Techniguy - 05-16-2006

Many of us feel that the Republican party no longer represents our conservative views, or has the fortitude in Congress to fight for them. The Democratic Party has moved further to the left, so the Republican Party leaders have also moved to the left to try to capitalize on Independent and centrist votes, or they're just too afraid of the name calling and smear attacks they get from the left if they appear conservative or not politically correct. Both parties have deserted their base. It would not be difficult for conservative Democrats to move to the Republican party that now represents their views, but where can conservative Republicans go?

The Constitution Party is a conservative political party which is rapidly growing with conservatives who feel they have been deserted by the Republican leaders. This summer the Republican party will be engaging in a new PR campaign to try to recapture their popularity. The party will either try to recapture their base voters, or they will try to attract voters from outside their base. If they choose the later, the base will see this as only further separation of the party from conservative principles.  If they choose the former, can we really trust them now?  The Constitution Party will become a real alternative option for Conservatives either way. 

Mr. President, you have spent your "political capital". Not only have you spent it, you have run up a deficit just like the congress has done with the budget and that you have failed to control with the use of your veto. You originally opposed adopting all the recommendations of the 911 commission, but you caved into the Democrats who seized control of that commission and imposed their will on the Senate. By doing so, they got away with refusing to identify the real cause of the 911 tragedy, and intentionally suppressed the names and policies of the persons who were primarily responsible for it, one of them even sat on the commission.

As a result, you let Democrats force their agenda on the country and created the largest and most wasteful bureaucratic mess this country has ever know under the banner of The Dept. of Homeland Security . It came back to bite you when FEMA couldn't function properly during the Katrina disaster and I have to wonder if any of the other DHS departments are able to do any better.

Against conservative wishes, you and the current congress have steadily increased the size of the federal government with layer upon layer of wasteful bureaucracy in typical Democrat tradition. The Department of Homeland Security would have been fine and served a valuable function if it had actually been limited to doing what it was intended for - Bring intelligence, security, and law enforcement departments together under one administrator for the purpose of sharing information to protect the homeland.

Michael Brown tried to tell them during the Katrina investigation hearings but they wouldn't listen. He told them he was having a big problem trying to get things done because of the layers of DHS bureaucracy. Too many people above him were dropping the ball on his requests for resources, supplies and equipment. His argument hit too close to home for the Senate committee and they became hostile, rejected his views, and laid all of the blame squarely on his shoulders and on yours. Neither you, nor any Senate Republican had the balls to stand up to the Democrats and address the real problem and place the blame on those who created it in the first place, the Democrats.

Brown was thrown overboard also because Dems wanted to politicize Katrina to hurt the Bush administration. Dems wanted to chop off his head to protect themselves from taking blame for the organizational failures caused by congressional legislation dealing with Homeland Security that they wrote and sponsored. Republicans threw conservatism to the wind and passed every bureaucratic measure the Dems introduced. Now Dems want to abolish FEMA and start over with a new organization that will not be under DHS. In other words, they want to create a new emergency response bureaucracy that will be just what FEMA was before congress screwed it up.  All they really have to do is undo the attachment of FEMA to DHS.

Porter Goss has quit his position as CIA Director for similar reasons. Two months after he was appointed, the office of National Intelligence Administrator was established, reducing Goss' position to that of an "under-secretary" under the NIA who was then under DHS.  Goss had to climb the stairs every time he needed to speak to the President on national security issues and even then all he could do was pass notes along.  

But it wasn't just that, he also had to deal with the unfathomable task of reforming the CIA - ("Clinton Intelligence Agency") back to the CIA - (Central Intelligence Agency). This caused a huge backlash from the CIA Clinton loyalists who thought they had a secure job doing almost nothing useful while undermining the Bush Administration and leaking classified information to the press. No official reason has been given for Goss' resignation but his job there has been extremely difficult and perhaps dangerous. Remember, 50 people mysteriously died or disappeared from the Clinton Administration during his presidency.

Huge bureaucracies are for Democrats, not Republicans. You have failed miserably to stand up to the liberals, as has the Senate leadership. It appears Democrats are being given almost everything they want through fear of politically correct blackmail, or through compromise on bills by the Republicans.

Our schools are teaching sex instead of academics and dumbing down test scores. The ACLU is running Christianity out of public view and speech. Our jails are so full of illegal aliens that convicted criminals are walking the streets looking for their next victim. Illegals are blocking traffic and protesting in the streets for "rights" and nothing is being done to stop them.

Foreign language has almost replaced English in our cities and we cater to them with Spanish radio, tv, phone service, and government publications when the language of this country is English. And you sit in your Oval Office telling us you want to grant them amnesty while thinking you can fool us by calling it something else and saying "it's not amnesty". Do you really think we don't know a duck when we see one?

When we elected a Republican President and majority congress, we expected that conservatives would now have representation in the government and get things done to set this country on the right course. Now we see that isn't happening on domestic and economic issues. Is this what it means to be a "compassionate conservative"? Kind of like a bleeding heart hawk?  Who cares if Communists and Mexicans take over the country, as long as we keep the terrorists out?

The Bush Administration has been so occupied with Iraq and the Middle East that our country is being stolen away right under its nose. If foreigners and communists aren't stealing it, they're buying it and that seems to be ok with Bush, as long as government keeps spending more and we keep getting cheap, illegal labor from Mexico.

The President and Congress have done a good job on the War on Terror, in taking the fight to the enemy. We got some good judges appointed to the federal courts in spite of a lot of kicking and screaming from Democrats, and Bush has prevented Democrats from raising our taxes and even reduced them a little.

But at the same time, our country has been getting flooded with illegal aliens because the borders were not protected, and the liberalization of our society and unprecedented growth of government and spending has continued to expand unchecked. These things go against everything conservatives stand for and now we've come to the end of our rope, we can take no more of this.

Bush says we're addicted to oil, sounds like something the environmentalist whackos would say. That's like saying we're all addicted to food. Oil is the energy life blood of the nation, no, of the world. There is a reason for that; it's the cheapest and most plentiful and convenient form of energy we have (except nuclear) and is ideal for powering automobiles. The president is simply playing to the left when he makes such a ridiculous statement as "we're addicted to oil".

Where is his support for capitalism and the free enterprise system? Where is his support for the rights of corporations to make a fair profit for their stockholders? No one wants to pay high gas prices, but should American oil companies be forced to sacrifice their profits every time OPEC raises the price of oil?  Who's going to pay for new drilling rigs and refineries if oil companies don't have any money to spend? Again, our Republican leaders have failed miserably to stand up for conservative values and our American system of free enterprise.

Now congress wants to investigate the oil companies for finally showing a profit, after 20 years of just breaking even. Congress needs to be investigated for showing an even greater oil profit. Congress is simply paying lip service to the American people or they're dumber than I thought. People are upset by high gas prices so up jumps our usual superheroes in congress to the rescue. It's all for show thinking it will help to get them reelected. Like just about everything else they do, they want you to think they are on your side. They are not, they are on their own self serving side and will do or say anything to keep their congressional careers going.

These are the times when Republicans should be standing up to the Dems outrageous charges against free enterprise and fighting back, not giving in to them. Bill Frist, as Senate Majority Leader hasn't the strength or will to stare down Stan Laurel, let alone Chuck Schumer or Ted Kennedy. We didn't have these problems when Trent Lott was in command. But even Lott’s dismissal was an example of Senate Republicans fear of being accused of some moral or politically correct deficiency. So the politically correct thing to do was to have Trent Lott step down and replace him with someone the Dems could walk all over.

Senate Republicans should all understand the system in this country of free enterprise, supply and demand, and market based pricing. They should all understand that business in American is all about making a profit. That's why people are in business. The oil companies are responsible to their stockholders for showing a profit and paying stock dividends. Dems no longer believe in capitalism and a free market and so they want to investigate "Big Oil" and some Senate Republicans are falling right in line with them thinking it will resonate with the people, even though it goes against the principles of conservatism.

Some have even had the utter gall to suggest adding an additional profits tax on oil companies for showing a profit - taxes that would certainly be passed on to the consumers at the pump. If they were really interested in lowering gas prices, all they would have to do is abolish or suspend the gas taxes which net the government 3 to 5 times more money than the oil companies make in profit on their sales. But they won't do that. God forbid they should have to cut out some of their wasteful spending to stay within +50% of their approved budget. They might not get reelected if they didn't have our money to spend on their pork projects and "free money" government entitlements to buy votes.

It's our own fault really. We should never have reelected these people in the first place who spend federal tax money outside of what the Constitution permits and specifies. Now it's become habit while our founding fathers are crying in their graves. They expected elected officials to respect and obey the limits they wrote into the Constitution but that all started to change in the 30s and 40s under Pres. Roosevelt.

Where in the Constitution does is say Congress is permitted to spend our federal money on state and privately owned projects, like the highway Bill Frist is building in his state with our money? It isn't in there and it is not an interstate highway. Where in the Constitution does is say Congress is permitted to spend our federal money on subsidizing hybrid car sales and offer tax incentives for the purchase of SUVs? That isn't there either. Where in the Constitution does is say Congress is permitted to spend our federal money on all their billions of dollars of pork projects they sneak into amendments to important legislation? That is certainly not authorized by the Constitution but we keep paying for it just the same.

Where in the Constitution does is say Congress is permitted to give our tax money away to other countries in the form of Foreign Aid, especially when we can't even pay our own bills? Why are we giving money to foreign countries who hate us and spit in our face? It might make sense if that money was persuading them to ally with us and support us but it isn't. They take it for granted, then oppose us and vote against us in the UN at every opportunity. Take it all away and let them come crawling to us on their knees for it. That would give them a reason to support us and justify the expense to the American taxpayer.

A perfect example of how the Republican majority in the Senate is failing conservatives is with the Immigration Reform Act. We say immigrants should respect our culture and our language, so why do we not respect our own culture and language? Instead we offer immigrants everything printed in Spanish. We press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish, we have signs, government literature, and voter ballots all printed in Spanish at a huge cost to taxpayers. Our own system tells them they don't have to respect our culture and language. Is anyone in our government standing up for our rights of American culture and language? The only one I've seen is Tom Tancredo and now George Allen has come out of the dark. Where is the Republican Party that is supposed to represent and defend conservatism? Have they all gone AWOL or just become corrupted with their own power and self perceived importance?

Useful and productive immigration reform will never be passed by this congress and here is why. Republicans have 55 seats in the Senate, Dems have 44, and one is independent. Dems are determined to recruit all of the Mexicans they can into their party to make them Dem voters. They hope to be able to make it legal for the illegals of today to be able to vote by 2008 as well.

Some republicans do not oppose illegal immigration and will vote against bills to stop it and punish employers who hire them. Dems will vote as a block - 44 votes to oppose. Even if all of the Republicans and the independent voted to approve legislation, that is only 56 votes but as of now, there are only 40 Republicans who will support strong immigration reform measures.

If the 40 Republicans get more on their side, Dems will filibuster to prevent the legislation from being brought to a vote. Senate rules require 60 votes to break a filibuster, they won't have them as no Dems will vote with the Republicans. To prevent the bill from dying and the Senate having to face the public with a complete failure, Republicans will compromise with the Dems on the legislation until there is nothing useful left in the bill, then the Dems will accept it. Republicans will triumph their success at passing immigration reform, Dems will take credit for "making it a fair bill", everyone in the Senate will be happy that they have done their job and served the American people well.

The problem is, the bill that goes to the president will be a piece of complicated garbage that only a first rate political lawyer could understand, and the president will sign it because it contains a "guest worker program" and amnesty for illegals. Congress will get what they want - more earmarks for pork barrel spending added to the bill. The president gets what he wants - a guest worker program. They all praise the bill as a miracle of legislation but it does nothing to address and correct the problem facing the American people, the illegals stay.

They move on to the next screwing of the people while satisfying their political contributors with useless legislation and more spending earmarks for their state constituents. And that's the way it is in the US Congress. The problem continues. We don't need new legislation, we need to enforce the immigration laws we already have. This legislation is all for show and to find new ways of making illegals legal. 

Today, Democrats are sponsoring a bill in the Senate, that will be voted on tomorrow, to block the deportation of illegal alien felons if they show that deportation would place a hardship on their spouse and/or children.  More bleeding heart liberal legislation to protect illegal aliens, and at what cost to Americans?  These liberal Senators want Americans to take responsibility for every low life in the world who won't take personal responsibility for themselves and Senate Republicans go right along with them and Bush signs it.  That is expected to happen tomorrow.  Just one more failure of Republicans to stand up for Conservative values.  Deport the SOB and send his family with him!

What's the difference between Senate Republicans and Democrats anyway? Not much these days other than our national security and defense issues. We know there won't be any national defense under a Dem administration but Republicans are letting anyone into the country over the Mexican border anyway. This is now a fight, not between Republicans and Dems, but between the government and the people. If our government won't stand up for our rights as Americans, respect our culture and our Constitution, then what becomes of our country? It will go the way of the Roman Empire and the way Europe is going now. It will simply be taken over by foreign enemies without firing a single shot the same way it's been happening in France and northern Europe.  But that's the way the liberals want it, isn't it.

When the citizens discovered they can get free stuff from the government, Congress responded by giving them things in hopes of getting themselves reelected. They sold out our country and our Constitution for the sake of their own political careers.

Our government was never intended to take responsibility for people's needs or make them dependent on it. Federal tax money, according to the Constitution, is only to be spent on programs for the good of the entire nation, not of any individual state. When politicians take money from the federal treasury to spend on their own state projects, they are stealing your money and mine in violation of the Constitution and for the sole purpose of winning votes in their home state.

This abomination of Constitutional law should have been curtailed when it first started, just like illegal immigration but both have been ignored for so long that they have become accepted practice in Washington. This is why we need not only term limits in Congress, but also need to throw out the "good old boys" and elect fresh blood to Congress from outside the mainstream parties which have become just one big, elite club of bureaucratic fat cats who have no intention of changing things.

Only one thing can stop it... the formation of a new political party that can draw the people away from the Republican and the Democrat parties and win an election. Reps and Dems alike are now both sick and tired of the old party politics and many would welcome a fresh and reasonable alternative that would truly represent the people. The Republican and Democratic union has had a strangle hold on our country for much too long. It's time for term limits in the Senate. It's time for a change.

The Constitution Party is a conservative political party which is rapidly growing with conservatives who feel they have been deserted by the Republicans.  Conservative Democrats will also like some of the things the party stands for.  I will be discussing more on this later but if you want to check them out yourself, go to http://www.constitutionparty.com/.

I have found many things I like about the party and a few things I disagree with but my assessment is not yet complete. In the end, I will weigh the pros and cons against the Republican Party and make my decision whether to stay or go. With the current state of affairs in our country, and the deplorable and disappointing speech from the President last night, I feel deserted by the Republican Party as I'm sure many of you do also. We need a party which will truly represent our values and our views. The status quo is no longer acceptable. Site Meter

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