preceding three nights.

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I've been hearing some concerns that Republicans may loose in the coming elections due to the political attacks by Democrats and falling poll numbers for the President. This is nonsense, and if this past week is any example, Democrats will continue down their road to failure for the next 3 years.

Of course you've been hearing Democrats parade their slanted poll results showing Bush's ratings in the mid 30s recently. They're welcome to their slanted polls but they are no more accurate than their charges that Bush lied, was responsible for Katrina damage, or that we're loosing the war in Iraq. Actually, President Bush's poll ratings are pretty good for the typical low point in a presidential tenure. Here are the low approval ratings for the last seven presidents:

*Johnson: 35%
*Nixon: 24%
*Ford: 37%
*Carter: 28%
*Reagan: 35%
*Bush I: 29%
*Clinton: 37%

As you can see, every president since 1963 has had approval ratings, at one time or another during his administration, at least eight points lower than Bush's current nadir. By comparison, the Bush numbers are looking pretty good despite what partisan Democrats in the media have been saying. The only reason his ratings are below 50% now is because of dissatisfaction with Bush on the borders, and some believe he is not being aggressive enough in fighting terrorism in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries such as Syria. The President has now taken a stronger stand on the borders and emphasized that they must be secured from invaders and trespassers while Congress is passing legislation to fund additional border security.

Much of the concern over Bush’s job ratings stemmed from a very bad month in public relations for the President leading up to last month’s state elections. Democrats spent that month throwing everything they had at the administration including the Tom Delay and Scooter Libby issues, both just trumped up charges that are likely to go nowhere. The President met with advisors on how to improve his image and the resulting message was; “you have to fight back against your attackers in the opposition party”. Bush has always avoided doing this and tried to remain above the fray by ignoring these attacks but now understands that letting false charges go unchallenged is taking it’s toll and turning public opinion against him. This is why President Bush is now delivering public speeches once or twice a week and his numbers are going up.

The Administration has finally realized that good PR is important now and is perusing an aggressive PR program to inform the public of the truth about the war, the administration, and the facts behind the Dem attacks. In other words, they have finally begun fighting back and it's showing in the polls and in public opinion. President Bush's speeches are usually given on weekday mornings when most people are at work, and receive little media coverage with the exception of Fox News which covers them in their entirety.  It is because of the timing of the speeches that many people don't even know he is giving them.  Highlights of his speeches are covered in some newscasts and by conservative talk radio, and are always posted on the Whitehouse website. Since this campaign has begun, support for the President has been getting stronger as have his polling numbers.

We have been hearing from a lot of Democrats who think they're in a majority on Iraq, but that's only because we don't hear much from the real majority, and the mainstream media doesn't want us to. John Murtha is still appearing on DNC media network talk shows but when was the last time they invited Sam Johnson or Joe Lieberman for an interview? Just keep in mind that whatever you hear from the Dems, whatever they say, they are speaking for no more than 45% of the voters and that will not increase, nor will it win elections. They think they are in a majority but that's only because they live in a liberal house of mirrors, with a major media who reflects all their rhetoric back to them which makes them think they have more support than they really do. In spite of what they say, it's less than 20% of the people here and in Iraq that favor an immediate US pullout. They always interpret polls the way they want to and draw the wrong conclusions to promote their views publicly.  The Democratic Party is poll driven, they think we are too.

Even though the President has declassified his plan for victory in Iraq, it seems few Democrats have bothered to go to the Whitehouse website to read it and still make the claim that it doesn't exist. Others on the left like John Kerry have come up with their own plans which mirror the Bush plan and propose doing exactly what we are already doing. Yet, when they talk to the media about their plan, they pretend that these proposals are not already in the works and they just came up with it all on their own. It's nothing more or less than plagiarism. Kerry did the same thing during his campaign for President. The only difference between the two plans is that the President's plan calls for troop withdrawal timing to be based upon Iraqis ability to replace our troops in the field, while the Democrats' plan calls for withdrawal on a timetable regardless of Iraqis ability to take over the responsibility of their own security. Which one makes more sense? Democrats are now trying to promote their new plan after seeing the backlash from their previous recommendation that we immediately cut and run with the white flag flying, which didn’t go over too well with the American people.

But there is more too it. It seems some Democrats in Congress have recently learned that the President really does have a plan to begin troop withdrawals and bring our involvement in Iraq to a successful conclusion. It's hard to deny it when the Whitehouse has published the plan on their website. Not to be outdone by the Administration, Dems are now positioning themselves to take credit for it. You will be seeing this unfold over the next several months and year. As troop strength is reduced over the coming year according to Bush's plan, Democrats will claim it is they who have forced Bush to withdraw troops when in fact is was in the plan all along. This is just another way Democrats will try to fool people into supporting them in the coming elections by saying they were right all along and have forced the President to do the right thing. As progress in Iraq allows for US troops to no longer be needed, Democrats will try to take credit for it.

The economy is doing great. Unemployment is down to 5.0%, lower than the national average over the past 30 years, and all economic indicators are way up showing the strongest economy in recent history. Some say it's growing too fast and will have to be slowed down. In spite of all the Democrat harping about the economy over the past few years, and that the Bush economy is a failure, it seems that all that was just another failure on the part of the Democrats to understand the national economy and how it works, or to portray it honestly.

Some claim high gas prices are effecting the President's job ratings on the economy. There is little to nothing any president can do about gas prices which have been declining over the past couple of months. The president can no more cause gas prices to come down than he can cause them to go up, that's up to the oil companies and the world's oil market. Still, some will try to blame it on the President. We know who they are, the same ones who think the President is responsible for their health care, personal income, and housing.

We hear in the media about the noisy ones on the left and all their pessimism about how everything is going poorly, and that they represent a majority of public opinion, but I don't buy it. They said the same thing in 04 but that election proved that Americans are smarter than that and could see through the lies from the left. People don't trust the Dems with our national security and will not elect them if security is an issue. Now the Dems are reinforcing the reasons for that and this past week have been showing everyone that they cannot be trusted to protect this country.

They have nothing to campaign on. The Economy is doing great, we're making great progress in Iraq and on the war on terror, even if the DNC media won't admit it. Bush is now getting tough on the borders, the Patriot Act was just renewed in it's entirety for another 4 years, and our country is headed in the only reasonable direction it can be in today's post 911 world. There is nothing Dems can offer that could improve on what the Bush Administration is doing, nothing. Their only hope is to try to discredit President Bush and that is the strategy they have been following ever since he was elected. That is not an agenda that wins elections as we saw in 04.

What we've been seeing lately is a major attack on the Bush administration by Democrats who are getting desperate to get back in power, and a liberal media who keeps them on the front page. Were it not for the "new media" they might be successful but we're not going to let that happen anymore. The Democrat attacks on the war in Iraq are all part of it and they're using that because they have nothing else but their lies which keep getting exposed as lies.  Democrat leaders are now criticizing the President and Republicans saying they are the victims of attacks from the Right.  They seem to think that their attacks on this country and it's leadership is fair but the Administration has no right to defend itself against them. 

This has become political war between conservatives and liberals and it's going to go on until the 2008 elections and likely beyond unless Democrats learn to accept the will of the voters and get on board with the policies of our country. In 2000, Republicans won seats in Congress and Bush won the presidency without winning the popular vote. By 2004, Republicans won even more seats in Congress and Bush won by more than 3 1/2 million votes. The Dem attacks didn't work then and they won't work in future elections. The Dems are continuing to become more unpopular among voters, and by 08, they will probably loose the presidential election by more than 5 million votes.  I don't expect they will learn anything from that either.

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