Victory Concealed
Techniguy - 07-27-2006
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Secretary of State Condi Rice’s peacekeeping visit to Beirut, Tel Aviv and Rome was a huge success, but you would never know it by listening to the media. Now if you happen to side with diplomats, antiwar liberals, or Hezbollah, then you would see it as a huge failure. It was a success because there will be no ceasefire to stop Israel from pounding Hezbollah into the ground until they surrender. A ceasefire would only reward Hezbollah with protection from being defeated, and do nothing to stop their terrorist activities. That seems to be what the above mentioned groups want.

The other day I suggested to a friend that hopefully, Condi has been properly briefed and will attempt to present a peace offer that no one can accept. It appears she did exactly that. Beirut said "no", Israel said "no", and Hezbollah said "no". You might call it a case of "victory concealed". Condi has a job to do as Sec. of State and she is doing it, if only to put on a show for the antiwar socialist "international community". She and the president both know that peace will only come to the region after Hezbollah has been dismembered, defeated, and disarmed and that can only be done by war. Anything less would only prolong the crisis.

Would you declare a ceasefire in a shootout between criminals and the police when it appeared that the police were winning? Terrorists are outlaws. What good is passing legislation and resolutions against outlaws when they don't respect or obey the law? When you have a criminal who has broken the law, you use what ever force is necessary to arrest and punish him. That is what Israel has been left with no other choice but to do.

Once again, we are seeing the results of failed UN diplomacy and policy from a useless and spineless international socialist organization. In my opinion, this should be the last straw for the UN and it should be disbanded and removed from US support and soil. We might just as well be giving that money to terrorists as the results would be the same. What is needed is an international organization that supports the free western world and democracy rather than socialism and despots.

Kofi Annan said: "We need to give the government of Lebanon all the support they need to implement Res. 1559 which includes the disarmament of all militia." The disarmament of the Hezbollah militia is exactly what Israel is attempting to do now, and being condemned for it by Annan and the international community. This is the job that Kofi and his UN organization was supposed to have already done but chose not to. You can't enforce laws with all talk and no action. That has been the policy of international diplomacy and it's not working.

I’m sure the legitimate government of Lebanon appreciates Kofi’s diplomatic support, but how is the Lebanese army going to disarm Hezbollah while lacking the necessary military force, and with one third of their government controlled by Hezbollah? Does anyone really believe that Hezbollah is just going to lay down their arms and surrender to anyone including Lebanese military forces? What would Iran have to say about that?

Hezbollah (Little Iran) is well on their way to taking over Lebanon politically and is already the major military power in that country. They have no intention of giving up anything without a fight to the death. The organization has gained it’s political power by granting free social services to the ignorant and poor, in much the same way that the Democrats in America get their power. They gain votes from those who really don’t understand what they’re getting themselves into or who they are aligning themselves with. They just know that they are Shea Muslims who are giving them free stuff, and some may not realize they are selling out to Iran.

What the diplomats fail to understand is that radical Islam is not a “religion of peace”, it is a religion of warlords who live only to fight and die in war. They say Mohamed was a prophet but he was also a warlord and his followers were warlords who promoted the Islamic religion. What other religion in the world has a head minister who also serves as head of the military? They do not care about, or want, peace and the only thing they respect is overwhelming force and brutality. That is why Saddam was successful in keeping the peace in Iraq for 25 years, he did it with bruit force and made everyone afraid to defy him.

Diplomats just can't seem to get it through their heads that radical Islamics do not think like we do and don't see the world as we do. They have no use for diplomacy and see it only as a sign of weakness. When I think of the UN, I must admit that I see it the same way, weak and useless, at least to the western world.  Radical Islamics are not interested in peace and a better life for themselves and their children.  To them, life is to suffer and do what they think is the will of their Allah, their comfort and pleasure will come after death.  If they can make that death as a martyr in the service of Allah and take some innocent people with them, then so much the better.  That is what they live for, it is all that they live for.  That is why they cannot be negotiated with and must be sent to their 72 virgins as soon as possible and without taking any of us with them. 

Diplomats keep saying "there is no military solution to the problem". I totally disagree. It's becoming more and more obvious that there is no diplomatic solution to the problem and the only solution will be arrived at through war. What can diplomats possibly offer Hezbollah terrorists that they would want, when the only thing they really want is the destruction of Israel? What can you offer a terrorist group to persuade them to give up their weapons when the only things they value are those weapons?

President Bush has said he can provide political cover for Israel for only another 10 to 15 days. Then what, another UN resolution? Do they somehow force a ceasefire on Israel and award another victory to the terrorists? That's what they've been doing for the past 23 years and that's why the problem still exists. This is the gift the UN has given to Lebanon which used to be a peaceful Christian country before Islamics invaded, just as they are doing in other countries around the world including our own. This is insanity and this policy has to change.

On Fox News the other day, Martha McCowan was holding a debate between a diplomat and a woman who believes Israel must defeat Hezbollah (I didn't catch who she was). The diplomat simply could not make a valid point for diplomacy when Martha finally asked him "what could Hezbollah be offered to make them stop fighting?". Thy guy groped for an answer and finally said "the opportunity to live in peace with Israel... after they disarm." That says it all right there, diplomats just don‘t get it.

There is no diplomatic solution possible because Hezbollah isn‘t interested in peace or they wouldn‘t have started this war in the first place. War is the tool that resolves conflicts when diplomacy fails and it has failed miserably in the Mideast. It seems the first priority on the left is immediate peace at any cost. That is unacceptable. It's time for the diplomats and liberals to throw in the towel and give war a chance. When victory is won, then they can have peace, and it will be a real peace, not the artificial one that leftists and diplomats try to promote.

Israeli war planes Tuesday, bombed out the UN observation post at Zarit as ground troops were arriving to root out the terrorists. Israel said it was a mistake but Kofi Annan accused them of doing it on purpose. Israel denies it, but what if it was on purpose and Israel had good reason for doing it? Consider the actions of the UN in that region over the past 23 years. Have they ever shown any support for Israel? No, they haven't. Every action they have taken has been to save Islamic terrorists from defeat with their ceasefire agreements. Israel gives something up, and the Islamics take it and keep doing what they were doing.

What if the UN has been protecting the Islamics in Lebanon and Israel has proof of collaboration between the "peacekeepers" at the observation post, and Hezbollah? What if those outposts have actually been engaging in espionage against Israel and were tipping off Hezbollah of Israeli troop and tank movements as they approached for the battle? Those posts are essentially spy installations where they can keep an eye on a large area, that's why they are on top of the hills. Those installations have maintained close relations with Hezbollah and may either be collaborating with them, or intimidated by them into cooperation.

Why didn't the UN stop Hezbollah from stocking the towns with 13,000 rockets and automatic weapons right under the noses of the peacekeepers? Did the outposts ever report it to UN headquarters? Was Kofi Annan a party to this and a part of the cover-up? Is the very existence of these 13,000 rockets and other weapons not proof that the UN has been complicit and conspiring with Islamic terrorists, or at the very least, looking the other way? I suspect there is something beneath the surface here that needs to be exposed. I suspect that Israel may have bombed the lookout post intentionally, and with good reason, for the purpose of cutting off intelligence info to Hezbollah to protect their troops in battle. But that's just a hunch. When I wrote that in my satire, I really never thought it would happen, but it did. In any case, good riddance.

In his article in the Wall Street Journal, Jed Babbin says: “The U.N. flag and the Hezbollah flag fly side by side. Observers told me the U.N. and Hezbollah personnel share water and telephones, and that the U.N. presence serves as a shield against Israeli strikes against the terrorists.” In this picture you can see the yellow Hezbollah flag flying along side the blue UN flag on UN property.

Mainstream media is showing video of badly wounded and burned children and babies in Tyre hospitals. The only reason I can see for them doing this is to make the statement “look what that terrible Israel has done” purely for the sake of antiwar propaganda. Why didn't these people leave the area when they were warned days ago by Israel of what was coming? If Hezbollah is so concerned for the citizens of Lebanon, why didn't they help to evacuate them? The answer is obvious. Because this is exactly what Hezbollah wants - civilian casualties and more anti-Israeli propaganda and outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS are falling right in lockstep with them.

I am sick to death of hearing “300 civilians killed”, “400 civilians killed”, now “600 civilians killed”. What civilians? We keep seeing images and video of Southern Lebanon after Israel has dropped bombs. Have you noticed the people running around in the streets? They are all young Muslim men, the same ages of those in the Israeli military. Are we to believe that these are the innocent civilians that we keep hearing about? In a Hezbollah infested neighborhood? If these are innocent civilians, then where is Hezbollah? In case you didn't notice, that is Hezbollah and they are perfectly legitimate targets for Israel, not “innocent civilians“. Don't be fooled by the hype from the government of Lebanon or the media.

Did you know that all of the kids in those neighborhoods attend Hezbollah run schools where they are trained in martyrdom? They are being brainwashed to think that the greatest honor in life is to die a martyr and take as many infidels with you as possible. Eliminating them now is eliminating the suicide bombers of tomorrow. Don’t be fooled by tv reports of civilian casualties, all of Hezbollah are civilians and a danger to the western world, but few are innocent or will be when they become martyrs.

The "innocent civilians" should have left the area when they were warned to get out. Israel has consistently given warning to people living in the war zone to leave to avoid the bombings. They are warning them again today to get out now because their village is about to be destroyed. If they didn't leave then who's fault is it that the get killed? Israel sacrificed the element of surprise to try to protect innocent life. When the bombs and troops arrive they have to assume that those still in the town are Hezbollah fighters and legitimate targets. This is a war, what more can Israel be expected to do?

The only rational solution I can see is the following: Israel has to put even more force into their attacks and pound Hezbollah into submission. They have to stay on them until Hezbollah offers a complete and unconditional surrender or they're all dead no matter how long it takes. Israel says it is only using 15% of it's military forces right now, they should step that up to 50%.  They should bring in A-10s and Apaches to support the ground troops, and clear the towns with daisy cutters and carpet bombings from B-52s before the troops even go in.  

I don't care if they have to kill off half of the southern Lebanese population to get the job done. It is that population that is protecting and supporting Hezbollah and those deaths will be on the hands of Hezbollah for hiding behind civilians, and on the hands of the Lebanese government for allowing sanctuary to Hezbollah. If you lay down with dogs, you're going to get flees, and southern Lebanon is infested with them.

Israel has done all they can do to get innocent civilians out of danger and out of the way.  They cannot afford to let propaganda about "innocent civilians" stand in the way of their mission and their objective.  They cannot afford to let public opinion from the left wing media do to them, what it is doing to us in Iraq.  I wouldn't blame them for using 5 or 6 500K nukes on southern Lebanon to get the job done, but I realize what the consequences of that would be.  They just need to get this done quickly and thoroughly before media propaganda destroys them.

Lebanese diplomats and officials keep blaming Israel for the war and accusing them of ruthlessly attacking their civilian population. But never do we hear them mention the word "Hezbollah" or "Nasrallah". They portray the conflict as Israel against Lebanon, not Israel against Hezbollah. They have blurred the lines between Lebanon and Hezbollah and appear to be supporting the terrorist organization and protecting them. I have no more sympathy for Lebanon or their people as long as they support Hezbollah. They are making themselves the enemy instead of separating themselves from Hezbollah. Big mistake for which they will pay a high price.

Israel is being accused of attacking "civilian targets" such as utilities, businesses and factories. Note that with only a few strategic locations to the north of Beirut, these targets are all in southern Beirut or beyond in southern Lebanon where Hezbollah owns and operates everything. Attacks on commercial targets may be a strategy by Israel to cut off financial income to Hezbollah in hope of financially starving them out of Lebanon.

Every possible source of money coming into Hezbollah has been attacked including the textile factory in Becaa which was probably where their counterfeit Levies were being made. It makes sense because that is the only way they can kill off Hezbollah without killing off half of Lebanon's population. Cut off their resources and when what they have left runs out, they won't even be able to help themselves, let alone the Lebanese people. With transportation routes and communications cut off, even Iran won't be able to get money in there to prop up Hezbollah.

Some say Israel is using excessive force and that their retaliation should be "proportional", it should be a fair fight. Now that sounds like a good way to keep this war going on forever and to make sure that Hezbollah never looses or has to surrender. You don't play catch with a rabid dog, you have to kill it.

But the liberal attitude of the world community today does not permit final solutions, only limited resistance to aggression with protection for civilians as the primary consideration. Those "civilians" hanging out with the terrorists must be protected from harm even if it means more of our own people will be killed. That's no way to fight a war. That's the problem we had in Vietnam and have in Iraq today. That has to change. When will we ever learn from our mistakes? If we're learning that now, how long will it take the rest of the free world to catch up?

The trouble with terrorists is that they use the civilian population to shield themselves and in some cases, civilians don't have a choice. Lebanon has been hijacked by Hezbollah and the Lebanese people are being held hostage in a state of what might be described best as "Stockholm Syndrome" due to their dependence on Hezbollah for their social services. Services which the Lebanese Government has obviously failed to provide. Maybe they can't afford it, or maybe the Christian population in the north just doesn't want to support the Hezbollah terrorists in the south or the poor Muslims who are dependent on them.

Iran seized on the opportunity to not only gain an ally with foreign aid, but also to help promote their own radical Islamic cause through Hezbollah. But instead of helping the legitimate democratic government of Lebanon with financial aid to provide more services, Iran has been poring billions of dollars into Hezbollah to provide those services and gain support from the Islamic people in south Lebanon. They have been undermining the legitimate Lebanese government and one day will own it if they are not stopped.

The objective of this war has to be the complete destruction or surrender of Hezbollah, not just an end to the fighting as the liberal politicians and diplomatic peaceniks want. America cannot bow to the opinion of the “international community” which is predominately made up of antiwar socialists, Communists, and Islamic Muslims. The United States was created out of the very desire to get away from that kind of thinking. If we stand alone with Israel it is only because we lead the free world in standing for freedom and democracy while most of the “international community” is being destroyed by socialism, Communism, and despotic dictators supporting terrorism.

America is not like, nor does it think like, the "international community", and "world opinion" has always been at odds with America except when we were saving their worthless asses with the lives of our soldiers. American liberals think we should be more in sync with "world opinion" and condemn America for being strong and standing up for our values. America is not like most other countries of the world and does not share the same values and goals. We can never allow our country to be dragged back into the socialist European way of thinking. Those who want to think and live like that are free to go and live in Europe, or the Mideast if that's more to their liking.  As for Israel, they have every right to defend their country and defeat their enemies who keep trying to disrupt their lives and destroy their country based on their ideology of hate for Israel. Site Meter

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