by Techniguy | Jan. 14, 2006

The blathering nonsense coming out of Democrats is just unbelievable since the 110th Congress opened for business, and even more so since President Bush's speech on a new strategy in Iraq Wednesday night.  Since when is a rebuttal like we saw from Dick Durbin immediately after the address a part of protocol?  Now the President of the United States can't even address the nation about strategic changes in the war without the Democrats getting their airtime to speak for the enemy by telling the public that the president is full of sh**? 

This was not a political campaign speech or a State of the Union Address requiring equal time for opposing views.  It was not a political speech at all.  This was the President of the United States addressing the people on a policy change in one of the most important issues of our time.  It does not require rebuttal from a surrender monkey in the party of cut & run who thinks he is better qualified to do the President's job than the man we, the people, elected. 

There is a reason why the President is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and sets foreign policy for the country.  The founders of America and creators of the Constitution were wise enough to know that wars cannot be won by public opinion or 500 Congressmen and Senators fighting over their own political careers.  These issues must be under the control of one man, elected by the people to make the important decisions effecting our country, and in the best interests of our country according to the Constitution.  Congress has enough problems just trying to do the job assigned to them by the Constitution.  They should spend more time concentrating on their own job and stop trying to do the President's job.  They are crossing over the line of the Separation of Powers in violation of the Constitution once again. 

But then when have they ever done their job according to the Constitution?  How many of them have ever read it and know what it authorizes them to do and what it doesn't?  They have turned what used to be a part time service to their country into a full time job which they spend making up worthless new laws and looking for ways to spend more of the taxpayers' money.  They claim to speak for the people but they represent only their own selfish interests and use our money to impose their will upon us.  This is not the congress created by Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Hamilton, and Franklin.  It's a mutated abomination of what Congress was intended to be by people who think they own the power of the people and are going to use it as they see fit.  That power is not a gift, it's only a loan as they will find out in due time.

In his Wednesday night speech, President Bush announced his reform of strategy in Iraq which included an additional 20,000 troops, expansion of the military by 92,000 troops, and an aggressive strategy to end the violence in Iraq.  His plan also includes taking action to stop the supply, training, and military assistance from Iran that is responsible for killing American soldiers.  This involvement in Iraq by Iranians which is directly responsible for the deaths of many American troops should be considered an act of war by Iran and dealt with accordingly. 

This is the first sign that anything is being done to get serious about winning this war but Bush should know by now that anything he does will be opposed by Democrats.  They find any excuse, illogic, or lies to try to prevent any aggressive action that might actually lead to victory.  They will go to any lengths to assure that we do not see success in this, or any other war.  Have they no pride at all in our country?  Or is it that they no longer consider themselves real Americans?  All they want to talk about is how many American soldiers have died, but did you know that the current ratio of American deaths to enemy deaths is approximately 50 to 1?  The Pentagon doesn't like to release these numbers for some reason but the fact is that for every 100 lives we loose, the enemy looses 5000.  That is what we should be talking about in the media instead of counting our losses day after day.

Were we to send the message that we will stay in Iraq until every last one of the insurgents and jihadists either surrenders, leaves the country or is dead, it wouldn't take long before they realize that throwing away their lives on a lost cause is pointless and useless, the war would probably be over by now.  But Democrats and the media have been sending the message that we don't have the stomach to fight and will give up and leave in 6 months, so hang on there for a little while longer and you can win.  How is that helping America and the cause of freedom and liberty across the globe?  It does nothing but help and encourage the enemy.

It is time to demand an answer from the Democrats to the question "what is your plan for Iraq?". They were asked this many times before and their answer (when they gave one) was always "we are the minority, we don't need a plan, that's the Republicans job". They are no longer in the minority now, they are the majority and as such, if they have a problem with Bush's plan then it is their responsibility to present their suggestions for a better plan for winning in Iraq.  But then winning is not their objective, now is it.  What they want is failure and withdrawal from Iraq without regard for the consequences or consideration of the fact that if we leave now, we'll only be back later to fight a more organized and better equipped enemy. 

Are Democrat politicians only paying lip service to their anti-war supporters?  If they were really serious about pulling our troops out of Iraq, all they have to do is cut off the funding for the war.  But they won't do that because they know that giving into their anti-war minority would alienate most of the country and turn it against them.  They will continue to say one thing and do another in their attempt to maintain support of the rational as well as the irrational radicals in their party.  But the fact remains that if Democrats had their way, there would be no budget for a Defense Department and that money would be used to finance more socialist government bureaucracies and domestic services, trading free stuff from the taxpayers for votes.  

It appears that the real objective of the Democrat Party is to weaken America to the point where we can no longer defend ourselves against even 3rd world enemies. I'm finding it harder and harder to believe this is all just about political power and making Bush look bad. Either these people have an unholy alliance with our enemy and obviously share the same goal (the media propaganda from both is always the same), or they simply don't understand the threat to our country and western civilization from the Islamic world.  In either case, they have no business trying to make, or interfering in foreign policy and national defense which is the job of the president.  Just where in the Constitution does it grant them this "power of oversight" of the Executive Branch that they claim to have? 

In a letter to the President, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid wrote:

 "After nearly four years of combat, tens of thousands of U.S. casualties, and over $300 billion, it is time to bring the war to a close. We, therefore, strongly encourage you to reject any plans that call for our getting our troops any deeper into Iraq."

Ted Kennedy publicly stated:

“Now we have a president who believes that there is just a military solution to the age-old strife that has been going on for 1,300 years between the Sunnis, primarily, and the Shi’a. It has got additional kinds of complications with influences of al-Qa’ida and increasing conflicts from divisions within the Shi’a and other factors, and movements for a nationalist movement there, but nonetheless, the idea that you’re going to have a military solution rather than a political solution is wrong.”

These, along with most other Congressional Democrats are calling for an end to military operations in Iraq and a withdrawal of all American troops.  What do they think this is, a game?  "Times up, let's tally up the score and go home now."  Has it ever occurred to them that that is exactly what al Qaeda and Iran want?  The idea that we could just pack up and go home in the middle of a war is mind boggling.  Yet Democrats are using every trick in the book, along with their media wing, to convince Americans that this is the right thing to do.  They are, in fact, calling for America's defeat and surrender to Islamic jihadists.

What else can this be called other than "Treason"? And how much further will it be allowed to go before someone in power stands up for America? There is only one person who can do that now. The only one still left standing. The President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces has given the Democrats his answer in the form of 20,000 additional troops and a more aggressive strategy in the war. 

At least Bush has enough sense to know what Democrats fail to understand, that diplomacy alone will never work with the Islamic world, it has to be backed up with overwhelming military force.  And that force includes sending more Naval forces into the Gulf including two aircraft carriers according to the new Bush plan.  This isn't going to end with Iraq alone, Iran has yet to be dealt with and it's going to have to be on Bush's watch.  Any later and Iran will have a working nuke.  Not just one, but many.  It's up to the US and Israel to stop them while there's still time, no one else will.

At this point, I am no longer questioning only the patriotism of Democrats, that went out the window long ago. I am now questioning their loyalty to the United States of America and wondering how long this is going to go on before someone notices the destructive harm they are doing to our country and asks "why?". Who stands to benefit from a weak and defenseless America? Who's agenda are they really carrying out? Why are they so opposed to a strong America capable of winning a war? How much further can they drag down American pride in our country?  How can we face other nations and former allies with anything but shame if we desert them and walk away now?  How can we even look ourselves in the mirror and take any pride in our country if we turn tail and run away from the fight instead of winning it?

There are a growing number of questions to be asked that the American people deserve answers to. Congress, of all people, show know that the war in Iraq is much more than simply ethnic fighting between Shia and Sunni which they constantly now characterize as a "civil war". Of the many Congressional Democrats who have gone before the cameras over the past few days, no one has left "civil war" out of their diatribe. What we're seeing now is another media blitz to convince the American people that Iraq is simply in a civil war that we have no business being involved in. This is utter crap!

But how many Americans are actually believing it? Lots, because they simply don't know any better and the media won't tell them the truth.  Sure Sunis are fighting Shia, that's been going on for centuries but that's not why we are there.  Our reason for being there now is to prevent Iraq from falling into the hands of the Islamic jihadists which it certainly will if we leave.  That would then make Iraq a more serious threat to the Western World than it was under Saddam Hussein, and make it much easier for them to come after us on our own soil.

Is that all Democrat leaders understand about Iraq, or is it something more? Can they really be so ignorant that they fail to recognize "al Qaeda in Iraq" and Iran's part in the war?  Is it beyond their ability to understand the consequences of surrendering Iraq to Islamic radicals and terrorists?  These are supposed to be the leaders of our country.  Are they really so blind that they don't even understand Iraq's place in the War on Terror?  Are they incapable of seeing anything beyond the next election?

Perhaps what we really need is to rethink our election process and make sure voters can add 2 and 2 before they get into the voting booth.  Someone has to call them, and their media wing, on their intentional misleading of the American people about this war? Day after day they get away with it and no one in power stands up to call them on it.  Or if they do, we never hear about it from the media.  Just imagine where we would be without the internet and the "new media", but it's not reaching enough people yet to really make a difference, maybe it will before it's too late to save America. 

Let's face it, our government is failing us and we're loosing confidence in it.  If the subversives are not exposed for what they are and stopped soon, it's going to be too late to save America from total destruction both from within and from without. Is that what Democrats want? It sure is beginning to look that way.  Attempting to destroy our country and siding with our enemy in times of war is treason.  When and where do we draw the line?  They have already crossed the line that existed up until the 1960s and were they doing what they're doing now during WWII would have gotten them arrested and brought up on charges of subversion, if not treason, in Federal Court.  Our Justice Department seems to be complicit with the Democrats and that is the only reason they can get away with it as far as I can see.   

It's going to take a little time to get used to having our country run by King Harry and Queen Nancy. It's almost like the enemy has taken over our country. It won't be long before the USA becomes the USSAR (Union of Soviet Socialist American Republic) with a Defense Department used to ensure political correctness instead of world democracy. Our country is under attack by a group of people who were born Americans, but lost sight of, and rejected the American standard many years ago.  But it's not just America that they are destroying, it's all of Western Civilization and culture.  If America falls due to anti-American politicians in our government, so does the rest of Western Civilization. 

I'm afraid that only the deaths of thousands of Americans dying in another catastrophic 911 type attack will wake up the country once again and make them mad enough to elect leaders who will fight back.  Will the voters wake up in time to save the country and Western Civilization?  Will they be smart enough to see though the lies of people like John Kerry who falsely present themselves as strong on defense, only to call for surrender after being elected?  Only time will tell.

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