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The Soros money factor
By JR Dieckmann
Editor, GreatAmericanJournal.com
May 12, 2007
Republicans in Congress have been accused of corruption for taking bribes and allowing lobbyist Jack Abramoff to influence legislation. Whatever influence Abramoff may have had on Republican legislators is nothing compared to the influence George Soros is having on Democrat legislators. In both cases, votes were and are being bought for money.
Speaking of buying votes for money, how does $24 Billion sound. That is the cost to taxpayers for pork that Nancy Pelosi is offering her Democrats in exchange for votes on her Iraq Surrender Bill. But it isn’t just Pelosi who wants a US surrender in Iraq, it’s also her boss and dictator of the Democrat Party, George Soros. This should serve as an example of Pelosi's loyalty and dedication to her commander.
Soros doesn’t like wars, especially wars where Americans intend to win. Pelosi’s counterpart in the Senate, Harry Reid, is consistent in promoting the exact same rhetoric we hear from Pelosi but he isn’t quite as polished. He makes mistakes with statements like “the war is lost” and in doing so, lets the cat out of the bag on their agenda to weaken America.
Hillary Clinton wants her share of Soros money too. Not only does she want to socialize the medical industry, but says she would “take the profits from the oil companies” and give it to organizations of her own choosing. “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need”. The basis for all Marxist philosophy which Soros and Clinton share.
Then again, Clinton doesn’t really need too much of her money from Soros. She has other sources of funding such as “under the table” contributions from the Communist Chinese; unreported and under-reported private donations at fundraisers in places like Hollywood; millions given to her husband for speeches given and deals made in Mideastern countries; and if Sandy Berger can get away with stealing top secret documents from the government, then what other kinds of crime and fraud does Clinton profit from?
Remember, the Rose Law Firm investigation was halted with the firing of all 93 US Attorneys when the Clintons took over the White House and Air Force 1, gutting both when they left. Then they figured a way to have the taxpayers pay for their new estate home in New York. What else have they stolen from us that we don‘t yet know about?
How can Mrs. Clinton run for President on her “credentials” when other than being the former First Lady, her only credentials are a failed socialized healthcare plan, bringing thousands of Islamics to America, and renaming a couple of buildings in New York? It’s going to take more than lifelong training in Marxism to get elected to the White House but Soros may have to settle for that if Ms. Clinton wins the primaries.
Through his bought and paid for organizations like MoveOn.org, Daily KOS, Media Matters, and countless other political action committees, Soros is dictating his will to the Democrat party. MoveOn and Daily KOS have told Democrat leaders in Congress that unless they pass the antiwar legislation demanded by the far left, those organizations will end their support for the Democrats in Congress. Without the support of these organizations, Democrats will have not only lost the liberal votes, but the Soros campaign money as well.
MoveOn has in the past, and is now again boasting "We bought the Democrat party, we own it, and we are taking it back". So who is "we"?
Quite simply, it is radical liberals funded by quasi-Communists George Soros and Peter Lewis who the Democrat party has come to depend on for their funding. They are in charge, they pay the bills, they provide the campaign funding. They decide which democrats get elected and they decide the agenda for the Democrats in Congress through their surrogate organizations.
They provide marching orders and propaganda through their primary internet outlets MoveOn and Daily KOS which then spread into Congress and ultimately to the New York Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the media centipede.
The Soros organizations start with donations to The Tides Foundation, owned by Teresa Heinz Kerry which distributes hundreds of millions of Soros dollars to the left wing political action organizations. They tried to put John Kerry in the White House in 2004 and failed, now they want revenge on the American people who voted against them.
Soros’ plan for America is raise taxes, cut defenses, open borders, corrupt our schools with sex and socialist indoctrination, reject God and eliminate religion, destroy the moral fiber, divide the country, and leave it vulnerable to attack by foreign powers and terrorists. Is this not exactly what Democrats are trying to do today in Congress? Is all this not completely contrary to what America is and what it stands for?
The corruption in the Democrat party that allows Soros to buy votes and dictate to Congressmen and Senators is 100 times worse than any influence Jack Abramoff may have had on Republican politicians yet it goes unchallenged and virtually unnoticed.
Abramoff’s influence only effected the direction in which a few dollars were spent, while Soros' influence is effecting the direction of the whole country through his bought and paid for politicians. Shouldn’t the Justice Department be asking where Democrats are getting their campaign money?
Oh sure, it’s all reported in the public record as individual donors giving up to the limit of $2100.00 each, but those records only reflect the final donor. The question to be asked is “who are they, and where did they get the money?” How much of that money came from Soros donations? Or start from the top and work down; exactly where did all the donated hundreds of millions of Soros money go? Don’t expect the House Ethics or Judiciary Committees to be investigating this anytime soon.
After George W. Bush won the elections in 2000, Democrats demanded "campaign reform". In 2002 we got McCain/Feingold "campaign reform" which opened the door to privately funded and unaccountable 527 groups and uncontrolled campaign registration and voter fraud. The $2100.00 limit didn't stop Soros from giving hundreds of millions to private organizations like the Tides Foundation to be distributed to radical left wing organizations and to ultimately be contributed to political campaigns by thousands of individual donors doing Soros bidding.
Is it any coincidence that Politicians on the left have been promoting such anti-American, Marxist rhetoric since 2004? Is their rhetoric any different from the views and ambitions of George Soros? It appears now that leading Democrat politicians are nothing more than mouthpieces for Soros and doing his bidding in Congress.
What Democrats are doing in Congress makes no sense at all from an American point of view. But if you consider the Soros money factor, then it makes perfect sense. Without the support of the Soros funded organizations, Democrats won't be able to raise enough money to get themselves reelected. Their only hope of holding onto their political careers is to fall in line with the shadow dictator with the money.
Abramoff's activities involved the influencing of a handful of Republicans votes on certain issues regarding funding for American Indian interests. Soros' activities involve the influencing of the entire Democrat party and effect every vote they cast on every issue that effects the lives of all Americans. Their methods are different, but the crime and consequence is the same. In the best interests of America, I'll take Abramoff over Soros anytime.
We may have lost a few tax dollars with Abramoff, we're loosing the entire country with Soros.