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An Early October Surprise PRINTER FRIENDLY
Posted: 05/11/08

An Early October Surprise
by JR Dieckmann

Is it any coincidence that in this year of 2008 we face perhaps the most important presidential elections in our history, and in the same year, a doubling of gas prices has occurred? It would be a stretch of the imagination, or as Mrs. Clinton would say - ďa suspension of disbeliefĒ to believe that these two issues are not connected.

Do you remember back in 2004, there was a lot of talk about a George Soros ďOctober surpriseĒ which was intended to collapse the stock market and bring down the economy just before the election? This disaster, had it happened, would all have been blamed on George W. Bush and his tax cuts, to benefit the Democrats in the November election. Soros himself is quoted as saying he would give his entire fortune if it would ensure the defeat of Bush. It is not just Bush whom Soros opposes, but any Republican in the White House that he cannot manipulate to advance his own liberal-socialist agenda.

During the 2004 election cycle, Soros gave $3 million to the Center for American Progress and $5 million to MoveOn.org. Another $10 million of Soros money went to America Coming Together. Millions more were funneled through Sorosí activist groups masquerading as ďcharity organizations,Ē which ended up in pro-Democrat campaigns. After the reelection of George W. Bush, Soros and other rich liberals backed a new fundraising group called Democracy Alliance whose purpose is to support the goals of the Democrat party. In all, Soros spent $25 million in his attempt to cause the defeat of George W. Bush.

Soros has also used his millions to fund such things as James Hanson, the NASA scientist who espoused the threat of global warming. Through his Open Society Institute, Soros funded Hansonís legal and media assistance to get him on TV talk shows to promote the global warming fraud. Soros money was also used in the 2006 illegal alien protest demonstrations in Los Angeles and across the country where Mexicans carried Mexican flags and demanded citizens rights for illegals.

Soros has also helped to fund the defense of terrorists in U.S. courts and lawsuits opposing terrorist surveillance laws to protect the country from terrorism. But I donít have to tell you that George Soros has a history of siding with CAIR and the ACLU. He will side with anyone who is opposed to conservative American values.

Soros is well experienced in manipulating currency and commodity markets for financial and political gain. In 1992, Soros used his Quantum Fund in a speculative maneuver to break the Bank of England, forcing it to devaluate the English pound which profited Soros $1 billion at the expense of hard working British citizens.

In 1997, Soros was branded an ďeconomic war criminalĒ by Thailand, and the Malaysian Prime Minister blamed him for their economic collapse. Soros also invested billions into the collapse of the Soviet Empire through illegal, insider purchases of Sidanko Oil and the siphoning of $100 billion out of the country.

Soros had his greedy fingers in the economy of France too. Caught in a scheme of illegal insider trading, Soros was charged and convicted in his attempt to takeover the Société Gereralé bank. His conviction was upheld in two separate appeals as recently as 2006, however he got off with a mere $2.9 million fine.

There is probably no one more qualified and experienced at manipulating the economies of nations than George Soros. So what do you do if youíre George Soros and you failed to gain political success from the tens (or perhaps hundreds) of millions of dollars you have invested into the Democrat party? You try again. In 2004, Soros was unable to crash the stock market to get John Kerry elected so he changed his strategy to plan for 2008.

We like to blame OPEC for the high cost of gas today; in fact it is the oil speculators in the commodity futures market that are the cause of those prices. The oil producers of OPEC are only too happy to take the obscene profits that the speculators have made possible. But without the little regulated practice of futures trading, oil would still be selling for less than $50 a barrel today.

In a 2005 article, Mike Norman of the Fox News Channel said ďThe New York Mercantile Exchange is the preeminent energy futures market in the world. It has become the price-setting mechanism for oil. Even OPEC refers to NYMEX when it sets its price targets. Right now it costs exactly $3,375 for anyone to control 1000 barrels of crude oil valued at roughly $67,000. Three grand to control nearly seventy!ď That was in 2005 when oil was selling for $67 a barrel.

What Norman is saying is that in the Commodities market, an investor may buy oil futures by putting up only 5% of the purchase price. Itís hard to understand why this is the case with oil, while most other futures investments require 50% of the purchase money up front. Norman says it is because NYMEX makes a lot of money off of these oil investments listed on its exchange.

Iím not expert in futures investments, but as I understand it, these are basically short term investments. What happens is that an investor, or group of investors, will buy up blocks of oil with a mere 5% deposit, then start bidding them up against each other, causing the price to rise. Itís sort of like a game of poker limited only by what price the retail market will bear. This tells the oil producers like OPEC what their product can sell for, and they are only too happy to reap the profits - along with the speculators. But this practice can be dangerous to our nationís economy, and George Soros understands that. He couldnít wreck the economy through the stock market in 2004, but he can launch a successful attack by using oil.

In 2005, Soros began dissolving his investments in oil production and moving that money into oil distribution while investing heavily in the oil futures market. Using his hedge funds, Soros and other like minded investors have bid up the price of oil to now over $120 a barrel. Other investors followed, and continue to follow his lead to cash in on the profits. As long as he can use his political influence to keep supplies down, Soros profits and the American people suffer the consequences. His political influence is most effective as long as he can convince enough people of the threat of global warming and that burning fossil fuel is the cause of it. The partnership of Soros and Gore is a match made in hell.

But futures speculation is a gamble. If the selling price does not go up, the investor can lose money. Soros is rarely wrong on his speculations. And by using his financial influence he has the power to exercise control over the supply. The demand for oil is always going to go up so, itís just a matter of keeping the supply down to assure a huge profit. Sorosí speculation becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and the price goes up. At the same time, he is investing heavily in alternate energy industries, so either way, he comes out a financial and political winner.

Soros knows that with increasing oil costs, the costs of most everything else will also increase. The Bush administration was not helpful when they decided to grant ďstimulusĒ handouts from the federal treasury. This has the net result of devaluating the dollar, making all of the money that you and I have worth less. Itís sort of like a stock split.

Say you own 10 shares of IBM worth about $800. The stock splits and now suddenly you have 20 shares of IBM. But each share is now worth only half as much, so your net gain is zero and your investment is still worth $800. In U.S. currency, you may have more dollars, thanks to the Bush handouts, but your buying power is reduced because everything you buy now costs more.

That pittance of $300 or $600 doesnít begin to compensate for the value you have lost in the other money or holdings you have, your entire fortune, whatever it may be, is now worth less than it was a year ago. The value of the U.S. economy hasnít gone up, it is just being represented by more paper money. If you had $10,000 in the bank last year, well, now itís worth only about $9,000 in buying power. This election year political trick to endear you to your favorite politician will do almost nothing to improve the economy, but only serves to hurt you in the long run.

As the dollar becomes worth less, and the cost of living goes even higher, the country goes into recession and financial problems start spreading like the plague. The public becomes dissatisfied and unhappy, and the Democrats blame Bush and the Republicans for the recession, in hopes of getting Democrats elected. Few people can, or will, explain how George Soros, the financial backer of the Democrat party caused all of this with his oil futures manipulation. Itís easier just to buy into the blame Bush snow job.

But just ask anyone who thinks Bush is responsible for the high gas prices, how he could have caused this. They will usually tell you that he is doing it to help his oil buddies. But how is he doing it? The president is not a dictator and has little power over the free market or the price of oil. He canít make it go up and he canít make it go down. Only the oil speculators can do that. The president can try to persuade the crude oil producers around the world to produce more oil to help balance the supply and demand, but that is about all he can do as long as Congress refuses to consider increasing domestic supplies.

Soros is highly motivated to disrupt the oil supply for more than just political reasons. He is investing heavily in alternate energy and farming industries such as Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland who are active in the harvest of corn for ethanol. Soros is not only using his financial influence to promote the liberal-socialist agenda, but is also attacking the entire economy of the United States through his manipulation of the oil market, to assure a Democrat victory in November.

He wasnít able to pull it off by using the stock market in 2004 - now it looks like he is finding success in the oil market, and this time he means business. And he will get away with it too, if people donít wise up and realize what is going on. We canít stop the oil price tampering without changing the laws, and we canít do that as long as Democrats rule the Congress. When you hear Democrat politicians and candidates start using the failing economy as a campaign issue, you need to understand who is really behind it.

But itís nothing new for Democrats to create a problem and then blame it on Republicans. Were it not for their ability to tell convincing lies, that political party would no longer exist. The reality is - we have no one to blame for the price of gas and our current economic woes but George Soros and the Democrats he keeps in his hip pocket. No need to wait for an October surprise, itís already happening. But if Iím correct, then we can expect gas prices to go down after the election.

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