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The Anti-Energy Policy, How Stupid Is That? PRINTER FRIENDLY
Posted: 06/15/08

The Anti-Energy Policy, How Stupid Is That?
by JR Dieckmann

The Democrat anti-oil agenda has to backfire on them sooner or later. The people hardest hit by high gas prices are the very same people the Democrats pretend to represent and support - the poor and lower working class, those who tend to vote Democrat.

The obstacle before us today is to defeat the lies being told by Democrats that blame high oil prices on the Bush Administration and Republicans. The people who are hardest hit by high gas prices have to be made to understand exactly whose policies are causing them to park their cars and take a bus to work. They won’t learn it from the liberal media.

This week in Congress, both houses have been debating the energy bill. The Democrats insist on putting all money and resources into alternative energy development. The Republicans have been willing to go along with the Dems' plan to invest in alternative energy, but also want to increase domestic oil production to bring down gas prices. The Democrats arrogantly continue to “just say no.“ As a result, the Republican minority will not allow the bills to come to a vote by using their power of filibuster. Democrats are now calling Republicans "the party of no."

But who is it really that continues to say "no?" The Left wants windmills; the Right says, "ok." The Left wants solar; the Right says, "ok." The Left wants ethanol; the Right says, "ok." The Right wants oil while the alternatives are being developed, the Left says, "no, no, and no."

The development of alternative energy sources is going to be mighty expensive without the use of affordable oil energy to power research, development, and construction. Perhaps the Republicans should agree to the terms of the Democrats with the condition that no petroleum products be used in the development of their alternative energy products. Why shouldn't they be subject to the same restrictions that they want to place on the rest of us? If they want to pioneer an era without oil, let them start today and see how far they can get.

Senate Democrats are not playing by the rules. They control the agenda, they control the amendments, and they will not allow any amendments from Republican members to be heard. Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell had this to say on Thursday:

“Mr. President, the speech of my good friend, the majority leader, sounds eerily similar to the one he made yesterday morning at exactly the same time, so I won't prolong this back and forth other than to say it is an interesting campaign speech, but the issue before us is, if we do want to legislate, we know how we have to legislate in the Senate. We had the same discussion yesterday morning. The way you don't legislate in the Senate is refuse to let the minority offer amendments.

   I know this is inside baseball to most observers who don't follow every nuance of what we do in the Senate, but the way you legislate in the Senate is you call up a bill and you have a free amendment process and then you pass it.

The “campaign speech” that McConnell referred to was the opening speech by Harry Reid on Wednesday in which he repeatedly called McConnell a liar.

“Mr. President, people who are listening to and watching this discussion must go back and understand George Orwell set forth a principle in his book ‘1984’ that has become known as Orwellian. What that means is what the person is saying, they mean the direct opposite... Mr. President, first of all, my friend's statement about the L.A. Times is as Orwellian as his statement about wanting to cast votes. Understand, everybody, that he means just the opposite... But assuming that we understand the Orwellian-speak from the Republican side, let me read a little more from the same editorial he talked about... So, Mr. President, again, everything we have heard this morning, as I have indicated, everything we have heard from the minority is just the opposite factually.”

McConnell ended his speech with this:

“For years, Democrats have blocked every effort to increase the production of American energy and help bring gas prices down. They have said no to States that want to allow for deep sea exploration off their shores. They have blocked the use of oil shale. They have blocked a dozen efforts to open a small portion of ANWR for environmentally sensitive exploration, which--if it had not been vetoed 13 years ago--would be providing a million barrels of oil a day to American consumers right now.”

I wish I could include these Senate opening speeches from both Wednesday and Thursday of this week in this article, but of course, I can’t. I do urge and encourage you to read them and decide for yourself who is serving the American people and who is serving only their special interests and political agendas. The lies and distortions coming out of the mouth of the Senate Majority Leader are just astounding and do not represent the best interests of the American people.

Opening speeches for Wednesday can be read at: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?r110:S11JN8-0008:.
Thursday’s opening speeches are at:

The Democrats have been reiterating their point that the oil companies already have land leases for drilling that they are just sitting on and not using, therefore they don't need additional drilling offshore, in ANWR, or anywhere else. The truth is that oil companies are not drilling in those areas because they have found that there is no oil there. Over 50% of exploration wells drilled come up dry. Now they have more advanced equipment that can examine the ground to determine if any oil exists there without drilling a single hole.

Of the approved oil exploration sites that do have oil, many are being blocked from exploiting by environmental extremists law suits that have been holding up drilling for years. If Democrats in Congress don't block oil exploration, then the environmentalist do. Is there any doubt that Democrats have an agenda to destroy the oil companies and divert that money into the environmentalist's alternative energy causes? It wouldn't be so bad if they would wait until alternative energy sources are developed and ready to substitute for petroleum energy, but that day is still decades away.

In the meantime, the Left wants to starve the country of energy to make their false point of how badly America needs their alternative energy sources. They can only do this as long as they can continue to convince their voters that high gas and energy prices are the fault of Bush and the oil companies' "obscene profits." They have been telling, repeatedly, that gas prices have tripled since Bush took office in their attempts to blame it all on Bush. They neglect to mention how much gas prices have gone up just since Democrats took control of Congress.

These are the facts: During the Bush Administration and Republican Congress (2001 to 2007), gas at the pump went from $1.44 a gallon to $2.10 a gallon - a 66c increase over 6 years. During the Pelosi-Reid Democrat Congress, gas at the pump went from $2.10 a gallon to nearly $5.00 a gallon today - a $2.90 increase in just a year and a half. But of course, somehow this is all Bush’s fault.

But the Left has a backup plan for denying America the oil it needs. Suppose they were forced to agree to expand oil exploration and increase our domestic oil supplies. What are the oil companies going to do with that additional oil, once they pump it out of the ground? You can't process it into gasoline without refineries, and existing refineries are already running at full capacity.

To process additional oil, we need new refineries and the Democrat controlled Congress won't give approval to build them. They will continue to block refinery permits in the same way they are blocking nuclear power plant permits while “the greens“ are doing their part in the courts. Who ever said it’s a free market and a free enterprise system? The oil companies know better. They know they can’t do a thing without government approval, and asking for approval from government Democrats for increased gas production is like asking Iran to halt it’s nuclear program.

How can they call themselves "progressives" when they want to starve the country of energy and take it back to the days of horse buggies and bicycles? As they see it, after a couple of decades of minimal energy supplies for the nation, stupid Americans will welcome the Democrats' alternative energy. The propaganda from the left in Congress and the media will assure that the decades of energy drought was caused by Republicans whose voices will never again be heard from. Karl Marx will be revived in the government under a different name that may sound something like "Barack Hussein Obama."

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland has prepared, and is circulating, a petition for all members of the House to sign which simply states in terms even Democrats can understand: "I pledge to vote for increasing domestic oil supplies to reduce the price of gas." Soon, the petition will be released to the public. The American people will see exactly who is trying to do something to bring down the price of gas, and who is not.

Meanwhile, the tragic flooding in the Midwest has destroyed most the year's corn crop, much of which was intended for ethanol production. 6 ethanol plants have shut down as there will be no corn to process. As the cycle goes, there will, in coming years, be Midwest droughts as well. Is it really wise to stake our nation’s fuel supply on something as undependable as an annual corn crop when we have billions of barrels of ready fuel underground just waiting to be pumped out?

Not only will these conditions in the Midwest effect our food supplies and prices, but now we want to risk our fuel prices and supplies on them as well? This is liberal insanity on display for all to see. It makes as much sense as a man dying of thirst on the desert, finding a water well, but deciding to wait for rain instead of working the crank and quenching his thirst.

There is one thing that Republicans and Democrats are agreed on: cutting our dependence on foreign oil. Their methods of achieving this are quite different, however. The Republican solution is quite simple, doable, and would have almost immediate effects on gas prices - increase domestic oil and gas production.

The Democrat solution is anything but simple and doable and will have no effect on gas prices in the foreseeable future - ration oil and replace it with alternative energy sources while driving the American oil companies out of business. This approach is based on two things - the Left’s hatred for the Bush family, and their loyalty to environmental extremists. All the windmills and solar panels in the world aren’t going to power our cars, busses, trains, trucks, and aircraft.

Liberals see a future based solely on “renewable” energy. That time may come decades down the road but today it is not necessary. Today’s top priority is affordable energy and fuel, not the concerns of environmental extremists. Until the Congress is ready to adopt a legitimate and practical energy policy, prepare yourself for $10 a gallon gas at the pump. And don’t complain about it if you voted Democrat, this is what you voted for.

What Reid and Pelosi keep trying to hide from the public is that the Republicans are not interested in passing anti-energy legislation, or any other one sided legislation where Republicans have no say in its contents, and which serves only the interests of environmental extremists. As long as the Democrat leadership continues down this path, Republicans will continue to block it. That is their job in Congress - to represent the best interests of the American people.

The Patriot Post