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Israel At War - Part 2
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There is no right side and wrong side in a war, there is only opposing points of view. Either side can be seen as right and justified, it just depends on which side you identify with. There are, however, differences in how the opposing sides fight a war and how they present it to the media and the public. What we are consistently seeing in the current war between Israel and Hezbollah illustrates this point. How would it look to a neutral observer?

First we saw an unprovoked attack on Northern Israel by Hezbollah and two hostages taken. This attack not only targeted Israeli military outposts, but also included widespread barrages of rockets and artillery senselessly fired into civilian communities. Since that time, nearly 1000 rocket attacks by Hezbollah have indiscriminately targeted innocent civilians in Northern Israel. Granted, some rockets are being fired at Israeli artillery locations but have been completely ineffective.

By comparison, the counterattacks by Israel have carefully targeted military targets of Hezbollah. The home and office building of Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah; Beirut Airport known to be a supply hub for Hezbollah; roads and bridges used by Hezbollah for re-supply; known weapons cache locations; the radar station at the northern seaport responsible for directing missiles against Israeli ships; Hezbollah Radio and TV used for anti-Israeli propaganda, and so on. Although some innocent Lebanese civilians may have been inadvertently killed, they were never the targets of Israel.

Israeli attacks are targeting Hezbollah fighters, weapons, and the infrastructure that supports them. Hezbollah attacks target innocent civilians, the tactics of terrorism which serve no military purpose but only serve to terrorize the population. Their unguided rockets have almost zero military value, they fight wars by attacking innocent civilians instead of military targets.

Hezbollah justifies their attacks by saying they want Lebanese "hostages" released from Israeli prisons. They are not "hostages" they are prisoners, tried and convicted of crimes against Israel, primarily terrorism. They are also not likely Lebanese, but Iranian and Syrian members of Hezbollah. But the reality is, those prisoners have nothing to do with the motivation behind Hezbollah's attacks and are only used as an excuse. Hezbollah is a puppet of Iran and is doing Iran's dirty work. That is the real reason behind their attacks.

Many Lebanese are asking why Israel is attacking their city and making life difficult for them. Those slightly better informed are asking why Israel isn't limiting their bombing to just the southern Hezbollah infested portion of the country. In the same way that al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organizations win the hearts and minds of the people, Hezbollah has offered the people of Lebanon free stuff, like schools and hospitals paid for by Iran and Syria. Hopefully now, the Lebanese are learning that accepting free stuff, whether offered by American politicians or Islamic terrorist groups, always comes with a cost. In America it's the cost of surrendering freedom for government dependence. In Lebanon, they are now paying the price for taking free stuff in exchange for granting sanctuary to Hezbollah. You get what you pay for, and the consequences of what you don't.

The other difference you may have noticed in the news coverage is how leaders of the two sides in this conflict make their case in the media. On one side you have Israeli officials speaking calmly about what is happening, what may need to be done to protect their country, and why they're doing it. On the other side we are seeing Islamic leaders full of hate and anger, blaming Israel for their aggressions, boasting of their war machine, and making threats against anyone who tries to defy or disarm them. It's almost like a snippety little Pekingese snapping at the legs of a German Shepherd. This Pekingese seems to think protection from Iran and the UN will prevent the German Shepherd from turning and biting it's head off. They may be in for a big surprise if Israel doesn't cave in to the diplomats.

At the G-8 conference a request for cease fire was suggested but was overruled by wiser members who realized that it would serve no purpose and there would be no way to enforce it on Hezbollah. President Bush has asked Israeli leaders to use restraint publicly, but has also told them to do as much damage to Hezbollah as possible before pressure from peacenik diplomats interferes in their fight and attempts to restrain them. Bush knows that peace will never come to Israel as long as an armed Hezbollah exists on their northern border. Israel plans to disarm them once and for all. They will put up with this no longer.

The angry rhetoric from Iran's Ahmadinejad who stated "Any attack on Syria by Israel would be considered an attack on all of Islam", may not be seen by other Islamic countries in the same way. Didn't Saddam Hussein say just about the same thing? So far, 9 Islamic countries have made public statements, not against Israel, but condemning Hezbollah for their aggression. Those countries include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and others. Iran speaks for no one but themselves and Syria, but isn't this typical of how Islamic despots always try to use Islam to support their views, as though they are united with, and speak for all Islam. The fact is that Iran is about as popular with other Islamic countries as is Israel, and is generally considered a greater threat to their security.

The UN sponsored treaty and resolution 1559, 6 years ago, required that as a condition for Israel's withdrawal from Southern Lebanon, Hezbollah had to be disarmed. That was never done but instead, Hezbollah's armament was strengthened by Syria and Iran. As usual, the Islamics thumbed their noses at their own agreement drawn up by the UN and continued doing what they wanted behind the backs of the world community. It's the same in Iran and N. Korea today with their nuclear programs.

That's why diplomacy won't work with these radical rogue states, they don't keep their part of the bargain... ever. They can be counted on to do exactly what they want and nothing more, nothing less. They have no respect for diplomacy and see it only as weakness. The only thing they will obey and respect is overwhelming show of force and the knowledge and belief that they will be destroyed if they do not honor their agreements. Israel now understand this and will not make the same mistake again. When will US and UN diplomats understand it? When will we all understand that diplomacy has it's uses, but is worthless when used to bargain with radical Islamics who respect war, not diplomacy.

Agreements with terrorists, radicals, and rogue states are worthless if not rigorously enforced. Then again, you can spend the next 100 years trying to enforce agreements with inspections, while they spend the next 100 years trying to hide their illegal programs from the inspectors. We see it in Iran, we see it in N. Korea, we saw it in Iraq. What are the consequences for violating the agreements in any of these cases? I'll tell you what the consequences are, another UN resolution and after 10 more, then sanctions. Oh please, what do we do then when countries like Russia, China, France, and Germany violate those sanctions? Clearly, nothing. The only solution to the Iraq problem was war, and that will ultimately be the only solution to other Mideast problems as well.

This Mideast conflict between Israel and Islamic states who want to destroy them will never be solved with diplomacy, the only resolution that will end the problem is an all out war. A war that kills the enemy, rips their heart out, and destroys their weapons. You hear that liberals? You have to kill the enemy if you want this conflict to end or they will just keep coming back. Death and destruction is not pretty, but it is what war is all about. That is the only solution when "death to Israel and the US" is the only desire and ambition of radical Islamics. We kill them before they kill us, they can't be stopped with diplomatic talk. At best, they can only be deterred until they decide to strike again.

There is nothing they want that negotiation can offer them. They want Israel off the map and that is all they want, and no amount of talking is going to talk them out of that. When you have a cockroach infestation, you don't offer them food on one side of the kitchen so that you can use the other side, you kill them and you kill them all or your problem will never be solved. That is what Israel is facing today. Any compromise with Hezbollah and the other radical Islamics will only result in them coming back to fight another day and the problem continues.

Some say the solution to the crisis is to disarm Hezbollah. How can you disarm Hezbollah when Iran and Syria will only rearm again them unless you disarm Iran and Syria too? The only thing that will end this conflict is to either kill off Hezbollah altogether, or drive their remains out of Lebanon where they will no longer be a threat to Israel. Then Iran and Syria will have to be dealt with and defeated. If this is not done then the problem will continue to reemerge time and time again.

We have been seeing that Hezbollah is being armed by Iran, but some argue that Israel is being armed by the United States, so what's the difference? The main difference is that the US is supporting a legitimately established country and recognized ally. Iran is supporting a terrorist organization bent on bringing death and destruction to innocent civilians throughout the world and the destruction of Israel. Israel has no desire to harm anyone and only wants to live in peace with their Islamic neighbors. Hezbollah uses their weapons for aggression while Israel uses theirs for defense.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has stated publicly that Israel has had enough of Islamic terrorism and will put an end to the attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah on his country. "We stand at a national moment of truth. Will we agree to live under this evil threat or will we fight. . There is no more just struggle than that we are now engaged in," Olmert said. The prime minister said it "is of regional and international interest to control and dismantle the terror organizations and remove this threat from the Middle East. We intend to do so."

Secretary of State, Condi Rice, and other diplomats keep saying "we are looking for ways to end the conflict", while ignoring the obvious. Give war a chance to destroy Hezbollah, that is how the conflict will be ended permanently. If the Lebanese army won't drive them out of Lebanon then Israel will have to do it and Lebanon will suffer for their inaction against the terrorist group. That is the cruel reality.  But Israel is now considering a compromise to enforce the resolution of 2000 and require the Lebanese Army to disarm Hezbollah and create a 20 mile buffer zone between Hezbollah and Israel's northern border. 

The battle in Israel is not just a local conflict, Israel is fighting the same war on terror that we are. Israel is not the only victim of Hezbollah, the US has been attacked by them as well. Remember the attack on Khobar towers that killed 19 US airmen? Remember the truck bomb attack on the US Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 US Marines? Other crimes by Hezbollah include a series of kidnappings of Westerners in Lebanon, including several Americans, the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847, two major 1990s attacks on Jewish targets in Argentina, the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy (killing twenty-nine) and the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 95. Although Hezbollah is based in Lebanon, U.S. intelligence reports say that Hezbollah cells operate in Europe, Africa, South America, and North America. Hezbollah shares ideology and sponsorship with al Qaeda and is just as dangerous.

In the end, it's not a matter of who is right and who is wrong, but rather, who's side are you on? Just as with the war in Iraq, if you are not on the side of your country, then maybe you're not getting the facts right and need to take another look at your sources of information. Justifications can be found on both sides of war, and from each side's perspective, there are reasons to believe they are in the right. Both sides can sight justifications for their beliefs.

So it's really just a matter of who's side do you want to be on, ours and that of our allies, or our enemy's? As loyal Americans, it is our duty to be on the side of America first. Israel is our ally and it is our moral and ethical duty to support them in this war as well. Are we not at war against Islamic terrorism? This is the terrorism that Israelis have been fighting throughout their lives and it is the same terrorists that we are fighting against today. A victory for Israel is a victory in the war on terror and a victory for the US. If we cannot justify Israel's fight, then how can we justify our own?    

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