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(6 Min. Audio)

by JR Dieckmann

Iím not kidding. We have victory within our grasp. And all you have to do to assure a Republican victory is show up to vote. This election is too important to sit out and let others carry the load. Americaís future as a free country is at stake.

Now I know that many of you donít like John McCain. I was one too who said I would never vote for McCain, but it is what it is and we have no other viable choice. The horrors of electing Barack Obama are unthinkable to any rational thinking American. This election comes down to two choices: American freedom, liberty, and capitalism; or Marxist socialism in America.

You Libertarians must know by now that Bob Barr has no chance of winning this battle, and your vote for Barr will only give more advantage to Barack Obama. This is a choice our country simply cannot afford, and this is not the time to protest against the Republican party. The stakes are just way too high right now.

If we didnít have so much at stake with the candidacy of Marxist Barack Obama, I too would consider voting for Barr. Unfortunately, we cannot afford the luxury of a protest vote right now, none of us can. Please wait until 2012 and see what our options are then.

Itís too late now to try to convince people of the character and Marxist agenda of Barack Obama. Weíve all read about his radical associations with people like Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Joelle Fishman, Mazen Asbahi, Rashid Khalidi, and other anti-American radicals who have built Barack Obamaís political career.

We all know that in spite of lawsuits filed in 8 different states challenging Barack Obama to produce a valid birth certificate to show that he is truly an American citizen and qualified to be president as per the Constitution, he has been unable to do so. Instead, he has spared no effort to conceal and seal his citizenship records from public view, and instead, produced on the internet, two false documents:

One was a State of Hawaii ďCertificate of Live Birthď which was proven to be a forgery, uncertified, with the state seal missing, the certificate number blacked out, and the wrong form altogether for the year in which Obama was born. (Should have been white lettering on black background, not black lettering on green background.)

The second document he tried to fool the public with was an altered copy of his sisterís birth certificate with the name and date changed. Again, he has thwarted all attempts to get him to show that he is an American citizen and constitutionally qualified to serve as president.

As Raymond S. Kraft so eloquently points out in his recent article The Great Obama Swindle of 2008,Ē by his actions, Obama has virtually admitted that he is not an American citizen. Yet, this historic fraud perpetrated on the American people has received little or no coverage in the mainstream media in spite of at least 8 lawsuits filed against him and the Democratic party over the deception.

CNN did a brief report, laughing it off as a hoax, and citing the Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth posted on the Annenberg Foundationís ďFactCheck.orgĒ website as proof. By airing this report, CNN is complicit in perpetrating this swindle which will result in an unprecedented Constitutional crisis if Obama should be elected to POTUS.

Obamaís recent trip to Hawaii to visit his ailing grandmother resulted in the Governor of Hawaii ordering his state records to be sealed until after the election. There is no word as to whether he ever did see his grandmother.

Obamaís college records would also show his citizenship, but he has had those records sealed as well. It has also been reported by Jerome Corsi and Philip Berg that Obamaís records in Kenya have also been sealed until after the election.

Why would Barack Obama even have any records in Kenya unless he was born there? He has never lived there and only visited once or twice to visit his Kenyan family, and to campaign for Raila Odinga. If his fraudulent candidacy should be successful and he should win this election, he will never be accepted as the President of the United States by half of the population, and he will always be considered a dishonest fraud and a constitutional disaster for the country.

But letís get back to our immediate challenge. Election officials are predicting a 50% voter turnout on November 4th. That means that we have a huge resource of voters whom officials arenít expecting to show up at the polls. All we have to do is show up and cast our votes. This election will be decided by voter turnout and nothing more. If only 50% of Democrats turn out, we only need 60% of Republicans to vote and itís in the bag. The country is saved.

McCain/Palin will need to get a substantially larger number of votes than Obama/Biden just to offset the illegal votes that Democrats will be casting with their massive voter fraud campaign by Acorn and other leftist groups. We have to show them that their illegal and corrupt election practices will not succeed in America.

In this last week before the election, the polls are starting to pull away from their liberal bias and are moving closer to reality. For months, the media has been lying to the public about election polling in their attempt to discourage Republicans from turning out to vote. Media outlets contract with pollsters and tell them what result they want to see, the pollsters comply to satisfy their customers.

With the election less than a week away, pollsters are now in a competition to see who can come the closest to the actual election results. This will have a big effect on the credibility of pollsters in the next election, and the credibility of the news outlets that use those polls. At the end of the race, pollsters and news media donít want to be shown to be as wrong as they have been throughout the campaigns.

Today, Wednesday, 6 days before the election, 4 of the major polls, Rasmussen; Gallup; Investors Business Daily; and Battleground are now showing McCain well within the margin of error in a dead heat with Obama. As we get closer to election day, others will follow and itís entirely likely that some will even show McCain leading. But what if they donít, and McCain wins anyway just as George Bush did against John Kerry?

This will not be acceptable to the leftists who are by now thoroughly convinced by the media that Obama will win the election. And this year, media bias has been more obvious and aggressive than ever before in history. If Obama loses the election, Democrats will cry racism and blacks are likely to take to the streets in riots, thinking they have been somehow cheated out of their black Messiah.

Will they blame the media for misleading them? Of course not. They will blame Republicans with charges of voter fraud and disenfranchisement. Itís going to be messy, and there will, no doubt, be plenty of legal challenges in the courts. The country will be tied up in knots until January 20, 2009 when the new president is sworn into office.

This is what the media will have caused by not telling the truth about Barack Obama and the votersí choices. After the election, the mainstream media needs to be held accountable for the consequences of civil unrest that will ensue.

Americans citizens will really need to rethink their sources of news and the credibility of the newspapers and the alphabet networks, especially when it comes to political reporting. We cannot continue to put up with being misled and lied to by a news media whose job it is to report the news, not ignore and distort it.

Many Democrats are so convinced by now that their candidate will have an easy win that they see no need to get to the polls and vote. Many fraudulent voter registrations that the pollsters include to weight the polls will not show up to vote.

In other cases, many Democrats are not enthused by Barack Obama and will not show up to vote. Many will be just as content with John McCain in the White House. In fact, many of them intend to vote for John McCain.

Keep in mind that the next president will likely be nominating up to 3 Supreme Court justices. If Obama makes those nominations, and a Democrat Congress consents, our Constitution will be trampled upon for at least a generation to come. Liberal socialists, Marxists, and Communists will have exactly what they have been working for over the past 60 years. Conservatives will have no rights at all.

To assure that our country does not suffer under Marxism for at least the next four years, maybe a generation, it is vitally important that all Republicans, (and Libertarians who see the uselessness in voting for the Libertarian candidate), turn out on November 4th and cast your vote for John McCain.

Every vote counts and weíre going to need every vote we can get. McCain must win by a substantial margin to avoid an ugly post election disaster for the country. We can do it. It is the patriotic duty of every Republican to get out and vote this year. The entire future of our countryís survival as America is at stake.

The Patriot Post