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by JR Dieckmann

So, I hear North Korea claims to have tested another quasi-nuke while launching a half dozen Flash Gordon rockets over the past week or two. How does America react to this Kim Jong (mentally) Ill temper tantrum? The same way it has always reacted with the same worthless diplomatic rhetoric.

At the U.N. they are preparing to pass another useless resolution telling the pot bellied dictator; ďShame on you, youíve been a bad boy. DonĎt do this again or we will pass another resolution.Ē This is the same reaction the U.N. had last time Ill tested a quasi-nuke and shot off some missiles. Did it stop him? Hell no! And it wonít stop him this time either.

In the U.S. the Obama Administration is preparing to order an embargo against North Korea of weapons materials and luxury goods (which only the little dictator can afford). Thatís the same thing we did the last time Kim tried to test a nuke during the Bush Administration. Did that stop him? Hell no! Did the Clinton Administrationís gifts of money, and technology stop him? Of course not; it had just the opposite effect and only enhanced his efforts.

Then the Bush Administration attempted to use the 6 party talks to reason with Kim. It was a valiant effort and probably the closest anyone could come to working out a solution to the problem - as it required North Koreaís benefactor, China, to be at the table. Any agreement or treaty would have to include China because that is the only country that has any influence over North Korea.

Did that stop Mr. Kim? Hell no! No sooner had Obama taken over the White House than Looney Tunes Kim walked out and declared a boycott of the talks. Then he fired off a Taepodong II missile into the Pacific Ocean to make his point.

Today we see the same scenario being played over again, and again, and again. Kim throws a tantrum with missiles or a bomb and the western world calls him a bad boy and tells him not to do it again, then offers him more foreign aid. Einsteinís definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Would it be unreasonable to expect a little sanity from Washington and the U.N.? How many times must diplomacy fail before world leaders realize it doesnít work with tyrannical dictators?

Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said on Friday that the Obama Administration ďwill not allow North Korea to become a nuclear power.Ē Just like the U.S. will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power? What a joke! Obama told Iran that they can keep on enriching uranium and developing their nuclear program until the end of this year, and then we will consider more sanctions against them.

Oh no, not more sanctions! As if the last ones did any good. Iranís Mullahs know that Obama is not going to lift a finger to take action against them, and has essentially given them a green light to continue on the path they are on. Even Israel understands now that it can expect no help from the Obama Administration to defend itself against Iranian nuclear weapons development and resulting attacks on Israel.

When will these people in Washington ever learn that dictators like Kim Jong Ill and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have their own agendas, just as Obama does, and will not be talked out, or threatened out of them? Resolutions arenít going to work. Sanctions arenít going to work. Embargos arenít going to work. All of these diplomatic measures are only going to have the effect of making Kim Jong Ill mad. Madder than he already is, that is. Perhaps I should say ďangry.Ē He is a proud little dictator and is not going to be bullied by the U.N., the U.S., or anyone else. He is going to do just what he wants regardless of how difficult America and the U.N. try to make it for him. He will react with anger, not cooperation.

All of these worthless attempts at bringing Kimbo under control are the equivalent of poking a tiger in the gut and thinking that the poking and prodding will make him surrender. It wonít. What it will do is drive him into more anger and temper tantrums which eventually will lead to him actually aiming one or more of his missiles at the U.S., South Korea, Japan, or another of our western allies.

Freezing North Koreaís bank accounts, as has been suggested, will only make Kim more angry and he will blame the U.S. for his inability to pay his military payroll. He will never even consider that he is the cause of his own problems.

North Korea hasnít yet learned how to achieve complete detonation of a nuclear core, so if either of their underground tests actually contained any nuclear material, the best they achieved was only partial detonation and contamination of their own land. N.K. is as far away from actually putting a nuclear warhead on a missile as we were during the Manhattan Project.

Should we be concerned? Absolutely. Should we take action to stop the eventual nuclear threat from North Korea? Yes, of course we should. But diplomatic measures arenít going to do it. Every time Kim wants more money from the western world, he makes a fuss with either a missile launch or another quasi-nuclear test to threaten the world. This kind of blackmail should not be rewarded by giving him what he wants. We tried that before and he only hid his nuclear and missile programs from us, but continued on the same path in violation of his agreement. Letís not play that game again.

What should we be doing? Simply stop reacting to Kimís tantrums and let him test all the missiles he wants to. Soon he is going to run out of any missiles with the capability of reaching beyond his own shores. Heís also going to run out of TNT if he continues to simulate underground nuclear tests with several thousand tons of the stuff. We should stop being frightened by his missile tests and instead adopt the same tactic that Ahmadinejad uses to deal with Obama; just laugh at him.

But we donít stop there. We also send a clear and irrevocable message to that little pot bellied jerk that if he actually succeeds in detonating a viable and verifiable nuclear blast, or just one of his missiles is launched at any western ally, not only will we shoot it down, but then we will not hesitate to proceed to obliterate all of his missile and nuclear installations along with the entire leadership of North Korea, and we will liberate his people from his tyranny. We should already have forces in place in the Pacific to carry out that mission.

One way or the other, this approach will put a stop to the problem and the growing threat posed by North Korea, and is the only option now left. It will also send a strong message to Iran that we mean business. But then it wonít discourage Iran from proceeding with their nuclear program. Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs want to be attacked. They need a war to set the stage for the return of the 12th Imam. And they donít care how many of their own people die in the effort. We, and Israel, could foil their ambitions by not attacking Iran, but then it is only a matter of time before Iran attacks Israel or Europe. Israel is not willing to sit and wait, and allow their people to be killed in a nuclear firestorm.

Will the Obama administration ever consider this kind of an approach to the problem? Not on your life. Obama is more determined to destroy America than is Kim Jong Ill and Iran combined. Our little dictator in Washington wonít even spend any of our ďstimulusĒ money to complete the border fence to protect our country from foreign invaders from Mexico - a project that has already been mandated and funded by Congress, but halted by Obama. Rather than try to regain the respect of the world for America, Obama is determined to relegate this country to third world status through his policies of weakness and appeasement.

Obama still has the misguided perception that problems with North Korea and Iran can be dealt with by talking, resolutions, and sanctions - methods that have already been proven ineffective. On the other hand, perhaps he does understand this but simply doesnít want to do anything about it. Since this Bozo went to Europe to solicit help with the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, we have been abandoned by all of our allies in Europe who simply said ďno, weíre simply not interested in participating in your failed attempt at managing this war.Ē European cooperation was weak with Bush in office, now there is none at all.

Obama seems to have illusionary designs on become dictator of not only America, but of the entire world. We here in America may have to put up with his pacifist, Marxist fascism for a while, but the rest of the world doesnít, and wonít. They sent him packing from Europe with zero cooperation, and Americans need to do the same while we still have a country to protect. Obamaís populist rhetoric that he reads from the teleprompter is totally irrelevant to what his plans really are for our country. His remarks are intended to fool and draw applause from the worthless Washington Press Corp and do little else.

The little dictator in Pyongyang isnít going to be influenced by the sanctions and empty rhetoric of the little dictator in Washington, it will only make him more angry. Only a Gen. David Petraeus or Norman Schwarzkopf type approach is going to have any effect in the Korean Peninsula. Itís unfortunate that the current resident in the White House cannot understand this. Kim Jong Ill is not impressed by Obamaís celebrity status with left wing socialists, communists, and Marxists in America. He is only impressed by his own progress in nuclear and military development. And that is all he cares about.

JR Dieckmann is Editor, Publisher, Writer, and Webmaster of GreatAmericanJournal.com. He also works as an electrician in Los Angeles, Ca. He has been writing and publishing articles on the web since 2000. Permission for reprints and reposts of this article are freely granted and approved by the author providing credit is given to the writer and linked to the original source at GreatAmericanJournal.com. JR can be contacted at http://www.greatamericanjournal.com/contact.htm.

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