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Rather than showing up at the polls just to vote against Obama, conservatives now have a reason to support the Republican ticket - not just a reason, but a good reason. McCain could have gone the other way and chosen a VP who would appeal more to the left, in keeping with this own views, but he not only did the right thing, but the smart thing as well when he picked Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin for the position.

Today when Barack Obama commented on the Palin nomination, he looked absolutely horrified, as though he knew his chances of winning the election had just dropped dramatically. He wanted to say something demeaning but he tempered his response with controlled politeness. But his face told a story of disaster, one he didn’t count on Thursday night as he was speaking out of both sides of his mouth in Denver. Nearly every sentence was aimed at the political centrists, then followed with a liberal counterpoint that he can then use later in his defense when challenged on it. He was trying to appeal to everyone with his phony speech.

These are things you won’t see from Gov. Sarah Palin. She is a solid conservative, always has been, and is proud of it. Her prime motivation is in doing the right thing for the country, not for herself. She openly and confidently stands up for what she believes in and speaks up when she sees dishonesty, corruption, and harm to the country. You could say she is Fred Thompson in drag, but a whole lot more attractive.

I have always believed that the only woman who could inhabit the White House would have to be the equal to Margaret Thatcher. Gov. Palin could be that woman. Not that she has Thatcher’s experience in government yet, but I believe she has the ability to learn quickly what she lacks today. She appears to have Thatcher’s strength and attitude which earned her the nickname, “Barracuda.”

We are told that Sarah Palin has limited executive experience in spite of her 6 years as mayor of Wasilla, and 2 years as governor of Alaska. Yet in those 8 years in state and local executive positions, she maintains an 80% approval rating while Obama’s Senate enjoys a 9% approval rating, primarily because of senators like Obama and Biden. Were Obama elected to POTUS, no doubt his approval rating after a brief period of time would be the same 9%.

Gov. Palin’s experience in politics and government is not limited to just mayor and governor. In 1992, she won a seat on the Wasilla City Council where she served until 1996 when she won the race for Wasilla mayor, defeating both the Republican incumbent in the primary, and the Democrat challenger in the general election on her platform of reduced taxes and combating corruption in government.

As governor, Palin tackled both issues convincingly while in office. Her 80% approval rating proves that she was up for the job; a job that also desperately needs to be tackled in our federal government. The state’s Chief Executive took down not only corrupt Democrats, but confronted the corrupt Republican machine in Alaska, including U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. She stopped Stevens’ “bridge to nowhere” by telling the federal government “thanks, but no thanks” to the federal handout. Party loyalty isn’t as important to Gov. Palin as is running a clean and respectable government - whether that is in Alaska or Washington.

While Sarah was carrying out her executive duties as mayor in Alaska, Barack Obama was misappropriating federal funds along with his partners in crime, Tony Rezko and William Ayres, in their “Chicago Annenberg Challenge” organization of which Obama was founding chairman of the board. This failed and corrupt Chicago Mafia-approved organization represents Obama’s only leadership experience, and it is a missing chapter in his life that he doesn’t want brought up in this campaign. Although he is trying even now to suppress and conceal those years, it is going to be exposed. It is starting to come out now from the files which were recently sealed at Chicago University by Obama‘s operatives. This is the same university where William Ayres is still permitted, as a professor, to poison young minds with radical liberalism and Marxism.

The fact is that Sarah Palin has much more leadership and executive experience than Barak Obama and Joe Biden combined, and she has a clean and successful record to show for it. She has served as president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors as well as Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She and her husband have been running a successful fishing business for years. Her son is now serving his country in the army and is soon to be shipped out to Iraq. Governor Palin and John McCain visited with troops and wounded soldiers in Iraq earlier this year, long before Obama even considered conducting a campaign publicity tour in that region.

This extraordinary Governor is one tough cookie, and she has a long list of unemployed corrupt politicians strewn behind her and looking for other lines of work. She is also a strong advocate of oil drilling on land, offshore, and in a tiny corner of ANWR. She well understands this country’s energy needs, unlike her Democrat opponents, and knows that Alaska can provide much of it. She is also familiar with the proposed, 2000 acre ANWR drilling site and the uninhabited wasteland area it is planned for. On this issue, she has the full support of the Alaskan people.

A couple of final notes on Sarah Palin. A Fox News commentator made the claim Saturday that Palin agrees with John McCain on global warming. Don’t you believe it. On global warming, Sarah has this to say: “A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location. I'm not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.”

Another caution: Don’t rely on Gov. Palin’s biography on Wikipedia, it appears to have been written by Democrats who stress as many negatives as they could come up with, including repeated references to “corrupt Republicans” on Alaska’s payroll. No doubt much, if not all of it, is true, but you will find little or no mention of corrupt Democrats, and little positive emphasis placed on Mrs. Palin’s numerous accomplishments.

Democrats are now gearing up their political smear machine and will be ruthlessly attacking Palin with any and all rumors they can find. They will try their best to destroy this intelligent and gifted woman, to eliminate the threat she represents to a Democrat victory in November. They have run out of issues on which to attack McCain and their anti-McCain campaign has now devolved into nothing but old, worn out, bumper sticker rhetoric, like “McCain is George Bush the third.” I don’t believe most American think Bush has done all that bad a job as president, but the Obamaniacs live in a liberal box with little or no access to the real America. To them, Bush is Beelzebub.

Keep this in mind and view everything negative you hear in the media about Sarah Palin - including Fox News - with a great deal of skepticism. The left will respect no bounds in trying to convince voters of their lies and distortions in their attempt to put a radical Marxist-Socialist into the White House. They will put everything they have into trying to destroy Sarah Palin.

You need only listen to the Obama talking points to realize that just about everything BHO is criticizing the Bush Administration for, are actually policy mistakes and errors created by a corrupt, Democrat controlled Congress, not the president. From housing, to healthcare, to gas prices, these are all things that the Democrat controlled congress had their hands in, not the president.

But isn’t that always the Democrat’s way? Create problems, then blame them on the president unless the White House is occupied by a Democrat - in which case, he gets credit for every accomplishment a Republican congress made in spite of him. Oh yes, the philanderer, Bull Clinton (not a typo), was a saint, and Bush is the devil.

What Senator McCain and Governor Palin do have in common is that they are both reformers who see their mission as cleaning up government corruption and wasteful spending. This is another major issue that petrifies Obama and the Democrats. With McCain and Palin in the White House, it won’t be corrupt Republicans in Alaska who are at risk, it will be the corrupt Democrats in Washington, and some Republicans as well, who will be called to account for their wicked deeds.

When you come right down to it, both Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are precisely the sort of old style Tammany Hall politicians that Sarah Palin has dedicated her life to exposing and eliminating. She is now in her element, and she has a target rich environment in which to ply her trade.

This is the real change America needs, not the other one Obama is offering.

The Patriot Post