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Thompson Rejects Liberal Debate Questions
By JR Dieckmann

Republican candidates are fed up with debate questions posed by liberals. This became clear on Wednesday when Carolyn Washburn, editor of The Des Moines Register and the debate moderator in Ohio, brought about a revolt at one point when she asked all the candidates to raise their hands if they thought global warming was a serious threat caused by human behavior.

Taking the lead, Fred Thompson said: "I'm not doing hand shows today." The other candidates all fell in line with Fred and refused to do a show of hands.

Washburn then tried to continue with the question: “Well, do you think global warming is a serious threat and caused by human behavior?”

Thompson: “Do you want to give me a minute to answer?”

Washburn: “No.”

Thompson: “Then I'm not going to answer it.”

The audience erupted in cheers and laughter. Thompson showed clearly that he was not going to be suckered into a game where Democrats make the rules. He also showed himself to be genuine and an independently thinking leader who places more value on being honest than pandering to political correctness and group think.

Only John McCain and Rudy Guliani came out in support of the concept of man made global warming.

"I know it's real," said Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who advocates legislation to tackle the alleged problem.

"Climate change is real. It's happening. Human beings are contributing to it," agreed Giuliani.

Apparently neither candidate has seen the latest climatologic report on the unlikelihood of human activity having any real effect on climate change. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone as these two are the most liberal candidates on the stage.

After the debate, Thompson appeared on the Sean Hannity Radio Show saying he's not going to play their game. He said he knows candidates have to do this (debates) but feels it's demeaning and pretty much a waste of time. He repeated his line about candidates standing up there looking like seals waiting for the next fish. He objected to 15 or 30 second sound bite answers to questions scripted by Democrats. “What will you attempt to accomplish in your first 4 years in office, in a 30 second sound bite,” said Thompson sarcastically. He objects to this whole scripted format we see in debates today.

Thompson is absolutely right. This primary election debate format should be replaced with a sort of roundtable discussion between the candidates on the issues important to Republicans. A Republican moderator could keep things moving with viewer questions from Republicans on issues important to Republicans in selecting the candidate of their choice. It serves no purpose at all to have Republican candidates responding to questions from Democrats. It’s a waste of time.

Democrats don’t have that problem since the debates are almost always hosted, scripted, and moderated by other Democrats. This is just one way the left is attempting to control the elections through the liberal media. For example, in this debate there were no questions on the war, the economy, or even the threat of Iran - issues Democrats try to avoid but are important to Republicans. Instead, candidates were asked "What would be your New Years Resolution applied to one of your fellow candidates?" These Democrat run debates always attempt to make Republicans look foolish. Perhaps that is why not many Republicans are watching.

Fred said he has been “comfortable and successful just being me.” He continued, “I haven't changed. I'm the same today as I was when I first entered politics." He criticized politicians who say what they think voters want to hear saying he is just being himself and saying what he believes in. If voters like what he says then they should vote for him. He spoke out against Republicans who campaign like a conservative but govern like a Democrat when elected. With Fred, what you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less.

In primary campaigning, most Republican candidates are trying to do their best to appeal to conservatives. But how will they campaign after winning the primary? Will they still appeal to conservatives or will they start moving to the left to try to attract Democrat voters? This is what I fear the most with Guliani, Romney, and Huckabee. Fred Thompson will be the same man in the general campaign that he is in the primary campaign. It’s the only way he knows how to be.

Other than Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, Thompson is the only other true conservative in the race and likely the only one with a chance of winning both the primaries and the general election. As much as we may like Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, they’re not going to get there this year. If we want a conservative in the White House in 2009 then it’s time we joined together and get behind Fred Thompson.

Thompson has not been making much of a showing in the polls and the media lately and has been criticized for not wanting badly enough to be president. If you understand his reasons for being in the race, then this seems like a plus.

From now, and until the New Hampshire primaries, Fred will be spending most of his time in Iowa and New Hampshire on the campaign trail. He is not yet running a national campaign but rather targeting his resources where they will do the most good at this point in time. If you don’t live in Iowa or New Hampshire, you would not be seeing all that much of Fred.

The liberal media will do all they can to assure that Thompson gets as little media coverage as possible. Most of their Republican coverage, what there is of it, goes to the more liberal Guliani, Romney, and McCain. Huckabee has surged lately but even Mike has problems on some conservative issues. The media controls public perception and hopes they can force a liberal Republican victory to discourage conservatives from voting in November.

Fred isn’t interested in disrupting his otherwise comfortable life for the ceremony and status of the office of president. He‘s not doing it for himself as most other candidates are. As the only citizen drafted, grassroots candidate, he’s doing it as a public service because he sees the direction the country has been going in and knows it needs a lot of repairs. He wants to make those changes and knows that only the president of the United States can do it. That is the only reason he is in the race. If he doesn’t win, it will be no big loss to Fred but rather a loss to the country.

Neil Armstrong said as he stepped onto the moon, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” To Fred Thompson’s way of thinking, if he wins the presidency it will be “One small step for a man, one giant leap for America.” This is not your usual career minded politician but rather a man of the people. I find it a refreshing change from the mundane.

If you want a president who will give of himself to work for the good people of America for no other reason than to make this country a better and safer place to live; to assure the freedoms and liberties guaranteed to the American people by the Constitution; to assure those freedoms and liberties are not abused or awarded to those illegally in our country; to reduce taxes and the size of government; to give full support to our national defense, our military and their families by increasing the Defense budget while reducing social spending; to assure our money is not squandered on special interest earmarks in Congress or failed foreign trade policies that aren’t working; to assure American sovereignty by rejecting a North American Union; to stand up to the liberals in Congress who are destroying our country, then Fred Thompson is the man who can and will do all that.

The choice is clear.

Today, most Republicans are confused about who to support in this primary election. With the primaries getting close, it’s time to start choosing up sides. If you consider yourself a moderate (liberal) Republican then that choice can be hard as there are several to choose from. The simple fact of the matter is that most of us will support whomever is chosen as our candidate and once again will settle for someone who does not fully share our conservative values.

But if you want a real conservative and don’t want to compromise on conservative values, then Fred Thompson is the only choice. It’s time to take a stand and support the candidate who not only shares our values, but can also win in the general election against whichever inept and unqualified job applicant the Democrats decide on. If you think our choice is difficult, just be glad you’re not a Democrat.

As much as I love Duncan Hunter, I do not believe that he can pull up his poll numbers sufficiently to be a serious contender this year. If Hunter were better known and had high poll ratings, then it would be difficult to choose between him and Thompson. The fact that Hunter’s poll numbers are not likely to come up in this election makes that decision easier. Perhaps he will be better known in 2012. Even better, perhaps Thompson will select Hunter as Vice President and assure 16 years of strong leadership in the White House.

Today, the only true conservative choice is Fred Thompson. He has my support, for what it’s worth and should have yours as well if you‘re tired of settling for something less. This time we have a chance to make a difference and set America on the right course. We don’t have to settle for someone who doesn’t share our values. With your vote and financial support, we can turn this country around and put it back on the track to greatness.

Our future and the future of our children is at stake. Fred needs your help now. It’s up to you. You can help Fred and yourself by clicking HERE to make a donation as I have done. Fred is giving of himself to help us. The least we can do is give of ourselves to help him to get that job done.