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(6 Min. Audio)

by JR Dieckmann

Palestinians in Gaza voted for Hamas, and now they are getting exactly what they voted for: A terrorist regime, provoking war with Israel, suicide bombers, shortages of food and medicine, socialism, poverty, and no hope for peace. They knew what Hamas represented when they voted for it. They are now reaping the consequences of their vote. They are not victims of Israeli aggression, they are accomplices and supporters of an Islamic terrorist organization.

Palestinians, and their supporters everywhere, complain to the media that civilians, women and children, are being killed and injured in Gaza by Israeli air and land strikes. They flood the media with statements, photos, and videos of the dead and injured being carried away from scenes of carnage caused by Israeli strikes, or so they say. They want to be seen by the world as the victims of Israeli brutality and point to only 4 Israelis who have been killed by Hamas rocket attacks. Israel should treat these rocket attacks only as a nuisance and respond proportionally, they tell us.

Hamas rockets deliberately target innocent civilians, women and children, and schools in Israel, while Israel targets only Hamas paramilitary and rocket firing terrorists. Hamas' answer to Israeli retaliation is more rockets fired at Israeli civilians. A proportionate response to an attack, or in this case, multiple attacks by Hamas, is not measured in the numbers of deaths on each side. The counterattack by Israel must be proportionate to the threat posed by Hamas and the degree of force required to eliminate that threat. Civilian casualties in war are unavoidable and irrelevant. Only a fool would think that you should trade your enemy body for body.

The quickest way to end a war is to win it by defeating the enemy with overwhelming force. This is not a game where the defense must be proportional to the offense. The object is to win and get it over with. That is precisely what Israel must do. No more measured responses or playing diplomatic ceasefire games with the U.N. If the U.N. tries to interfere with what Israel has to do, Israel should pull out of the U.N. and America should follow. Anyway, anything the U.N. might do would not be binding on Hamas. Hamas is not a member of the U.N.

All of this talk of “innocent civilian casualties” is utter nonsense anyway. There are no more innocent civilians in Gaza than there were innocent Nazis in Germany. They are all Palestinians. They all voted for Hamas socialism and rule. They all defend and support Hamas in one way or another. They are all a part of the terrorist machine that Hamas represents (kind of like the people of Chicago supporting their corrupt political machine).

Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing this whining about civilian casualties in Gaza. I also recognize, and it should be obvious to anyone, that this is nothing more than the execution of the master propaganda campaign by Islam and their misguided supporters in the western world. The fact remains that the vast majority of casualties in Gaza are those of terrorists and Hamas fighters. They are all civilians according to the Geneva Convention. There is no distinction between Gazan civilians and Hamas combatants. When did you ever see a terrorist wearing a uniform?

Sure, sometimes a non-combatant civilian gets unintentionally hurt or killed, but that happens in war. Get over it. Israel has gone to great lengths to minimize civilian casualties, even to the point of dropping leaflets and calling ahead to warn of coming air attacks on specific targets. Israel doesn’t want to hurt innocent civilians, if there are any in Gaza,

Hamas specifically targets innocent civilians in Israel. That is how Islamics always fight a war. No credibility should be given to their whining about their own civilians being unintentionally hurt and killed, as though Hamas would never consider harming a civilian. Their hypocrisy is equaled only by that of our own Democrats here in the U.S.

On CNN I see these young men being taken away on stretchers and my reaction is; just one more terrorist out of the fight. And it’s just as likely that once he is out of view of the cameras, he will get up off of the stretcher and walk away. That’s what they do; stage casualties for the media to promote their phony propaganda campaign. You can’t believe anything they say or show when it comes from Palestinian sources. Just like with Democrats, the truth is irrelevant to the cause.

Palestinians voted for Hamas fascism and socialist programs in Gaza and are now entrapped, enslaved, and dependent on Hamas for their survival. There is no way out. Israel won’t let them into Israel and Egypt won’t let them cross the border into Egypt. Israel should never have given Gaza over to the Palestinians 8 years ago after taking it from Egypt in the 1967 war. Why allow a pocket of enemy terrorists sanctuary within the state boundaries of Israel and isolated miles away from their own people? That was simply an invitation for more terrorist access to Israel.

Didn’t we all know that it would come to this eventually when Palestinians were allowed to occupy Gaza years ago, and Israeli settlers were driven out in 2005, ending the Israeli occupation of the territory? Didn’t we all know that Hamas would use Gaza as a base to launch rocket attacks at Israel? This is what you get when you allow the U.N. to interfere in the affairs of nations and impose a ceasefire agreement between Israelis and Arabs. Israel always comes out on the losing side of any U.N. resolution which usually costs them more real estate and embarrassment.

Spokesmen for the Palestinians keep repeating their rhetoric that the whole reason for this war is because of Israeli occupation and embargo of Gaza, and that is their excuse for terrorizing Israeli civilians with random rocket and mortar attacks over the past 8 years. Israel has not been occupying Gaza. The only reason for Israel checkpoints and embargos on Gaza is to stop the stockpiling and firing of weapons by Hamas in Gaza, onto the heads of Israeli citizens.

Gaza is surrounded by Israel except for it’s small southern border with Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Naturally, Israel has military checkpoints at it’s border with the Gaza territory. They have had enough of suicide bombers coming into their cities from Gaza. The seaports have always been controlled by Israel which helps them to stop weapons from being smuggled into Gaza and used against Israel. The Gaza territory has not been occupied by Israeli military troops since 2005. This talk of Hamas attacks on Israel being due to Israeli occupation of is a lie.

Palestine was offered their chance at statehood and to become independent from Israel 10 years ago. Yassir Arafat turned it down. Palestinians had their chance to live in peace with Israel but they just couldn’t bring themselves to accept the state of Israel’s right to exist, and try to get along with them. They had their chance and they blew it. Now Israel should drive them all out of Gaza and all the way back to Palestine if they know what‘s good for them and their country, but of course they won‘t do that. Turning Gaza over to the Palestinians produced no good fruit but only more war, thanks to the U.N. and the U.S. State Department.

No ceasefire or peace agreement between Israel and Hamas will ever be honored for long or be allowed to work. I think Israel knows this now. Israel should also recognize that the only solution to this problem is a complete and unconditional surrender by Hamas, followed by regular and thorough inspections of the Gaza territory by international weapons inspectors to assure that Hamas does not rearm - as Hezbollah did under the U.N. ceasefire and disarmament treaty of 2006.

Israel has no interest in regaining control, occupying, and administration of the Gaza strip as long as it‘s occupied by Palestinians.

Protesters, organized by communist and Islamic organizations like CAIR are demonstrating from San Francisco to New York, to London, to Paris in support of the terrorist group, Hamas. Liberals can always be counted on to support the enemies of America and Israel. These protesters are utter fools for falling for the Islamic propaganda and supporting the terrorist organization of Hamas. But then when have street protesters ever shown any sign of intelligence except on those few occasions when they were carrying American flags?

Why do these people choose to support a terrorist organization that has shown nothing but disdain for America and our brothers and sisters in Israel? Do they really hate American freedom and democracy that much? Not a word is heard from these people when Palestinians attack Israel with rockets and suicide bombers, but just let Israel fire back in self defense and all we hear is “ceasefire, ceasefire! Stop the war before Israel achieves victory!” Then all the propaganda about civilian casualties begins. It defies all logic and reality.

What would we expect of our own government if Mexico was firing rockets and mortars into our southern border states, targeting American cities and towns, and had been doing it for years? Would we not expect our own government to take action to protect our citizens with retaliatory strikes on Mexico to put a stop to it? Why do some try to deny Israel the same right to defend its people?

Israel has every right to do whatever they must to put a stop to the assaults on their country. I would hope that our own government would do the same under the same circumstances. On the other hand, I wouldn’t count on it, considering how it handles the cross border smuggling of drugs and people.

Many of the protesters are Muslims. They represent America's enemies and do not belong in our country, attending our schools and colleges and biting at the hand that feeds them. In his book, Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama states: "I will stand with them [Muslims} should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Well, things are getting ugly now and I expect that Obama will live up to his word in unison with the protesters. So far, he has avoided commenting on the subject for fear of tipping his hand, saying only that “we have one president at a time.” Whose side will he take when he is allowed to usurp the presidency of our country and play president for as long as he is allowed to get away with it?

Hamas uses innocent women and children in Israel as targets for attacks, and in Gaza, as human shields and propaganda tools. While CNN and BBC are broadcasting every bit of Palestinian propaganda it can get its hands on, Fox News is sticking more to the Israeli-American view, reporting the facts, not the propaganda.

Israel is not allowing foreign journalists and photographers into Gaza in order to protect itself from false propaganda that Hamas would just love to get out to the media. If Israel loses the propaganda war, they lose the war itself. I am very pleased that Israel now understands this and is fighting this war on both fronts.

The “poor people of Gaza have no electricity or water,” the media tells us. "They have little food or medicine and are living in fear." Too bad! The painful truth is that they got what they voted for, and now Hamas has brought a war down on their heads. It's nobody's fault but their own for supporting a terrorist organization. They are victims alright, victims of Hamas. Protesters in America should go join them if they want to help the Palestinians. They should be rejected by the American people and ejected from our country for supporting Islamic terrorism.

No peace agreement between Israel and Hamas is possible. How do you come to an agreement with a terrorist group who refuses to recognize your right to exist and wants only for your country and its people to be wiped off map and out of the region? In spite of international treaties reestablishing the state of Israel in 1948, Palestinians still see Israel as “occupiers on their land,” land that was never theirs to begin with.

The land of Israel was given to the Israeli people by God long before the Palestinians were chased out of Egypt and settled (squatted) in western Jordan, where they wouldn’t annoy anyone except the Jordanians. Palestine receives only lip service, but no support, from anyone in the Mideast except Iran and Syria who finance and arm them, and use them to fight their proxy war against Israel. In 1970, when the Palestinians tried to overthrow King Hussein of Jordan, the king retaliated by massacring thousands of them and drove the rest into Gaza and Israel’s West Bank where they remain to this day.

A ceasefire is not a solution but only serves to prolong the problem. Israel has the solution to the problem - end Hamas‘ ability to fire rockets and mortars into Israel. We must allow Israel to solve the problem in the only way it can be solved. The answer is not ceasefire. The answer, as it should be in any war, is total victory and unconditional surrender by Hamas. Wars never end with a ceasefire, they just continue to flair up again, just as we saw in Iraq.

A war can only end with one side unconditionally surrendering, signing a document of surrender, and agreeing to its terms of surrender which should be severe enough to discourage any breach of the contract. I hope that is what Israel will ultimately demand, while ignoring the pro Palestinian propaganda and pressure from the international media including CNN and BBC.


The Patriot Post