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Were All of the Democrats Born Yesterday?
JR Dieckmann
A couple of days ago I happened to tune into Fox News near the end of "Your World" with Neil Cavuto.  On the right side of the screen was Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) saying how the economy is not doing very well.  On the left side of the screen was a shot of the "big board" on Wall St. showing the Stock Exchange closing at a record high. 
This morning on CNN, Sen. Joe Biden was asked for his solution to the Middle East crisis and specifically, the war in Iraq.  His answer was that we should get together with our European allies and the UN to talk about the problem.  The UN should become more involved in Iraq, Biden said, maybe even pass a resolution against Iran. 
Were all of the Democrats born yesterday?
If you'll remember, the UN was involved in Iraq.  Yea, they were the other partner in the "Oil For Food" scandal. When war came to Iraq and a bomb went off outside the UN embassy, they cut and ran and washed their hands of the whole thing.  Since then, they have passed resolution after resolution against Iran on their nuclear program but have refused to enforce even a single one while Iran continues to thumb their nose at the UN and the US. 
Biden and the Dems keep insisting that the only solution in Iraq has to be a political solution.  But isnít it a little naive to think that a political solution in the Iraqi Parliament is going to change much of anything? Sunnis and Shea have been battling each other for hundreds of years and probably always will be. Agreements in Iraqi Parliament might help a little with that, but how is it going to have any effect on al Qaeda and Iranian terrorists working in Iraq, the people we are at war with?  They will not be effected by any Iraqi political solution as they are not Iraqis.  They want the country for themselves. 
Then this morning I read this article by Jack Kelly that says:
This Monday (7/16), the United Nations Security Council is scheduled to take up a report from Secretary General Ban Ki Moon which recommends the UN act to reduce the flow of arms from Syria to Hezbollah.
I nearly choked on my coffee.  Remember last year when the Israeli/Hezbollah war came to a screeching ceasefire?  One of the conditions for the ceasefire was that the UN would not allow Hezbollah to rearm.  Another condition was that the UN would assure Israel that no weapons would be allowed to cross the border from Syria to Lebanon and into the hands of Hezbollah.  Hezbollah is now more heavily armed than they were at the start of the war last year, and Ban Ki Moon is going to recommend that the UN "act to reduce the flow of arms from Syria to Hezbollah?" 
If this weren't such a serious matter it would be funny.  Banning the flow of arms from Syria to Hezbollah is what they were supposed to be doing last year.  The people responsible for this operation are called "UN Peacekeepers".  The effect of their operation is to temporarily allow enough time for the Islamics to rearm for an even bigger war.
The following are recent newspaper reports from the Middle East:
Syria has ordered all Syrian nationals residing in Lebanon to leave the country before Monday.
The al-Watan newspaper in Qatar reported last month that Syria has removed government archives from the Damascus area, a move al-Watan said indicates preparation for war.
Syrian troops have moved three kilometers (1.8 miles) into Lebanon and are digging trenches and building bunkers, the Lebanese daily al-Mustaqbal reported last week.
Syria and its proxy, Hezbollah, are plotting a coup, al-Mustaqbal said.  Hezbollah plans to form a "second government" that would include south Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley, both Hezbollah strongholds.
The coup attempt -- which Lebanese newspapers predict will take place this month -- could spark another civil war.  And that war may not be confined to Lebanon.
"Well informed sources in Washington fear a confrontation between Israel and Syria may happen this summer," wrote Claude Salhani, UPI's international editor, last Monday (7/09).  
If Israel doesn't vacate the Golan Heights (captured from Syria in the 1967 war) by September, Syrian guerrillas will launch "resistance operations," a top official in Syria's ruling party told the New York Sun.
The Israeli Defense Forces are preparing for a simultaneous conflict this summer against Syria, Iran, and the terror groups Hezbollah, Hamas and al Qaeda, IDF sources have told Israeli newspapers.  The conflict would be "at least 10 times worse" than last summer's clash between Israel and Hezbollah, an IDF source told the Jerusalem Post this week.
So this is the result of trusting the UN and our European "allies" to take charge of things, yet Joe Biden and the Democrats think this is the road to take to resolve the crisis in Iraq and Iran.  Again I must ask, Were all of the Democrats born yesterday?