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Power Trumps Political Ideology
By JR Dieckmann

The Republican party leaders don't care about conservative values. The party leadership cares only about power and getting their party elected at any cost. Of course it's the same with the Democrat party, but in their case, they don‘t compromise on American values because they don‘t share them.

The Republican party, through it‘s media surrogates, is promoting only the candidates who they believe will attract Democrat votes, such as John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Guliani. Some of the Republican party leaders are trying to pull the party to the left saying “Reagan conservatism is dead”, for no purpose other than to try to attract Democrats.

This is the position taken by Republican writer Debra J. Saunders in her recent San Francisco Chronicle article “Old warrior, go home” where she discusses why we should vote for John McCain, simply to retain control of the White House.

“According to the RealClearPolitics.com polling average, McCain is the nationwide front-runner in the Republican primary. Why bloody a man who could be your party's nominee, unless you see ideological purity as more important than winning in 2008?”

Absolutely it is! Isn’t it more important to elect a president who shares our conservative views, than to simply elect anyone for the sake of retaining Republican party power? Isn’t this what we have been fighting against since 2004, and what cost the Republican party control of Congress in 2006? Some people still don’t get it. Saunders bases her support for McCain solely on his position on the war, then concludes by saying:

“As public support for the war has eroded, it has been disheartening to watch Democrats, who once supported the war, drop the ball on Iraq. Now, to watch Republicans bloody McCain, when they should be concentrating on keeping an anti-war Democrat from becoming commander in chief - well, it makes me wonder how much they want to win.”

Saunders fails to recognize that there are more issues at stake here than just the war and some, such as the appointment of judges and the economy are equally as important to the future of the country. Do we want to elect a president who subscribes to, and supports, the global warming hoax which could ultimately lead to the signing of the Kyoto treaty and turning America into a 3rd world country? Do we want a president who wants to close down Guantánamo and grant legal rights to terrorists? Do we want to elect a president who co-authored the 2002 election reform act (McCain/Feingold) which invited voter fraud, corruption, and a clear advantage to Democrats? One who also co-authored the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill and the McCain/Lieberman climate control bill? These are all important issues, and issues where John McCain has been on the wrong side.

What Saunders is suggesting here is selling out of our values for the sake of granting power to politicians who do not share those values. As Rush Limbaugh likes to say: “You can’t defeat the Democrats by trying to be like them.”

With this continual chipping away at conservative values, before long there will be nothing left. What then will conservatives stand for, and who will represent them in government? Isn’t it time to take a stand and stop the sellout of conservative values by the Republican party?

The only place conservatives can take this stand is in the primary election. Once a candidate is chosen, it’s too late. I for one, am not looking forward to going to the polls on election day and holding my nose while punching out the chad. Many conservatives feel the same and won’t even show up at the polls, just like in 2006, giving the win to the Democrat candidate. Wake up, people!

Why was George Allen thrown under the bus for his use of one harmless word "macaca?" Because he was too conservative. Allen is now working with the Thompson campaign where he is appreciated. If you listen to Fred Thompson speak, you hear him talking about the importance of conservatism and what it means for the country. Are the Republican party leaders so insecure in their beliefs that they can’t do the same, but instead feel they need to lean to the left to win elections?

What the Republican party should be doing is educating the public on what conservative values really stand for and by doing that, convince the voters why they should vote Republican. They don’t seem to realize that for every Democrat they attract, they loose another conservative to someone like Ron Paul and the Libertarian party, or those voters will just stay home on election day and hold their noses.

In the end, and just like in 2006, conservative voters will stay away from the polls on election day if they feel they don't have a candidate who represents them. If this policy continues, the Republican party will self destruct and become no longer viable. Anyone who puts party loyalty ahead of their own values and beliefs is a traitor unto themselves and others who hold these values.

John Fund is serving as advisor on the Rudy Guliani campaign. Monday night he appeared as a guest on the Glenn Beck program. Something he said got me wondering about his role in the campaign and the truthfulness of Rudy Guliani.

Fund said something to the effect that his job was to advise Rudy on how to change his message to attract the most supporters and votes. Of course that is the goal of any candidate, to attract the most supporters as possible, but why does Guliani need to change his message to do that? Is it that his own views are not resonating with the voters and he has recruited Fund to advise him on what to say?

That sounds just like Mrs. Clinton. Say not what you believe, but rather what they want to hear. I have the same problem with Romney and Huckabee, and even McCain on some issues. Only Thompson, Hunter, and Paul are telling us the truth about what they believe and what they stand for. The lunacy of Ron Paul is not worth mentioning, but why are Republicans not understanding the message of Thompson and Hunter? Maybe because the media isn’t telling them?

Going back to 2006, I was so disgusted with the Republican party leadership that I was ready to leave the party. Maybe I should have. I decided to stick with it solely for the purpose of voting in the 08 primaries. Over the past year I have been hearing some Republicans admitting the mistakes of the Republican party and promoting a return to conservative values. It looked hopeful.

During the current campaigns I have seen this change being echoed over and over again by the candidates, all trying to outdo each other on conservative values. Now as I sit here watching the returns coming in from Nevada and So. Carolina, the only conclusion I can come to is that many voters have been fooled by the false conservative rhetoric that the leading candidates have been espousing.

Truth in advertising laws, unfortunately, do not apply to politicians running for office. If voters are not going to look any further than what candidates say in campaign speeches and debates, then our election process has degenerated into nothing more than a popularity contest and a crap shoot. The final result is that we will get crap for a president no mater which party wins the election.

It’s not about electing a party to power, it’s about electing the right man to be president of the United States of America. If we don’t do it in the primaries, it won’t be done at all, and the losers will be all of us.