Our government is not in compliance with the Constitution. Article 4 (States Rights), Section 4 clearly states:

"The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."

Neither our Congress nor our president has obeyed Article 4, Section 4, with respect to the invasion from south of our southern border. While the president was guarding against terrorists at the front door, primarily Mexicans invaded through the back door. Now, congress is trying to address this invasion with half-way measures and compromises that will ultimately have just the opposite effect, if the Senate has their way, and only add to the problem.

Since the Senate has countered the House "Immigration Enforcement Bill" with their own "Illegal Alien Amnesty and Civil Rights Bill", and since both the Senate and the House must agree on a bill before it is sent to the President, there are only two possible outcomes. 1. Both bills will be compromised resulting in a psuedo-enforcement bill with loopholes and exceptions for almost every case of enforcement, along with amnesty and entitlements for illegals. Or 2. There will be no agreement between the House and the Senate, (which is the more likely case unless the House caves in), and there will be no Immigration Reform Bill this year.

The real problem in Congress is a relatively simple one. The House bill is one that protects the interests of the American people. The Senate bill is one that protects the interests of illegal aliens and their special interest advocacy groups. Senators have put aside their constitutional duty to represent the people who elected them to office and instead have chosen to represent the lobbyists and special interest groups who give them money. It's time for the American people to step up and do the job that our government will not do.

Therefore, I respectfully submit the 10 point Techniguy Immigration Reform Bill for your approval.

The Techniguy Immigration Reform Bill

May 26, 2005      
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SPONSOR:  Techniguy
BILL PURPOSE: To provide for effective reform of current immigration laws and to deal with the urgent national security problem of illegal invasion of the United States by foreign citizens from south of the Mexican border, primarily from Mexico.

TEXT OF THE BILL AS SUBMITTED:  Current immigration laws as pertaining to illegal immigration into the United States of America shall be amended as follows:

1. The southern border of the United States of America shall immediately be secured. That does not mean a 6000 unarmed NG window dressing, but a minimum of 25,000 armed NG troops at the border to protect against unwanted intruders until such time as fences and technology can replace them, along with the doubling of Border Patrol guards. This section would recognize that this is an immediate national security issue and take effective steps immediately to deal with it.

2. Begin a gradual arrest and deportation program of all illegals currently in the United States. Use FBI and ICE computers linked to computers in the Social Security Dept. to check the citizenship or visa status off all employees in certain industries known for hiring illegals and identify any violations found. (If those computers can process every phone call made in the US and find patterns of possible terrorist activity, doing this should be a lead pipe cinch.) Follow up by visiting those companies found in violation and arresting identified violators.

3. Make unauthorized immigration a minor felony punishable by deportation. DEPORTATION shall consist of transportation to the border where they will be escorted back to the other side of the fence. The Mexican government shall have been notified that their guests have been returned and require transportation to their homes. There is no reason for US taxpayers to be responsible for the costs of returning illegals any further than their point of illegal entry into the United States. Further transportation shall be the responsibility of the country they illegally entered from.

4. Makes it known that any employer found to be employing illegals will be fined $50,000 per occurrence after one warning, and enforce it. An "occurrence" is defined as a single violation after the employer has once been warned. Multiple violations will result in multiple fines for each illegal found to be in employ.

5. Require local police and law enforcement officers to check for citizenship or temporary worker status anytime they encounter Hispanics with a language problem or loitering on street corners as "day-laborers". Affiliation with any street gang shall be considered a crime. Arrest all gang members and deport those found in violation of immigration laws. Return all illegals now residing in our prisons with less than 20 year sentences to their border point of entry. Advise the "Mexican Federales" of additional prisoners for their jails who need transportation. This would reduce our prison population by 50%.

6. Create a guest worker program with tamper proof controls. Guest workers to be issued a tamper proof guest worker card which could not be transferred or copied. The guest worker will have to be sponsored by an employer before the card is issued BUT - the program must start in Mexico. The guest worker office for applicants MUST be in Mexico and not in the United States. Illegals wanting to work in the US would have to go back to Mexico to apply for the program or risk deportation. Once caught and deported, illegals without valid guest worker cards would become ineligible for the guess worker program and reentry into the United States.  The card shall expire in 5 years and the worker must return to Mexico to renew it, assuming a set quota of guest workers has not been reached. (Needless to say, it should never be increased without a change in the law and approved by the full Congress.) The applications could be processed and verified rapidly and the worker could then return to the US and to his job. If he terminates or is terminated from that job, his worker privilege is cancelled and he is asked to leave or be deported unless he has a new sponsor and job.  Regular employer/employee audits and reporting shall be mandatory.

7. Under no circumstances should the Guest Worker Program lead to citizenship in any way. That should remain a different path through normal immigration procedures. Allowing foreign citizens to work in the United States must be considered a temporary privilege and revocable at any time. Guest workers shall consider themselves "guests" in our country and behave accordingly. They are entitled to none of our citizen's rights, however, people who hire and house them are required to treat them in a manner consistent with our laws.

8. As this legislation constitutes an agreement with, and to the benefit of the government of Mexico and it's people, Mexico is to be liable for all medical care and social service expenses granted to guest workers, they shall not be a burden on US taxpayers or society. No voting, and no demonstrating in the streets will be allowed under penalty of deportation.

9. As these measures become law, the need for publications of documents in Spanish will become unnecessary. No government money shall be spent on duplication of government documents or bilingual verbal services either by phone or in person. Guest workers are advised to learn English during their stay in our country.  Government publications will be printed in English only.

10. Within a reasonable period of time, people living and working in the United States will be primarily US citizens with the exception of the authorized "guest workers". To help unite America, discourage racial tension and divide, and to consider and treat all Americans equal under the law as prescribed by the Constitution, Americans will be referred to as Americans. Not "Mexican-Americans", not "African-Americans", not "Japanese-Americans" or any other hyphenated Americans, just simply Americans. Government agencies and programs will cease to classify people by race for any reasons other than simple identification purposes.

COSPONSORS: How about you?

STATUS OF BILL: Pending approval from the American People.

Just these 10 steps would present a reasonable alternative to the complicated and convoluted abomination of an immigration bill in the Senate, which would be acceptable to the vast majority of the American people. It would provide for adequate border protection, crack down on employers of illegals, encourage illegals to leave our country, clean up our streets of criminal gangs, reduce our prison population, take the financial burden of illegals off the US taxpayers, allow foreign low wage workers to legally fill jobs where necessary, and control the numbers of foreigners entering our country to what we can tolerate and assimilate.

Far be it for our elected officials in the US Senate to resolve this problem with such a simple plan. It wouldn’t satisfy their special interest campaign contributors or allow them to keep the illegals they and their friends now employ.  This is not the time to worry about the feelings of those illegally in our country. Isn’t it time our elected representatives started representing us, the American people, instead of foreigners and their own self-serving interests?


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