Scandal of the Century

Techniguy - 01-29-2005

Among the many justifications for the invasion of Iraq, was the belief that Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction posed a huge threat not only to US citizens here and abroad, but to the region and it's people as well. In March of 2003 our troops entered Iraq fully equipped with chemical protection suits and fully expecting to face chemical and biological attacks. They had a few false alarms but no real attacks. As they moved closer to Baghdad, the full force of Saddam’s chemical weapons was expected to be unleashed upon them but again it didn't happen. Everyone was asking "why didn't he use them?"

But when we occupied Baghdad just three weeks into the invasion and went looking for the WMD, they weren't there where we expected them to be. We had given Hans Blix and his UNMOVIC team over 4 months to locate WMD in Iraq but they failed to find any. We sent in inspectors under the banner of "The Iraq Survey Group" to look for them. They found plenty of evidence that the WMD had been there along with the programs for further development of them, but still little actual chemical and biological weapons themselves existed. The bunkers and plants where they had been manufactured and stored had been sterilized.

This left intelligence agencies all over the world scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong with their intelligence, they should have been there. But the American left knew exactly what was wrong; "Bush lied and there were no WMD in Iraq since the 90s", the American people fell for it. Even President Bush and his administration has been known to admit that the intelligence was wrong after no WMD could be found. A commission was appointed to find out why the intelligence failed resulting in little useful information released to the public. As long as no WMD were to be found, the American Left could amplify their contention that it was all a lie, Bush misled the people (and them) simply to justify a military attack on Iraq.

Never mind that Iraq was a sworn enemy of the United States, and for 12 years, Iraq had been violating the terms of the 1991 cease fire agreement, shooting at our planes, ignoring 17 UN resolutions to disarm, cheating on the Oil For Food Program, conducting mass murder of his own people, and thumbing his nose at the international community. There was concern that Saddam may be in the process of developing nuclear weapons as well and no one really knew where that program stood. We had been attacked and damaged by Islamic terrorists who killed 2800 of our citizens. Our government was in 'post 9-11' mode and couldn't take chances on the same thing happening again. There was a very real threat to our national security looming out there that had to be dealt with before it was too late. Saddam's WMD had to be destroyed and Saddam had to be removed from power.

Even now, nearly three years later, how few of us are asking not what went wrong with the intelligence, but where are the WMD that should have been there, where did they go? It never made sense that Saddam would have just somehow caused the material to vaporize, or destroyed it with out any documentation to prove it. It didn't make sense that after he threw out the UNSCOM inspectors in 1998 leaving their WMD finds sealed in bunkers, that Saddam would just destroy them on his own with no international eyes watching. It didn't make sense that he would destroy the material and not tell anyone knowing his country would be invaded and he would be thrown out of power because of his refusal to cooperate with the international community and come clean on his WMD. It didn't make sense that Saddam's WMD just vaporized without a trace sometime between 1998 and 2003 yet that is exactly what the Democrats have convinced a great many people to believe and still do to this day, without any evidence to support it. How did we leap from the fact that WMD have not yet been found in Iraq, to the assumption that they didn't exist?

The question everyone should have been asking is not what went wrong with the intelligence, but where did the WMD go? It seems everyone just accepted the Democrats' premise that Saddam got rid of the WMD in the 90s, and I repeat, with absolutely no evidence to support it. I can only describe this as mass insanity. But I can also understand it as the left has the media on their side which echoes most everything they say. When there are only questions and no answers to explain an opposing view, the general public will just accept whatever the media says as truth, especially when they keep saying it over and over again. The public will believe the propaganda even when it's quite possibly the greatest hoax of all time.

In 2004, captured Iraqi officials were saying under interrogation that Saddam had moved his WMD to Syria. Then there was the truck convoy filled with chemical weapons headed for Amman, Jordan that was intercepted just after crossing the Syrian border. The terrorist admitted they, and the material had come from Iraq. In 2005, Israeli intelligence was reporting that Saddam's WMD had been transported to Syria and our own CIA had evidence to support it. I have posted many such Newsletters over the past year and a half but non has been so conclusive as the latest witness to Saddam's plan to deceive the world and hide his WMD in Syria.

Gen. Georges Sada, Saddam’s top military advisor and #2 man in the Iraqi Air Force has now published a book documenting the movement of WMD from Iraq to Damascus via converted Iraq Airways 747s, 727s, and trucks. He received this information personally from two Iraqi pilots charged with piloting the flights. We need only for these two anonymous pilots to now come forward to support Sada's story, who Sada says are now working for another airline. Sada's book is titled "Saddam's Secrets" and has just gone on sale.

What will happen when Saddam's WMD are recovered and the real truth is known to all? The whole Democratic Party strategy over the past two years has been built around their lie that "Bush lied" about Iraq's WMD. Their entire false reality will come crashing down around their heads and they will be exposed as the real liars that they are to the entire world, most of which still believes their propaganda. It will be exposed as the greatest hoax and ultimately the greatest scandal of the century considering how many people still actually believe it and the money and resources this hoax has cost Americans. It will be shown that the intelligence was not wrong, that President Bush did not lie or mislead the country, and that this hoax was created by Democrats purely for the sake of trying to bring down the president. In the end it will be they who are brought to their knees begging forgiveness from the American people and forced to apologize to the president.

Of course we will have to go into Syria for the proof and that may not be far off now, as Syria has closely aligned itself with Iran and Hamas and has even offered to hold Iran‘s illegal weapons if the US invades. We're going to have to force Syria to come clean on the issue of the WMD they have hidden for Saddam or face military action and invasion unless UN inspectors can gain access to Syria and be successful in finding the WMD for us. Don't hold your breath or count on the UN for anything that might benefit America or the Bush Administration. Going after Iran’s illegal weapons stored in Syria may be the key to finding Saddam’s WMD. When we do, the jig will be up for the Democrats who have been perpetrating this hoax on America and the free world for their own political gain.

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