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A lot of campaign and media attention is being focused lately on Barack Obama's association with Bill Ayres, but it seems that both McCain and the media are missing the point. The problem is not just Bill Ayres, but it is a pattern of associations that Obama has maintained with anti-American radicals of which Ayres is only one. The problem is the anti-American culture from which Obama enters the political scene.

John McCain isn't going to get much traction from concentrating only on Bill Ayres. He needs to expose the pattern of radical associations which define Barack Obama and include Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, Tony Rezko, Jim Johnson, Joelle Fishman, Bernadette Dohrn, Mazen Asbahi, Rashid Khalidi, and most of all, ACORN. Then he should point out how many patriotic Americans Obama has had close associations with, and the complete lack of them coming forward on his behalf. Hollywood liberals don’t count as American patriots.

Who will vouch for Obama other than Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi? Who endorses Obama other than the Democratic Socialist party, indirectly - the Communist Party USA, Nation of Islam founder - Lewis Farrakhan, and various Islamic and communist foreign leaders? McCain needs to tell the people exactly who Obama really is and who is in his circle of friends. He should bring out Obama’s development into manhood, studying at the feet of Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky. When you know where Obama is coming from, then it’s easy to read between the lines of his golden speeches and see his socialist agenda.

Across the street from Obama is the home of convicted felon and Obama fund raiser, Tony Rezko, who arranged for Obama to join the neighborhood clan. Just up the street lives William Ayres and Bernadette Dohrn. A little further down the block you'll find Nation of Islam founder, Lewis Farrakhan. This is hardly the neighborhood you or I would want to live in. It's the kind of neighborhood that a McCain-Palin campaign sign in the yard could get the house firebombed. But this is the neighborhood that Obama chose to live in because this is where his friends are.

McCain is losing ground because too many people don’t know who Obama really is, and because of the current economic crisis. For people who know only what the mainstream media tells them, it’s easier to blame president Bush and the Republicans than to learn and understand the facts about the mortgage meltdown, it’s effect on the economy, and the roll Barack Obama has played in it. These are the things that the pro-Obama media won’t investigate or talk about.

McCain needs to get out there and explain the complete run up to the mortgage meltdown from the beginning in 1992. He needs to expose all of Obama's ties to ACORN and their connection to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

As a member of the Senate for 27 years, who is better qualified to explain exactly who and what caused this disaster; and who tried to prevent it in Congress; who tried to propose legislation to tighten oversight; and who blocked it. Who tried to correct the reckless lending practices of Fannie and Freddie and the mortgage lenders, and who stood in the way of needed reforms.

McCain should demand an explanation of exactly how Bush policy is to blame, and not settle for this false charge that President Bush deregulated mortgage lending - which he didn‘t, or that it was caused by Republicans‘ belief in capitalism and a free market system that this country was built on. Obama’s hatred of Capitalism and the free market is proof of his lack of understanding of America and American values, and his Marxist/socialist posture.

People who signed multiple voter registration cards testified this week before the ACORN voter registration fraud investigation hearings. They told how various ACORN workers would approach them asking for their signature and address on voter registration cards. When they said they were already registered, the ACORN people, all using the same sales pitch, begged them to sign saying that they feared loosing their job if they didn’t get enough signatures. The homeless and street people were convinced to sign multiple times out of sympathy for the ACORN workers. Obama used to work for ACORN - training workers in these tactics, and still maintains close ties and money exchanges with them. McCain could use this.

He should tell the people about Obama’s days serving as ACORN’s attorney and representing them in court. He should expose how ACORN operatives intimidated banks and bank administrators into granting sub-prime loans to people who couldn't afford to buy houses, ultimately leading to the mortgage meltdown. By doing this, McCain could turn the election around because the media would have to cover it.

So why doesn't he do it? His little snippets attacking Obama for being friends with Bill Ayres sound petty and are easily rebutted. McCain doesn't feel comfortable using personal attacks in his own speeches and it shows. By telling the whole story, he could avoid these uncomfortable personal attacks and make his point be heard. He could get enough people to understand what caused the current economic crisis, and what political party is behind it. Undecided voters would stop blaming Republicans for the economic problems and place the blame where it belongs - on the Democrats.

In the second presidential debate, McCain fell flat on his face. Instead of emphasizing his differences with Obama, he looked more like a candidate running against Obama in a Democrat primary. If he didn't answer questions with "I know how to do that," then it was "I will reach across the aisle." That's not what anyone wanted to hear except perhaps Democrats who don't like Obama. The truth is, I was one of those millions of Americans who fell asleep half way through the “debate.”

To anyone watching, it was obvious, however, that the questions were filtered by Tom Brokaw and NBC to give Obama a clear advantage; Nothing controversial, and very little that Obama and McCain disagreed on. NBC got exactly the result they planned and hoped for. McCain fell right into their trap by agreeing to participate in this phony stage show, while Obama refused McCain's challenge to participate in 10 "real" townhall debates. William Kristol says McCain should fire his campaign staff. I tend to agree. Or maybe it’s just McCain who should be fired from the campaign.

Clearly, neither candidate has any clue about how to fix what's wrong with our country. McCain thinks working with Democrats is the answer to get things done. He might get things done that way, but will any problems actually get solved? When challenged by a man in McCain’s audience during a recent rally who was mad about socialists taking over our government, McCain replied saying he would work with anyone to find answers to the problems facing America. So McCain is saying he will work with socialists to fix the problem of socialism in our government?

Obama thinks the answer to excessive government spending and debt is more government spending and debt with higher taxes. Both of them favor the bail out of people who gamed the system, and both seem to support preserving the reckless credit policies of the past 16 years that got us into this mess. Both think the taxpayers should be stuck with the bill to pay mortgages for people who bought homes that they couldn't afford. Neither one has suggested that Americans and the American government should stop living on credit and restrict spending only to what they earn and can afford to pay for.

Obama has no problem using class warfare against individuals and small businesses that earn more than $250,000, while McCain is afraid to stand up for capitalism and the free market. In the end, John McCain comes off looking like Elmer Fudd, and Barack Obama comes off looking like a used car salesman. The only highlight of the so called “debate” was when the two candidates interrupted Brokaw's closing statements by standing in the way of his teleprompter.

This election is clearly about choosing between capitalism and socialism. Obama has been making his case for socialism well. McCain has been failing all of us by not holding up his responsibility to protect capitalism. Does he simply not believe in capitalism, or is he just afraid of scaring those people who have surrendered to socialism and government dependence, fearing they will not vote for him?

They’re not going to vote for you anyway, John, so stop blowing it with your base for votes you never had. If Obama wins this election with Congress controlled by Democrats, America will become a socialist country within 4 years. Is that really what the majority of Americans want?

It is what America will get if John McCain doesn’t wise up and start knocking Obamas balls out of the park.

JR Dieckmann is Editor, Publisher, Writer, and Webmaster of GreatAmericanJournal.com. He also works as an electrician in Los Angeles, Ca. He has been writing and publishing articles on the web since 2000. JR can be contacted at http://www.greatamericanjournal.com/contact.htm.

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