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What Has Pelosi Been Smoking?
by JR Dieckmann
In all her frustration of not being able to force the Code Pink, antiwar agenda on the House of Representatives as well as pass bills to raise taxes and spending; reduce progress toward energy independence; cut defense spending and other matters, last Thursday Nancy Pelosi blamed it all on Republicans who "like this war."
''They like this war. They want this war to continue,''  said Pelosi, D-Calif.  ''We thought that they shared the view of so many people in our country that we needed a new direction in Iraq, but the Republicans have made it very clear that this is not just George Bush's war. This is the war of the Republicans in Congress.''
Just how out of touch with the country and it's people can this nut case get?  If Republicans "like this war" then by their logic, Democrats must like killing babies.  So she though Republicans shared the view of the antiwar liberal minority in the country?  Wrong!  Wherever did she get that impression?  Hasn't she been paying attention to anything but the rantings of Daily KOS and Code Pink?
Apparently, Pelosi is so out of touch that she doesn't even know that there was a change of direction in Iraq several months ago and the course of the war has changed dramatically for the better as a result.  That is the change in direction that Republicans supported.  Not a "redeployment" of troops to Okinawa.
Now she thinks this is not just George Bush's war, but is the war of the Republicans in Congress.  Why doesn't she know that along with Bush and the Republicans in Congress, over half of the country supports fighting this war to victory?  And with Republicans in the minority in Congress, it would seem that many of her congressional Democrats also support the war as they continue to vote to fund it. Who does Pelosi think the Republicans in Congress represent, university professors and the ACLU?
Asked to clarify her remarks, Pelosi did a Harry Reid impression and changed her tune.
''I shouldn't say they like the war,'' she said. ''They support the war, the course of action that the president is on.  And that was a revelation to me,'' she said, ''because I thought the American people's voices were so -- and still are -- so strong in this regard.''
Apparently the voices of the American people aren't strong enough for Pelosi to hear them.  It may be that she just can't hear them over the screaming and shouting of Code Pink and her antiwar protesters in San Francisco.  Or perhaps she only hears through her left ear and is deaf in the right ear and blind in the right eye. 
Pelosi, who opposed the U.S.-led invasion from the start, said the war was ''a catastrophic mistake.''
According to recent polling, electing this Democrat led Congress and Pelosi as Speaker of the House was a catastrophic mistake.  Another catastrophic mistake seems to occur every time Pelosi opens her mouth to the media.  Funny, Harry Reid suffers from the same affliction.  With support for the war at over 40% and support for this Congress below 25%, Perhaps the military should be running Congress instead of Pelosi and Reid.
Despite being forced to make concessions on multiple fronts, Pelosi said Democrats have been fiscally responsible and attuned to the public's concerns. As a result, she said, voters will reward Democrats in next year's presidential and congressional elections.
Fiscally responsible and attuned to the public's concerns?  Is that why they can't get any bills passed into law filled with pork, special interest rewards, and tax hikes?  Is adding $10 billion in pork barrel spending to every bill they submit to the Senate being fiscally responsible?  Is trying to add adults already covered by private health insurance to the dole of the Children's Health Care bill being fiscally responsible?  Is trying to raise taxes so that Congress can decide how to spend more of our money, being fiscally responsible?  Is trying to cut funding to our troops in battle being fiscally responsible?
Being fiscally responsible means cutting spending to fit within your income, not expanding it even more beyond your income.  That is something that has never occurred to Pelosi or any of the Democrats.  They think they can just raise taxes and let the people worry about fitting their expenses within their income.  Playing nanny to the world and trying to force American wage earners to pay the bill for turning the world's poor into a middle class is not being fiscally responsible. The most fiscally irresponsible body of people in the country is the U.S. Congress. The only time that changed was in the 90s under the leadership of Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House.  Pelosi is no Gingrich.
Pelosi and her kook fringe liberals have not only angered everyone to the right of left field, but also angered the extreme left of her own party.  What does she expect the people to reward them for?  Trying to loose the war?  Trying to raise taxes?  Trying to socialize healthcare?  Trying to pass terrorist's civil rights?  Trying to grant amnesty to illegals?  Why has she failed to have any of her legislation passed into law?  Because these are the issues and policies that she has spend the entire year trying to force upon the American people who do not want them while ignoring legislation that the people do want.  And for this, she feels she and her party should be rewarded?  Out of touch is an understatement.
Democrats ''set a high water mark'' on many bills, she said. ''Where we have to come to is a different place,'' thanks to the ''political reality of not having a president of the United States. And nothing speaks more clearly to Democratic victories in the next election than when you see this is what is possible.''
Not having a president of the United States?  What does she think Pres. Bush is, chopped liver?  Well, if she wants to blame it all on Bush, perhaps she should look at how many of her kook bills have been rejected by the Senate before they even got to the White House.  If she thinks her party can win the presidency next year, she had better start looking for a qualified candidate for the job.  How about the owner of the Democrat party, George Soros?  He's already pulling all of their strings and has Pelosi and Reid dancing like marionettes.
Clearly, Pelosi is not only out of touch with the American people, she is clean out of touch with reality.  The only reality she sees is one that starts at the extreme left end of the political spectrum and extends half way across the Democrat left.  Her view of what America should be is socialism under the control of kook fringe liberals like herself who can't see the world as it really is beyond the next election. 
In response to Pelosi's statements, House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said in statement: ''Republicans have stood on principle to protect current and future generations of Americans, whether it polled well or not. The success our troops are having in Iraq today is proof positive that our stance was the right one.''
Fortunately, there are a few level headed representatives in the House with a clear view of the problems facing our nation and are working hard to protect us from the dangers of morons like Nancy Pelosi.  I become more astounded everyday at how this woman ever got elected in the first place and lasted for so many years.  What does that say about the average intelligence level in San Francisco?  Has all the pot and perversions completely destroyed their brains?  San Francisco was a grand city that has now become an embarrassment to the nation.