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by G. Robert Dieckmann - Editor
April 28, 2007

A current article from Swedish writer, Fjordman, titled Jihad and the Collapse of the Swedish Model, presents a look at present day Sweden which will soon become a model for all of Europe and eventually the United States of America if it's allowed to continue. The problem in the United States will be even worse with two foreign factions fighting for control of the country, Islam, and the invaders from Mexico.

Forty some years ago, many Americans realized that population growth in America would soon exceed the ability of our natural resources to support it. We adopted new forms of birth control and brought our population growth under control. Now, over the past 15 years, invaders from Mexico have been illegally entering our country and cranking out babies like rabbits. As a result, population growth in America has increased ten fold and they're not even Americans.  This year the population exceeded 300 million thanks to contributions from Mexico and liberal immigration policies.

In a relatively short period of time, foreigners in many American cities will outnumber Americans, just as they are now doing in Los Angeles and San Diego, Ca. And just as is now happening in Sweden, our national culture will be trampled on and replaced by foreign culture. Politicians will be elected of and by foreign invaders and their supporters on the Left, just as they are now doing in Los Angeles. Once elected to office, they can then begin changing our laws to encourage and legitimize more foreign influence on our country and culture.

People like me who favor preserving American culture and oppose losing it to, and having it replaced by alien cultures, will be branded as "racists" and "hate mongers" and drummed out of public view by liberal socialists who bow at the alter of "cultural diversity" and "political correctness" all in the interest of using minorities with little knowledge of, or loyalty to American culture, as a voter base to increase their political power.

If you speak out against illegal invaders from Mexico in our country and want them deported, you are a racist and insensitive to their needs. If you speak out against the Islamic culture and demonstrate it's incompatibility with American culture, you are labeled a racist and Islamophobic and must be silenced. You cannot be allowed to oppose the future voter base of the Democratic Party.

In July, 2005, radio talk-show host Michael Graham was suspended by station WMAL-AM for describing Islam as a "terrorist organization" on his program after complaints from the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim extremist supporting organization itself.

A new book, "Samson Blinded" by Obadiah Shoher, presents a stark and realistic look at the political conflict between Israel and Islam. "Only by shedding liberal idealism the West can win against Islamists. Advocating political rationalism, Shoher deplores ideological myths, and argues for separating politics from moralism."  Because the book is critical of Islam and appeasement policies, Yahoo and Google banned Shoher’s book site from their advertising programs for "unacceptable content," Amazon deleted the reviews, GoDaddy cancelled hosting, JewishBlogging.com refused to list Shoher's blog as Jewish, and Booksurge terminated the publishing contract.

According to a recent WND news article American Airlines is blocking World Net Daily as a "hate site" for publishing the truth about Islam.  World Net Daily is a "hate site"?  WND is a major news website that isn't afraid to publish the truth when others won't.  Yes, some of their writers are experts on terror and highly critical of Islam, but someone has to be or the truth will never be known.  Americans cannot continue to be dumbed down by political correctness.

According to several subscribers to NewsWithViews.Com's newsletter, companies such as Earthlink and SBC Global are intentionally blocking delivery of NWV's e-mail to subscribers. According to NewsBusters, the article that first broke this story on May 19 cannot be found by doing a Google News search even though other recent articles by NewsBusters can.

Google News has stopped disseminating news content from New Media Journal.  After sending the Google Help Desk a query concerning the matter, Managing Editor, Frank Salvato, was informed that there had been complaints of "hate speech" directed at his website, and as a result, New Media Journal would no longer be part of Google News.  As evidence of his offense, the Google Team supplied Salvato with links to three recent op-eds published by his contributing writers, all coincidentally about radical Islam and its relation to terrorism.

Google appears intimately tied to former vice president and potential 2008 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore. It is no secret that Gore is a senior advisor to Google, a position that garnered him a sizable number of shares according to Fox News political analyst Susan Estrich.

Remember what happened in Denmark when one newspaper published cartoons about Islam and Mohammed?  It nearly touched off a war.  Remember when Danish film maker, Theo Van Gogh, released a film on Islam?  He was dead within two weeks.  So far in America, we just shut them up and put them out of business when Islam and the American Left doesn't like what they have to say.

We have all seen the protest demonstrations blocking the streets in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and many others by Mexicans and other Hispanics demanding citizen's rights for illegal aliens. We have seen the outrageous actions by CAIR and their supporters on the Left to attempt to silence anyone who speaks out against Islam or Islamic aggression on the western world.

We saw Islamic Imams terrorizing passengers and testing security procedures on a US Airways flight preparing to depart Minneapolis. After being ejected from the flight when passengers did the right thing by reporting suspicious behavior, CAIR has filed lawsuits against the very passengers who were terrorized by these Muslims.

Political correctness will always favor the minority or the foreigner over the good and respectable middle class American whose fault it is, according to the Left, that America is so hated by the rest of the world. Europe tried to accommodate Islam and look what it got them. Sweden is now becoming a country foreign to itself and dominated by Islam.

In Britain, Muslims segregate themselves into their own communities while expanding their numbers and living according to Shiria law, not British law. Now they are demanding that Shiria law be incorporated into British law.

In Germany, a high court judge ruled it was okay for a Muslim man to beat his wife because it is permitted under Shiria law. Permitted under Muslim law? What about German law? Germany too is rapidly becoming a Muslim dominated country as is France and Spain. If the average German is ashamed of what Adolph Hitler did, how will they feel when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is calling the shots?

America is next if we don't fight back. In America we have two fronts in this conflict that need to be fought; Islam and Mexico. If we do not fight back against this foreign aggression, the American culture will be lost just as Swedish culture is being lost in Sweden today.

There is nothing wrong or objectionable with foreign cultures, they just don't belong in America. America was built by immigrants, primarily from Europe. For the past 200 years, when immigrants have come to America, they have become Americans and assimilated into American culture. We appreciate, and are grateful for them. They have contributed to, and strengthened our American culture.

But thanks to the politically correct "tolerance" of the Leftists, we no longer require foreigners to assimilate and adapt to our culture. Many from Mexico who have been here for more than ten years still can't speak our language. We accommodate them by learning to speak theirs and duplicate all government documents in their language at a huge cost to the American tax payer. This is the same perverted thinking that encourages Mexicans to illegally cross our border by offering them jobs, healthcare, and welfare.

America is no longer a "nation of immigrants". Over the past 200 years Americans have evolved and developed our own national identity and culture which is the best in the world. Swedish liberal socialists became to tolerant and complacent about Islamic immigration and now their culture is being smothered and destroyed by it. Only now are some of them waking up to the problem, but it's too late for them to now save their country. In 50 years, Sweden will be an Islamic country and nothing can stop that short of a civil war.

The same thing is happening in America now. What we don't know is whether America will become a Mexican country or an Islamic country 50 or 100 years from now. If the Mexicans take over, it will only be a matter of time before they too are destroyed by Islam. Not a pretty picture for America, but it will happen if we don't wake up and start defending our American culture against all aggressors.