Sabotaging the War Plan

by Techniguy - 11-19-2005

On November 17th, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) told the House of Representatives that "our troops have become the enemy in Iraq." The enemy of who, the Democrats? They have certainly not become the enemy of the Iraqis, just the opposite is true. We have become the best friend the majority of Iraqis have ever had. The vast majority of people we are fighting, capturing, and killing in Iraq are not Iraqis but foreign al Qaeda fighters.

Antiwar Democrats say we have “created these terrorists in Iraq because they weren't there before we invaded”. No kidding? How long would a foreign terrorist have lived under the rule of Saddam Hussein? It's true that most of them were not there before the invasion, they were in Afghanistan and looking for a place to run to. They were in Iran, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other radical Islamic countries when they were invited to Iraq by Abu Musab al Zarqawi who up to that point had been the equivalent of al Qaeda's ambassador to Iraq. Our defeat of al Qaeda and the Talliban in Afghanistan took away Bin Ladden's state sponsored sanctuary and center for terrorism and left them homeless. Our invasion of Iraq created a magnet for them, drawing them into a central location that we control, where we can dispose of them like cockroaches attracted to a roach trap. That way, we don't have to go searching all over the Middle East for them and invading other countries. It is most convenient that they are now coming to us to die. The War on Terror is very much now centered in Iraq but this fact seems to escape most Democrats.

Murtha also said the U.S. military "has accomplished its mission and done its duty" by capturing Saddam Hussein and killing or capturing his associates. Wait a minute, accomplished it's mission by deposing Saddam Hussein's regime? Then why do we still here the shrill echoes and criticism of that banner flying proudly from the bridge of the USS Ronald Reagan, "Mission Accomplished", after the fall of Baghdad? Democrats have been saying up until now that the mission wasn’t accomplished but now they want to say just the opposite? You can't have it both ways without showing utter partisan hypocrisy for the whole country to see, and believe me, we see it.

"But the war continues to intensify," Murtha said, noting the rising death and injury toll. But what he didn't say is that the rising death and injury toll is to the innocent Iraqi people from suicide and car bombs, not to the American soldiers who are giving their all to protect the Iraqis. Was this omission intentional to give a false impression to the uninformed American citizen who think keeping an American GI death score is the measure of success or failure to be used?

Murtha insisted that the war cannot be won "militarily." In fact, he said the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq has become a catalyst for violence, and as long as U.S. forces stay in Iraq, they will impede the process of having Iraqis assume security control of their own country.

He is right in that the war cannot be won militarily alone, but that's not what we're doing there. If we leave now, then who is going to train the new Iraqi military in how to defend their own country? Who is going to continue to guide them in developing their own democratic state? They've never had one before, this is all new to them. Does Murtha think the democratic political process will all just come natural to them if we leave them alone?

Of course there is increasing violence in Iraq now. The closer they get to forming their own democratic government, the more that power vacuum in Iraq is closed to the Islamic terrorist and al Qaeda. Zarqawi and his terrorists are now desperately attacking Iraqis with everything they have to try to discourage democracy from breaking out. They also know that when Iraq is fully ready to defend their own country, they won’t have a chance of making it a terrorist haven.

This is no time for us to even talk about cutting and running. Iraq needs us now more than ever and will until they have enough trained troops to manage the security of their own country. Murtha has been getting all of his news from the liberal media if he thinks that great progress in the training of the Iraqi military is not happening. I would suggest he pay less attention to the New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC networks and spend some time with the New Media where progress in Iraq is not covered the way the Clintons‘ negligence and incompetence that led to 911 has been.

Murtha insists there is no plan for victory in Iraq. He states "When we invaded the beaches of Normandy in WWII there was a plan. There is no plan for Iraq". This is utter nonsense. I would remind Congressman Murtha that when we invaded Iraq we did have a plan which was executed a hell of a lot more successfully, and with a tiny fraction of the casualties than the invasion of Normandy. To compare today’s Iraq with the invasion of Normandy is absurd. The plan to invade Iraq has been completed with victory, now we have a new battle on our hands. Did we see the military plan for conquering Germany two years into WWII? If we did, then some traitor was leaking it to the press the same way they are leaking classified information today.

Did we have a plan two years into WWII? Of course we did. The plan was to adapt to current conditions as necessary to defeat Germany one battle at a time. You can plan a battle, you can’t plan a whole war. Commanders made it up as they went along, not follow some plan that had been drawn up two years earlier based on unknown conditions and circumstances.

In chess, a good chess player will plan his moves two or three moves ahead, but he doesn't plan all his moves from beginning the game up until the Checkmate. He can't. He doesn't know what his opponent is going to do. The same applies to war. You can plan several moves in advance but you cannot plan the whole war all the way to victory. Is this what Murtha expects to see? Plans have to adapt to changing circumstances and changing intelligence information, and that is exactly what we are doing. I guess Rep. Murtha hasn't bothered to learn about Operation Steel Curtain, the current plan to stop the terrorist traffic from coming across the Syrian and Iranian borders. No, he probably didn’t read about that, just like 99% of Congress didn’t bother to read the 911 Commission Report or the Dualfer Report on Iraq’s WMDs prior to the invasion.

I would very much like to know what Rep. Murtha considers a plan. From everything I've been hearing from Democrats, there is no plan unless it includes a timetable for withdrawal. Who do you suppose would have won WWII if there had been a timetable for withdrawal?  "Though the White House and some Republican lawmakers sounded the trumpets of victory for defeating the Democrats' hard-and-fast timetable, the message to the troops is clear: No matter where we stand in the war on terror -- if the Senate has its way, we're "pulling out" in 2006. Abu Musab al Zarqawi's terrorist organization immediately claimed victory and exhorted his followers to "hold on", wrote Col. Oliver North. Surely most Democrats in Congress must understand that any hint of withdrawal simply encourages al Qaeda's terrorists to wait us out rather than give up. Do Congressional Democrats expect us to believe that they are too dumb to understand this basic concept? The only other possible explanation is that they are deliberately trying to sabotage and undermine the Bush Administration's efforts to create a free and stable democracy in Iraq. Pulling out without victory cannot possibly produce anything other than a takeover by Islamic terrorists, and create another embarrassment for Americans in the mold of Vietnam. This should be crystal clear to any elected official other than Dennis Kucinich who seems to have less of a strategic and political mentality than that of Alfred E. Newman.

WWII was a very different kind of war where planning strategy and tactics was much easier. We knew who the enemy was and we knew where he was. There were battle lines and on one side were the allies and on the other there were the enemy. It was clearly a geographic war fought around geographic lines. No such thing exists in Iraq. The situation changes daily as we gain allies among the Iraqi people and learn new intelligence on where the enemy is hiding. It may be one house in a village or it may be an entire village that is infiltrated with enemy hiding among the civilians. Plans must be made and changed on a daily basis as we gain information from our Iraqi friends who have tired of terrorism.

Part of the current overall plan is to secure the borders and border villages to stop terrorists from Syria and Iran from crossing over into Iraq. It is Abu Musab al Zarqawi and his band of foreign al Qaeda terrorists who are driving this war along with a shrinking number of Iraqi Sunnis who are now realizing more and more that the political process, rather than violence, is the way to go.

Perhaps the largest part of the US plan in Iraq is to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. By doing that, they become our allies instead of allies of the terrorists, and provide us with useful information about the enemy that we can then use to root them out. But in order for them to ally with us, they have to know that we will stand with them and not desert them when they need us the most. And this is where Murtha and his "cut and run" Democrats are attempting to undermine and sabotage the war plan that they say doesn't exist. Every time they spout off about pulling US troops out of Iraq, they give aid and comfort to the enemy and discourage Iraqis from cooperating with us for fear we will leave them at the mercy of the terrorists who will then take revenge on them. Every time they smear our president, our country, or our troops with false accusation, they turn more of world opinion against us and cost us more lives and allies. This is nothing less than direct sabotage of America, the President, and American foreign policy. The polls are showing that the tactic is working by turning Americans against the president. They are also turning other countries against America who don’t have the opportunity to see the other side of the coin as we do. All they get is the French press, BBC, al Jazeera, and The China Daily - there are no opposing views.

Perhaps Murtha and his ilk just don't see the plan or don't comprehend it. Is he looking for a "military plan" so that he and the Democrats can then spill it to the media and the enemy?  During the Gulf war, Peter Jennings was severely reprimanded for revealing troop movements in Saudi Arabia near the northern border in preparation of the "Hail Mary" tactic. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Geraldo Rivera was removed from the country when he drew tactical military plans in the sand for the cameras. Does Murtha really expect our military to reveal tactical plans to him with classified information leaking to the press like a bad faucet these days? I would hope that they wouldn't. Without tactical information that Democrats can leak to the press, they are attempting to defeat the political plan to win in Iraq by pressing for surrender and withdrawal in Congress. How popular they could become among antiwar liberals in the next election if only they could be successful in sabotaging the war. Isn't that what this is really all about?

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