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The Irrationality Of Demofuel PRINTER FRIENDLY
Posted: 06/29/08

The Irrationality Of Demofuel
by JR Dieckmann

If you think that the high price of gas today is the fault of President Bush, and not due to the obstruction by Democrats of petroleum development over the past 30 years, then consider this: President Bush has asked Congress to approve oil drilling offshore and in ANWR, to try to hold down gas prices in every year of his administration. The Democrats in Congress have consistently blocked it, forcing more and more dependence on foreign oil.

In 1998, the Republican led congress passed legislation to allow drilling in ANWR. President Clinton, on the advice of Al Gore's radical environmentalism, vetoed it.

For 30 years Republicans have been trying to achieve energy independence by expanding oil production to keep up with growing fuel demands, and allow licensing of new nuclear power plants to keep up with growing energy needs. In every case, these efforts have been blocked by Democrats in Congress.

To borrow a phrase from Al Gore, "The debate is over." This is fact, not "consensus." You only have to check the congressional record to see the proof. While the American population has increased by 50 million people, Democrats have not allowed our energy resources to keep pace, putting us at the mercy of OPEC. This is an indisputable fact.

Another fact: The price of any commodity is governed by supply and demand. What did those Democrats think would happen when they consistently and intentionally prevented supply from keeping up with demand? Are we to believe that they had no idea that their actions would cause the price of gas to increase dramatically over time?

One can only conclude that this was a direct attack on American energy producers and American industry for the purpose of driving down the American standard of living, as the left is now proposing we do. Drive less; ride bicycles; use crowded public transportation; buy small electric cars and hybrids; turn down your heating thermostats in winter and turn up your cooling thermostats in summer; use CFLs instead of light bulbs; conserve, conserve, conserve, etc.

In other words, we are not going to supply America with the energy it requires to maintain an American lifestyle, so just get used to living like they do in 3rd world countries, because that is the direction we are taking the country in, whether you like it or not. No wonder 75% of the people are unhappy with the direction in which the country has been going recently, and over the past few decades.

Personally, I have no problem with conservation, as long as it's reasonable and necessary conservation. What the Left is forcing upon us is neither reasonable nor necessary.

I hate wasteful spending in government as much as I hate the excessive waste of "disposable" commodities. "Use once and just throw it away" was the craze of the 2nd half of the 20th century. I said it was a mistake then and I say it today. I don't drive when I don't have to, I shop on the way home from work. I don't leave lights on in the house that aren't being used. I use CFLs (Compact Florescent lights) in my light fixtures and consume only 16 watts of power for normal evening time lighting.

I ask for paper and plastic bags for my groceries, then recycle them as trash liners for the trash cans. I reuse paper towels whenever possible. I never throw anything away that still has some use left in it. When my computer tells me that my printer ink is gone, I continue using it until it no longer prints on the paper. I don't need some idiot in government telling me to conserve. To me, conservation just makes good sense.

Have you seen the new ad? I think it's from General Motors. It discusses their research and development in new energy saving cars. At the end of the ad it shows one of their new ideas in the form of a small car that looks much like a baby shoe on wheels, like something you might see in Europe. Oh, but it will get 75 mpg or runs on batteries and uses no gas at all.

Just don’t have an accident in one. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one myself, but I have no doubt that a lot of people who buy them, and become involved in accidents, will.

Is this really what Americans want? I know I don't. I want to drive a car that looks like an American car, that runs like an American car, and that sounds like an American car - not a washing machine. Electricity is for running appliances, not cars.

Gasoline is the ideal fuel for powering motor vehicles and has always been the most practical and economical fuel for that purpose, until the Left in this country decided they hated the oil companies and launched their misguided program to destroy them and replace them with alternative energy sources that rely heavily on government subsidies of tax payers' money, managed by socialist bureaucrats.

In doing so, they have not only driven up the price of gas, but of food and most everything else, causing world food shortages.

Oxfam is calling on the European Union to scrap a target for biofuel to replace a tenth of transport fuel by 2020. It says the target will not fulfill Europe's goal of either reducing greenhouse gas emissions or cutting its dependence on imported oil.

"Biofuels currently provide a solution neither to the oil nor to the climate crisis, and are now contributing to a third: the food crisis," Oxfam spokesman Robert Bailey told reporters.

The group claims that biofuels are partly responsible for hikes in food prices and are to blame for dragging some 30 million people worldwide into poverty.

The sad part is that none of this is necessary. American ingenuity has provided us with the superior lifestyle that we all enjoy today. There is absolutely no good reason why this should be destroyed when we have all of the energy resources we need right here in America.

Americans don't want to live in a 3rd world country, ride bicycles to work, and live by candle light. So what do we do? We buy oil from 3rd world countries and trade our wealth for their resources. We give them control over what we pay for our energy and fuel, then demand that they produce more, when we could be doing it ourselves.

What would we be paying for gas if we were not dependent on OPEC and foreign oil? Here's a hint: Kuwait pays 91 cents a gallon; Saudi Arabia pays 45 cents a gallon; Venezuela pays 14 cents a gallon (subsidized by government); Iran pays 40 cents a gallon; Libya pays 50 cents a gallon; Egypt pays 89 cents a gallon; Bahrain pays 80 cents a gallon.

Why are gas prices so low in these countries? Notice that these are all oil producing countries which use their own resources to power their cars and industry, as we should be doing. We could be doing the same with the immense oil and natural gas resources we have right here in our own country, instead of relying on oil from international oil traders at ridiculously inflated prices. George Soros couldn’t have planned it better himself.

Why do we allow environmental extremists and liberal Democrats to continue to force us to be dependent on oil from countries who are determined to steal our wealth and bankrupt the Untied States? Why do we continue to vote these enemies of American lifestyle into office?

Is it to protect the porcupine caribou and polar bears in Alaska? No. They are all doing just fine and thriving around the oil wells and pipelines in Alaska. Anyhow, who needs caribou and polar bears anyway? What have they ever done for us?

Is it to protect the fish swimming in the waters offshore? No. Even in the worst hurricanes, there have been no incidents of oil spillage from any American oil rig at sea. These rigs would be at least 5 miles offshore where we can barely see them. There is plenty of open waters for the fish to swim unmolested by oil men.

Is it to protect the pristine wilderness in ANWR and the Colorado Rockies? No. The proposed drilling site in ANWR is a barren and lifeless wasteland, and oil extraction in the Rockies would be mostly done underground with little activity on the surface. The size of areas effected would be the equivalent of a business card on a basketball court.

Is it to protect the planet from "global warming?" This hypothesis has become laughable with the lack of any real evidence that human activity on the planet has had any measurable effect on the climate. The temperature will continue to do what it has always done - go up, go down, and change with the natural forces that are inherent to the Earth and sun. It’s just another excuse to take away our energy.

Try telling that to James Hanson, former NASA climatologist. Hansen is calling for the chief executives of American oil companies to be put on trial for “high crimes against humanity and nature,” accusing them of actively spreading doubt about global warming in the same way that tobacco companies blurred the links between smoking and cancer.

Hansen had better include me in that trial too. I have no connections with oil companies, nor have I ever been influenced by any doubts the oil companies may have spread about global warming, so it‘s not just the oil companies to blame for half of the country questioning the validity of global warming claims. Someone should be suing the Democrats for an unsuccessful brainwashing campaign to mislead the public.

My God, global warming has become a sacred religion with this enviro-wackos and anyone who speaks blasphemy against it must be put on trial. This sounds like it comes straight out of Islam.

Makes you wonder if Hansen had anything to do with the Challenger disaster that was caused by a launch in weather that was too cold for the O rings. Maybe the Challenge crew didn’t believe in global warming either and Hansen made them pay the price by giving false weather information to NASA.

In fact, there are virtually no credible environmental concerns associated with clean, modern oil drilling, these are all just excuses to stand in the way of progress. The real goal here is to lower the standard of American living, to kill off capitalism, and reduce American lifestyle to a level of equality with other less industrious and less productive nations.

Then America will be ready to surrender her sovereignty to the Untied Nations and join in a new world order of global socialism. Want proof? Just listen to any of Barack Obama's speeches, those parts when he actually says something, that is.

Have you ever heard him say anything patriotic about America that didn't relate directly to his own presidential campaign? Have you ever heard him talk about America's greatness, generosity, leadership in the world, defense of innocent nations under attack, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity?

What about our country being the world leader in freedom and liberty for its citizens? What about America's great ability to overcome challenges, remain independent and self reliant? What about America's ability to solve its problems with ingenuity, while preserving our lifestyle and what we are as a people?

I haven't. All I hear him talk about is ambiguous change of everything that he considers is wrong with America - and that seems to be just about everything. We should be more like Europe and learn from them. We should make friends with our enemies in the Mideast and convince them that we are not really so bad. Of course we are not bad, it is they who are bad. It is they who need to change, not us. But you won't hear that from Obama or the Left.

America developed the mass produced automobile. Americans developed the internal combustion engine to power them. The gasoline powered automobile is the American legacy and tradition, it is an important part of our culture that began the industrial revolution. America was built on wheels powered by gasoline and it is as important and vital today as it was 100 years ago.

We won't need to replace gasoline in this country for more than 150 years if we simply allow our own energy companies to do their job without excessive government interference. Alternative energies can be phased in and the current ones phased out when new energies have been developed and become as plentiful and more economical than the current ones. But that should be decided by the free market and the American people, not political dictators in Washington D.C.

Forcing gasoline out of American life prematurely, with no practical substitute, will have disastrous consequences for the country. What if we had obstructed the use of rubber while the development of synthetic rubber was still 25 years away? And by the way, synthetic rubber is made from oil as is everything in plastic. Check the price of tires the next time you buy them. Then try making tires out of corn.

Oil could be flowing from ANWR and offshore in less than 5 years. It's going to take 5 to 10 times that long before any alternative energy is ready to replace it. If gas prices continue to go up as expected, do we want to be paying those prices for the next 5 years, or 25 years?

The Democrat Socialists must be stopped before their anti-American policies cause disastrous and irreversible consequences for the country. Actions have consequences, and your actions in the voting booth in November will have the most serious consequences ever, for our country. Do you want $2.00 a gallon gas or do you want $10.00 a gallon gas? It will be your choice in November. Either way, we will continue to use gas in our cars for many decades still to come. Our priority now must be energy supplies, not artificial environmental concerns. Tell the tree huggers of the left to go hug their trees and get out of the way. We are tired of paying for their insane obstructions to progress in America.

The Patriot Post