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GAJ Editor
You may have already heard that the Harry Reid smear letter signed by 41 Democrats and offered on e-Bay by Rush Limbaugh sold for over $2.1 million. But did you hear that Harry Reid is taking credit for the sale and donation of the money to charity? Unbelievable!

Reid took to the Senate floor Friday morning and made the following statement:

Earlier this month, I came to the floor discussing comments made by Rush Limbaugh. Following my remarks, more than 40 of my Senate colleagues and I cosigned a letter to the chairman of Clear Channel, Mark May, telling him that we wanted him to -- to confer with Rush Limbaugh regarding the statements he made. I've since spoken to Mark May about this. Mark May, in fact, called me regarding this letter.

Reid continues to call him “Mark May” when his name is “Mark Mays”. Actually, Mays did call Reid, but it was to inform him that he believes in the 1st Amendment and has no interest in censoring Rush or pressuring him to apologize for something that he didn’t say. Reid continues...

This week, Rush Limbaugh put the original copy of that letter up for auction on e-Bay. Mr. President, we didn't have time or we could have gotten every Democratic Senator to sign that letter. But he put the letter up for auction on e-Bay. And I think very, very constructively, let the proceeds of that to go to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

What is the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation? It provides scholarship assistance to children of Marines and federal law enforcement personnel whose parent dies in the line of duty, as well as health care assistance for disabled children of fallen troops. What could be a more worthwhile cause? And I think it's really good that this money on e-Bay is going to be raised for this purpose.

When I spoke to Mark May I think that he and I thought this would probably not raise much money, a letter by Democratic Senators complaining about something. This morning, the bid is more than two million on this. We've watched it during the week. It keeps going up, and up, and up, and there's only a little bit of time left on it. But it's certainly going to be more than two million. Never did we think that this letter would bring money of this nature for the cause, Madam President, extremely good.

Now, everyone knows that Rush Limbaugh and I don't agree on everything in life, and maybe that's kind of an understatement. But without qualification, Mark May, the owner of the network that has Rush Limbaugh, and Rush Limbaugh should know that this letter that they're auctioning is going to be something that raises money for a really worthwhile cause. I don't know what we could do more important than helping make sure that children of our fallen soldiers and police officers who have fallen in the line of duty have the opportunity for their children to have a good education.

Doesn’t this seem a bit hypocritical? Since when did Harry Reid start caring about the soldiers or their families? If he cares so much then why hasn’t he donated to the cause? And what’s all this about “WE?” Dingy Harry is acting like this was some kind of a partnership venture that he was a part of.

Think about this. More than $2 million, this is going to really help. And that's, again, an understatement. There's only a little bit of time left so I would ask those that are wanting to do more, that they can go to the Harry Reid, search -- actually go on say "Harry Reid letter," this will come up on e-Bay. I encourage anyone interested in this with the means to do so to consider bidding on this letter and contributing to this worthwhile cause.

Actually, it’s over $4 million. Harry didn’t bother to mention that Rush is matching the selling price with his own funds. Rush challenged all of the Democrats who signed the letter including Mrs. Clinton to do the same but none of them have donated a dime so far.

I strongly believe that when we can put our differences aside, even Harry Reid and Rush Limbaugh, we should do that and try to accomplish good things for the American people.

“Put our differences aside?” No differences have been put aside and Harry hasn’t even apologized to Rush for lying about him or for the letter which was no doubt hugely embarrassing for him when Rush made it public. Now Harry is taking credit for what Rush did in defending himself against the lies told by Media Matters and repeated by Harry Reid on the Senate Floor in his ignorant and unconstitutional act in using the power of the U.S. Senate to attack a private citizen for something he didn‘t say.

The statement by Reid speaks for itself. The original statements in the Senate and the letter Reid sent to Mark Mays signed by 40 of his ilk were new lows for the Democrats but this sinks even lower.  Rush comments, “The Drive-By Media has ignored the story of the Harry Reid smear letter. But while the US Senate using the full force of the government to shut up a private citizen is of no interest to them, guess what still is? Valerie Plame's stupid book. It's more evidence that liberals must lie to succeed.”