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Stop Saying "We Can't"
by JR Dieckmann

I'm tired of hearing "we can't". We canít secure the borders. We can't deport 12 1/2 million illegal aliens. We canít even find them. We can't deny them free healthcare and social services. We can't even count them.  If we could, we would find more like 20 million.

We can't offend Islam. For that matter, we can't offend anyone. We can't keep holding war prisoners at GuantŠnamo Bay. We can't win the war in Iraq. We can't attack Iran. We can't stop Iranians from killing our troops in Iraq. We can't find Osama bin Ladden.

We can't spy on Islamic radicals living in our country. We can't pass any meaningful legislation without compromise and dilution of everything in it. We can't keep national security secrets from Congress and consequently the press. We can't pardon Scooter Libby but then again, we can't jail Sandy Berger for stealing and destroying classified government documents either.

When will our government tell us something we can do? With this "we can't" attitude we hear continually from Washington and the media, is there anything we can do except collect taxes to pay for all the things we can't do?

Here are a few things we can do that our government might want to consider:

We can build a fence and secure our southern border. We can deny illegal aliens free government services, jobs, and other incentives to break into our country. We can make English the official national language and stop pandering to Spanish speakers.

We can change the laws to make illegal entry and residency in the US a felony punishable by immediate deportation, no trial and no jail time at taxpayersí expense.

They can be given a brief hearing in front of a US magistrate to present any evidence of legal status they may have, in English. Failing to do that, they can be transferred to a holding area for the next shipment to the country of their entry into the US. 99% of the time that would be Mexico.

On second thought, send them all there anyway and let Mexico deal with the problem. It would help to discourage the Mexican government from participating in the illegal invasion of America.

As a felony, local law enforcement would then be compelled to arrest illegals instead of granting them sanctuary. It would also make illegals feel less comfortable and secure in the US which would help to discourage more from breaking in, and encourage those here to leave, never be granted entry again.

We can find illegals, they are easy to find. All we have to do is talk to them. Immigration laws require that legal immigrants learn English and assimilate into American culture. If they canít respond to questioning in English then the chances of them being here illegally are pretty good. We donít need more legislation from Congress to address this problem, we need only to strengthen and enforce existing laws.

We can win in Iraq and in the War on Terror. All we need to do is honestly address the root of the problem which is Iran. Iranian leadership has threatened to wipe Israel and America off the map. Iran has been training terrorists and has been complicit in fighting and killing American soldiers in Iraq. Iran has been providing armor piercing bombs to insurgents and terrorists in Iraq. Iran is behind the violence from Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran is at the head of promoting a worldwide Islamic state and imposing Shiria law on the rest of the world.

In essence, Iran has already declared war on the US and the western world. What we can do is justifiably and officially declare war on Iran and cut off the head of the snake. Then proceed to wipe the Iranian leadership and theocracy off the face of the map along with their nuclear and weapons installations. Without Iranian support, their proxy groups would collapse without funding.

The only problem is that our Congressional wimps are afraid to fight war with war and a war declaration would be difficult to get from this Democrat controlled Congress. They would rather see the world be overrun by Islam than to approve of war as a means to defend our nation and culture. Itís not that we ďcanítĒ do it, itís that we ďwonítĒ do it.

We can fight war with war. We cannot win a war with peace offerings. Al Qaeda is no longer a viable fighting force. The best they can do now is promote their ideology in the media with ridiculous speeches by Yosemite Sam (Iman al Zawahiri). Osama bin Ladden is most likely already dead so looking for him is a waste of time.

It would be nice to capture or kill Yosemite Sam but the only threat from him is the hate he inspires with his big mouth. In reality, he has always been full of empty threats and trying to take credit for terrorism that he really had nothing to do with.

The real problem we seem to be having is identifying the ďgoodĒ Muslims from the ďbadĒ Muslims. The trouble with Islam is not that itís an evil religion. The real problem stems from the inclusion of civil laws within the religious laws. Every religion has itís religious laws which if violated are punishable by God alone. Islam includes Shiria law which is punishable by man and manís interpretation of the Koran. That is the problem.

Shiria law is not compatible with western law. In fact, Shiria law forbids western, non Muslim law and culture altogether. It is therefore not possible for a Muslim to adhere to both western law and Shiria law. This is now becoming quite evident in Great Britain where Islamics are insisting on imposing Shiria law on Britain. British Muslim clerics have clearly stated this is their goal.

Islam must change, and itĎs going to be up to us to force that change or live with the consequences of radical Islam. Muslims must wake up and realize that Shiria law is obsolete in todayís modern world. Most American Muslims had already made this change long ago but not so in Britain where their Islamic problem is similar to our Mexican problem.

Upon migrating to Britain, Muslims insist on bringing their Islamic culture with them instead of assimilating into British culture. Unlike other religions, Islam is not just a spiritual belief, but a way of life, complete with civil laws. It doesnít work here and itís not working in Britain. Muslims must keep their religion to themselves instead of pushing it in our faces the way gays and lesbians have been doing with their gender perversions.

So whatís the answer? In both cases the answer is the same, deport the undesirables to the country of their ancestral origin if they refuse to assimilate. Muslims must denounce Shiria law if they wish to live in the west. There is nothing wrong with worshiping Allah if that is what they believe in, but there must be only one set of laws that apply to everyone in any country.

It is Shiria law, not the Islamic faith, that is causing the unrest between Islam and the west. Written in the 6th century, the Koran forbids ever changing anything contained within it. That presents a real problem for the 21st century. Itís going to be up to the Islamic leaders to override these ancient dictates but so far I donít see anyone doing that. If they refuse to revise Islam, the only possible outcome is itís ultimate destruction by western forces. Islam is on a suicide path and itís not confined to individual bombers. Many western Muslims already realize that.

The truth is that this great country of America can do anything it puts its mind to. If we can put a man on the moon and stare down the Soviet Union, we can certainly deal with the problems that are destroying our culture, security, and our country today.

All it takes is the will to solve these problems which is seriously lacking in our government today. We need to look for and elect candidates who are willing to talk about and address these problems with real solution, not just lip service to the American people while secretly or not so secretly pandering to the very people and ideals that are destroying our country.

The candidate who simply professes partisan rhetoric on minor issues is not the kind of person we want running our country. We see all too much of this in the current field of candidates, especially on the left. Who has the courage to address the big issues? Will it be Fred Thompson when he finally decides to join the game? Letís hope so because otherwise, weíre going to be living with big problems in our country for a very long time.

JR Dieckmann is Editor, Publisher, Writer, and Webmaster of GreatAmericanJournal.com. He also works as an electrician in Los Angeles, Ca. His articles also appear on The Conservative Voice, Real Clear Politics, New Media Journal, Mich News, Daley Times-Post, Great Minds Think Right, and other conservative websites.