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The Undecided Voters
JR Dieckmann
I'm not talking about those who have not decided which candidate to vote for.  I'm talking about those who have not decided if they want to vote at all this year.  I now include myself in that group. 
Aren't we all just a little tired of holding our noses and voting for the lesser of two evils?  I have come to the point to where I have just about had it with simply voting against someone.  I want to be able to vote for someone.  When Fred Thompson left the race, I found myself with no one left who I wanted to vote for.  Think about it.  When you vote for a candidate it should be because you want that person in office.  I don't see anyone now that I want in the office of president.
Election year after election year we are asked to vote for someone we don't really like but they tell us it's better than the alternative that the Democrats are offering.  That's just not good enough anymore.  What's the difference if John McCain or Hillary Clinton wins the White House?  Very little, they are both liberals and both will have to deal with Congress to get anything done.  So what if John McCain supports the war?  He also supports illegal aliens and "man made global warming."  It's just not enough that a candidate is on the right side of only one conservative issue, he must be on the right side of all of them or he is not someone I want to vote for.
We don't have a conservative in the race anymore and I, for one, do not intend to vote for a liberal.  So now I must decide if I will bother to vote at all in this election.  Of the 4 remaining Republican candidate in the race, there is little difference between them.  None of them have inspired my vote.  Somehow, someone, somewhere decided that certain liberal and independent states should hold early elections and allow independents and Democrats to vote for Republicans to force conservative candidates out of the race.  This was no accident, and I cannot believe it was not planned or in the planning since 2004. 
I'm seeing a lot of uproar over this election already and the way it's being run. The system is corrupted. Why are Democrats and independents voting in the Republican primaries in SC and other states? Where did the Clintons and Obama's $100 million campaign dollars come from? Certainly not from individual contributors. How much of that money came indirectly from George Soros? How much of it came from China through bundlers like Norman Tsu? How much of it came from Clinton's buddies in Japan?  What candidate can possibly afford to legitimately finance an extended 2 year campaign? 
The Republican candidates are all running out of money except Mitt Romney who is now using his own personal wealth to stay in the race, yet the Clintons and Obama claim a $100 million campaign fund.  Democrats have never before in history raised that kind of money in an election, but then George Soros has never been so determined to put Democrats in the White House since his defeat in 2004.  Need I remind you that as of the campaign finance reforms of 2002 it is illegal for any one contributor to contribute more than $2100.00 to a candidate's campaign?  How many millions has Soros put into the Clinton and Obama campaign finance chests under other people's names? 
An investigation isn't enough. This election system needs to be torn down and completely rebuilt from the ground up. McCain/Feingold was a gift to the Democrats and no one has done a thing to repeal it. The dishonest criminal corruption of politicians is running rampant in government and nothing is being done to stop it. Confidence in our government is at an all time low and the election process is now so rigged that it's going to be nearly impossible for a conservative to ever win an election ever again. The Republican party has just about destroyed it self now and may not remain viable for much longer. Many conservatives left the Republicans in the past 2 years and the party isn't getting much financial support anymore from anyone.
It may be that the time has come to take a stand against the liberal policies of the Republican party.  Perhaps it's time for a Democrat to take the White House and demonstrate to the country the disastrous result.  If we don't, then before long, the Republican party is going to look just like the Democrat party and conservatives will be left wondering who will represent them in government.  It's time to teach the Republican leadership a lesson, and the country a lesson in liberal socialism.  Give them the next four years of disastrous policies to think about where they went wrong and what they must do to correct it.  We have been shouting it loud and clear but the party leaders continue to ignore us and continue to allow the Democrats to set the rules.  After 4 years of socialism, perhaps the country will be ready to welcome back conservative constitutionalism.
When you have an old car that keeps breaking down, you get rid of it and find a new one.  If you have a horse that insists on always going in the wrong direction, you get rid of it and find a new one.  If you've been shopping at a store that no longer carries your favorite products, you go shopping somewhere else.  If the Republican party can no longer assure us that we will have a conservative candidate to vote for in the elections, then it's time to leave and find or create a new party that will.  A vote for a liberal Republican is a vote to move the country further to the left.  It has to stop somewhere and the sooner the better.
I will not vote for a liberal Republican simply to keep a liberal Democrat out of office anymore.  Maybe after 4 years of real Democrat liberalism in the White House, the Republican party will come back to it's conservative roots and offer us a conservative alternative.  Give the country 4 years of liberalism and see how the voters like it.  We can survive 4 years of disaster but we cannot survive it indefinitely, which is what the Republican party is asking us to do.    My friends, the time has come to take a stand and begin the difficult and unpleasant process of turning this country around. 
I think it is extremely unlikely that Clinton will be elected in November. The Clinton legacy was written in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky, and on September 11, 2001 in New York. I don't think the country wants a rerun of that.  So that just leaves Obama and whichever liberal Republican becomes the nominee.  This election will most likely be decided by Democrats who either vote for Obama, or cross over to vote for the Republican liberal. 
Conservatives don't matter in elections anymore.  Are you sick and tired of it yet?  If you want to change it then we are going to have to sink all the way to the bottom before we can start to fix it. I owe no loyalty to the Republican party. I joined it because it once represented my values. It no longer does. I'm not certain what I will do. For now I'm just another undecided voter.