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Spoiled Brat Meets Reality - For the First Time
by J. R. Dieckmann - Editor
LOS ANGELES: I never thought I would be writing anything about Paris Hilton but this is just too good to pass up. And it’s really not about Paris anyway, so much as about the absurdity of what liberal California and Los Angeles have become. This was showcased over the last couple of days with the Hilton case. I hope this incident serves as a lesson to liberal parents who think raising their children without proper discipline is a good idea.

I’ll be brief with the background as I’m sure you have heard it all before. Paris Hilton was arrested for DUI, paid a fine, and was placed on probation. She was then arrested a second time on the same offense plus violating probation. She paid a fine, was placed on probation again, and had her license suspended for 60 days. She was subsequently arrested a third time for the same offense, plus violating probation, plus driving on a suspended license, plus failing to appear in court on time.

Well of course. She’s a spoiled rich, no talent, celebrity who believes her money places her above the law. Judge Michael T. Sauer saw it differently. It was clear to him that light sentencing would have no effect on Hilton. He ordered her to 45 days in jail which was reduced to 23 days. She was given 30 days to report for her sentence.

California has a “three strike rule” for felons. Two slaps on the wrist, then you go down for the count. But because of County jail overcrowding by criminal illegal aliens, most offenders serve only 10% of their sentence, the rest is commuted to probation or electronic monitoring. Misdemeanor offenders sentenced to 10 days are usually out in one. No one serves their court ordered sentence in Los Angeles and criminals know it. Brief jail time for a crime is merely a break from the stress of life on the streets.

Miss Hilton turned herself in to serve her sentence ordered last month, at 11:58 pm Sunday night. At 2:00 am on Thursday morning she was released to the Electronic Monitoring Program and sent home after serving 3 days but credited for 5 - Sunday through Thursday. Upon arriving at home, she immediately called her favorite bakery and ordered a delivery of her special custom made cupcakes. No need to drive anywhere.

This is where it starts to get good. L. A. County Sheriff, Lee Baca, says she “wasn’t released”, she was sent home sighting "severe medical problems" as the reason. That’s like saying the Immigration Bill isn’t “Amnesty”. He later confirmed the medical problems were mental in nature. What it really came down to was that Hilton decided she didn’t like being in jail and being treated like a prisoner so she should be allowed to go home. Baca agreed.

But Judge Sauer had written on his court order that home confinement and electronic monitoring was not an option. He also ordered that there should be no early release, no weekends off, no special privileges. Hilton would pay the consequences for her actions just like people in the real world do. But Paris Hilton has never lived in the real world.

Baca forgets that the whole reason for jail time is punishment. Allowing Hilton to serve her time at home eliminates the punishment. To Hilton, life is a party and home is where the party is. If Sauer couldn’t make an impression on Hilton this time, he knew he would be seeing her in his courtroom again. The next time, someone might be dead as a result of the Hilton immaturity and irresponsibility. It was time this spoiled brat learned some discipline that her parents failed to teach her.

On Thursday afternoon, Los Angeles District Attorney, Rocky Delgadillo, made a statement condemning the (non-release) release and would be filing an objection with the judge and requesting an investigation. By Thursday evening, and outraged Judge Sauer ordered Hilton to appear before his bench at 9:00 am Friday morning. She didn’t show up because Sheriff Baca had refused to send a car to pick her up saying the judge has no jurisdiction over it anymore.

Friday morning, Judge Sauer was informed that Hilton would make her appearance by phone instead of in person. Oh, that’s cute! It was also the last straw for Judge Sauer who then ordered the Sheriff to send deputies to Hilton’s home to arrest her and bring her into the courtroom. Sauer would deal with Baca later.

An hour later two Sheriff’s cars were still waiting in front of Hilton’s mansion as Paris refused to come out. Media reporters and paparazzi were everywhere and all tv news stations were focused on the street in front of Hilton’s home for more than an hour as news helicopters circled overhead. For our sick media, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Finally she appeared at the door kicking and screaming, in tears and handcuffs as Sheriffs deputies escorted her to the police car. The car she was placed in was swarmed by photographers, reminiscent of an Israeli car in Palestine during a riot. As the car tried to slowly pull out, one photographer, leaning over the hood, was thrown to the ground by the moving car which abruptly stopped and the officer shouted over the loudspeaker “Get out of the way!”.

You would think it was the President of the United States under arrest in that car the way the media acted. This is another example of the perverse obsession some Americans and the media seem to have with all the wrong people. For some, the world turns on other people’s personal lives, especially if they‘re famous. I will never understand this ridiculous obsession with the personal lives of people whose job it is to appear on screen. In Hilton’s case, she doesn’t have a job. Just a Hollywood party tramp with lots of inherited money.

After a two hour wait, Hilton was finally escorted into the courtroom where lawyers argued their case for an hour. Judge Sauer ordered that medical records be presented to testify to Hilton’s illness but they never came. Defense lawyers made up all kinds of silly excuses for why Paris should not be in jail.

Rumor has it that the medical problem was a severe case of Spoiledbratocosis, compounded by frequent attacks of Tempertantrumitis. These dysfunctions became more pronounced during her 3 days in jail because of the sudden development of Incarceratiaphobia which the jail staff was unequipped to deal with and feared it might effect other inmates.

Before long, Sauer had had enough of this nonsense and ordered Hilton back to jail to serve the full 45 days. Hilton was shocked to hear “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not pass a liquor store. Do not pass your drug dealer. Do not collect $200 from your mother.”

She was led from the courtroom crying and screaming “This isn’t fair, this isn’t right - Mommy, Mommy!” This young lady is 26 years old. “Mommy, Mommy?” This is what happens when you raise a spoiled brat who is never forced to grow up and face reality. You end up with a 26 year old 2 year old.

There is now an investigation in progress to bring charges of Contempt of Court against Sheriff Baca for violating a court order. Baca defends his decision to release Hilton stating he doesn’t think she belongs in jail. That’s not his decision to make when ordered by the court. He also states jail overcrowding as a reason, but the special facility where Hilton was taken is not overcrowded. She didn’t even have a cellmate in her 8 x 12 two bed cell.

He also stated that her “medical condition was deteriorating”. Well, of course it was. This is a child in a woman’s body who has never before had to face accountability, discipline, or punishment in her life. Her whole world has never been anything more than a party. The reality of personal responsibility doesn’t fit in her world and she is totally unprepared for it.

She can’t accept it and can’t believe it’s happening. It’s turned her world completely up side down. You can’t party in jail. For Hilton, it’s just like going through drug and alcohol withdrawal which is also likely contributing to the problem. No wonder she‘s freaking out and expects that if she continues with her childish tantrums, they’ll let her out again.

Recently, a pending $10 million civil case against Hilton had been postponed until August because Paris was deemed too distraught and upset to appear in court after last month‘s ruling. Hilton immediately went home and threw a party to escape reality which has no place in her world of parties, alcohol and drugs. She’s too upset to appear in court, but not too upset to party.

Why would Baca defy the court by releasing Hilton? I can think of several reasons. It’s been said that Baca is a “celebrity worshiper”. Obsession with celebrities is a mental illness and I can only suggest to such people - get a life! It’s because of people like Baca that celebrities get away with so much and feel they are above the law and better than everyone else.

The Hilton home is in the West Hollywood hills. West Hollywood is a part of Los Angeles County, not L. A. City, therefore the Sheriff serves as the local police. It’s the Hiltons and other Hollywood celebrities who paid for Baca’s reelection campaign. You don’t bite the hand that fees you.

Baca wants to stay in the good graces of the Hollywood crowd to protect his career and to be accepted by the people he admires so much. Judge Sauer decided it was time to start treating these primadonnas like everyone else when they commit crimes. Baca tried to serve the Hollywood celebrities instead of the people of this county. I will never vote for him again for any office since learning this. Come to think of it, I don’t think I voted for him last time either.

Friday afternoon, we found out why Paris is so broken up and broken down over being sent back to jail. Early in the afternoon caterers and party equipment suppliers began arriving at the Hilton home along with a few early guests for Paris’s welcome home from jail party but she won‘t be there. Instead, she is the L. A. County Jail Medical Ward on suicide watch. For Paris, this situation is definitely justification for considering suicide.

Just imagine her surprise, thinking she has avoided justice once again and looking forward to partying that night, but instead she finds herself alone staring at concrete walls and bars while the party goes on without her. Welcome to the real world, little girl. I hope you’ll learn something about it over the next few weeks. You have only yourself and your parents to blame for your condition.

Judge Sauer is being called "an aggressive judge" by TMZ.com.  Los Angeles needs more "aggressive" judges like Michael T. Sauer.  On Saturday, Hilton issued a statement saying that the latest ruling will not be appealed.