by Techniguy | Dec. 23, 2006

Remember a few months ago when the Clintons went ballistic over the ABC airing of "The Path to 911"? What were they so afraid that the program might expose, that they forced ABC to cut at least 15 minutes out of the film? It's all about the Clinton legacy and the false facade Clinton is trying to create to give the impression he was "tough of terror" and not responsible for allowing the 911 attacks to occur. Now we have more on the Sandy Burglar theft of classified documents to protect himself and his boss, Bill Clinton, from public embarrassment. (see Berger Hid Archive Documents)

It's not just what Burger did here that should be important to the American people, but the fact that the 911 Commission was denied those documents, to hide the truth, and another example of the dishonesty and corruption in the Democrat Party and especially of the Clintons and their Administration. And Mrs. Clinton now thinks she should be the next president so they can continue with the deceptions and lies? I don't think so! The Clinton legacy, as we see it, will be that of a philandering liar who disrespected the Oval Office and failed in his obligation to protect this country and continues to lie about it to this day.

Democrats are Dangerous to our country. Sure, Republicans have their problems too, but are always held accountable, Democrats never are to any extent and we have largely the media to blame for that. Compare what Sandy Burger did and the small price he paid, and will have his security clearance back in time for the Ms. Clinton 08 campaign, to what Lewis "Scooter" Libby did and how he is being pursued by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in a more than two year investigation of a non-crime. And Libby wasn't even the alleged leaker of Plame's unclassified name, that was Richard Armitage. Democrats are never held to the same standard that Republicans are.

Where are the leaders of the American Right and when are they ever going to stand up and demand equal standards? Is Tom Tancredo the only political figure who has the guts to stand up and defend the interests of real Americans by telling the truth, even when it's not "politically correct"? Even President Bush now seems afraid of the Democrats and says he will "work with them" on their agenda. What is the power they seem to hold over our country? Is our government representing the people, or now ruling them in spite of the Constitution. The people of Iran, N. Korea, and Communist China think they are free too. But are we?

Uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration continues to flood our country in the name of "Clinton diversity". We vote, then are overruled by some judge sitting on some court. We're told to be tolerant of Islam but when is Islam ever told to be tolerant of Christians? We're all nearly strip searched at airports because the authorities refuse to profile the Islamics responsible for the need of high security. Free exercise of Christian religion and tradition in public is now all but banned in America and we now expect more Muslims to be sworn in to public office on the Koran instead of the Bible. I don't think any of this is what the founders intended for this once great country which is rapidly sinking into submission to Communist and Islamic appeasement.

Democrats are constantly leaking classified secret National Security documents to the New York Times and the Washington Post as well as al Qaeda, and continue to get away with it. Democrats are continually providing terrorist organizations and other enemies of America with all the anti-American propaganda they need to win the war on terror. A number of Democrats in Congress are guilty of ethical and criminal offenses but are still respected and reelected by the left, while a Republican who says or does the slightest thing out of line is immediately tossed overboard. And now the latest communication from al Qaeda tells of the Democrat election victory being a victory for are fiercest enemy, al Qaeda, even more than for the Democrats.

It seems Democrats are never held accountable for anything, and the Bush Administration, the Justice Dept., and the Republican leadership refuses to do anything about it. We had a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and a Republican administration for the past 6 years, yet the only people who have been scrutinized and punished have been Republicans, while Democrats have gotten away with their crimes. This is the biggest danger to our country and our National Security and we need to ask why it continues to go unchecked. Some of us are even beginning to wonder just who is really running this country and establishing domestic and governmental policy.

There is one possible answer to that. Consider that almost everything Americans see, hear, and ultimately think, is controlled in large by the media. In the early 19th century, English poet, novelist, playwright, and politician, Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote; "Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than the sword." It is now apparent that the pen is also more powerful than the law, the Constitution, or any elected official, and this has not gone unnoticed by the American media. By controlling what people think, they control how they vote and the governments they create.

No one disputes the propaganda machine that existed in the Soviet Union to control public thinking, or that it worked quite effectively. What is the difference when the American media is controlled by one political ideology that inhabits most of the editorial management and 80% of the journalists in today's media? There was a time when the media was divided between the left and the right and not dominated by either side. In those days, the media reported the news.

Today's liberal media creates and distorts what they call "news" and has full control over what stories the public sees, hears, and reads. If they don't want you to know about something, they simply don't use it in their publications and programming. But when they want to push something favorable to the Left or harmful to the Right, it's the dominant "news" story in all media for a week or more. The Clinton's know the importance of media support, and that is why Bill Clinton made such an aggressive effort to become friends with Rupert Murdoch to put himself in a position to influence political reporting in the New York Post and on Fox News.

Some people are influenced by how a story is reported, while others can see through the spin and realize there is something they're not telling accurately. That's the easy part. The hard part is learning about the stories and issues that the media ignores and refuses to cover that would have an influence on how people see the world and what they think about it.  Another propaganda technique is media manufactured stories, ergo; media polls which are designed to reflect the views of the sponsor and influence public opinion.  

A "free press" is no longer free when the editors allow only one view to dominate. That is exactly what the Communists did in the Soviet Union to maintain the support of the people and that is what is being done now in America.  The American media has become little more than a brainwashing, propaganda machine.

So when we ask ourselves why the Left is getting away with murder while the Right is prosecuted for taking a pencil from the Capital building, why liberal indoctrination goes unchecked in schools and colleges, why God and Christianity is being taken out of public life, why criminals are coddled at the expense of the victims, why American values and morals are decaying at an alarming rate, and why all of this has continued to happen under Republican leadership, the answer may very well be in the answer to who is really running the country.

It is the media who politicians want to cater to, not their constituents. Politics is all about getting elected and reelected and no one has more control over that than the media. If the media likes a candidate, they will get him or her elected. If they don't, they will get him or her tossed out using public opinion which they control. Politicians can make laws and direct tax money to their own interests, but it is the media that is dictating social direction and policy to the country as well as who serves in public office and who doesn't. Not that they always get their way, as was the case with President Bush's election, but media control over what we learn and think is often very subtle and much more powerful than most people realize.

You think the media bosses don't know this and use it? Think again about all the news you don't get from the media but often see right here in this newsletter. Many of you have written to me to tell of how much you depend on my articles for the truth. What about all those millions upon millions of Americans who never see anything beyond what is on their television screens? Those who are convinced that the network evening news and American Idol reflect the real America.  They don't know what they're not shown, and they aren't going to learn anything from the entertainment industry which dominates their televisions.  Americans are addicted to entertainment and no longer think for themselves.

What I'm trying to point out here is that there are many news stories available that the media should be covering but doesn't.  They prefer to spend hours upon hours talking about "Duke LaCross Rape Case" or "Miss USA Gets A Second Chance".  They tell us these stories get the most hits on their website, but what does that say about the mentality of America and their viewers?  It is an undeniable fact that a majority of voters in America are, for the most part, ignorant about what and whom they are voting for. Yet these are the people who elect our politicians and choose social direction for the country based on what Brian Williams and Dan Rather (now Katie Couric) tell them.

I don't have an answer for how to correct this situation we find ourselves in. It's taken a long time for people who hold a lot more power than I do to get us this far. It's going to take a long time to repair the damage they've done and get the country back on the right American track again. It's going to take another major disaster to wake the American people up and unite us in a common cause. It's going to take a major event that will undeniably discredit the New York Times, the Washington Post, and all major television news networks before this brainwashing of the American people will be addressed in any significant way. It's going to take an overhaul of American colleges and in particular, the colleges of journalism before the problem can even be considered.

As long as liberals continue to maintain a strangle hold on American education and journalism, our country is doomed to self destruction and moral decay. What we are seeing is the progress and success of the Communist plan to take over America and we are seeing it happening in our lifetimes, and right under our noses, and no one is doing anything about it because "politically correct" brainwashing has kept us from recognizing it and fighting against it.

America has gone soft and is no longer the respected world power that it used to be, and that is just fine with the liberals. May they all find discounts on their prayer rugs and burkas, and enjoy marching in lockstep to their meager jobs every morning when taxes are too high to be able to afford gas for the cars that they no longer own out of consideration for "global warming".

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