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(6 Min. Audio)

by JR Dieckmann

Like all dishonest politicians, Barack Obama consistently talks out of both sides of his mouth as he attempts to pander to both the left and the right. What he says at any given time is totally meaningless and worthless. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum he wants to pander to, he will always try to reinforce his credibility and false consistency by saying “as I’ve said before” or “as I said in my campaign.”

This man‘s words have absolutely no credibility at all. He has been running his mouth for so long and said so many contradictory things that he’s pretty much covered it all in one context or another. It is what he does, not says, that we have to look at and take seriously.

With absolutely no evidence that this man is even an American citizen, let alone a natural born one - and mounds of evidence that he is not - and therefore not qualified to hold the office of president, we must consider his almost daily excursions on Air Force 1 nothing less than a hijacking of the most expensive airliner in the world.

"If we move forward with purpose and resolve -- with a deepened appreciation for ... how fragile it can be when we fail in our collective responsibilities -- then I am confident we will ... secure [the American dream] for ourselves and for generations to come." --BHO

This ominous statement from Acting President Barack Obama was telling the American people that we all have "collective responsibilities" to pay for other people's home mortgages so that they don't lose the houses they are living in, but can't pay for. In his mind, the American dream is equality for all regardless of their ability to pay for it.

In his Feb. 24 Address to the Nation, Mr. Obama continued his campaign rhetoric with a laundry list of problems facing the economy, energy, health, and education but offered no solutions or answers for any of them. That, however, didn't stop the audience gathered in the House chambers from applauding wildly as he pointed out each problem. Exactly what were they applauding? Simply that their campaign wishes have come true and the country is now in a steep financial decline and moral decay?

What Obama and this congress fails to understand is that it is not the job of the federal government to worry about, and solve, every single problem that faces the American people. It’s not their job! That’s not what the federal government was created for. The free market system will correct itself if left alone, and the people are responsible for solving their own problems with the help of the state and local governments if needed. It would be cheaper for the country if we would just hire babysitters for all of the Obama voters, than to do what the Marxist community agitator is attempting to do.

It was nice to see the acting president back in Washington for a change It‘s a rare sight. To my knowledge, Obama never lived in a mobile home, but now he has one in Air Force 1. It makes you wonder who is running the White House while Obama is flying around the country and reading prepared campaign speeches from a teleprompter on almost a daily basis, and at a cost to the taxpayers of about a million dollars a trip.

Couldn’t these speeches just be distributed to the media as press releases and save the taxpayers about a million dollars a day? (My estimate of the cost of flying two presidential jets, security forces, media, and transportation of the presidential tank along with the rest of the motorcade vehicles. Does not include costs to local governments for police, site remodeling and decorating, groundskeepers, landscapers, riot control personnel, trash collectors, and worshiper organizing.)

Only a legitimate president has the authority to authorize flights of Air Force 1, but by his own refusal to present any documents that would testify to his American citizenship, Obama himself has provided us with the strongest evidence that he is not qualified under Section II, Article 1 of the Constitution to serve in that office.

With up to a million dollars already spent on lawyer fees to keep all of his citizenship records concealed from public view, Obama continues to resist growing legal challenges to his citizenship and continues to pretend to hold an office for which he is not qualified.

Meanwhile, he is out tramping around the country in Air Force 1, speaking about how his administration is all about transparency and accountability in government. I guess that doesn’t apply to him or to the Clinton leftovers he appoints to serve in his administration.

Some of the documents revealing citizenship and place of birth that Obama refuses to release include:

Original, vault copy birth certificate
Obama/Dunham marriage license
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license
Soetoro adoption records
Punahou School records
Original unaltered Selective Service Registration
Passport (Pakistan)
Indonesian citizenship records
Student Visa records upon returning to the U.S.
Records of reinstatement of U.S. citizenship (if any exist)
Occidental College records
Columbia College records
Harvard College records
Medical records

But as if that isn't enough hypocrisy, while the acting president is giving speeches on honesty and transparency in government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and urging the people to live within their means, he is authorizing the government to dole out trillions of dollars that we don't have on thousands of things we don't need and telling us this is all to save the economy from a "continuing crisis." Obama is using fear tactics and prolonging the recession to sell America down the river of socialism.

On energy, the biggest problem we face is the cost of liquid fuel and dependence on foreign oil. This was mentioned only in the context of our dependence on foreign oil. Rather than produce more domestic oil, the subject is always diverted to renewable energy source such as windmills and solar panels that generate electricity, but no fuel. Who in America doesn’t have electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week already?

There was no mention of expanding domestic oil and gas production but instead he is going to impose a cap and tax on carbon fuels which he and congressional liberals plan to use as a method of putting oil companies out of business. Their utopian concept is to replace our cars with small, unsafe vehicles that run only on electricity so that we no longer need the oil companies. Is this why he wants to beef up the electrical grid - to handle the additional load of charging kiddy car batteries?

Nor did he mention the expansion of nuclear power for electrical generation. Did you know that it will cost $6 billion dollars and 2.5 to 8 sq. miles of land for enough windmills to produce 2000 Megawatts of power, while a 2000 Megawatt nuclear power plant would cost around $2 billion to build and occupy only a few acres? This ignorant energy plan is supposed to be good for America?

On Health he talked extensively about the high cost of health care, but offered absolutely no solution to bring down those costs. Again getting wild applause from the robots in the chamber who reacted every time Pelosi would pop up like a jack-in-the-box to the words and wishes of her Messiah. Instead of offering solutions to the healthcare costs, he proposes shifting the costs to the taxpayers and tracking everyone's healthcare with a national database run by the government. That will surely bring down the healthcare costs - just add another layer of bureaucracy.

Shifting the costs of healthcare from the individual and insurance companies to the taxpayers does nothing to bring down the cost of healthcare but actually has the opposite effect. It encourages higher healthcare costs because this government has no respect for the taxpayers and doesn't care how much of our money they pay out for medical bills. Health providers can charge whatever they want and be assured of getting it. The actual costs of healthcare will only increase when the government gets involved.

If you really want to lower the cost of healthcare, you can start by getting the lawyers out of the healthcare business. Then you can encourage doctors and other health professionals to open small, neighborhood health clinics and donate a little of their time on a rotational basis to staffing them. But instead of making common sense changes like these, government has now all but banned private health clinics and made it almost impossible for them to operate.

You don't need big, highly expensive hospitals for most healthcare needs. You don't need the threat from millions of lawyers looking for income from lawsuits for most healthcare needs. You don't need the battery of expensive tests now required to defend against these lawsuits for most healthcare needs. You don't need MRI and Catscan machines to treat a runny nose or a case of the flu, so why should you be paying for them? Why should we all pay the cost of brain surgery when we only need antibiotics to treat an infection? It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you really want to bring down the cost of healthcare, then address the causes of the high costs. Don't just treat the symptoms by putting the burden of paying those costs on the taxpayer and encourage them to go even higher. The costs of healthcare can be dramatically reduced by eliminating lawyers and government interference, then allowing free market competition among insurance providers reduce the costs by paying only for required medical needs. That is how our free market economy is supposed to work, and does when government lets it. Power scooters are not a medical necessity, they are a transportation convenience.

On education, Obama pointed out just how bad our education system is (under the control of liberals and unions), but his only solution to that problem was a lot more of the same federal interference that has wrecked the system for years. He thinks everyone should go to college regardless of their academic achievements or ability to pay for it. But if everyone goes to college, who is going to do the work that needs doing in our country? Illegal aliens?

We already have way too many college drop-outs and diploma-heads who can’t find work in their fields. How are we going to run a country of 300 million people with 200 million lawyers and accountants?

He pointed out that under his plan, every child in America will have access to an education K through college which brought cheers and applause from the robots. I guess they haven’t been programmed with the knowledge that every child in America already has access to free public education K through community college, including illegal aliens. Obama wants you not only to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage, but also for their children’s’ university degree.

On taxes, Obama had everyone's attention when he said "let me make this perfectly clear. Every working family making less than $250,000 will get a tax cut, the checks are already on the way." "The checks?" What checks? Isn't the plan to give everyone a $13 a week break on their paycheck withholding taxes? Oh, those checks must be going out to people who don't pay taxes on their income. Was this an unscripted slip of the tongue by Obama? It sounds to me like another “Joe the plumber” example of spreading the wealth.

Let’s really make this perfectly clear. Obama’s statement refers to “families.” That means dual income husband and wife partners making under $250,000 combined income will not see a tax increase. Single earners will be considered “rich” and scheduled for tax increases at just $125,000 incomes.

The $500-per-worker credit for lower and middle-income taxpayers that Mr. Obama outlined during his presidential campaign was scaled back to $400 during congressional debates on the Sting-all-us bill. It was decided that the $400 per taxpayer would be spread out over a 2 year period. The plan would provide for a $13 tax savings per week for 2009, then an $8 a week savings for 2010. Then it expires.

But let’s also make clear that there has been no reduction in your tax rate. Only the withholding tables are being altered. When you file your taxes next year, you will find that you’re either going to owe the IRS about $200 more, or if you normally receive a refund, it’s going to be about $200 less. Your tax liability will remain the same. That is what Obama is calling a “tax cut.”

But don‘t get too excited about the extra $13, and $8 next year, that is not withheld from your pay. You’re going to need that money to pay your utility bills because they are going up. Additional federal taxes on utilities, and most anything manufactured in this country are coming down the pike in the form of “global warming cap and trade,” capital gains, and tax hikes on just about anything else that produces a profit under the capitalist system.

A democrat controlled government will try to make you think that it is lowering your taxes, but in reality, they only shift those taxes from where you can see them to another part of your budget where you won‘t see them. The hypocrite who hijacked Air Force 1 and his cabal in congress have no intention of reducing your tax liability, or their resources to support their pet causes and projects. Obama has declared war on capitalism and intends to destroy it in favor of his socialist Marxism.

Politicians in Washington don’t work for you anymore, you work for them. Haven’t you realized that yet? You’re too stupid to decide how your money should be spent. Only the geniuses in Washington (who can’t balance a checkbook, let alone their own budget) are smart enough to know how to spend your money and run American businesses. They must think we all drank the Kool-aid whether we voted for Obama or not.

What about those people who run a small business which makes more than $125,000, which would apply to most small business in the country? He's going to be raising their taxes, making it harder for them to stay in business and keep their employees. And I'm talking about small businesses even with less than 10 employees like the one I work for that has had only 4 or 5 employees working for most of the year. Even this small company is going to see a tax increase that it simply cannot afford.

Acting President Obama has reinstated the Clinton staff for lack of anyone of his own, but it won't work this time. There is no Republican congress to balance the budget and maintain fiscal responsibility with the taxpayers' money. There is no internet boom to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Those were the things that made the Clinton administration successful to the point that it was. While Clinton was out chasing women, the Republican congress and the internet boom were driving the country and the economy.

Why did Obama use a million dollars of our money to fly AF-1 to Denver to sign the “Stingallus” bill crafted in Washington D.C.? Why is there always a big TV event every time Obama signs his name with 10 different pens? Why couldn’t the acting president even make his brief opening remarks at the press conference without his teleprompter? Shouldn’t we be asking these questions?

The expensive trip to Denver on Tuesday was meant to draw attention to the investments the new law will make in "green" energy. Are you getting as sick of seeing “green” as I am? It also allows Obama to get away from Washington again and be among his supporters who may benefit from the huge government intervention into the energy industry. Those were the robots cheering him from the peanut gallery.

Why do we continually have to be insulted by these Marxist rantings that make socialism sound so attractive to some, but never mention the cost to our wallets, our freedom, and our liberty? Does Obama think we don't notice that he's talking like a communist? And as usual, the stock market took a 300 point drop after the speech, just as it always does every time Obama makes a policy statement. Dow Jones averages are now down 2000 points since Obama won the election, and more than 1000 of those points are just in the last 5 weeks since the inauguration.

On Thursday he traveled to Phoenix to again preach his socialism in front of the cameras. The Dow dropped another 200 points. Then on the following Tuesday he spoke before the congress and the media cameras. The Dow dropped another 250 points. On Wednesday and Thursday morning while Obama was off camera, there was some small recovery in the market. But then when his $3.55 trillion spending plan was released to congress, the 70 point early morning trading gains were erased and the Dow dropped another 81 points into the hole.

Is just the sight of Obama now that is frightening the investors? The following day, on Friday, Obama addressed marines at Camp LeJeune on the subject of withdrawals from Iraq. He told the marines and soldiers that they could expect to see a “raise in pay“, while his new budget calls for significant decreases in the defense budget. Maybe he is planning to give our soldiers the same “tax cut” he plans for the rest of us.

He didn’t even mention the economy, yet after the speech, the Dow dropped another 119 points, closing for the week at 7,062.93, 1150 points below what it was on the day he took office. How many more of these million dollar Obama PR speeches can our country afford? Here’s an idea; Obama should take congress along with him on his trips to keep them away from the Capitol and more reckless spending bills. Just think of how much money we could then save.

Stock investors don't see much hope for business and the stock market under this government. The more government tries to do, the worse it gets for private business and jobs that result from it. Private enterprises cannot remain profitable when they have to compete against a government that not only takes their customers, but also sucks up their profits in taxes.

The hypocrite who hijacked Air Force 1 never says what he means or means what he says. “Hope” does not translate into positive action, and his “change” is not the recipe for a successful free market and democratic republic.

Obama has not only hijacked AF-1, but has hijacked the entire government of our country with his hypocrisy and false hope. His theatrics of all of these public presentations is pure phony theater, and he’s playing with the future of the United States of America with his extravagant productions. The man belongs in Hollywood, not in Washington D.C.


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