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The AP Steps In Its Own Excrement PRINTER FRIENDLY
Posted: 07/13/08

The AP Steps In Its Own Excrement
by JR Dieckmann

In an Associated Press article released July 6, Joseph Murphy informs us that the final shipment of Saddam’s 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium has arrived at Montreal, Canada, to be processed into electricity producing nuclear fuel. This must come as a shock to many Americans who had the impression that Saddam had no WMDs or nuclear program.

After all, isn’t that what the Democrats and the so called “news media” have been telling us ever since John Kerry was running for president? Never mind about the satellite photos of truck convoys and Russian agents assisting in the removal and transportation of chemical weapons from Saddam’s weapons depots to Syria during the run-up to the war.

Never mind about the testimony of Gen. Georges Sada, one of Saddam’s top generals, who described how chemical weapons were loaded aboard planes at the Baghdad airport and flown to Syria disguised as relief supplies for Syrian flood victims.

Never mind about the saran filled artillery shell, made into an IED, that exploded next to a U.S. troop convoy, but failed to mix the chemicals properly because it hadn't spun as it would when fired from a cannon. And just forget about those 500 chemical warfare artillery shells found in an ammo dump and destroyed by U.S. troops.

Never mind about the underground bunker found by our troops, filled with barrels of pesticide, the precursor for saran. And should I mention the nuclear components and bomb plans found buried in the back yard of Iraqi scientist Mahdi Obeidi?

Never mind about all the Iraqi Kurds in northern Iraq who were slaughtered by Saddam’s chemical weapons after the Gulf War, and the thousands of Iranians who were smothered by Saddam’s toxic chemical attacks during the Iran-Iraq war.

Never mind that less than a week before the November, 2004 election, the media was all over the story that hundreds of tons of HMX and RDX explosives were stolen from the Iraqi weapons depot at al Qaqaa. HMX and RDX are explosives used to make missile warheads and to detonate nuclear weapons. The U.S. Army was blamed for not protecting the installation from looters. The story appeared on John Kerry’s campaign website.

Just two days before the election it was revealed that the HMX and RDX had been removed by an Army Ordinance unit attached to the 3rd U.S. Infantry Division and destroyed along with 400,000 tons of weapons and ammunition already collected. The story mysteriously disappeared from Kerry’s website and the media.

No sooner had John Kerry begun using the lie that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction as a wedge issue in his campaign against George W. Bush, it became the conventional wisdom of the lamestream media to support Kerry in his lies. The public must not learn of anything that could dispute Kerry’s claims if the Democrat candidate, supported by most of the media, was to have a chance of becoming president.

But as if it wasn’t enough to mislead the public about Saddam’s chemical weapons, the media all but ignored one of the biggest WMD discoveries of all time in Iraq - the 550 tons of yellowcake uranium located just south of Baghdad at the al Tuwaitha nuclear research and development site, the same site that housed Saddam’s nuclear reactor that was destroyed by Israelis just as it was about to go online in 1981.

“The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program - a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium - reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans,” writes Murphy.

The news here isn’t that Saddam had 550 tons of yellowcake uranium. It’s not even that the uranium ore has finally been shipped to Canada. The real news story is that the Associated Press, a source of many media news articles, has now admitted that Saddam did have a nuclear program, only they are about 4 years late in reversing their position and informing their readers of the truth.

Those of you who have been following my newsletters since 2004 may think this yellowcake story sounds a little familiar. You would be right. In August of 2004 I sent out just such a newsletter containing the following article:

(excerpt only)

Saddam's Uranium Cache: 142 Potential Nuclear Weapons

By Steve Roeder
Talon News
August 10, 2004

LONDON (Talon News) -- Five hundred metric tons (1,100,000 lbs) of milled uranium oxide (yellowcake, U3O8) stored at Saddam Hussein's al Tuwaitha nuclear weapons research laboratory near Baghdad could have been converted to enriched gaseous uranium hexafluoride, UF6. This amount of yellowcake could produce up to 142 nuclear weapons, prominent British physicist Norman Dombey has determined.

I added the following postscript at the bottom of the article:

It should be noted that the stockpiles of uranium in this report were removed from Iraq 2 days before the transfer of sovereignty. This was a barely noticed, or non existent news item as the mainstream media would have had to admit that it did exist and all of their erroneous reporting and Bush bashing over the issue would have to be retracted. Did anyone see any retractions?

At the time, it was reported that the yellowcake had been removed just prior to the transfer of sovereignty. Apparently this was not so. The AP reports that this was a “secret” operation. Perhaps the shipping of the uranium to Canada was a secret, but its existence in Iraq was certainly no secret, except to those who depend on the mainstream media to keep them informed on the news.

Democrats and the media continued to promote the lie that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear program or materials, that he wasn’t a threat to the U.S., the Mideast, or the free world, and that invading Iraq to remove Hussein was a mistake.

Now the AP has admitted that Saddam, in fact, did have a nuclear program but stopped short of mentioning the covert nature of the program that concealed it from U.N. inspectors well past the turn of this century. A program that was just waiting to be restarted as soon as western inspectors were out of the country and out of the way.

It's not always what the media tells you, but more often, what the media doesn't tell you that matters. If it's harmful to the Democrat agenda, you probably won't read or hear about it in the media.

When President Bush mentioned in his 2003 State of the Union Address that British intelligence had reported attempts by Saddam Hussein to secure yellowcake uranium from Niger, former Ambassador, Joseph Wilson, claiming to having been sent by Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, went chasing off to Niger to investigate.

Of course his predetermined conclusion - that no such attempt to purchase had occurred - was published in the New York Times in an article entitled “What I didn‘t find in Africa,” but should have been titled, “How I failed my country in my mission to Africa.”

The article, and then the Democrats, amplified by the media, began accusing Bush of lying. It was no lie; the British intelligence report did exist, and so did the yellowcake in Iraq. Whether the uranium was purchased by Saddam recently, or before the Gulf War doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he had it and would someday use it. Later, a Senate Committee investigating Wilson's story concluded that Wilson lied about what he "didn't" find in Niger.

Had it not been for the investigative efforts of people working outside of the mainstream media, we would have never known that Wilson was not sent by the Vice President’s office, but rather by the supervisor of his CIA wife, Valerie Plame, at her request. This resulted in a witch hunt investigation to find out who in the White House had “outed” an alleged covert CIA agent.

Two years later, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was convicted of obstruction of justice in the investigation for failing to remember the proper sequence of events of two years prior, and was sentenced to a prison term, which was later commuted by the president. No one was convicted of outing Valerie Plame because no crime had been committed, but liberal media distortions of the story left the impression in many minds that Libby had been convicted of outing Plame only because the investigation, targeting Bush and Cheney, failed to uncover any evidence that they were involved.

The AP article by Joseph Murphy sums it up this way:

A CIA officer, Valerie Plame, claimed her identity was leaked to journalists to retaliate against her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, who wrote that he had found no evidence to support assertions that Iraq tried to buy additional yellowcake from Niger.

A federal investigation led to the conviction of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Murphy points out that Libby was convicted of unrelated procedural crimes, but fails to mention that the real culprit, the actual leaker of Plame’s identity, Richard Armitage of the State Dept., was known from the very beginning of the investigation.

$80 million of tax payers money was wasted on this political witch hunt to try to bring down the Bush Administration and turn over voters to the Democrats. The media didn’t tell you that but instead led you to believe this was all about White House leaks and protecting agents of the CIA.

This media has no problem with leaking national security secrets that harm our country and put intelligence gathering on terrorists at risk. These leaks are featured on the front page, above the fold, in the New York Times, Washington Post, and others as well as the evening news on every television news network. These same news outlets have no interest in leaking the identity of the person responsible for allegedly outing Valerie Plame, whose covert status had been discontinued 6 years prior.

Then more recently, and based on accusations by Democrat Congressman John Murtha who called our soldiers “murderers and baby killers” for fighting to defend themselves in Haditha, Iraq, the media had most of their readers convinced that the accused soldiers were guilty the day the story broke.

Some still believe it because the media haven’t made much of a point of telling them that they, and Murtha, were wrong and the soldiers involved in the incident, along with their commander, have been exonerated in court and released from custody, except for one who is expected to be released.

Nor did the media report that the accuser was an American-hating Iraqi insurgent posing as a ’civil rights” official, who knew he could use the American media to condemn the soldiers.

Today, what we’re hearing from these same Democrats and media shills is “We can’t drill our way out of high gas prices.” They tell us it’s going to take 10 years or more to get any oil from new wells to the gas pump, and even then it will only lower prices by a few cents. Meanwhile, oil company executives tell us that it will take only 5 years, and investors tell us that just the news that we intend to increase oil production will start to bring prices down significantly.

The Democrats and their media tell us that oil companies should be drilling on federal leases they already hold, but aren’t. The oil executives tell us it makes no sense to drill in previously leased areas where they know there is little or no oil to be extracted. They know where the large oil reserves are and that is where they want to go. Democrats continue to block them from those areas in Alaska and offshore.

The left media continually fail to mention this in their reports and insists that oil companies should be exploring for oil where little, or no oil exists.

Democrats tell us they can fix the high gas prices by taxing the oil companies, suing OPEC, putting the country on an energy diet, and investing in wind and solar power. The media repeat their mantra over and over again. They have already succeeded in changing the subject from motor fuel to electric energy. We will not get one drop of gasoline, diesel, or aviation fuel from a windmill or solar panel. We need gasoline and diesel, and we need it as soon as we can get it.

If we can’t get it for 5 years to come, then so be it. But that’s better than waiting 20 to 30 years for speculative “green” electric power while gas prices continue to rise. We don’t need more electricity nearly as much as we need more oil, but somehow the debate has turned to “energy” instead of oil.

Democrats and the media are telling us that we must stop using petroleum-based fuels because it’s causing global warming, it’s making us sick, and it’s killing the planet. Harry Reid is telling us that we have been putting CO2 up into the atmosphere for the past century and it’s built up to dangerous levels. That is simply not so.

What goes up must come down when it’s heavier than air. A CO2 molecule is many times heavier than either nitrogen or oxygen, which makes up 99% of our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide doesn’t stay up in the atmosphere, it falls back to the ground over time and feeds the plant life. The media don’t tell you that.

In not doing so, they are simply compounding one lie upon another, and CNN calls itself “The most trusted name in news?” I would trust a news organization that tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. We don’t get that from the Democrats, nor from their allies in the liberal news media today.

If this hogwash disguised as news is what most people trust to be the truth, then our country is in real trouble and the propagandists of the Democrat party have won the battle for public opinion. They have proven themselves to be the most effective liars in history by using all of the tools provided by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth in the minds of the people.”

Want proof? Just look at how many people are reported to believe that man is causing global warming. I personally don’t know any who believe that, but the media trumpets this propaganda as though it was a proven fact. Then they have the audacity to tell the American people that we need to sacrifice our American way of life, and our economy, to combat it and “save the planet.” Hogwash!

And this is the media, and the political party, to which most Americans want to entrust our economy, national security, and the running of our country to - according to them - the media! They tell us that Democrats will sweep the 2008 elections while taking little notice of the Democrat led congressional approval rating now at an all time low of 9%.

Why would the country want to elect and reelect a political party who 91% of Americans believe is doing a rotten job? It’s just more media spin to try to persuade people to vote for the perceived winner in November, and a desperate attempt by the media to save a failed Democrat party and their misguided policies. The media know that they only have to fool 51% of the voters to save their beloved Democrat party.

Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it. Then you’re going to discover why people, fed up with high taxes, government oppression and regulation, left Europe and moved to America to establish freedom and liberty. After a few years of Democrat control of the country, the descendents of those immigrants are going to be going back to Europe in disgust and disappointment with American big government interference in their lives.

The Democrat party has been beholden to radical environmentalists for many years - a group of tree huggers who have no concept of what their policies would do to our quality of life and our economy. Might it not be better for all concerned if the “greens” would confine themselves to the Green Party instead of trying to run the country by proxy through the Democrat Party?

Then the Democrats and the media could get back to supporting American values and being good patriotic Americans like they used to be many years ago before they started trying to replace our Constitution with a socialist platform and laws written to benefit only the special interest groups on the left.

The Patriot Post