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Posted: 04/12/08

McCain Leading America Off A Cliff
By JR Dieckmann

John McCain made a daring and dangerous venture into the world of Femilibs Thursday morning when he wandered onto the stage of ABC’s “The View.” Of course I wasn’t watching the program, but I did see a clip of it on Fox News where McCain was asked how his views differed from those of President Bush.

McCain responded by saying that he shared similar philosophy with the president but that they differ on some things. He then went on to say “I believe that climate change is real and we have to do something about it.

We should be getting pretty used to this kind of moronic statement from McCain, but it still makes me sick to my stomach to hear it coming from the Republican candidate who may become president. “We have to do something about it?” The only things suggested so far are raising taxes; forced global socialism; restricting oil production, the life blood of the country; and turning our food into fuel for our cars. None of these things will have any significant effect on the climate according to scientific experts and people with common horse sense - which is seriously lacking in the Democrat party today.

There is no dispute that climate change is real since it has been going on ever since the Earth was created, so in that part of McCain’s statement, he admits to understanding that the Earth’s climate is not static, but instead does change. McCain shows his brilliance by stating the obvious. Now, if he had used the term “global warming,” which liberals are shying away from these days just as they gave up on claiming that the surge in Iraq wasn’t working, then I would have to take issue with that part of the statement.

But then he comes off sounding like a complete moron when he says “and we have to do something about it.” Does McCain think we can and should do something to try to stop the Earth’s climate from ever changing? Maybe we should do something to convert the planet’s polar icecaps into plush forests also. Maybe we should do something to change the deserts of the southwest into fertile farm lands. Maybe we should do something to prevent tornados and hurricanes from ever wreaking havoc on populated lands. Maybe we should slow the earth’s rotation to make the days longer so that we don’t have to upset our biological clocks to deal with daylight savings time. Maybe what we need is congressional legislation to regulate the energy output of the sun.

All of these conditions are, of course, a part of nature and can only be altered in your dreams or in Hollywood. By making such an irresponsible statement, McCain is suggesting that we have the ability to control the Earth’s climate and therefore any changes in that climate are the result of human activity on the planet. After all, the climate is static and would never change on its own. Right? Isn’t this exactly what the global warmites have been telling us, that the only reason the climate has warmed 0.7 degrees over the past century is because of human industrialization?

Although CO2 levels in the atmosphere appear closely related to global temperature changes, there is absolutely no evidence that one causes the other. The evidence, in fact, does show that when major warming occurs, a rise in CO2 levels follows closely behind. It is certainly more reasonable to assume that temperature rises and CO2 rises are both caused by a third factor such as solar radiation. Or that solar radiation causes temperature fluctuations which in turn cause changes in the CO2 levels. But to attribute rising temperatures to the 3.2% contribution that humans make to the total CO2 content of the atmosphere is nothing less than absurd. And this becomes especially absurd when you consider that CO2 makes up only 0.038% of all atmospheric gasses.

To put it another way, if you were to start counting bricks in a building and every brick that represented CO2 was black instead of red, you would have to count 2,632 bricks before you came to a black one. Now picture the wall of a 10 story building and let’s say that building is 100 feet wide. You would see 2 black bricks on every odd floor with even floors having only 1 black brick. How much heat do you think those black bricks could trap in? But now if we remove the human contribution to CO2 completely, you can remove ˝ of a single black brick from the wall. It’s hard to see how 15 bricks on a 10 story building could be causing the wall to warm. So of the 40,000 bricks it took to build this wall, 15 of them represent CO2, and half a brick represents the total CO2 man puts into the atmosphere. It's even harder to see how half of one brick could be warming the entire wall. It would be like trying to heat the Houston Astrodome with a 60 watt light bulb.

Democrats want us, not to eliminate all human made CO2, but rather reduce it by changing our lifestyle blocking the use of domestic oil resources, raising our taxes, and funding “carbon credits”. Everything they have proposed would have the equivalent effect of breaking a chip off of one brick in that 10 story building. Now if CO2 made up 20% of our atmosphere, then it might be a factor and this argument might have some merit. But chipping a brick in a 10 story building isn’t going cause the building to collapse, any more than leaving the brick intact is going to eliminate the need for heat in the building during the winter.

This can be compared to the recent AP investigation that found that our drinking water across the nation contains prescription drugs. Shouldn’t we be doing something about that too, even though the amounts of these drugs found were in the range of only a few parts per billion and even trillion parts of water? A completely insignificant amount but the AP ran the story anyway since they already had invested time and money into the study that produced nothing of consequence.

Likewise, the CO2 emissions from human industrialization have produced nothing of consequence to atmospheric temperatures. The most successful lies are usually based on a grain of truth, and the grain of truth in the global warming hoax is that human activity has added slightly to the CO2 content of the atmosphere. But that’s as far as the truth goes. The rest is all speculation and falsehoods.

I find McCain’s view on “doing something” about climate change frankly frightening. Frightening because it shows McCain’s vulnerability to hoaxes and his reluctance to actually research the issue before stating a conclusion, just as the American Left has a habit of doing. This, to me, is not the mark of a good leader. This is a follower of liberal Washington politics and propaganda.

McCain bought into the Gore myth as many Americans have based on a silly movie, but never bothered to update his knowledge with more recent studies and facts. He intends to lead America off a cliff based on faulty information, and that is what scares me the most about McCain. He refuses to learn or admit the truth that would free him from this curse in the election.

Lately I’ve been seeing an ad on TV that tells us “together we can solve the climate crisis,” and urges viewers to log onto the website climatecrisis.org.” To be honest with you, I just have to laugh every time I see this ad or hear someone refer to the change in climate as a “crisis.” I decided to check out this website to see who was behind it and guess what? It turned out to be a promotion of Al Gore’s silly movie - “An Inconvenient Truth” - with some features added such as a blog and links to global warming insanity resources. We’re in a “climate crisis?” I realize I’ve been inside all day today, but I sure didn’t notice anything unusual yesterday when I was out. As my mother said last Tuesday when I mentioned it at dinner - “What crisis?!”

The interesting thing to note here, and I want to emphasize this again as I did here, all of this global warming hysteria is based on a 0.7 degree rise in mean temperatures over the past 100 years. But 100 years ago, the global temperature was 0.7 degrees below average. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that in the previous century it has returned to normal.

The average global temperature today is the same as it was in 1787 when the Constitution was being signed but they don‘t tell you that. Then the temperatures plunged during the 19th century and gradually recovered during the 20th century as can clearly be seen in this chart. The recovery from the cold spike of 100 years ago is the basis for this global warming hype. This is not a crisis unless you are in the habit of panicking when you see girls on the beach in bikinis.

There is absolutely no scientific reason to believe that the slight temperature rise over the past century will continue anymore than it did in 1787. The fact is, we really had no accurate way of measuring global temperatures in real time over most of that century. We had to rely on ground based weather stations which were often effected by local conditions. That problem was solved in 1988 when we put weather satellites into space that could do the job much better.

Since that time, satellites have recorded an approximately 0.2 increase in temperatures, leveling off in the year 2000 with the highest peak in 1998. Since 2000 the temperatures have been on the decline. See for yourself on this chart. My big question is, why hasn’t John McCain been exposed to any of this information? Or if he has, why does he then reject it when it’s as plain as the nose on his face. Why does he reject the ever growing number of climatologists and other scientists who reject the global warming hoax as nothing more than a fabrication for political and financial gain? Or does McCain work with those across the isle only when it comes to liberal legislation?

Mc Cain’s appearance Thursday morning was on an extremely liberal minded program with an equally liberal minded audience. We should consider the possibility that his statement was meant for that audience and to pander for Democrat votes. I sincerely hope that was the case, for if not, our country is in for some disastrous changes under the next administration no matter who wins the White House. Someone has to get through to McCain and explain this hoax to him. He seems incapable of discovering it for himself.


JR Dieckmann is Editor, Publisher, Writer, and Webmaster of GreatAmericanJournal.com. He also works as an electrician in Los Angeles, Ca. He has been writing and publishing articles on the web since 2000. His articles appear on other publications such as: The Conservative Voice; Real Clear Politics; New Media Journal; Mich News; Daley Times-Post; Renew America, The Reality Check, and other conservative websites. JR can be contacted at http://www.greatamericanjournal.com/contact.htm.