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by JR Dieckmann

The Democrats' answer to government overspending and overextended credit is more overspending and overextended credit. Obama now wants another trillion dollars in stimulus money to use as he sees fit. The federal government is trying to buy the free enterprise system, lock, stock, and barrel from the private sector, so that politicians can run and control it just like they do in Communist countries. They are forcing bailout (buyout) money on companies and banks who don't even need it or want it - to gain control of those companies and banks.

In response to the mortgage meltdown and economic recession, a majority of voters voted for Democrats, the very same people who caused the problem that started with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and liberal mortgage lending policies of the Clinton administration. The Democrats’ solution to the problem is more of the same liberal spending and lending policies that got us into the financial mess in the first place. We all will be suffering the consequences of that vote.

Obama couldn't wait to get his hands on the remaining $350 billion of Bush bailout money. Then he proposes another $1 - 2 trillion of his own, all the while telling us how urgent it is that we spend this money. When the government tells us we need to make new laws and spend a lot of money "urgently and without delay," it's usually a lie.

That is what they were saying about global warming. We didn't do it and the climate cooled anyway. Now they are giving us the same bullcrap about the economy. The new dictator in Washington is forcing policy on the country based on another hoax.

So what is the big lie? Only that the economy is not collapsing. It is stabilizing itself, but some people in Washington need you to believe that a total economic collapse is inevitable if the government doesn‘t do something to save it. This is nonsense. It is a lie and a hoax second only to that of global warming.

The American economy has downsized itself back to where it should be after the burst of a 10 year inflationary bubble built on borrowed money and projected economic growth, based on a false belief that borrowed money would be paid back. When the debts came due, the money wasn’t there to pay them. No amount of infusing tax dollars into failing business or mortgage is going to make those businesses and mortgages successful. It’s only going to make them dependent on government subsidies for as long as they continue to be there.

All we are seeing in the economy is a natural equalization of the money markets which is a normal process of the free market system. Production must equal the demand for goods and services. Haven’t you noticed that the stock market has stabilized in the 8000s since the sudden decline last year? That’s about where it was before the bubble became so artificially inflated by excessive loans and skyrocketing housing prices. Homes and goods are now becoming more affordable again and the stock market has become more realistic.

Whenever government gets involved in the free market, prices go up. There are no better examples than the housing market and healthcare. Just wait to see the real cost of healthcare when Obama takes over that industry.

The real urgency in getting their plan into place and getting the money authorized is to do it before too many Americans wake up and realize it’s just another Democrat hoax aimed at funneling tax money into liberal special interest projects that no private lender will fund.

It has been made clear that virtually none of this stimulus money will be available for the next 2 years, and most of it will be spread out over a 10 year period. That’s how long it should take to replace coal and diesel power plants with windmills and solar panels. Long before then, the recession will be over. So how is this money supposed to “stimulate” the current recession? Truth is, it won’t, but that‘s not what it was ever really about.

If congress really wanted to help the economy they would take measures that would create profit for businesses. Take, for example, the recent automakers bailout. The Detroit automakers have thousands of cars sitting on car lots that they cannot sell. Instead of just handing over $17 billion of the taxpayers’ money, why didn’t the government simply buy those cars to be used eventually as government cars when the ones they have now are due to be replaced?

That would put the American carmakers back on their feet, keep the dealerships open, eliminate the unwanted inventory, and save the taxpayers the costs of buying a new fleet of government cars down the road. They could even put the new cars into service right away and auction off the older government fleet to recover some of that money. Wouldn’t that make more sense than simply throwing that money down a bottomless hole?

The Obama administration has other plans for the stimulus dollars. The bulk of that money will be used to finance companies in the business of producing "green energy," while putting traditional, real energy companies out of business. Coal, petroleum, and nuclear energy have no place in the Obama administration. The whole purpose of his plan to “upgrade” the energy grid is so that it can handle the charging of the electric cars he intends for us all to be driving, and do it with “renewable” power - a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money solely for the purpose of fighting the hoax of global warming.

On Saturday, Obama announced plans for 3000 miles of electrical transmission lines from coast to coast. This makes no sense to me. We don’t transmit electrical power from coast to coast. It is generated at power plants all over the country and fed into the grid which is like a web that extends east to west, north to south. Our current electrical grid contains over 200,000 miles of transmission lines. What is the point in upgrading only 3000 miles of it? Or does Obama have something else in mind?

What is the purpose of this 3000 miles of transmission lines Obama mentioned? Does he intend for it to originate in Washington D.C. at a big switch so that he can switch it off if we don’t cooperate with him? Maybe it’s to power electric vehicle recharging stations along Route 66 after Obama has outlawed gasoline powered cars. Or maybe it’s just to give those newly hired government workers something to do with their time. Wouldn’t that be a novelty - government workers actually doing something.

Before we get too excited about this plan to upgrade the electrical grid, I think we need some real answers to the questions of exactly what he has in mind.

Wind turbines present Obama with a big problem with the environmentalists. They want the electricity from the windmills to power their hybrids, but don’t want the transmission lines draped across the landscape to carry the power from the turbines to the grid. Some have complained about birds being killed by the spinning blades. Why aren’t they complaining about the eyesore these monstrosities create on the pristine land, like they do about overhead power lines and oil derricks and pipelines in Alaska? It’s simply more liberal agenda driven hypocrisy.

As for solar panels, well, they don’t work when covered with snow - so many of those 600,000 government jobs Obama is talking about will have to be shoveling snow and bird droppings off of solar panels to maintain electrical output.

I have to admit that in theory, renewable power generation (wind and solar) sound like an idealistic utopian way to power the electrical grid, but it just isn’t practical; it‘s science fiction. Oh, it may work for small rural communities, but when it comes to the national power grid, you’re going to need a lot more power.

For example; a typical nuclear power plant is rated generally at 1 or 2 Gigawatts of electrical power. Your average wind turbine is rated at 100 to 500 Kilowatts at maximum output (depending on which model is used), which is only achieved at optimal wind speed. That would require from 4,000 to 40,000 windmills to produce the same amount of power that a single 2GW nuclear plant will produce.

If the more powerful, 500 KW turbines are used, it would require 1520 acres of land. The 100 KW turbines would require 5000 acres of land. That translates into nearly 2.4 sq. miles to nearly 8 sq. miles of land covered with wind turbines needed to produce the same power that a single nuclear plant would produce on less than 3 acres. Other than the land required, the nuclear plant will provide a steady 2 Gigawatts of power, 24/7, while the wind turbine output will depend on the wind. The average output is usually only half or less of the maximum rating.

Similar situations exist with solar panel arrays but even more acreage is needed for them to produce the same amount of power. Solar panels also produce environmentally hazardous substances in their manufacture which tends to defeat their environmental purpose. Neither of these options is suitable for powering the national electrical grid.

Nuclear power is ideal for electrical power generation, and the old problems of nuclear disposal are rapidly being resolved with new methods of reprocessing spent fuel rods. Anything that can’t be reprocessed can safely be stored under Yucca Mountain in Nevada just as soon as Harry Reid is out of the way. In fact, why not entomb old Harry in Yucca Mountain when he goes, as a fitting tribute to his ignorant and foolish contributions to our country? It could be renamed to the “Harry Reid Nuclear Depository,” a fitting reward to add to his legacy.

With a virtually inexhaustible supply of clean, inexpensive, and efficient nuclear power, it makes no sense at all even to consider any other method of providing America with an abundance of electricity for all our electrical needs. If France can do it with over 80% of its power grid, why can’t we? Is it only because Jane Fonda’s “The China Syndrome” didn’t play in theaters in France, or if it did, they simply saw it as another science fiction movie and not a doomsday scenario?

On Monday, Obama announced his plan to control the auto industry by imposing new fuel efficiency and emission standards on all cars sold in America based on California’s highly restrictive environmental standards. Obama is, in essence, reinventing the Volkswagen (The People’s Car) for the American plebeians to drive. Welcome to 1938 Germany with a new dictator.

The only difference is that Americans already have the cars they want. They will now be crushed to provide material for cars they don’t want, but mandated by Lord Obama and the Democrat Congress.

You may have noticed recently that Obama is left handed. Does that mean that his brain is in backwards? Usually this condition is not a problem for the average American, but for the president to have his brain in backwards is disastrous and results in regressive federal policies for the entire country.

For example; in his Monday address before recklessly signing 2 regressive executive orders, he discussed how he intends to end our dependence on Saudi oil. However, no mention was made of increasing American oil production with new drilling or construction of refineries which would create thousands of new jobs and replace that Saudi oil that he spoke of.

Instead, he ordered carmakers to start making “Volkswagens” for everyone to drive, that will comply with absurd California environmental standards. This came after his remarks about a recession that he “inherited,” which he and his party actually caused, then exacerbated when they took control of Congress in 2006.

Obama’s already noticeably excessive use of executive orders would seem to indicate that he thinks he can recreate the country in his image with the stroke of a pen, effectively bypassing any challenges in congress, or by the people, to his dictates. I have said privately among friends for some time now that if Obama becomes the president, he will become a dictator. He is now proving me right.

Obama has a nasty habit of constantly putting his hands on other people which shows a lack of respect for their “personal space.” He usually tries to dominate conversations and treats people like they are his subordinates or inferiors, or even children.

Does this stem from a sanctimonious feeling of superiority and egomania, or is it overcompensation for feelings of inferiority and inability to live up to the expectations and responsibilities placed upon him? This, combined with his confidence and determination to play king of the country and impose his demented agenda on the people, indicates a mental imbalance never before seen in the White House.

His view of reality and concept of America is quite different from that of most Americans - it is more consistent with communism. The day will eventually come when he is no longer able to cope with the inconsistencies of his beliefs, and the founding values and principals of this country. There is no provision in the Constitution to allow for socialism in America.

When the conflicts between his warped view of America, and the reality of the real America finally collide within his backward brain, the result will be a complete mental breakdown and dementia. The men in white coats will have to come for him, and America will be left with a vacancy in the West Wing that neither Joe Biden nor Nancy Pelosi will be able to fill.

Obama should have been stopped on the lack of citizenship issue before it was too late, but no one would take responsibility for it; not the Republicans; not the media; Not the Federal Election Commission; not the Supreme Court; not even the Justice Department. Through their negligence, he has now been given a green light to change America into a socialist dictatorship. We can’t say we weren’t warned in plenty of time. We can only say those warnings were ignored by the people who had the power to do something about it.


The Patriot Post
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