by Techniguy | 10-21-2006

It looks like the Clinton camp and Soros groups have staff working full time this year trying to dig up scandals on Republicans. Republicans don't seem to have the time for doing the same to democrats, they're too busy working on the real issues that matter to informed voters. The tabloid mentality of the Democrats is clearly visible in the way they have been campaigning this year. The issues they have been stressing are all about scandals and all it takes is a rumor for them to go off running to the media half cocked with their latest charges of wrong doing by some Republican. It the same kind of garbage you see in the supermarket tabloids. Usually a little fact mixed with a lot of fiction that is never proven but the liberal media is happy to promote it just the same.

Would you get your news from the tabloids? It's all about scandal and shock value, just like Democrat campaigning. A lot of sensationalizing with little actual news or facts. It doesn't matter if it's ever substantiated or proven, what matters is getting the alleged scandal out there for their tabloid mentality followers to see and believe. By the time the issue is proven false, they have all been convinced it's true and the media won't tell them any different. You have to get the truth from the "New Media" on talk radio and the internet. Do Democrats really think they can convince anyone to vote for them by using tabloid tactics to campaign?  Probably not, but they do hope they can persuade you not to vote if you're a Republican.

Democrat campaign rhetoric, and media coverage of it, is no different from what you seen in the Supermarket tabloids. What do they stand for? Where is their plan for a better America? How will they make our country stronger? Why isn't the media asking these questions? Questions that never seem to get answered. Instead we get "this Republican did this, and that Republican did that." Are Americans so gullible that they would elect a party to power based on tabloid style campaigning instead of the issues?

Fiction: "Dennis Hastert engaged in a cover-up to conceal Congressman Mark Foley's disgraceful behavior and should resign."
Fact: Foley had inappropriate emails and instant messages with a few Pages and was forced to resign by Republican leadership when they learned the extent of it.
Fiction: "Lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, was a Republican operative and typical of corruption in the Republican Party."
Fact: Abramoff, engaged some elected officials in bribery and shady dealings. In fact, if Democrats had been in power, Abramoff would have been targeting Democrats instead of Republicans. Lobbyists target the party in power to get results, regardless of which party it is.
Fiction: The Whitehouse leaked classified information to punish Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame for criticizing the President.
Fact: The name of Valerie Plame was leaked by a State Department official who had nothing to do with the Whitehouse. Knowing this all along, Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, persisted in a 2 year investigation into Whitehouse activities hoping to create still another tabloid type scandal which proved fruitless.

These are just three examples, you can probably think of many more, but the all have one thing in common - alleged scandal, just what you expect to find in the tabloids. Every time you see another scandal from Democrats, you can bet that the same kind of behavior is going on in their party as well but no one is pointing it out, least of all, the media. The left has turned the New York Times and their conglomerate into nothing more than a tabloid, and the mainstream media's primary source for "news". They could just as well be using the National Inquirer and get the same effect.

But as far as media reports of Republicans loosing the House or the Senate, don't believe the media or their left slanted polls. Democrats are trying to convince Republicans that they've already lost the race and there is no use showing up at the polls to vote. That's what it's all about, trying to discourage Republicans from voting. We can easily win this election if enough Republicans just show up at the poll. Hopefully they will and the Democrat tactics will backfire on them by convincing the gullible liberals they've already won so there is no need for them to vote.

The Dems have only two strategies in their campaign. One is to use smear tactics and scandals against the Republicans, and the other is to use the media to convince Republicans that the Dems have already won and to stay home on election day. They have nothing to campaign on that Americans would want, so they use these tactics to try to win the election. It's all BS and the media has been promoting it harder than ever this year. Bush hating liberals in the media are doing their best to convince Republicans to stay away from the polls on election day by giving a false impression of the country's political landscape and showing it as hopeless for the Right.

They slant their polls to get the news stories they want from them by consistently polling more Democrats than Republicans. Anywhere from 20 to 35% more Democrats are surveyed in every poll they've done this year and it matters little which poll you look at, the survey statistics show the same bias, always slanted to the left. The proof is in the fine print at the bottom of every political survey results document. When have you ever seen a survey with Republicans and Democrats balanced in the polling? And that bias is what you're seeing and hearing on the news and what those on the left want to believe and want you to believe. Don't believe it. The party with the best turnout on election day will win and the Dems know that. That's why they're trying to convince you to stay home. They know they can't win on the real issues but hope they can win by default.

Media political coverage has become so obviously bias this year that even a liberal should be able to see it. For example, one tactic used by networks is to give 15 or 20 seconds of coverage to a story favorable to Republicans, then follow it with a 2 or 3 minute story favorable to Democrats. This way they can say they cover both sides of the issue, but the coverage is hardly balanced.

In another instance, CNN reported that 69% of Americans don't think America is winning the war on terror. This was based on a survey that showed 31% thought America was winning, 24% thought the terrorists were winning, and 45% said they didn't know. By adding the 24% who voted for the terrorist to the 45% who didn't know, they presented their misleading statement that 69% of Americans "don't think" America is winning in the war on terror. Using the same language, 76% of Americans "don't think" the terrorists are winning the war on terror. I wonder what Lou Dobbs would have to say about that.

I don't believe the Dems are going to win much of anything this year, certainly not control of the House or Senate. According to the media's own polls, races where Republicans were trailing are now closing up and the Right is gaining momentum. This is typical of how Republicans win elections, in the final stretch. By the time the Republicans are just getting started, the Democrats have already used up their ammo.  Or, to put it another way, in their screwing of America, Democrats have shot their wad before the voters are there, and in the end, they slink away shrunken, embarrassed, and angry. 

Then, just before election day, Osama bin Ladden or Iman al Zawahiri will come out of their hole with a pro Democrat campaign message to show Americans who's side they are on. Oh yes, the Democrat tabloid will be reporting that George W. Bush has been holding them in a box until just before the election when he takes them out and to the recording studio.  That always makes a good story for the Times Tabloid.

Don't believe media speculation about this election. This is all Left wing propaganda to make you think the race is over so you'll stay home and not vote on election day. That is the only way the Dems can win, by convincing Republicans not to vote and the media is working hard at it with their daily slanted polls and campaign reporting. Don't believe a thing they say. If their poll shows the Republican trailing by 5 points or less, then that means that the Republican is usually ahead with the actual voters. Polls are always slanted from 6 to 12 points in favor of the Dems and this year's surveys are no exception.  This practice applies to the Bush approval ratings as well.

The mainstream media does an okay job of reporting the news, could be better, but when it comes to their political reporting, it's frequently 10% fact and 90% speculation with bias. Their constant political polling doesn't mean a thing unless a survey shows a Republican tied or leading the Democrat. That is definitely a positive sign for Republicans and is really the last thing the msm wants to report but when they do, you can count on it being right.

Remember how we were all led to believe that John Kerry was winning the 2004 presidential election? It's what the media wanted to believe and so it's what they reported. If media political surveys meant anything, Kerry would be president today and Congress would be controlled by Democrats. But that just isn't reality, something Democrats have had a real problem with ever since the terrorists attacks of 9-11-01.

When was the last time you saw any positive media stories from Iraq? Think about it. Do you recall any in the past year? Yet day after day after day, the media is telling us how many people were killed that day and how terrible the war is going, and that Iraq is in a civil war - it's horrible and shocking! No, it's just more tabloid reporting by the mainstream media.  How often do they mention that all of the violence is in and around Baghdad while the rest of the country is peaceful?  The attacks all take place where the government is located and within view of the mainstream media reporters for their propaganda value.

I'm not saying that there aren't some real problems in Iraq right now, there certainly are and some changes are needed to deal with them. Changes like Prime Minister, Nouri al-Malaki's support for Shi’ite Cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, and his band of killers. Iraq is a mess since al Malaki has been in charge but it's not in a civil war.  Al-Sadr should be killed or jailed and his militia disarmed and disbanded.  In fact, all but security forces in Iraq should be disarmed of any and all weapons until peace is achieved.  In the state Iraq is in now, you can't have everyone running around with military weapons.  Ban them, then you can arrest anyone in possession of a firearm.  That would get a lot of terrorists off the streets who could no longer hide as civilians.  Bush is not responsible for these problems, the newly elected Iraqi government is, they run the show there and it's time for them to change their act according to the Whitehouse. 

The media presents a one sided view of Iraq and wants you to believe that it's hopeless, everything is going wrong, and it's all George Bush and the Republicans' fault, somehow, Democrats in charge of the US could do better. Their answer - cut and run, either immediately or on a schedule. Turn our backs on the majority of Iraqis who are depending on us to help stabilize their country and fight off the foreign terrorists such as al Qaeda. Let the country fall into complete anarchy and under control of Islamic terrorism, and somehow, that would be a better solution for America in the long run. That's not a strategy for victory, it's a shortsighted strategy for defeat.

But this is all we are hearing from the media instead of useful criticism and suggestions for victory and stories of progress and heroism on the part of our troops fighting there. Today's media simply doesn't understand war, balance in political coverage, or the realities of a post 911 world. Perhaps they should just stick with their favorite topics; murder, kidnapping, missing persons, perverts, and "who cares?" personal interest stories. All the rest is just pure political propaganda from the left.

In the elite media community, the political center is about where the center of the Democratic party is. Moderate Democrats are on the right, and anything Republican is "far right fringe". Extreme liberals are just to the left of center and Communists are simply extreme liberals. This may account for why media reporting is usually left bias even though they see it as middle mainstream. To them, it is. They don't realize that the political middle in the country is to the right of where they stand.  Balanced reporting to them is Nancy Pelosi vs John McCain.

The important thing to remember in the upcoming election is the party with the best turnout is the party that will win. Don't be fooled by the media propaganda that tries to convince you that Democrats have already won and there is no use in you going to the polls to vote, that's just what they want you to believe. You can make the difference by being informed on the candidates and issues and voting your mind on election day.

Even if you don't agree with everything a party or candidate stands for, consider the alternative if we allow the other party to gain control. It would be a nightmare for America and certainly wouldn't get you any closer to the kind of America we all want and need at this critical time for our country. You can make the difference between an American America, or some changed, European style socialist America. It's up to you.

The tabloid mentality of the Democrats can easily be defeated by informed voters who understand the real issues and vote accordingly. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to cast your ballot on November 7th. Every vote counts. You can't win the game if you don't play.  Send a message to the media with your vote and let them know that their bias political tactics aren't working. 

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