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Whatís on TV? Oh, itís Mrs. Clinton Again
JR Dieckmann - Editor

As I was switching around to the various news channels this morning, it occurred to me how much leftist propaganda we are being subjected to constantly on our television screens. What seems to stand out the most is that you canít get through a single hour of cable news these days without seeing a story on Hillary Clinton.

Is anyone wondering what ever happened to Barack Obama? I havenít seen him lately. And what about John Edwards? Itís like he no longer exists. I havenít seen either of them in the news for weeks now, yet every hour of every day, there is Mrs. Clinton, the most hated women in America. You have to wonder just how much of George Soros money is being fed into television news these days to promote this woman. I expect to find MoveOn.org on the internet, not on my TV screen.

Even on Fox News where you would expect to see more of Guliani, Romney, and Thompson, they get little more than an honorable mention which is followed again by, you guessed it, Mrs. Clinton. Letís not forget that Rupert Murdock last year announced his support for Clinton based on his friendship with the Clintons during their administration. A con game he never got wise to apparently and as far as I know, he still supports them. Between Soros and Murdock, what chance to conservatives have in the next election?

The media will go to any lengths to find or create a news story on Clinton. Today it was a reported that an alleged Rasmussen poll seemed to claim that 20% of Republican women would support Mrs. Clinton. A search of the Rasmussen Reports website produced no such results. But in a Google search what I did find was an AP article circulating in the media that claimed 24% of Republican women could support Mrs. Clinton. A further investigation found that this claim was made by Mark Penn, Clintonís senior adviser and pollster.

I know many Republican women but I know of none who have anything but contempt for Mrs. Clinton. That 20 or 24% of Republican women would vote for Mrs. Clinton simply on the basis of her being a women is absurd, but not unexpected coming from a Clinton advisor. Republicans vote Republican for a reason. Itís a matter of values and that most understand the evils of liberalism and socialism. They are not going to vote for a socialist candidate simply because sheís a women. We are being misled by the media big time in their attempt to sell the idea that a woman president would be good for the country.

Of course the only woman that could fill that bill is Mrs. Clinton. I find that ironic in that Mrs. Clinton has absolutely no qualifications to be president. No executive experience, never run anything except her mouth, has no notable legislation in Congress to her credit, and the only issues she doesnít flip-flop on is socialized healthcare and raising taxes. Why would any Republican woman vote for a candidate whose political platform is government run healthcare and raising your taxes?

No matter what news channel you watch, you canít avoid seeing media polls being quoted daily. The polls only reflect the media agenda and to me, they are worthless and donít mean a thing. But the media is the most powerful influence on public thinking and too many citizens in this country believe whatever they say. They havenít yet learned that the entire news media has an agenda which is reflected in their reporting. Everything they tell us must be questioned these days when it concerns politics. They cannot be trusted to give accurate facts and tell the truth anymore. Journalistic ethics reflect a quality of a bygone era and what they report is no more reliable than what you find on Media Matters for America, the website that smeared Rush Limbaugh and others with lies.

Have you seen the daily media reports on the Iraq war lately? Of course not because there havenít been any since conditions in Iraq began showing remarkable improvement. There was not one single bombing in Iraq yesterday but you didnít hear about that, did you? Civilian and military deaths have been reduced to less than half over recent months but you didnít hear that either, did you? Al Qaeda in Iraq is packing up and leaving town, but you didnít hear that either, did you? If the media canít find bad news to report, they simply donít report anything. Instead they fill that time talking about poor people needing healthcare and other government handouts, or the latest dogma on how bad the economy is.

Democrats have been supposedly fighting the war on poverty for decades and have only succeeded in creating more poverty and more Democrat voters. No matter how much of the taxpayersí money you steal to give to the poor, they are always going to be poor until they take responsibility and make a better life for themselves. The socialist policies promoted by Democrats to redistribute the wealth can only raise the standard of living for the poor a little while lowering it for everyone else and guaranteeing that the poor will never become better off financially. A dedicated voter base for the Dems who keep making promises that are never kept.

Now Democrats see a new voter base in illegal aliens. When the subject turns to illegal aliens in the news, what do we see on our TV screens? Farm workers. Yep, we see all the illegals working so hard under the hot sun picking our crops and doing the work that Americans wonít do. When do we ever see them working in our restaurants, car washes, warehouses, in our homes, cutting our grass, laying our carpets, installing new roofs, wiring our houses, or building new construction? If illegal aliens were just working on the farms instead of infesting our cities and taking away our jobs, language and culture, then they wouldnít be a problem. The media doesnít want us to see them in those roles so we never do. It wouldnít be good for the Democrat agenda or Mrs. Clinton to show the real problem we have with the Mexican invasion.

Want another example of recent leftist media reporting? How about this: ďNearly half of Americans feel the U.S. economy is in a recession, marked by a significant decline in economic activity, according to a survey released Thursday.Ē This comes from a CNN poll. ďHalf of Americans FEEL?Ē A recession is not a question of feelings, itís based on numbers and facts. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. There has been no ďnegative growthĒ since this country recovered from the 2001 recession. There has been some slowing of the growth which had accelerated greatly as a result of the Bush tax cuts, but still, every quarter has shown economic growth to some degree.

Who are these people that CNN is polling and why are they reporting on what the ignorant and uninformed feel? The ignorant and uninformed on the left believe and feel all kinds of crazy things, but does that make it newsworthy? The news media will dig up or create stories to fill their news broadcasts that fit their template and ignore the rest thus giving the country a false impression of what is really happening and how life really is in America. Should we be interested in what people feel, who donít even know the definition of a recession? CNN seems to think so.

So after Iíve seen all the news stories 3 time that the media sees fit to cover on TV, I usually go to the educational channels such as History Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, etc. I find the Disney channels (Discovery, Science, etc.) have been full of Global Warming propaganda lately. Yep, scenes right out of Algoreís movie. These programs usually will contain some spokesmen to dispute the claims for balance but the narration and video obviously wants to promote the hoax that the Democrats are trying to put over on us. In the end, we are left with the impression that human activity is destroying the planet and we must change our way of life to save humanity from the Earth being consumed by the fires of Hell.

The unspoken bottom line to all of this that the Republican Administration is a disaster and we must vote Mrs. Clinton and Democrats into office to save us all.

Even with all the campaign coverage, little attention is paid to the real important issues of our time. Terrorism, illegal immigration, individual rights, U.S. sovereignty and culture, are trumped by healthcare, abortion, gay rights, and other issues promoted by the left. Little coverage is given to issues important to conservatives. They are trying to make the Democrat issues look like the major issues in the coming elections and are succeeding. It must be even worse on network TV news from what I hear and read, I never watch it myself.

If Republican candidates are speaking out on the attacks on our conservative rights and values, theyíre not showing up in the news. It seems the only news coverage of Republican candidates is focused on their views of Democrat issues. Fred Thompson, for example, has made some remarkable speeches on values that are important to conservatives but they are not covered in the news.

We are being bombarded daily with leftist issues from both the left and the right in our television news coverage, making those issues dominant in this election cycle while the very survival of our country and culture is being ignored. Is healthcare really any more of a problem today than it was 10 years ago? No, it really isnít. But itís Mrs. Clintonís only issue so now the media has made it the most important issue of our time. Thatís just BS and everyone is falling for it.

But these are not the issues that we as conservatives should be most concerned about. What we need to be concerned about is our national security, redistribution of wealth and taxes, the current lack of constitutional government, the peaceful foreign invasion of our country and culture, Islamic terrorism, preservation of the free enterprise system, the encroachment of Communism in America, and the destruction of our national reputation globally by the Democrat propaganda mongers who continue to smear America for political gain.

If Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats had their way, they would take all of the money we use for the military and put it into healthcare and handouts for the poor which just happen to be Democrat voters who want to depend on the nanny state that Democrats promote.

How many times have I said before, it is not the job of the government to take care of the people. It is their job to represent the people. A government which sees itís responsibility as taking care of itís people is a Communist government. If we allow this to happen in America, America will become a Communist country and that will be just fine with Mrs. Clinton and the media whose reporting has become largely nothing but propaganda.

Under Communist government control, media reporting wouldnít be much different than it is today. We just wouldnít see any Republican candidate debates, if you can call them that.