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Is Foreign Aid Contributing To World Poverty?
by JR Dieckmann

We have all seen close up how welfare handouts from the U.S. Treasury maintain a poverty level income for those who refuse to - or are unable to - work. The same concept applies to the “victims” of U.S. foreign aid.

First, there is something that we need to understand about our own country. The United States of America is not the typical country of the world. It is the exception. The standard of living and prosperity that we tend to take for granted is far superior to the average nation on Earth. That didn’t happen by accident; there are reasons for it.

One reason is that Americans fought for our freedom and liberty - and some still do - while others prefer peace at any price. The freedom and liberty that our ancestors fought for is what opened the door for American creativity, ingenuity, and consequent prosperity. We weren’t born wealthy, we earned it.

No one gave early Americans foreign aid to pay their way. We did it all on our own. We worked and fought for every dollar we earned without the restrictions of overbearing, big government. As a result, we created our own prosperity, culture, and standard of living. We have continued to work hard to improve that standard ever since. Simply put, we have the standard of living that we enjoy because that is who we are.

Because we now live in a generation that just accepts the American standard of living as expected, we forget what it took to bring us to this point. We tend to think that everyone should live the way we do in America, and when we look at third world countries we feel it’s our responsibility to help them out of their own poverty. We tend to see them as disadvantaged, but that is only from our point of view.

What we fail to understand is that the way of life in third world countries is just as normal for them as our way of life is normal for us. Liberal “do gooders” and charity organizations will find the most depressed areas in the world to display in the media, in order to provoke our “feelings” and try to persuade us to give money to their cause. When we do give, some of that money actually does go to people in third world countries to help provide food, medicine, and clothing. Much of it does not. It stays in the pockets of organizations and tyrannical dictators.

This isn’t very different from advertising techniques that use the “worst case” examples to sell their products and services. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with that. As long as people are given the choice of contributing money to them or not, then there is no harm done. As it turns out, Americans are the most generous people in the world.

But then our politicians decide that they should show that they also care and mandate our taxpayers‘ money to foreign charity. Don’t expect the members of Congress to give their own money to help people in these third world countries. It’s much easier for them simply to confiscate our money to provide foreign aid while ignoring the Constitution, which never authorized them to do so.

There is nothing that Congress likes to do more than to spend money that doesn’t belong to them. They don’t even wait to see if there is any money left in the budget to spend on nonessential earmarks. The personal pork comes first; then they find legislation to attach it to. They spend billions of dollars of our money on things that we would never approve of and they get it passed through Congress simply because it has been attached to some essential legislation. It’s time for Congress to put a stop to this corrupt and unethical practice.

So what happens when the United States Congress gives away money to third world countries? It’s pretty much the same thing that happens here when credit card and finance companies promote the borrowing of money and encourage people to live beyond their means. We are now starting to see the consequences of that with the current mortgage company crunch and people losing their homes - homes that they never should have bought in the first place because they couldn’t afford them. And to top it off, now some people are calling for a taxpayer bailout so that we all can pay for the mistakes of others and assure them that they can continue to live beyond their means.

That takes us back to foreign aid where the same thing is happening. We have attempted to artificially raise the standard of living for people in poverty-ridden countries above what would be normal for that country. They come to depend on that aid just like those on welfare and use it to enjoy a slightly higher standard of living than they can actually afford. This higher standard means that they can afford to live longer and have more children, adding to the country’s population.

The resources of any country can support only just so much population. When the population expands beyond what the national resources can support, you have chaos, unrest and wars. This is our gift to third world countries. Without it, nature would control population to a level a country can support. Foreign aid is simply adding to an already overcrowded world population and providing nothing of value in return. Most countries receiving U.S. foreign aid oppose us in world politics and foreign policy; many ally with our enemies.

I know this may sound harsh, but without foreign aid, the population of third world countries would be limited to what those countries can support. Yes, more would die and fewer would be born, but that‘s the way it should be. It’s like water seeking it’s own level when two containers are connected together. One container holds the population; the other contains the national resources. They tend to balance.

U.S. foreign aid has upset that balance in third world countries, and now we are committed to continuously adding more water to the resource container. In the end, there is no improvement in third world living conditions. The population is merely expanded, adding to the problem. The poverty continues just as it has been, only more people are now living with it.

It’s the same thing that is happening in the American ghetto. Government cannot end poverty. It is up to the people living with it to get off their asses and make a better life for themselves. That is the only way their accomplishments will be worth anything to them. If they refuse to make the effort, then they are not only useless to society, but a burden on it. We must stop coddling these useless wastes of protoplasm and calling them “victims”. They are victims only of themselves and that is - and always has been – their own choice. You have the right to screw up your life in America. You do not have the right to hold the taxpayers responsible for it.

The solution lies in the old adage: “A Democrat will give a man a fish. A Republican will teach the man how to fish.” All foreign aid must stop and be replaced with educating people of the world in how to improve their own lives. We can show them the path to success, but we cannot do it for them.

But that won’t be easy. It’s going to take a great deal more than just education. It’s going to take major changes in society and government of these countries to make it happen. We can hold America up as an example and show them how free enterprise and profit motivation can create wonders. We can show them how a free people, unrestricted by excessive government oppression, will allow the human spirit to flourish and create. But they must develop a system and a government that will support it, not destroy it.

It’s going to take something like a 100-year program to transition a country from a poverty state to a prosperous state. We can only suggest such a program, and it will be up to the people of those countries to enact it. They will have to start looking toward the future of their country and must want to make the changes for the sake of their children and their children‘s children.

We can encourage them to begin by putting them on notice that foreign aid from America will start to decline year by year, and that it’s going to be up to them to make the necessary changes to support themselves without our help in the end. If they choose not to make those changes, then pull the plug on foreign aid and let their country’s population take it’s natural course and reduce itself through attrition.

We have to consider also that some nations would rather not develop as America has. Some may prefer the simple and uncomplicated life. We must respect that choice to allow them to live the way they want to, as long as they can do it without U.S. foreign aid. Our federal government has - and wrongly in my opinion - imposed requirements on local school districts in order to have access to federal funds. This same requirement should apply to countries receiving foreign aid in America’s “no country left behind” program. Otherwise, we are just throwing away good money after bad.

People who say that America should share our wealth with other nations are usually not the people who have created the wealth. They are the global socialists who want to redistribute American wealth created and owned by people other than themselves. They desire a global, level playing field, which will make it much easier for world domination by global socialists. Their global warming fraud represents their current attempt to do just that. Each country needs to grow and develop in it’s own way. They cannot be pushed or helped out of poverty with handouts, if poverty - in the view of Americans - is the standard for their country.

America cannot continue to carry the whole world on it’s back. There are too many countries in the world where people just want to earn enough money to leave and come to America instead of helping their own country out of poverty. This too needs to stop. We have enough people in the U.S. We don’t need any more. It’s time to curtail immigration into our country altogether, at least for a limited time. Since we can’t seem to control our own immigration and population, we need to close our borders until we can.

Above all, our politicians and our president need to consider the needs of America first before we try to play the role of provider to other countries. We give away money to foreign powers who use it to buy weapons to kill Americans. We allow foreign students and others to enter our country, even from the Middle East who may very well end up as domestic terrorists. Politicians and our president have put our country in grave danger with their immigration policies and foreign aid when their first priority should be the welfare and security of American citizens. Until U.S. immigration and foreign policy are radically changed, we will not see safety and security in America, nor will we be able to maintain our prosperity for very much longer.

JR Dieckmann is Editor, Publisher, Writer, and Webmaster of GreatAmericanJournal.com. He also works as an electrician in Los Angeles, Ca. His articles also appear on The Conservative Voice, Real Clear Politics, New Media Journal, Mich News, Daley Times-Post, Great Minds Think Right, and other conservative websites.