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G. Robert Dieckmann - Editor
April 22, 2007

They have called our president a liar, a terrorist, an idiot, and compared him to Hitler. They have called our soldiers "terrorists" and "murderers" and their mission unjustified and illegal. But the most despicable thing I have ever seen a public official do was when Harry Reid took center stage in front of the cameras and microphones and announced to our citizens and to our enemies alike:

"I believe myself that the secretary of state, secretary of defense and you have to make your own decisions as to what the president knows this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday,"

It is truly pitiful how easily Democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are willing to just give up and surrender a country to the enemy. Would it be any different if the country at stake was the United States of America? The answer to that should be obvious to everyone by now.

This statement by Reid should be proof to everyone that Reid is not competent to hold a leadership position in the Senate or anywhere else in the government.  There can be only two possible reasons for him making this statement.  Either he really believes this nonsense and is so consumed by liberal and media propaganda, that he is completely out of touch with the real world, or, he is a traitor to his country and is doing everything he can to turn victory over to the enemy.  In either case, he is not competent to be the leader of the Senate.

In the former case, it is not just his ignorance of what is really happening in Iraq that should be held to account, but his utter stupidity in making such a public statement.  Has he given one second of thought to how his words will effect the moral of our troops?  Has he given one minute of thought to how his words will effect the moral and determination of the enemy?  Where is his loyalty to America?  Would anyone who supports America's side in this war make such an asinine statement?  Even if that is what he really believes, he should know better than to speak it publicly while our troops are in harms way.  This is unforgivable!

The other possibility, that it wasn't done out of stupidity but rather was intentional, is even more despicable.  The Democrat leadership has staked the political future of the Democrat party on failure in Iraq.  This is a difficult position to justify to the American people but if they can force defeat for the US in Iraq, then they can claim they were right all along and gain political advantage by ignoring, as they have been, that they originally supported the invasion of Iraq. 

Reid has become a cheerleader for the enemy's cause with these words, and along with the Iraq war legislation he and his liberal ilk have been trying to pass in Congress, have in no uncertain terms told al Qaeda and Iran to keep fighting with all they have and wait for the US to pull out.  If you were an enemy fighter in Iraq, would you even consider giving up after hearing this?  No, you wouldn't.  You would be encouraged beyond all belief to keep up the fight and wait for the US to leave knowing full well that Reid and the Democrats are on your side. 

I can't imagine anything more helpful to the enemy than what Harry Reid has done.  This is treason of the highest order for a man in his position to be giving aid and comfort to the enemy as Reid has just done.  Many Republicans in Congress have spoken out on this but who is willing to hold Harry Reid accountable?  I don't see anyone doing that so far.  Where is the backbone of the Republican party?  When will they ever stand up for America and hold traitors and subversives like Reid accountable?

As President Bush resists their attempts in Congress to force a withdrawal and surrender, Democrats are becoming more desperate and taking more desperate measures.  Their attempts to force defeat are now becoming too obvious to anyone who is not brainwashed by the liberal mantra and media.  I'm afraid that what they have done so far to assure defeat in Iraq has already gone beyond the point of no return as well. 

What I mean by that is I believe that our enemies in the Middle East are now convinced that they can and will win this war.  They will continue to fight even harder, killing Iraqis and our young soldiers with even more conviction until they drive us out, which they now believe is possible.  They are now convinced that the only thing standing between them and victory in Iraq and Afghanistan is President Bush and he has only 20 months left in office. 

It should be clear to everyone by now that the Democrats' objective is to get out of Iraq with or without victory, preferably without, and do it all in the name of "peace".  Victory, or any plan for it, is not in their vocabulary and never has been.  The unanswered question is still; how do they intend to convince our enemies to adopt peace?

  When called to account for his statement, Reid then, being prompted by Chuck Schumer, answered with:

"The (Iraq) war can only be won diplomatically, politically and economically, and the president needs to come to that realization," 

Who does Harry Reid think we are fighting against anyway?  Does he really think this is some sort of a diplomatic or territorial dispute?  Does he really think al Qaeda and Iran are interested in negotiations and compromise with how many westerners they intend to slaughter?  To avoid answering this question, they try to convince us that we are merely engaged in a "civil war" in Iraq between Shi'ites and Sunnis while avoiding any reference to the real enemy and purpose of our being there.

And speaking of the real enemy, you may have noticed that I have mentioned Iran several times in this piece.  We have known for some time now that Iran has been backing, supplying, training, and supporting enemy fighters in Iraq.  Now we know that Iran is also behind training, supporting, and supplying the Talliban in Afghanistan.  How long must we endure this chaos before this country recognizes the real enemy we have been fighting all along - Iran. 

Iran has been at war with us for control of Iraq every since we deposed Saddam Hussein yet our government fails to recognize it.  We have all the proof we need of Iran's involvement yet our government refuses to admit it and declare war against Iran.  How long was al Qaeda at war with America before we finally realized it and took action against them?  How long will it be before we take action against Iran.  Are we just waiting until they have the bomb so that we can nuke them after they have nuked Israel and a few of our American cities?

No matter what President Bush believes is necessary to protect our country now, he's going to have a hard time getting any of it done with traitors in the Congress like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who would rather sit and drink tea with the enemy than fight them.  But no matter how you look at it, there is no excuse for Harry Reid's remarks last Thursday.  

Harry Reid owes this country not only an apology, but his resignation. He is not fit to lead the Senate, or for that matter, hold any government office.  Harry Reid and others like him must be removed from Congress and replaced with patriotic Americans who do support our country and our Constitution.