The Christmas Revival

By Techniguy - 12-04-2005

As we enter into the Christmas season this year, many of us are acutely aware of efforts to take Christmas out of the Christmas holiday. I heard a song playing in a store the other day that simply had the lyrics “happy holidays” repeated over and over again from beginning to end, then at the very end it sang “may the calendar keep ringing - happy holidays”. Does it really make any sense to celebrate a holiday on the calendar that doesn’t really stand for anything more than a day on the calendar? This is nuts, and was the most ridiculous song I’ve ever heard, but again demonstrates the absurdity of political correctness. Christmas Carols are intended to celebrate the Christian holiday of Christmas, not Chanukah, not Ramadan, not Kwanzaa, not atheism, but Christmas. This song was nothing more than a cheap imitation of a Christmas Carol intended to ram political correctness down our throats. It was offensive, to say the least.

But we shouldn’t get too hung up on the Christmas holiday being only about the birth of Christ because the holiday represents many beliefs and celebrates events that took place even before Jesus was born. Most people don't realize that the church did not even honor any type of festivity for the birth of Christ until the 4th century. Originally, it was the celebration of the winter solstice that meant the days would be getting longer and warmer in some parts of the world and crops and meat would be more plentiful. Christmas as we know it today is a Victorian invention of the 1860s. Probably the most celebrated holiday in the world, our modern Christmas is a product of hundreds of years of both secular and religious traditions from around the globe.

In 165 BC, the Jewish people established Chanukah on the 25th of December to celebrate their liberation from Syrian pagans. The Romans celebrated the Festival of Saturnalia in December, honoring Saturn and their winter solstice. In Scandinavia, the Norse celebrated Yule from December 21, the winter solstice, through January. In Germany, people honored the pagan god Oden during the mid-winter holiday. The Roman Christian Emperor, Constantine established Christmas in 340 AD and decided December 25 to be the most likely time for the birth of Christ. The idea to celebrate Christmas on the twenty fifth was first suggested early in the fourth century and was due to the clever conceit of church fathers wishing to over-ride the December twenty fifth festivities of a rival religion that threatened the existence of Christianity. In the middle ages, the feast of Adam and Eve was held on December 24th. The Paradise tree, a fir tree hung with red apples, was its symbol. Franklin Pierce, our 14th President, was the first to bring the Christmas tree tradition to the White House. In 1923, President Calvin Coolidge established the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the White House lawn now held as an annual holiday observance.

So it’s not as though Christians own the Christmas holiday, but they don’t want to feel excluded from it either. The USA is populated by more than 85% Christians and not only was it founded on Christian principals, but has honored them throughout our history. Every religion is free to celebrate their winter holiday in America but the vast majority of holiday decorations and promotions are in fact the celebration of Christmas holiday and we should not be afraid to say so. Until recently, no one had a problem with that including the Jewish people, and Christians have always respected the Jewish right to celebrate Chanukah and other Jewish holidays. We have no problem with the menorah standing along side the Christmas tree in public places and never have. The one thing that is not celebrated this, or any holiday season is atheism. Atheists have a perfect right to their beliefs but have no right to interfere with the free exercise and celebration of traditional Christian holidays.

In an interview with Jackie Mason (a Jew) by Bill O’Reiley, Mason, who has no problem wishing anyone a “Merry Christmas” was asked “who is responsible for this abolishment of Christmas in major retailer’s holiday advertising? Mason’s reply was “It’s the C.E.O.s of those companies who speak only for themselves”, they fear loosing a few sales to non-Christians who they think might be offended by Christmas advertising. Again, political correctness implies that non-Christians will be offended by the mention of Christmas which is pure nonsense in most cases. But O’Reiley pressed further and stated that he believes it goes further than that, specifically naming George Soros and his atheist cronies who are forcing this on the American people through the Democratic Party of which they are the primary financiers.

O’Reiley is probably right since all this political correctness, anti-Christian and anti-Christmas nonsense has all been coming from the politically correct far Left. But I believe it’s not only the Soros people, it’s essentially what is left of the Communist party (which includes the ACLU and probably Soros) operating in the United States and suckering lefties into their ideology with half truths and lies. In case you didn’t know, there are no Christian Communists. Communism is an atheist philosophy and Soros is “officially” a devout atheist socialist.

Oddly enough, many liberal Democrats are themselves Christians, yet they support the Left wing agenda which includes erasing Christmas and Christianity from public view. But this should come as no surprise from a group of people who thrive on double standards such as opposing capitol punishment and fighting to preserve the lives of convicted murderers, yet support the killing of innocent babies just waiting in the womb for their chance at life. How can a person morally oppose capital punishment yet support abortion without showing complete hypocrisy?

In recent years we have been seeing an escalation of attacks on Christmas and Christianity. There was the lawsuit to remove an 8-foot iron cross used for Easter gatherings and as a World War I memorial in Mojave National Preserve, claiming it was a Christian symbol. Then came the ACLU (American Communist Litigation Unit) attack on the Mt. Soledad cross in San Diego, CA. Although atheists have been fighting for removal of this cross for the past 16 years, it became a major issue in the courts just this past year. Then there were the ACLU lawsuits against cities across the country to have crosses removed from their city and country seals. Los Angeles county commissioners opted to remove the cross rather than fight, and now the ACLU is going after the town of Las Cruses (The Crosses), NM. I suppose they will have to change their name as well as their seal unless they can win in court. And of course we shouldn’t forget the removal of the Ten Commandments, man’s first set of laws, from Judge Roy Moore’s courthouse simply because it contained the word “God” which might offend some atheists who could just as well avoid seeing it by not committing crimes and getting arrested.

There was also Michael Newdow, an ACLU lawyer, trying to remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance along with any reference to God in the schools, and his latest attempt to remove our national motto “In God We Trust” from our coins. And over the past several years we have seen frequent attacks on Christians and Christmas by retailers as well as the media and we ask - why? After all, wasn’t this nation founded on Judeo-Christian principals? Are not 85% of Americans Christians? And it’s a fact that over 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, it’s even a national holiday, but now some want to abolish Christianity from Christmas but still keep the holiday by calling it something else? When we ask those who support the removal of public displays of Christianity why they are doing this, we always get the same answer; “the Constitution demands it”. In fact, it does not. The 1st Amendment protects the freedom of religious expression and forbids the government from establishing a state endorsed religion using taxpayer funds. It’s just that simple, nothing more and nothing less.

Could this be more than just intolerance of Christianity by atheists, but also be political? For decades, our country has been experiencing a decay of moral values which seemed to come to a head under the Clinton Administration. In 2000, George W. Bush was elected President of the United States, then was reelected in 2004. President Bush has made no secret of his Christian faith and how important it is to him as president. With the election of President Bush, came a revival of moral and Christian values which swept the country. It was a rebellion against the decay of American, Christian, and moral values being promoted by the liberal left. What better way for the left to discredit President Bush than by discrediting his religious faith. Not only his, but all those who voted for him who the left has been showing utter hate for and trying to paint them as religious fanatics. By attacking Christianity, people like George Soros, politically correct liberals, and ACLU atheists on the left are essentially attacking their political enemies. It is their backlash at Christians who were largely responsible for electing George W. Bush.

But now there is good news ahead. The backlash from last years retail avoidance of “Christmas” promotions is now forcing retailers to change their secular tune to Christmas Carols. Lowe's has released a statement saying they now refer to all trees as "Christmas Trees" and have removed all signs previously calling them "Holiday Trees." Walgreen’s has released the following response: "Next year, you can be assured our advertising will better incorporate 'Christmas,' and our holiday trees will be called Christmas trees. Unfortunately, all of this year’s December ads are already printed, so it's too late to make changes for this season." Other retailers will be coming around as well, just as soon as they see less than expected profits from Christmas season shopping and read all the letters and hear all the complaints from outraged Christian shoppers.

In addition, House Speaker Dennis Hastert has stepped in to turn the tide back toward traditional Christmas celebration. Hastert told federal officials this week that the decorated tree on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol will be called the “Capitol Christmas Tree”. Since the politically correct 1990s, the tree has been known as the "Holiday Tree," and Hastert has thus momentarily reversed a troubling trend to secularize Christmas across the country. He is not alone. Last year, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reversed his predecessor's political correctness and stated that the official tree in Sacramento would be known as a Christmas tree, at least as long as he is in office. Piece by piece, Christmas is being restored in America.

Atheists and Leftists still continue to distort the 1st Amendment of the Constitution by claiming a “wall of separation between church and state”, and by claiming the Constitution prohibits the government from promoting or recognizing religion. The fact is that the Constitution prohibits the government from establishing a state run religion or endorsing a particular denomination of faith. But the part they always leave out when quoting the Constitution is the part that says government may not prohibit the free exercise of religion. The interesting thing is that these attacks on religion seem only to apply to Christianity and nothing else. Not only do they not apply to other faiths, but if you’re a Muslim, your faith is not only supported, but catered to by the government as we have seen at Club Gitmo and other Islamic holding areas. Where are the ACLU lawsuits to stop that? On the contrary, the Left complains if US Government troops do not cooperate with Islamic tradition in the handling of the Koran. Does this not prove that the attacks on Christianity have nothing to do with the Constitution, but rather are politically motivated?

Why are the Democrats so determined to withdraw troops from Iraq before their mission is completed? Now that Iraqis are about to vote on their duly elected parliament and ruling officials, the Left and the media has become even more vocal on withdrawal. They have stepped up their attacks right in tune with the terrorists stepping up theirs in Iraq. Iraqi troops are becoming more capable of securing their own country everyday which will allow American troop strength to be reduced gradually, while Democrats insist that the war is lost, there is nothing more we can do, and we must pick up our toys and go home to cry over our losses.

So why is the Left in such a rush to cut and run from Iraq before the job is done? Because by doing so, the antiwar left would be validated in their claims that the war was unjustified and illegitimate and reinforce their mantra “Bush lied to go to war”. For the Administration to pull troops out before achieving complete victory would appear as admitting that they were wrong in invading Iraq in the first place and are attempting to rectify their mistake. That is what the Democrats want to hear.

The aftermath in Iraq would be a devastating disaster which would give terrorists a firm grip on the Middle East and a state sponsored base from which to launch major WMD attacks on the United States and Europe. And all this would be blamed on the Bush Administration and Republicans by the Democrats saying it never would have happened if we hadn‘t invaded Iraq. On the other hand, victory in Iraq and the establishment of a free and democratic country friendly with the west in the heart of the Middle East would validate the Bush plan and make Democrats look stupid and un-American for opposing it. This is why it is so important to the Left to discredit the President and defeat his plan for Iraq and the Middle East. It’s clearly a tactic undermine the Administration, the security of the US, and the world for political gain. Hopefully, this will be crystal clear to everyone before the next election and we won’t make the mistake of electing people to high office who have no idea how to defend our country from terrorism or other enemies who may try to harm our people and our country.


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